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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Steampunk Styling

In the last few weeks I've found a very unique and brilliant shop on Etsy. For lovers of steampunk, kooky and creative accessories, Tashera Jean is the store for you! A store featuring signature "Steampunk Animals" © jewellery collection as well as a host of other antique vintage and Steampunk jewellery pieces.

From necklaces to brooches, earrings to cufflinks and much, much more, you will find completely heaps of completely unique and stunning hand made accessories with a really awesome twist. 

Last week my first order arrived perfectly packed and I've been dying to show these amazing pieces off to you. 

Firstly I have to share the oh so funky packaging that my necklaces arrived in : 

How awesome is this box? I was smitten without even opening up the package, I instantly snapped it as it's the coolest packaging I've ever had sent to me. 

So my first choice was an industrial clockwork necklace with a anatomically correct heart pendant and red crystals. I have such a strong love for realist hearts so as soon as I saw this piece I knew it had to be mine. 

I adore the mixture of mechanical and anatomical pieces all in one accessory. I've actually been looking for a heart like this for years so I'm so very happy to have this in my collection. 

Now this item item is sold out but you can find many other necklaces via the Etsy shop and get other cool pendants such as guns, animals, insects, mermaids and much more. All with a perfect price tag of $27 for this selection of pendants.

My next choice was a Dr Who inspired necklace featuring the Tardis. While this one is sold out you can find a very similar style here. I've only recently been introduced to the series through my lovely fiance and I adore it.

So when I saw this piece I thought of my partner instantly and wanted it so I'd be reminded of him whenever I'm wearing it. The Tardis charm is fantastic and the blue pops out on my pale skin.

I'm absolutely in love with the styles and designs on  Tashera Jean and I can't wait to add more unique steampunk items to my collection in the future. I've got my eyes on the amazing Steampunk Animals as my next purchase, I've never seen such creations! 

So please check out these awesome designs and and add a little steampunk brilliance to your accessory collection. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Renew Me!

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know my go-to brand for most makeup products these days is Rimmel. They have great prices, super pale foundations and powders and lash loving mascaras! 

So when I was offered the chance to try a few of their new Moisture Renew Lipsticks I jumped at it. 

Packed full of vitamins A, B, C and 3 super moisturizers, this lipstick claims to make your lips feel up to 70% more hydrated and 60% smoother. There is also an added bonus of an SPF 20+ added so you can protect your lips from the sun and still look amazing. 

Now I usually wear matte lipsticks but currently I'm on the search for a good day shade for more natural makeup styles. So I chose a pink, nude and orange/red. Now we all know the colour on the bottom is usually not what we find inside and I found this to be very true for these 3 shades. The sticker colours seem to be much darker. 

Online the swatches are shown as follows :

I found each colour to be very different when used on my lips.

Piccadilly Pink - $13.95

A great daytime pink shade - a lot more pink than I expected. From the swatch I was expecting a more dusty shade but this is a lush and yummy pale pink that I adore. I've been using the no.19 Kate Moss shade also available through Rimmel and this is very close in color. 

Oh how I love a nude lippy! I've been searching high and low for a super pale shade to wear all day long and I've finally found it. The Notting Hill Nude is the perfect shade for my super pale complexion and works perfectly with my natural lip colour. This is my new go to lipstick and I'm 100% addicted to nudes! 

Now this colour is a little different from my usual day shades. I usually wear pink or red but I've been wanting to try a more orange based shade for a while now and the Ginger was perfect to test. While bright, glossy and fun I think that orange-based colours are not really for me. I would love to see this colour on a tanned or darker skinned woman though as it would look divine. I also found that this colour bled a little but this might just be due to my lack of lip liner.

After trying all 3 of these new shades I'm absolutely sold on the paler varieties and will be buying them in the future. For darker shades and reds I will stick with a matte lipstick.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Winter Wish List

As we blitz on through Autumn here in Melbourne I've started to set my sights on jackets, accessories and all the essential winter warmers for the chilly months ahead.

I'm currently looking for some core essentials and as per usual my lust/wish list is jam packed full of trench coats and gloves. But this year I'm venturing into a few other styles and looks to add a little more variety and a splash of colour to my wardrobe.

Gingham Trench Coat - $149.99

Completely in love with this gingham print trench coat from Hello Holiday. My favourite print in my favourite style coat - yes please! 
ASOS Large Satchel Bag With Scallop Trim And Front Buckles - $29.71

For the last few months I've been pondering if I need a satchel and I've come to the conclusion I do. I'm going to try out this brilliantly priced ASOS brand large satchel to see if it's a me kind of style. 

ASOS Skater Mac in Wine - $118.83

A deep red mac to wear on the days when I'm not wearing the gingham style. The skater skirt style is perfect for curves. It nips you in at the waist and flows over your hips. The deep shade of wine red will suit everything in my wardrobe. I strongly advise you every few seasons to invest in a great Mac, you won't regret it. 

Collectif Sandy Jacket - £75.00

Oh Collectif can I come live in your shop? Loving this retro inspired moto jacket from their current season. The addition of the peplum makes your hourglass shape even more pronounced. The perfect jacket to go with skinny jeans, disco pants and pencil skirts all winter. 

T.U.K Button Up Tall Rocket Boots - $67.13

I'm lusting over these brilliant lace up vegan friendly boots from T.U.K, from the buttons to the lace detail these are stunning. I wear a lot of skater dresses with tights in the colder months so I'm always looking for the perfect pair of knee high boots to pair with them. 

Basque White Beret - $24.95

I have an addiction to berets and I am in need of a white style to add to my collection. This soft wool style from Myer is perfect and it must be mine. 

Dents Maroon Leather Gloves - $69.95

Then finally new gloves. Just like my beret addiction I always add new pair of leather gloves to my collection. I love gloves that have cute little details like buttons, bows etc and this adorable pair from Dents is high on my lust list this winter. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Such a classy dame

Now I usually would wait until I did a proper photo shoot to write/review a garment or accessory but with this bag I can't control myself! Today the Classy Dame handbag arrived at my doorstep and I'm absolutely smitten.

This over-sized nautical printed purse is magnificent. I must have skimmed over the 'over-sized' part of the description as I did not expect such a large handbag but after using it all day I'm loving the size. Big enough to fit all my essentials and my tablet this is my new go to bag and I don't know if I'll ever use another. 

The embossed anchor print is my stand out favorite feature of this bag. It adds a different element to the faux leather fabric and is perfect for so many outfits in my wardrobe. 

So inside we find all the essential nooks and hidden features, all lined with a deep red satin fabric. Enough space for all your goodies, one large zip pocket and the usual phone pocket we all know and love. 

But my favourite feature has to be the hidden mirror under the logo. As a girl who constantly loses a mirror and a lippy I love that there is one always here for me no matter what. 

If you are looking for an new handbag you need to get your hands on this classy dame. For size, style and price it is a brilliant purchase. Look out for this in my next Sourpuss review in the next few months as I can't wait to style it into a shoot. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pretty Birdie

When the Mustard Birdie dress was shown as a sneak peek on Pinup Girl Clothing's social media sites I almost fell off my chair. I own the Birdie already in the red rose print but after first seeing this glorious mustard fabric I knew I had to have it ASAP!

The Birdie is the dress that you MUST HAVE in your PUG collection. It's flattering, comfortable and suits so many different occasions. The bust is a faux wrap so you won't have any slips or movement and 3/4 sleeve hides any upper arm issues you might have. I'm wearing this style in a size XL and it's spot on for fit around the waist and bust. The arms are roomy and a little looser than I expected but this just makes the dress even more comfortable to wear. 

Just a few days prior to this shoot I wore this dress to a wedding and the compliments came in droves! People loved the fabric and construction and being a walking mental catalog for the website I told all the admirers about the 'coming soon' prints and all other styles available in this design.  

With fuller skirts I tend to add more volume under the waist with a petticoat. I've paired this brilliant fabric with my maroon Hell Bunny petticoat and they really complement each other.

Prior to getting this dress I was really worried about what shoes to wear with such a print. After looking all over the internet I found my stunning Reel Deal pumps from Luichiny in a dark forest green and they match perfectly!

These platform pumps not only suit the print and colours in the fabric but they are really comfortable as well! I'm usually one to steer clear of such thin heels but these are easy to walk in!

But for the wedding last week I choose a smaller heel for all day wear and found these adorable Fox shoes at Beserk. Made by T.U.K Shoes these super sweet shoes will draw just as much attention as your dress! They are super soft, comfortable and even feature a little orange fox tail on the back! I now want the red check version of these. 

While shooting the Birdie I snuck in another new favourite style on the website - The Lauren Dress!!!!!

Now I've been lusting after the Lauren tops for a while and I thought it was about time I tried out this new shirt style in dress form. The Lauren Dress and top's are divine. They mold to your curves and work amazingly on large busts. I chose this style in size Large as I find the bengaline fabric works better on curves the tighter it is. Now bra wise with this style you'll have to wear something that has a very low plunge as this neckline is deeper than you realize. 

The vamp like collar is such a brilliant detail and will stay perfectly in place as it has 3 hook and eye closures at the back. 

I adore the fit of the Lauren dress and how it hugs my curves. The fabric on top is soft yet not as stretchy as the bottom so be sure to allow for an inch movement max. The deep green is fantastic and now I think I'll have a full Lauren style addiction much like the one I had for the Doris Top. My next purchase will be as many Lauren Tops as I can afford! Be sure to check out all the styles here

My basic rule with Pinup Girl Clothing is simple : Non Stretch - Stick to XL, Stretch : Size it down. I've found this works perfectly with my measurements and I've had no issue yet. 

These two brilliant pairs of green shoes pair perfectly with both dresses. I searched high and low for two pairs for both comfort and height so you are sorted!

Many thanks to my brilliantly talented photographer Brooke Orchard who created these images. We have only started working together this year but I'm 100% smitten with her vintage style and skills. I can't wait till we create more magic together.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blue Belle

I have an addiction and I'm proud of it. What is my addiction you ask? Well I'm 100% addicted to the Dita Von Teese Cardigan from Wheels & Dollbaby. This addiction started in 2011 and will last me for life.

Back in February 2011 I lusted after the Dita Cardigan but was not sure if my ample curves would both suit and fit into the cardigan. I modelled and did a full review on each aspect of this brilliant piece of knitwear and this went viral! Why? Because my curves suited this style perfectly! 

So when the new season colours were announced I set up a photo shoot with the brilliant Shauna Phoon and escaped into the inner city park lands of Melbourne to shoot the stunning new shade - Blue Belle.  

My new blue belle baby arrived encased in a collectible French Armoire illustrated box inspired by the glamorous world of Dita Von Teese.

I absolutely adore the little note from Melanie Greensmith attached to my beautifully wrapped parcel. I always find it hard to rip the custom Wheels & Dollbaby wrapping paper when it arrives. 

Belt - NA

Now this time I chose to step outside my usual comfort zone and try new colour that I'd usually not purchase. My fiance gave me the pale pink and black version for Christmas so I choose the pastel blue option for this shoot.

I found it hard to choose a colour at first but the more I looked at the stunning powdered blue shade, with the cream embroidery the more I loved it. It pairs perfectly with my dark red locks and suits pale skin perfectly! 

I am wearing this cardigan in my ideal size which is the 14. I own both 14's and 16's in Wheels & Dollbaby knitwear and I find the 14 fit to be perfect for my measurements. This cardigan has heaps of stretch to it and will fit a size or two up. 

I paired this with my Essential Logo Pencil Skirt also from Wheels & Dollbaby. This skirt will last you a lifetime and will never stretch out of shape. If you want a pencil skirt to pair with everything this is the skirt for you. I wear this style in a size 4 which is a 14.

Now I chose to wear this style as shown via the website with lots of cleavage but I can easily button this cardigan up with no issues or button pops. I have a rather large chest so I have no issues in showing off a little skin with this garment. 

I can't wait to wear this with pale blue and pink floral dresses and skirts and layer over the colder months. I'm very excited such an bold design in a new colour within my wardrobe. It gives me more options when it comes to styling and forces me to take more risks with colour. 

You can find the Pink and Red versions via the online store and be sure to check out the new AW'14 Range Collection 'At Residence, at the Del Rio' which is live and available to purchase right now. I'm currently lusting after these four stunning garments : 


 You can find these items via the new collection : AW'14 Range Collection 'At Residence, at the Del Rio'