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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Curvy Dollbaby

Just a few days ago I was gushing (I still am and this won't stop!) about the new collection from Wheels & Dollbaby, but only a few days earlier, I had the chance to shoot some of my favourite pieces from the previous few collections.

On the lead up to the sold out Wheels & Dollbaby runway show I wanted to show how some of the core items fit on a size 16 frame. When I first started collecting Dollbaby pieces I played it safe and only wore cardigans but now there are so many sultry styles that fit me so I can wear just about everything! 

Due to popular demand the BB dress has just been released in a size 16 in both black and red. This style was so popular in the Inky Pinky print that they made the core range styles up to a size 16 for all of us curvier dollbabys. Made from a silky deluxe stretch satin this is delight to wear and so soft to the touch. 

Now this is a very 'mini' style and you have to be super confident with your pins to pull this short length off. If you are blessed with an ample bust and rump you will find that your assets can make a mini a super mini. This just covers my toosh and I think when paired with stockings or tights in the cooler months this will be brilliant. 

Be it summer or winter the styling options are endless with the BB Dress. Pair with tights and thigh high boots, cardigans or jackets in the cooler months and light layers in the spring or summer. 

The deep V neckline is super low and with a GG chest like mine going braless is never an option. So I opted to wear a bold printed low cut style from the Dita Von Teese collection that's both bold visually and unique with its design. Pairing these two styles almost creates a new style dress and I love that! 

I also paired this stunning dress with one of my favourite cardigans in emerald green. I'm wearing this in a size 16 but the 14 also fits with ease. I tend to wear plain W&DB cardigans with no print in a size 14 and the back prints in a larger size so I don't crack or harm the image. 

Now for my all time favourite items! I'm head over heels for the La Carla Bruni blouse and it's spectacular fit. It buttons up without any pulls or popping, fit's my arms and is roomy enough at the waist to tie, tuck or wear loose.

In the past I've worn this shirt in a size 14 and I found the upper arms a little tight so I opted for a 14 this time. The fit is roomy yet structured and I'm smitten with the leopard fabric! If I could wear one shirt for the rest of my life it would be this one!

What do you pair a brilliant blouse like this with? Obviously Irma La Douce skirt in red! Now this is the second time I've shot this skirt and the moment I wiggled into this style I new it was one of the best wiggle skirts I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. I've tried this in both a 14 and a 16 and I really love the tighter fit of the 14 in this style. The fabric has heaps of stretch and the buttons can be undone to create a higher split.

I feel amazing in this shirt that much so I will be ordering it to keep asap. I've never been a huge fan of leopard print but W&DB have changed and this will be the second item with such a sultry print in my collection. 

Now I can't shoot all of these styles without the new Mermaid Classic Cardigan being included. I have 3 classic cardigans and I wear them to death. The match with everything, can be worn buttoned up or tied up and look amazing on every body shape. This style comes with a super cute mermaid motif printed on the back and the classic dollbaby embroidery on the front. 

I love the pairing of the La Carla Bruni Blouse and the Irma La Douce skirt so much I mixed up the colours and prints for another brilliant outfit. This time a solid top with a printed skirt on the bottom. As I've mentioned all of the size info on these two styles let me gush about the print and fabric choices. 

The leopard print is bold and sexy. The silky soft fabric hugs those curves and I love how the bold black button pair with the black blouse. It's a tough choice picking between these two outfits but I honestly love them both! I feel like a naughty secretary in these and I LOVE that! 

In the past I have worn plain black bras underneath these sheer styles but this time I wanted to pair the skirt with my stunning leopard print bra. I love how it pops through the semi sheer georgette fabric and pairs perfectly with the print of the skirt. 

The sheer fabric and printed bra combination has inspired me to test this out with all of my other bold bras. 

Finally a style I've not thought to try before but once I slipped into the soft and fluffy angora knit I was sold. The cropped Posh Girl Sweater is yet another leopard print style that I'm really loving. It's stretchy, soft to the touch and so comfortable. This style works with high waisted skirts, capris and jeans and is super versatile. 

I always feared jumpers in this fabric as I thought they'd add extra bulk to my frame but I really dig the fit and the look of this. I paired the Post Girl Sweater with the adorable charmed pearl brooch and my favourite swing style skirt for a super 1950's look. The angora fabric does transfer so keep this away from any other black knits or else keep a clothes brush close by. This sweater is on special right now and available in size 14 and 16 so snap it up while you can. Both fit perfectly so it you are after a tighter fit I'd suggest the 14. 

That's my curvy picks from the last few seasons and I hope that helps with any fit issues you may be having. My next  Wheels & Dollbaby blog post will be all about the runway show so be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram and see all my behind the scenes previews! 

Peasant Top Perfection

I'm having a love affair with peasant tops at the moment and absolutely adore the off the shoulder, smoldering sexy look they provide. My wardrobe is packed full of long, short, billowing sleeve styles but until recently I've had no shorter styles. I'm usually one to hide my upper arm area but the Pinup Girl Clothing peasant tops are so perfect I had to get brave and get into this versatile and stunning style.

This week I went on a short road trip to shoot with Katherine Davis and make the most of the last day of winter here in Australia which turned out to be more of a spring day in full swing! We shot so many outfits this day so expect many more blossom and lush green nature shots!

As a redhead I'm always keen to wear yellow or gold but I've never really committed to this colour, well that's until now! This colour paired with the stunning new blossoms are a match made in heaven! This pale pastel shade is the perfect step into all types of yellow for me and I absolutely love how it works with my complexion and hair colour.

I'm wearing my usual size an XL in this style and it's a perfect fit. Roomy enough to wear both tucked in or out over skirts or jeans (yes it's long enough for that!). The sleeves can be worn both off shoulder or higher and are elasticated for extra comfort and stretch. The soft stretchy cotton sateen is a dream to wear and the bodice is lined for that extra support around the midsection. 

Such a must have for any summer wardrobe and so easy to style. I've paired this with my favorite swing style skirt from Heart of Haute for a perfect 50s day look but the styling possibilities are endless. Pair with a high waisted leather pencil skirt for a more sultry evening look or with deadly dames capris for a brilliant casual outfit.

If pastel yellow is not your colour never fear! There are heaps of other colours available and it's safe to say that I need one of each.

Now which one to get next? The choice is so hard but I think I need at least 3 more in not all as lets face it I'm super greedy when it comes to clothing. I also hope that there are some prints and other colour choices in this Peasant Top's future. I'd love to see an emerald green version and some gingham or bandanna prints. 

Many thanks to the BRILLIANT Katherine Davis for finding this stunning location and snapping these and so many other images with me. I can't wait to share all of these blog posts and photos with you guys! 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Savoir Faire At The Savoy

Today the brand new collection 'Savoir Faire At The Savoy' has been released from Wheels & Dollbaby and I'm gushing over the new prints and styles.

Not too long ago, I released some super exciting news about this new collection and the Wheels & Dollbaby runway show on the 20th of September. I will be walking the runway alongside Dita Von Teese for the Closing Night Wheels and Dollbaby show at The Telstra Perth Fashion Festival! I'm so proud to be a part of this show, and to be the first size 16 Dollbaby this is a dream come true! I can't wait to represent other size 16 girls on the runway and show just how great we can look in these stunning styles.

Savoir Faire At the Savoy is a stunning collection of luxury fabrics, a stunning new Kimono print and some of the most stunning necklines and skirt shapes I've ever seen. A strong focus on 1930's styling, floral décoratifs and gold tassels with a mixture of cocktail hour pieces and flirty crochet items inspired by Paula Yates and her iconic style.

This season's Kimono print was inspired by a 1930's robe in Melanie's private collection and the soft and stunning fabric choices that showcase this print are a must have this season. But the collection is full of so much more than just a new and delicious print! You will find the iconic figure hugging silhouettes and bust enhancing blouses. 

My stand out favourites this season are perfect for curves. Being a size 16 at Wheels & Dollbaby I know my shapes and styles very well now and I've created my Perfect for Curves Lust List below :

A stunning floral embroidered cardigan and wiggle dress that I need to have in my collection. The Salon Des Fleurs Lara Dress is absolutely divine and I adore the curve hugging shape and billowing sleeve. There is something to be said about a flowing fabric sleeve like this and it's a style that I have become very fond off since wearing Wheels & Dollbaby. The Lara dress is perfect for curvy dollbabys as it hugs you in all of the right places while complimenting an hourglass shape. 

The matching cardigan is the perfect addition to any cardigan collector such as myself. I love the print placement and the simple but sexy shape. This is stunning paired with a simple black pencil skirt and will also look stunning when worn with the Kimono print. Both are available up to a size 16.

A skater pleated style skirt is the ESSENTIAL day wear for me this Summer! This style is so cute and can be dressed up or down. I can't wait to get my hands on the Afternoon skirt and wear it with my cupcake ruffle tops and cardigans. 

Then for a more sculpted and sexy style for the evening you will need the Salon Des Fleurs Pencil Skirt. The shape nips you in at the small of the waist, hugs the hips and has a stunning back with the extra addition of an amazing gold tassel. Each of these skirts is perfect for the more curvy dollbaby. Embrace those curves and wear clothing that celebrates them instead of hiding behind boring shapeless garments. Both are available up to a size 16.


I had the chance to try the Singapore Fling Pencil skirt last season and I was not as fond of the style until the moment I laid eyes on the Kimono printed version. The mixture of pattern and plain black fabric with the bold black button makes this an amazing statement piece and I love how it looks when styled simply with a black knit. So chic and so perfect for curves. 

As mentioned earlier, the Kimono designed was inspired by a robe from the 1930's in the designers own personal collection. I love how Melanie takes inspiration from both her own vintage collection and both artwork and luxury items. The detailed print makes for one amazingly strong piece and I'm really in awe of this cardigan. I want to style this in multiple ways but I think my first choice would be to pair it with the Afternoon skirt. Why is this style great for curves? Well the print is busiest at the top and bottom leaving a large amount of space in the middle - your waist. This draws the attention to the smallest area on a hourglass figure and it will make your curves pop! Both are available up to a size 16.

PAULA YATES DRESS - $175.00 (up to a size 14)
MATADOR BOLERO JACKET - $330.00 (up to a size 16)

Now for my last two curvy lust list items. The Paula Yates dress is a crochet little black and cream number that is transnational and absolutely adorable. The bold knitted print gives and figuring hugging shape makes this a great little party dress and brings back so many memories of all the good parts of 90's fashion. The feminine grunge that we all loved in Paula's styling has come back in a big way and I'm loving it.

My heart always skips a beat for Matador inspired fashions and the new style bolero has mine thumping! A perfect shape, stunningly accented with gold embroidery this is a must have for anyone who loves to layer as much as I do. The long line shape hits just under the bust and accentuates your shape. Paired with a little black dress and a red rose, it's the perfect outfit.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Erstwilder Online Store

Did you hear the news? Erstwilder, my absolute favourite accessory company, have just launched their web-store!  A one stop brooch, earring, necklace and sweater clip shop with over 300 of their amazing designs. You can pop on right now and shop both the latest Beauty School range plus a huge selection of previous collections.

While you are there you might notice a familiar face or a bright pair of red lips owned by little ol' me. Myself, my amazing friend and photographer Liz and my super helpful husband worked like crazy getting these images snapped to show you what they look like when worn naturally. I'm really excited to be a part of the team at Erstwilder and absolutely adore this company. They're a positive and exciting Aussie company, creating some of the best accessories on the market.

The website also has a few awesome new features to keep you involved and updated.

We have all jumped on board social media and helped name so many of the oh so adorable designed but now you have the option to directly submit your Design Idea to Erstwilder. I'm so packed full of ideas that I'll be using this suggestion box regularly. 

They also have a brand spanking new blog to keep us all updated with new styles, contests and guest posts. I hear that there is a contest to win a year's supply of their goodies so keep an eye out for all of the contest details. 

You can now shop the Instagram feed from their own IG account. This gives you great styling ideas and you can see what people buy, whats how and what they pair perfectly with. It's a great way to go from inspiration to purchase.
You can also read up on the brilliant folk behind the scenes who come up with all of these adorable creatures and designs. I always love learning more about the awesome people who create my favourite designs.

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and check out this amazing new online store and add a few more designs to your collection!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Introducing Vivien and Shonna

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Hell Bunny and their stunning selection of coats. Each and every year they create the most divine winter warmers, and it's my desire to add as many to my collection as possible. After getting my hands on the Shonna Coat in burgundy at the start of the season, I was instantly in love and new that I would need at least two more styles this winter and one more Shonna colour way. Yes I know this is greedy, but I'm a sucker for a stunningly shaped winter coat and these are two styles are absolutely divine! 

These coats were both a dream to wear and a necessity on this super windy winter afternoon. My photographer Brooke Orchard who is half my size even wore one of these while shooting as it was raining and mighty chilly. 

I can't help myself when it comes to teal; it's absolutely perfect with my pale skin and red locks. So when I saw the Vivien Coat I needed it instantly and the colour choice was pretty obvious. The Vivien coat is designed perfectly for the hourglass shape. It follows the curves of your body and the fit in the XL is almost like it was tailored for my body. This style is available in sizes XS to 4XL and comes in teal, black and burgundy from the link I've attached. 

The design features are large flat collar with black velvet like fur detailing and matching cuffs. Covered buttons just under the bust to nip you in at the smallest part of your waist and a full and long skirt. Fully lined and stunningly constructed, this coat is worth every cent! Every season I find myself adding an extra coat or two to my collection and I can honestly say that these Hell Bunny styles are worth every dollar/pound. They last forever and look amazing and they make you feel amazing!  

I finished this look with my favourite wide brimmed felt hat from Asos, which is a great winter alternative to the normal straw version and black leather gloves. This is a coat that needs very little accessory-wise as it's amazing enough on its own. Simply pair this with your favourite little black winter dress and you are done! Wearing both this style and my black or burgundy Shonna, I always get so many compliments or people staring in the best kind of way. 

Well I said when I reviewed the Burgundy Shonna coat that I needed one of each colour, and slowly my dream is coming true. I've finally got the stunning Black Shonna in my hot little hands and I'm wearing it nearly every day this winter. The fit is a little roomy (as I'm loosing weight at my waist) in the XL and in future I will size down for this specific style. It is however, just like it's burgundy twin, the most divine creation in my wardrobe. 

From the fur detailing, which is fully removable, to the length and the luxurious thick fabric the Shonna is the one style I'm never letting go of and will wear it to death. The comfort factor for this coat is absolutely amazing. It's roomy enough for an extra layer or two and pairs wonderfully with so many colours. 

I've paired the coat with some simply red wool gloves and a deep red beret - my go to styling options this winter. I love the pop of colour against the dark black fabric and fur. The fur cuffs and collar also add an extra dimension to this stunning piece.

I'm so happy to have these amazing coats in my collection and I can't wait to see what future season bring for the winter styles from Hell Bunny.

Many thanks to my brilliant photographer Brooke Orchard for braving the cold and rain to get these images! Through the shivering and rattling teeth, we managed to get these winter warmers shot perfectly!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Green With Envy

It's no secret that I absolutely adore the Dita Cardigan from Wheels & Dollbaby. This was my first W&DB piece and the style I lust after year after year. This years release was a little different and focused on what we as the customers want! We all got to have our say and vote for the colour option we were dying to wear and I was so thrilled when the emerald green Dita was released. This is no.5 for me and I love each and every colour I own. From red to black, coral to baby blue, each shade matches perfectly with my pale skin and red hair.

Over the years I've purchased a mixture of sizes in both the Dita cardigan and in other Wheels pieces. I own both 14 and 16's in this style and I've found that both fit me with easy and the amount of stretch helps mold to your shape. This release I opted for the 16 as I heard that the knit had been upgraded to a stronger and richer knit so it was a tighter fit. This is true but after one wear it molds perfectly to your curves. 

As you can see it fits like a dream as do each in my collection. There are no popping buttons and it does not gape. I always wear my Dita's with a few buttons undone showing a hint of bra and cleavage. I recently got my hands on the Madame X bra from Dita's lingerie collection and I can't wait to pair the two. 

As I mentioned this is a thicker stronger knit and works perfectly for the chilly winter weather and will move into spring with ease. Styling wise I love to wear my Dita with swing or pencil skirts tucked in but it works perfectly untucked and looks great when paired with high waisted jeans or cigarette pants. It's such a classic piece and can turn your day around as soon as you slip into it. If I'm feeling a little down or frumpy I simply slip into my Dita cardigan and I instantly feel like a bombshell. I can't wait to see what the future is for this perfect piece!

Last month I shared the new Inky Pinky range with you in a full post and I gushed over the cupcake ruffle top and I was lucky enough to snap one up! I've modeled the leopard print version of this top and fell in love with the fit so I was super excited to slip into the new fabric and print from the Inky Pinky range. Unsure of the fit as the shape has changed ever so slightly (a higher neckline and a shorter length) I ordered the 16 but found it to be far too roomy and due to the stretch of the fabric I exchanged that size for the 14. I absolutely adore the fit of the smaller size and wear this as much as possible. The 14 is a great and comfortable fit and the print stays in shape without splitting or warping on my large bust. 

There are still many items in this range still available so I highly suggest you snap these up while you can. With a great size range and an even better price point you can get each of these adorable items and they won't break the bank! I've also noticed a price change for the other versions of the Cupcake Ruffle Top and they are a steal at $89.00! I've got my sights set on the black and white version and will snap that up asap. 

Thank you to my amazing photographer Brooke Orchard for perfectly capturing the grace and stunning design of these two items. I'm so in love with everything we shot on this day! Through rain and wind we created magic!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Trains, Cherries and Jailbirds

Not a day goes by where I don't find myself sitting at my computer and hunting through each and every section of the Pinup Girl Clothing website. It's obvious after years and years of working with this brilliant brand that they are my stand out favourite when it comes to retro styles and vintage reproduction garments. Every season I'm more and more impressed with the bold new styles and prints and my wishlists are never empty. 

Before I found PUG I was trying to fit into the pinup/retro fashion world but here in Australia at that time I found the variety and sizes to be rather limited. Finding Pinup Girl Clothing pushed me into furthering my modeling career and gave me so much more confidence. Couple that with getting to know the brilliant team behind the brand and I'm now and always will be a lifelong fan and customer. 

For a curvy girl I own a heap of striped tops as I really think they work for bigger busts and hour glass shapes. The Jailbird top from Deadly Dames has to be my absolute favourite though as it's made for a large chest and hugs you in all of the right places. Made from a firm yet super stretchy cotton spandex fabric it fits so well you'll never want to take it off. For each item in this post I'm wearing an XL and I've found all fit perfectly. I'm a mixture of XL and Large depending on fabric types for all Pinup Girl Clothing styles. Other than the visual look of this top I adore the extra long length as I love to wear styles like this both tucked in and over skirts or jeans. 

When hunting for a skirt to pair this striped piece of wonderful with my first choice was always going to be the Jenny skirt. I'm not addicted to this style and just adore the fullness and fit as it's both flattering and super comfortable. The Black Sharkskin Taffeta version is a little more full than the other cotton versions I already own and gives lots of shape. There is no need for a petticoat beneath this version as it is full and holds it's shape without any extra layers. I also found this a little roomier in the waist that each of my other Jenny skirts so that might be due to the fabric. 

As you can see I love using the 2 inch faux leather waist belt from PUG and it's become such a wardrobe staple for me. It pairs with absolutely everything and I love the thickness and fabric choice.

When we shot these images I swear it was the coldest day in Melbourne this winter! We braved wind and rain to get each look shot and I was inspired by the coldness and added my own little winter inspired touched to each outfit. 

As soon as I planed this look in my head I knew I wanted a great pair of lace up boots to finish of the look. I found these stunning Bordello lace up red and black boots and just love the way they look with the entire outfit. I'll be shooting these shortly and focusing on styling them with multiple bottoms. 

Would you believe that there was a time when I actually hated cherry printed items? After being completely won over by the cherry Jenny skirt my next style had to be the Heidi. I've been lusting after the long sleeve version of this dress since the moment it was added to the coming soon section as I'm a huge fan of the sleeveless original. The Heidi has been a wardrobe staple for most PUG fans as it's the perfect fit on all body shapes. 

Perfectly tailored to fit an hourglass figure this dress is a dream to wear. I love the angular neckline, red trim and full skirt. The long sleeves have made this style perfect for the cooler months and I really hope more colour ways and prints are planned for the future.

Now I've done something I usually would not do when styling an outfit, I've gone completely matchy matchy! Now that I'm such a fan of the PUG cherry fabric what better to pair this dress with other than the Pinup Couture Teeze Platroms in Cherry. The classic platfrom shape and that bright red bow pair brilliantly with the Heidi dress and I just adore this outfit. As with all Bordello styles I'd suggest sizing up for these shoes. 

Here's a closer look at these super sweet and cute shoes. These elongate your legs and really make your calf muscle pop in the best way possible. 

Now it's obvious that I need to pickup all of the other versions of this dress and cross my fingers for feature releases. I'd also love to see this in a 3/4 length sleeve option but that's just me being greedy. I wear the original version of the Heidi in a size large but due to the sleeve I chose to stick with an XL and I think I made the best choice. I'd rather have a roomier waist taken in than the sleeve being too tight and the fit with this is perfect. 


I missed the first round release of this stunning train border printed jenny skirt from the Mary Blair collection but as soon as it returned I snapped it up in a flash. Although I love all of the Jenny skirts this print is by far the most amazing as are all of the Mary Blair images. The golden yellow tone and the way the train travels in and out of each pleat make this not only an amazing fashion item but a wearable piece of art. 

I can't get enough of this colour and of the entire Mary Blair collection. This will hopefully be the first of many of this collection added to my wardrobe. I paired this with my beloved Lauren top in black. I wear both the Lauren and the Doris top constantly as they are a perfect fit on my rather large chest. The wind was not our friend this day and my collar would not behave! 

I'm really loving these two items as a winter styled outfit. I wanted to try something a little different from what I had seen on the website and turn something that looks very summer into a more winter friendly choice. 

Now to start planning my next purchases and check the coming soon section each and every morning. I'm saving all my pennies for the fall Deadly Dames range as it's full of faux leather and cropped moto jackets. I also need to snap up the new versions of the Erin dress as I'm loving the sleeves and colour options. 

Many thanks to Brooke Orchard for braving the elements and creating these images with me. and for my amazing friend Liz for helping each time we shoot!