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Curves To Kill is an Australian fashion blog for curvy fashionistas around the world. Featuring in depth product reviews, styling advice and much more. Since launching this blog the response has been fantastic the numbers of views keeps growing. According to our server statistics, currently average approximately 22,000 unique visitors per month with a total of 45,000 views in total per month. 

Visitor Info - Female ages  16 - 60 and sizes 8 - 26  

Where does the traffic come from? 
Australian visitors count for 40% of my traffic while Americans follow with 30% and the last 30% a mixture UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Netherlands and Germany.

What Ads do you offer? 

I offer 2 different sized ads which will be placed in the right side bar. These are a square button and a rectangle ad.  These can be purchased for a month or you if you want a ongoing campaign please contact me for more rates. These advertisements will be placed under the sponsors heading. Ad purchases are sold in 3, 6 or 12 month blocks.

Starting the new year off with a sale on all ad space! For an extra little bonus I will be offering a free 'Sponsored Post' to any new clients who purchase a 6 month or higher block of ad space. This will be an introduction to your brand/company and updates can be worked out every 3 months for a discounted rate.

Product Reviews?   
I offer in depth product reviews on clothing, shoes, accessories and beauty products. These will be honest and I take on reviews that are relevant to Curves to kill, myself and my readers. A professional photographer can be used for images to go along with the review also. Please contact me for further information via my email  

What methods of payment do you accept?
Payments are accepted via Paypal. 

How do I start my ad campaign? Send me an email to get started or use the Contact Form. Please include size ad you are interested in, a jpg ad, and a link to your shop or website.

I also offer Sponsored Posts, contact me via email for more information.

*each sponsored post will be pinned to the top right corner of the webpage and highlighted for a 2 weeks.