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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Green With Envy

It's no secret that I absolutely adore the Dita Cardigan from Wheels & Dollbaby. This was my first W&DB piece and the style I lust after year after year. This years release was a little different and focused on what we as the customers want! We all got to have our say and vote for the colour option we were dying to wear and I was so thrilled when the emerald green Dita was released. This is no.5 for me and I love each and every colour I own. From red to black, coral to baby blue, each shade matches perfectly with my pale skin and red hair.

Over the years I've purchased a mixture of sizes in both the Dita cardigan and in other Wheels pieces. I own both 14 and 16's in this style and I've found that both fit me with easy and the amount of stretch helps mold to your shape. This release I opted for the 16 as I heard that the knit had been upgraded to a stronger and richer knit so it was a tighter fit. This is true but after one wear it molds perfectly to your curves. 

As you can see it fits like a dream as do each in my collection. There are no popping buttons and it does not gape. I always wear my Dita's with a few buttons undone showing a hint of bra and cleavage. I recently got my hands on the Madame X bra from Dita's lingerie collection and I can't wait to pair the two. 

As I mentioned this is a thicker stronger knit and works perfectly for the chilly winter weather and will move into spring with ease. Styling wise I love to wear my Dita with swing or pencil skirts tucked in but it works perfectly untucked and looks great when paired with high waisted jeans or cigarette pants. It's such a classic piece and can turn your day around as soon as you slip into it. If I'm feeling a little down or frumpy I simply slip into my Dita cardigan and I instantly feel like a bombshell. I can't wait to see what the future is for this perfect piece!

Last month I shared the new Inky Pinky range with you in a full post and I gushed over the cupcake ruffle top and I was lucky enough to snap one up! I've modeled the leopard print version of this top and fell in love with the fit so I was super excited to slip into the new fabric and print from the Inky Pinky range. Unsure of the fit as the shape has changed ever so slightly (a higher neckline and a shorter length) I ordered the 16 but found it to be far too roomy and due to the stretch of the fabric I exchanged that size for the 14. I absolutely adore the fit of the smaller size and wear this as much as possible. The 14 is a great and comfortable fit and the print stays in shape without splitting or warping on my large bust. 

There are still many items in this range still available so I highly suggest you snap these up while you can. With a great size range and an even better price point you can get each of these adorable items and they won't break the bank! I've also noticed a price change for the other versions of the Cupcake Ruffle Top and they are a steal at $89.00! I've got my sights set on the black and white version and will snap that up asap. 

Thank you to my amazing photographer Brooke Orchard for perfectly capturing the grace and stunning design of these two items. I'm so in love with everything we shot on this day! Through rain and wind we created magic!

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