Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Gumball Pinup

I've fully embraced colour this year and although I'm always going to head straight for the all black pinup/gothic look sometimes you just have to break out and wear the cutest and brightest outfit possible.

A few weeks back the amazing Unique Vintage Gumball Machine swing skirt hit the Cherri Lane store I instantly snapped it up and started to plan the perfect photo shoot for it. I actually racked my brain thinking of what would work best with this already colourful and stunning swing skirt but then Collectif answered my prayers with their amazing bubblegum pink moto jacket and the rest was history.

It was my goal not only to shoot this outfit in the perfect way but to try and capture the fun and adorable nature of the print with bubblegum and lots of kitschy goodness. Unique Vintage always create the best prints and perfectly place their patterns with flattering cuts and swingtastic borders.

Sizewise I tend to go for the 2XL's in all Non Stretch items from UV and an XL for super stretchy fabrics. This skirt has little to no give so be sure to order the size that works best for your natural waistline. The waist on the 2XL fits perfectly and I really love how the pleats flatter your shape as some styles can be a little too bulky.  I'm will always return to adding this style swing to my collection as it never fails to make me swoon. The fit is always spot on and the fabrics and prints are pure magic.

I paired this amazing skirt with the new and most wanted Moto Jacket on the planet from Collectif. From the moment this little pink moto was released girls all over the word were drooling and even little old me who does not really do pink needed to have it.

With the huge collection of biker/moto jackets currently hiding in my wardrobe I'm always on the hunt for a new colour or new fabric option. This season Collectif outdid themselves and created this bubblegum pink cotton zip up moto with all of the trimmings. Like my last Collectif moto I ordered this style in a size 18 to make sure it zipped up over the twins and the result is an absolutely perfect fit.

I love the option of a cotton moto for warmer months and I also love how it fits and hugs you at the waistline. I own so many different motos but this by far is my stand out favourite and I really hope to see other colour was in the Outlaw style in the future. I'm always on the hunt for unique or super bright colours in this style and I'd love to see a red, yellow version and possibly a teal. I missed out on the glitter faux leather version of this jacket and I've been kicking myself ever since

Then I might have gone a little crazy with my accessories how can I not with such an amazing print and a super sweet pink biker jacket. My brooches and earrings are from the new Australian label Kaiju Candy and once you get your hands on her goodies you'll need to by everything - I swear to you it's true I already own everything. From Munchy the Monster to the cutest hotdog that ever existed you can find these and many more styles in her store right now. A full blog and huge review will be hitting Curves To Kill very soon featuring all my absolute favourites from her range.

This look was completed with one of the wildest pairs of shoes I've ever owned from Iron Fist. Now we all know how amazing and unique Iron Fists prints and styles can be but have you ever seen giant cupcake platforms? I was going to wear a basic red or yellow pump with this outfit but then I thought hell no, lets go big, bright and brilliant!

I wear IF shoes in a size 10US and the fit has never failed me over the last 9 or 10 years that I've been wearing them. Now this shoe might look a little daunting height wise but due to the platform to heel ratio they are actually super comfortable. The thick base and heel also helps to secure you and while heavy - because that's a whole lotta shoe they can be walked in with ease. Not a night on the town dancing shoe but still comfortable and walkable.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pleaser - Pink Label Shoes

As an Australian size 10 in shoes and most of the time as a US11 I've struggled at times finding the best fit possible. The world has always revolved around sizes 7 to 10 in footwear but not everyone has the same feet and just like bodies, our feet come in all shapes and sizes.

Pleaser has noticed the need for extended sizes in the market and has created Please Pink Label for sizes 9US to 16US! These shoes are targeted at larger feet and are perfect for transgender women, drag queens, female impersonators or just those with bigger feet. Offering a huge range of heels, boots, sling backs and more for all of your needs!

Just because you have a foot over size 9 does not mean you have to scarify taste!

Nautical sling backs, bows and that pure pinup feel - yes please!! The Pinup-10 is the perfect no fuss, easy to wear and super comfortable sling back heel. With a 4 to 4.75 Inch heel covered in ruby red patent leather and completed with an adorable bow these are going to be my go to shoe each and every summer. 
This is the first sling back I've worn from Pleaser and I opted to stick with my normal US shoes size of 11. So when ordering Pleaser be sure to order up to get the right size!
The fit is perfect and they can be worn all day without any fuss and I will definitely need to pick up the black version as they pair perfectly with so many prints, colours and pinup looks from my wardrobe. 

Such a perfectly designed pump. The bold white strips on the shoe really make the red pop and these look amazing when paired with dresses and jeans. The best feature about the medium sized heel is that you won't get too many aches and pains after wearing these out for the day or evening and the sling back is so simple to put on.


After falling hard for the Smitten-20 heels in red from the Pinup Couture range I knew that I needed to try the Pinup-05 as they have the same height and shape. Well they are perfect!! The fit is slightly different from the Smitten heels as this range does not include the love heart cushioning inside but otherwise they fit exactly the same and I'm currently sitting here wearing them at my desk, all day at work as I type.

Featuring an all over polka dot print, heart cut out toe feature and a bold red bow. These babies are a show stopper and I can't get enough of them! The heel height is perfect for all day wear at work or for anything half on and off your feet. I wander around my office half of the time and they never give me any pain. The height also gives your legs wonderful shape and makes your calf muscle pop.

These may be a bold printed shoe but don't let that stop you from pairing them with out prints. Go completely dotty or pair with any of your favourite darker florals, fun kitschy prints or whatever your heart desires. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rockstars and Royalty

Australian based luxury label Rockstars and Royalty create the highest quality handmade and perfectly crafted range of customisable special occasion dresses and accessories. Perfect for special occasions, weddings - be it the bride or wedding party, R and R have you covered!

One of the best parts of shopping with Rockstars and Royalty has to be how customer focused the website is and how much personal detail goes into every item. After years of hearing how many standard labels just don't fit properly they have made the main focus fitting your actual body and not a general number on a tag. You are able to full customize fit, length, fabrics, and if you purchase a dress you never have to focus on fitting 'just your chest' or just your waist ever again.

Rockstars and Royalty focus on the right fit for your body shape which insures an amazing product that  you will wear for many years! The perfect fit and attention to detail make their garments stand out from most brands and with no real 'sectioning' of wedding or formal you don't have to be tied down to what you 'think you should wear' and can choose whatever your heart desires!

Luna Lace and  Satin Skirt - Prices vary between $507-$695AUD
Dita Cardigan in Emerald from Wheels and Dollbaby - $190.00 Sold out a few seasons back

As a red head naturally my heart desires emerald green and one of my favourite all time fabric/colour combinations has to be green under black lace. This was the combo of my wedding dress and ever since that moment I've wanted a glorious skirt in the same style to add to my collection. Rockstars and Royalty answered my prayers with the Luna swing skirt and I'm absolutely smitten.

I went for the full customization process to get the best end result for me. The process is so easy and straight forward. Providing visual references and easy to understand guides for what you will need and want. As you can see the finished product is pure magic so here's what I ordered :

Each feature I wanted was clearly shown and all colours were true to reality. I needed all the goodies on offer such as a bold black waistband and velvet bow and a petticoat - interestingly enough I did not shoot this wearing the petticoat but I will be wearing it in the future as it makes the emerald satin pop through perfectly. Why did I shoot this without? I wanted to show you my readers the natural fall and flow of the fabric. It drapes and hangs so effortlessly that it was too beautiful not to capture.

The lace featured on this skirt is absolutely divine with a very intricate and delicately designed pattern it really pops when placed over a bright shade like this Emerald satin. Because these items are completely customisable you can pick and shade and even some brilliant bright and sparkly sequin fabrics. Black lace not your style? Well they also offer ivory and offer images of each lace over all fabrics so you can see exactly what it will look like.

So if you are looking to create the perfect and completely designed by yourself wedding, formal dress, bow ties or skirt this store is the one and only location you will ever need. This would have been the store for my wedding dress if I had discovered this label only a touch earlier and having the ability to design both your dress and your wedding parties looks is such a stress relief.

I paired this look with my all time favourite Dita Cardigan from Wheels and Dollbaby, platform pumps and the most amazing Art Deco earrings from Reverefolie. This skirt is so stunning that you really don't need to over do it styling wise and I also love wearing it with solid black blouses.

Now as my husband does not like bow ties so I could not order him something magical in the same print but as I'm a cat crazy lady I ordered my little man Nacho his own kittie bow tie in the matching fabric combo and it is purrfect!
They are always happy to try and accommodate special requests around all the designs on the website. So be sure to shoot through a message if you are looking for both human and fur baby accessories.
Rockstars and Royalty have been absolutely amazing to you my readers and have offered an exclusive discount code for all of my Curves To Kill followers!!! The code is Teer10 for 10% discount of all orders. Valid until 11.59pm on 31st May so don't miss out of getting a great price cut on these amazing products.
Many thanks to the AMAZING Brooke Orchard Photography for working with me on these images. It's such an absolute joy to have one of the best vintage/pinup photographers back in Victoria!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Boss, Hugo Boss

I can't believe summer passed so fast and I've only written one, yes ONE sunglasses review! Well this obviously needs to be fixed right away so today I'm bringing you an amazing retro pair of Jackie O inspired Hugo Boss Sunglasses from Optically their range is absolutely amazing and a one stop shop when you need to get your glasses online.

With an amazing selection of brands, styles and both sunglasses plus prescription sunglasses they've got your peepers covered!

Hugo Boss 0289S 08602 Glasses - $207.00

I ordered these last month and in a flash they arrived at my door within a week - speedy service is always a huge love off mine! Now if you've been a reader or follower of mine for a while you'll be fully aware of my sunglasses addiction and my ever growing collection.

This season I wanted to get something a little more classic yet large framed and the Hugo Boss 0289S 08602 were the perfect fit. A large round frame, a rich brown tortoiseshell colour and what just might be my most comfortable pair of glasses to wear ever! 

They work perfectly with my fringe, are large enough for those no makeup days and instantly give you that Jackie O vibe but for this shoot I opted to go a little more witchy. While I usually wear black or bold coloured sunglasses I really love this more natural rich shade and in reality it pair perfect with my dark red locks. I'm that found of the print and colour I'll be adding more to my collection no double and maybe a leopard print version of these if I can hunt them down.

Price wise these are very reasonable and both the design, construction and packaging is worth it. They arrived fully protected with bubble wrap around their own protective case with two cleaning rags and were fully wrapped in plastic so they were in 100% pristine condition.

Now this specific style has sold like hotcakes but there are so many more amazing brands and retro oversized glasses online right now so don't fret.

Currently on my lust list you'll find :

I never knew striped sunglasses in bright orange existed until now and I need them asap! This style is pure magic and I want to pair these with bright cardigans, nylon hair scarves and huge 60s earrings. 

What drew me to these Marc Jacobs sunglasses was the shape at first but when I zoomed in I feel hard for the silver/lilac glitter frames! These will be an amazing addition to my collection. These are just a taste of what they have in stock in terms of womens glasses.

I know I don't need any more sunglasses in my collection but can you blame me? I may only have one head but there are 365 days in the year so why not wear a different pair each day?

Many thanks to my amazing husband for shooting these (you can see him if you look hard enough haha) on our family farm. It's always so much fun shooting with your main man.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Pout Perfection

For years I've hunting for the perfect long wearing, smudge proof and kiss friendly red lipstick of my dreams but I've failed and lost a lot of money in the process. Well that was until recently when I finally got my hands on one of the most magic sets on earth.

So many companies claim to have 6 to 12 hour stay but no have ever delivered this promise so until now I've just been wearing long stay lipsticks that fade 'nicely' so I can get through an evening without looking messy. But Lipsense from Pout Perfection Makeup actually works, it stays, you can rub your hand over your lips and it's still there, smack your lips together - and what it's still there!! You can wear two different shades on both top and bottom and it will not mix! This lipstick, gloss and remover set is MAGIC!

How to use : (how I used the product) 

Be sure to take care of your lips! This helps any product go on with ease. Exfoliate your lips - I use my own scrubs and then I use the Oops Remover to clean my lips fully. Coat it on then wipe it off with a wet cotton pad. Insure that your lips are dry and the inside where colour never sticks is super super dry so the product sticks. 

Then it's colour time! The first thing you will notice when you apply the colour is that it will sting a little but nothing painful or uncomfortable. There is alcohol in the product and with super clean lips you will notice a tingly but after many wears it's just normal. Apply one layer per lip and unlike most lipsticks be sure to apply in the one direction as the colour will be more equally distributed that way. 

Apply one layer, let it dry then repeat another 2 times. After the 3rd layer has been applied you will notice just how vibrant the colour is and how soft and lightweight it feels on your lips. 

Last step is to apply the gloss which is great both with or without the lipstick. The gloss helps your lips stay hydrated and makes your pout pop even more so. I also use my gloss whenever I'm not wearing makeup as it has been making my lips feel so much more healthy. 

The 3rd item in the set which I used in the first step is the Oops Remover. This product has been designed to clean up any mistakes or issues you might make when using the colour product. This product removes the colour perfectly and without any fuss. 

So what's the real low down of this product, does it actually work? The simple answer is YES! Once you have the hang of using the product - I rushed the first time and did not get the result I wanted - I was in the car and could not wait another moment, then you will get the long lasting wear of this truly unique and brilliant product. 


I've had anywhere between 12 to 18 hours perfect wear from this lipstick and it even stayed on perfectly while in the shower! The staying power is absolutely amazing and if you are a red lip addict like myself you'll never wear another brand again. Long stay makeup is essential for me both in daily life and on photo shoots as there is nothing more annoying that asking for your makeup to be touched up digitally.

Now price point wise it's $74.00 for the set which is one colour, the gloss and oops remover. While this initial outlay is a little more expensive than other chemist over the counter lipsticks the price is definitely worth it. You can also pick up other colours in the collection for $34.00 and you won't need to purchase another set unless you run out of all of the items at once.

Once you purchase this product I know you'll be fully addicted as I am now and you'll be picking up more colours to add to your collection.

I started with Blue Red as it is my perfect shade of red lipstick. The colour is a true representation of this style or red and I love how it pairs with my skin tone. I mainly used 3 colours on a weekly basis - red, a deeper darker red and brownish pinks for work. So on my lust list next will be a more Gothic red and a pink shade for every day wear. After looking at the colours listed I think these will need to be purchased asap :

I have a feeling that I'll be addicted to the whole colour range asap. Now if you want to get your hands on this amazing lipstick set there are a few super easy options.
Firstly you can shop directly from the webstore which can be found here. To talk to the amazing  Rae about the product or any questions you that might pop up about purchasing you can also email her directly at There is a facebook group and page so be sure to add  yourself to these asap and I also follow the Instagram page so I can be updated with all product information.

If you do purchase this set please tag me on social media so I can see just how well you guys rock this perfect lipstick!

Monday, April 10, 2017


Get ready for one of the most detailed and possibly longest blog reviews I've ever had the pleasure of writing and this one is jam packed for of fit advice and images for a selection of Vixen goodies from my girl Micheline Pitt's range.

Last year I featured the first t-shirts to be released and then went on to model and shoot with Micheline when I was in LA. From the first moment I wiggled into her skirts, swing and pencil skirts and all of her amazing tops I knew I was up for a life long Vixen addiction. She has created the garments we have always wanted and needed with amazing fit, flattering shapes and all of those little details that make her range truly unique.

Better yet Vixen is not the only label Micheline has created! With Bad Girl Denim soon to be released, La Femmeen Noir for all our gothic needs and even a makeup collection. So 2017 will hold no shortage of amazing items to purchase from each and every range.

The honest truth about the Vixen label is that it's perfect and it has inspired me to try new styles, new colours and step out of my comfort zone. From pink fabrics to crop tops - I'm wearing styles I never thought I could with pride and I feel amazing. Now this shoot is only half of my collection and I can't wait to shoot more shortly and some newer stock!

I feel like every season with Vixen I'll be commenting and writing that one item above all others is my dream dress. It' true and with each release I discover that there are even more of my dream dresses, skirts and tops in this range.

The Vixen swing is however one of the most magical swing dresses I've ever owned. It flatters curves, created amazing shape, lifts and my bust and makes me feel sexy as hell. Size wise both Micheline and I were a little unsure about fit as I can be between sizes so with the help and advice of Lindsay one of her XL/L models we opted for the XL and a firm fit as the fabric has a little give.
The XL is perfection in the black swing and I'm wearing this style without a bra!

Yes you read that I'm bra free and it really holds you in, up and look deelish. The bow can be undone and tightened or loosened to suit you bust and there is no pancaking or squishing of the boobies.  

If you were not a fan of leopard print you will be now with this stunning fabric! I literally yelped when I saw this design and fabric and had to have it in my collection. Once you wear one of the Vixen swings you will want every fabric option as they are amazing.

Now the leopard is a lot firmer and less stretchy than the black but it still fits and looks great. Due to the firmer fabric I'm not as comfortable in this style as I am the black but I've now worn the black a dozen times so with a little more give I think the leopard would fit nicer. If you are in-between sizes and really want the Leopard style I suggest sizing up if you are on the higher end of the bust and waist measurements as it won't give as much as the other colours. 

I'm wearing PINK!! I never knew that pink could work with my colouring until Micheline popped my in a soft pink peasant top and now I'm addicted. It also helps that this swing is covered in vintage hair tools and makeup, everything I could possibly want in a print.

This dress was a gift form an amazing friend and I got a 2XL as I was genially interested to see the size difference. So here is the low down.

I can wear my bra with this size and it zips up perfectly, with the XL I can't wear a bra at all but it does not matter either way. There is more room in the waist and it's not as firm but with the help of the matching belt it cinches me in perfectly. It's also roomier at the sleeves so if you are worried about both your waist and arms and your in-between sizes I'd suggest the 2XL for this dress. My stats are always listed at the top right hand section of my blog so be sure to check them out.

What I love most about these items other than the amazing tailoring and shape has to be the super deep pockets that completely hidden and the flattering sleeves. I hate showing my upper arms but with all of the Vixen tops I wear them cardigan free and proud.

Earrings :

El Diablo Toro - $30.00

One of the other things I wanted to feature in this post is the amazing new selections of earrings I have from Reverefolie. From glitter lips to 60's hoops, adorable styles and the collaboration pair we designed together!

I wanted to get some of Vixen's gold and silver barbie style hoops for this shoot but then all of these babies arrived and I love how well they paired together.

Passion in Red - $30.00

I can't even explain the love I have for this brand and how amazing, like a little pieces of art, each pair is. I wear most of these pairs once a week and love how bold, lightweight and amazing each and every pair is. 

Troublemaker dresses are straight up pure HOTNESS! My husbands reaction to seeing me try the leopard version of this wiggle cemented this opinion as he was blown away with how my bod looked in it - so who am I to argue?

Super stretchy yet form fitting, long sleeved so perfect for the cooler months and the perfect length to shoe off a little leg while still creating those banging curves. The fit is amazing and due to the fabric I opted for an XL and it fits like a second skin.

The leopard fabric even has a little more magic added to it as it can hide any lumps and bumps you may have issues with as the fabric print really flatters and hides any issues.

The first time I wore this dress out I was bloated, felt really bad about myself and I was generally feeling shit but once I wiggled my but into the Troublemaker I felt amazing. It really has that power and there is a huge need for garments that hold such power. If only to cheer us up enough on a bloated day to then go out and rock it!

The black version of this amazing wiggle is a must have as everyone needs a little black dress like this in their collection. The fabric is a little firmer in this colour but the fit is still perfection. What I love most about these dresses has to be the ability to wear the neckline high or low. Wear the black higher to work then pop on some killer red heels and lower it for after work drinks.

With the great body hugging fit of this dress I'm no in need of all the Troublemaker Tops. I love the sleeve and neckline and I would wear the top versions daily. I would also pick up the top version of this in an XL due to the stretch.

LIMITED EDITION - Vixen Lipstick Print Full Skirt - AU$128.87

Now I've shown you guys the Powder Puff top (I wear the black one to absolute death) and the crop tops in two separate posts but I wanted to shoot and review the Vixen Top first in this post and shoot more of the other amazing tops in future shoots. 

The Vixen spiked my interest from the moment I saw the illustrated design as it looked like a great structured and curve friendly top. I've owned many pinup/retro style blouses all of which are non stretch, cotton almost shirt fabrics and after trying the Powder Puff top I was super keen to try this style. 

Well it's definitely a winner! The stretch fabric hugs me in all of the right places and the neckline is pure bliss. A very boobie friendly and comfortable fit with a higher neckline so it can be worn to work with ease and there is no need for a cam to hide cleavage. I'm wearing this in a XL and I really love the fit. The sleeves also hit at the perfect spot for my personal preference and I honestly can't get enough of this in all colours. 
I paired the Vixen top with the Lipstick Print full skirt and I love how they work together. The best thing about all of this range is that all tops and bottoms work perfectly together. The Vixen swing skirts are my new favourites as they are full and naturally shapely without adding too much bulk. Other swings I've owned in the past make me look super bottom heavy and I could not look at my side view but these are very flattering. 

With the same super deep hidden pockets, a great structured waistline and perfectly placed pleats this skirt will have you clearing out all of your other swings and snapping one of every print up in this design. I'm wearing a 2XL and it fits me perfectly as I like a secure yet movable waist fit for this kind of garment. 

I have this skirt in both the Lipstick print and plain black and I can't wait to add more prints to my collection. 

While I did not shoot all of my collection I wanted to show you a few DIY shots of the other garments I wear on a regular basis. 

I wear both of these styles in a 2XL. The powder puff top is amazing for my measurements and the sleeve is a perfect fit in this larger size. As I hate showing my upper arms feeling comfortable in such short sleeves is usually hard for my but with this I'm completely comfortable and feel amazing.

With the crop top I got the 2XL to for my bust and the waist as you can see is an inch or two larger for me but this is easily fixed with a belt. I never thought I'd feel so comfortable and love my reflection in a short sleeved crop top but I do and I rock it!! It has the perfect amount of coverage and really flatters my waistline so I'll definitely be getting the long sleeve version of this when it's released!!

Many thanks to the powerhouse that is Liz at L12 Photography or working with me on these shots! I can't wait to work and plan with you again.