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Monday, May 2, 2016


I'm so excited to share another Zoe Vine dress with you, my lovely readers!! Last year I had the pleasure of shooting the stunning poppy printed Isabelle Dress which was absolute perfection for an Australian summer. But for this post I slipped into a slinky little black number perfect for the cooler months. 

The Marilyn wiggle dress is full of body hugging va-va-voom goodness and gives you the shape you desire without any fear of lumps or bumps. How you ask? Well, when paired with the perfect shapewear for you body the ruching hides your tummy and accentuates all of your curves. 

Made from a super soft and stretchy high quality ponte knit this fabric is a dream to wear and to own. It stays in perfect shape for years without pilling or wrinkling and is great to pack when traveling as you don't need an iron! I wear this style in a 16 and the fit is spot on. With the super stretchy ponte you don't have to fear any over tightness or stretching out of shape - it's a memory fabric that keeps hugging your curves forever!

With a drape/cowl neckline and 3/4 sleeves this style is something completely new for my wardrobe but I absolutely adore it! It's that go-to LBD for winter when paired with back seemed stockings and a full length winter coat and it works perfectly well for a warmer evening without adding to much bulk fabric wise. I'm usually not a high neck fan but there is both room to move in this neckline and room to play, as it drapes easily. A very sophisticated dress that's perfect for so many different occasions. 

Now this style has sold out like hotcakes in black and I think it's obvious why as it's divine but you can still get your hands on the Red version as seen below.

Model : The AMAZING Rachel at Chicago Chic Blog 

How amazing does this look in red? While I'm sharing my little lust list of styles I also have to show you guys the amazing Art Deco printed Ava! 

The Ava in Emerald Green is a yet another wonderfully flattering wiggle dress with a high neckline but it still makes you feel super curvy and super sexy. What made me fall for this style was the green velvet deco printed fabric. As a redhead I lust after styles like this and I need Ava in my life asap!! 

Many thanks to the brilliant Rom Anthonis for taking this images and for shooting so many awesome outfits with me in his studio! It's always such a pleasure to work with him and hopefully soon we can team up for something creative!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Chef Good

The last 2 weeks have been an absolute joy and it's all thanks to Chef Good. In the past I've tried a whole lot of diets, be it soups, shakes and food delivery services, but none have made me inspired and excited about food until now. I found Chef Good rather randomly via a sponsored post on Facebook and clicked through to see what they were about and what was on offer. After reading one weekly menu I was drooling on my laptop and I had to try these amazing dishes.

Now I'm going to be very honest here and say I've tried programs like Lite'n'Easy and I've lost weight but half of the meals are frozen and I really did not dig the food available. They lacked creativity and at times such programs can be a little old fashioned, much like a TV dinner.

Chef Good are nothing like this!!! Made fresh and locally in Melbourne and delivered straight to your door, all you have to do is select a package that suits your needs, weight loss or simply just your taste and order by Tuesday, then like Christmas an amazing box of food arrives at your door on Sunday! Now admittedly I went into this just wanting to lose a few kilos but I finished with feeling inspired by the meal plan and really being excited once again to eat and cook. After trying so many diets over the years, you can get really grumpy and bored with food but eating their amazing dishes for two weeks really lit a fire inside of me and I've taken to creating some of the dishes myself.

So after looking at both the standard and Vegetarian menus in 1200, 1500 and 1800 calorie I decided to go straight in the middle and choose the medium range calorie plan. I've been on many 1200 calorie diets but I've always felt starving and I loved the description of  "The one in the middle - these 1500 calories will fuel you to take on the world and kick excess kilos in the butt!"

One Sunday morning I awoke to a massive box of meals ranging from breakfasts, lunches, soups, salads and the most amazing dinners. I was so excited I could not wait to start on my first dish first thing in the morning and I honestly kept walking back to the fridge to see what I was lucky enough to eat this week!

I guess you could say on day one the excitement gave me an extra spring in my step and I could not wait to tuck into my first warm breakfast of Cinnamon, Honey, Apple and Chia Porridge. Then for 10 days (weekend breaks) my days were filled with amazing meals, outstanding flavours and the best of ingredients. No package frozen meals what so ever!! Everything arrives fresh and ready to eat and all items last the full week but be sure to eat them in the correct order. Now most items are precooked and only need between 60 seconds and 5 minutes of heating to be ready to eat but a few items can be cooked in the over or on the cook top.

Every meal was modern, creative and packed with flavour and if I was little hungry still I'd add a small side salads to a lunch or an appropriate dinner. Now I could go into specific detail about each and every meal I ate but I think the best way to tell/show you is to simply fill this blog with pictures and some details.

I honestly loved each and every meal but there were some huge stand outs for me :

Breakfast : 

Honestly this is my favourite meal of the day hands down. I just adore eggs and all other breakfast foods so I knew this would be a huge winner for me. With scrambled eggs, zucchini and haloumi fritters, leek and cauliflower frittata and amazing muesli and porridge options I was always impressed and full each morning. Plus I got to try my first banana pancake and it was deeeeeelish!

Lunch : 

From fresh Asian inspired salads to super tasty vegetarian lasagna coming home for lunch was always an absolute pleasure. When Melbourne has a very chilly few days I was greeted with homemade vegetable or super greens soups to warm me up. I also adored the amazing salad options and one pasta that rocked my world - Penne with broccoli and pesto, so simple but so yummy! I loved that one so much I made it for my husband this past week. The joy of each meal at lunch was that I was never hungry! I've also been inspired to make their version of a Ceasar Salad as I loved the yogurt dressing.

Dinner :

My evenings were packed with curries, fish, meatballs, beef and more lasagna but this time half and half style! My stand out favourites had to be beef bourguignon, I'd never tried this dish before but now I adore it. The grilled salmon as I'm such a fan of salmon in general and the fish was absolutely perfect. The curries both chicken and fish were perfectly flavoured and I really enjoyed each and every side that accompanied the dishes.

With all of these amazing meals you don't even feel like you are on a diet and the variety is outstanding. Now price wise I was on the 5 day plan and this is $190 per week and for basically what is 5 days of meals by your own private chef it's absolutely worth it. You can also commit to a full 7  day plan and that will be $266. You can also opt to only purchase lunches and dinners on the 5 or 7 day plan and these will be a little cheaper. But honestly why miss out on the yummiest breakfasts on earth?

After a week of eating Chef Good I honestly forgot I was on a diet but when I weighed myself this week I discovered that I had dropped 3 kilos! You never expect that it will happen when you are enjoying the food that much. My husband also had the pleasure of trying a few meals and if you want to add a few extra dinners to your order for your partner it's super simple. We love cooking together so the Mexican dinner of pork tacos was great for us to cook together. We were given all of the ingredients and after a few minutes in the fry pan dinner was ready!

Chef Good also offer a sensational selection of soups and cold pressed juices. With winter coming up I'm looking lovingly at their soups, wanting 5 a week!

So if you are based in Melbourne and you want an amazing calorie controlled diet to help get a few kilos off without sacrificing taste and goodness this is the plan for you! I'm honestly dying to get back on this diet but due to use needing to save for our US trip we can't let it sneak into the budget. But fingers crossed I can get back onto this when we return as it's absolutely brilliant!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lust Lyst

As the seasons get a little colder I'm finding my casual wardrobe is getting a bit to repetitive for my taste and I'm in need of a few cute dresses to wear out for drinks and when out at gigs. Right now I'm hunting for styles that I can wear throughout the year and that I can layer up over the next cooler months. Last year I discovered Lyst and it's changed the way I shop! Lyst takes all of the hard work searching heaps websites off your hands.

It's really brilliant to be able to find some of my favourite brands all in the one place and with one click I get straight to the product page and can instantly buy what I need. It really saves time and gets me super cute dresses and whole lot faster!

My current lust list is :

Topshop Floral Bell Sleeve Maxi By Wal G - $68

Now over summer I feel in lust with floral maxi dresses but as the weather cools I'm looking to layer them with knee high boots, wrap cardigans and lots of leather accessories. This stunning red and black floral dress is exactly what I'm looking for!

(website seems to be down so I'll get the name and price for this shortly)

I'll always be a sucker for a perfectly designed skater dress and this super low cut number is calling my name! Too low you say? Never! Just pair this design with another tank top or even a stunning plunge bra and show off a little bit of skin. Definitely a dress to pair with super high platforms for a night out.

Club L Cross Front Harness Detail Midi Dress - $52.00

I yelped a little when this dress popped up on my screen! Oh the outfits I have planned for this one!! I'm absolutely smitten with the harness detailing on this Midi dress and need it in my life asap. This dress covers so many different styling options as you can wear it as is, beneath another more swing or skater style or as a top under skirts showing the harness as the main feature. I must have this and I must have it now!! 

Wrap Front Plunging Dress by Glamorous Petites -  £29.00

Lastly more floral but this time in a shorter wrap style dress. The wrap dress suits every single body shape but for me it's that easy go to style for date night. Paired with strappy heels or even boots and tights in winter this dress never goes out of fashion and flatters curves like crazy. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The best lingerie for curves

While shopping for clothing in my a size AU 16 is super simple here in Australia, shopping for lingerie is not as easy. You see Australia still does no have any idea of how to properly fit a woman into a bra and believes that girls with large cup sizes must have large back sizes as well. So for me at a 34GG (size 12 GG) I've always been limited with choice. Luckily over the last few years I've found amazing lingerie shops locally like Brava who specialize in larger cups for smaller backs but I still find myself shopping overseas as well and testing new brands whenever possible.

I've been playing it safe for a while now bra wise but for this giant review post I wanted to feature new brands or new styles from brands I love. I have to say in end end I absolutely adore each and every style I've included and for bra's that's a huge accomplishment. 

Be warned this is a very wordy and photo packed blog post but if you stick with me your boobies will thank you! Also I have to point out that each style is a perfect fit but with the corset cleavage tends to be pushed up and together so the flat middle wires on the chest that we all look for in a proper fitting bra is not apparent in these images. But trust me they are all perfect! 

Earlier this year I had the chance to review the Christina Long Line Cage bra from Playful Promises and wrote within that post how much I was lusting after the Cordelia! Well my wish came true and I'm smitten with this red and black lace number. Can we take a moment to stare at this stunning eyelash lace? While I adored the cage bra I found the fit was not spot on because they had not released the G cup yet but now all my fit issues have been sorted. In a 36G Cordelia is perfection (I can wear both a 34GG and a 36G comfortably but the 34 is my go to size). 

From the intricate lace placed on a ruby red satin fabric to the amazing lash scalloped edging that frames your breasts this bra is super sexy and beautifully designed. It gives great shape while offering the perfect amount of support as it comes with a very strong medium sized straps.

With me it's all about getting great cleavage and that really round shape and this style ticks all of the boxes. Available in this colour option as well as the absinthe pale blue this is a style that every girl needs in her collection. It's really great to see brand like Playful Promises expanding into the bigger cup market and I can't wait to see what they create next.

The Cordelia bra comes with the adorable Lace Heart Brief  I found that the string style bottom did not really work with my hips in an XL. With a large bust and an hourglass shape comes huge hips and styles like this don't always work for me. Maybe if they expand their size range to a to an XXL I might have luck with this brief. I paired this bra with the amazing lace cheeky boy short from Hips and Curves instead and I loved how well they worked together. This super stretchy g-string with lace up detail at the back is a dream to wear. I ordered the 1XL and its perfect on my hips with some extra room. I still find that plus size bottoms can be a little big on me! Damn my in-between shape!

Liliana Bra - £29.50

I'm so excited to be sharing a brand I've been dying to try for the last year with you guys!! Tutti Rouge  are a UK based lingerie company focusing on the beautiful bras and bottoms for curvy girls so obviously I had to try some of their most outstanding styles. 

The one thing that stands out to me about Tuttie Rouge has to be their use of bright colours, stunning prints and really bold shapes. There is nothing shy, boring or demure about their stunning range and they create that mixture of feminine and sexy perfectly. 

The Liliana is a half padded lace cup bra in a stunning fushia pink with red lace detailing on each cup. The lace work on this bra is so intricate and beautiful close up and I just adore the mixing of these to colours. While I'm not usually one to wear pink this shade really does work with my skin tone. Being a half padded this style still gives you that great round shape while still giving a great amount of cleavage.

Offering great coverage while still putting the girls on show and the scalloped edging is yet again such great framing on your chest - I think I'll be hunting for more styles like this in the future! I paired each of these bra's styles with a black leather corset and other black accessories to show just how much each colour or style pops. The pink and black mixture might be my new favourite colour combination! I'm wearing this style in a 34GG and because I was new to this brand I ordered each style in a different size to find out which worked best. For this half padded bra the 34GG is perfect while with a different shape bra I can swing a size larger in the back and smaller in the cup as you will see shortly.


The Liliana bra comes with both a Brazilian style pantie and a lace short. I'm wearing the short in a size XXL and the lace is super stretchy, comfortable and offers lots of coverage. The fit on both the XL and XXL panties work really well for my curves. Gone are the days of boring beige bras and knickers for girls with curves, we now have brands like Tutti Rouge to keep us fully supported and looking adorable. 

Jessica Bra - £38.00
Jessica Thong - £15.00

From bright pink and packed with colour to something a little bit darker and a whole lot sexier. The Jessica Non-padded plunge with Tutti Booster and Tutti Super Booster. What is a Tutti Booster and Tutti Super Booster you ask? Well simply put it's two level insert option to give your boobies that two levels of boost! With one insert on each side you can add a little boost or a SUPER boost! Or even wear this style without any boosters for a comfortable and chic supportive shape. 

If you know me well enough by now you'll know that I went for the Tutti Super Boost with this style and wore two inserts on each side and the shape is AMAZING! Unlike other inserts these are complete undetectable and are super comfortable.

The bra itself is the perfect plunge style which works perfectly with all of the low cut tops and dresses in my wardrobe. The extra cleavage cookies (boosters) also give my low cut tops a new level of boobtastic awesomeness! For the Jessica I'm wearing the 36G and I think it's a great fit but I think for all Tuttie Rouge products I will stick with a 34GG in the future. They have very roomy and comfortable bands and I love the fit on the 34 more. 

Again the use of stunning and intricate lace is beautifully showcased in this style and I'm loving the cream lace work that cups just under each breast. I also adore the mixture of two different styles of lace within the bra. The polka dot sheer for the base of the breast and the more detailed lace for the top. 

I don't think I've ever loved a fabric more than this mixture here and I can't wait to get my hands on more styles in the future. I'm currently lusting after the both the Betty Bra and the Janey with matching shorts. I'm really feeling the bright colours and prints so I can't wait to get more styles. 

I paired the Jessica with the matching thong and I love this set!! The thong while structured is super comfortable and features both the mixtures of lace and the ribbon detailing of the bra. I'm really loving the underwear options from Tutti Rouge and I think I've found one of my all time favourite brands! 

Scantilly Peek-A-Boo Bra - $94.00 (prices may vary) 

Scantilly is a new noir style range from Curvy Kate! A range full of sexy shapes, amazing sheer fabrics, cheeky peak a boo options and lots of amazing fabrics. I've been a huge fan of Curvy Kate over the years but when this range was released my jaw dropped and from the moment I laid eyes on the Peek-a-boo bra I was in lust. The sheer cup, bold black seems and the unique cut out cup feature drew me in. I love sheer bras and how each seem or line is emphasized and creates a really dramatic shape. 

Now the last bra I got from Curvy Kate was the amazing strapless bra so I was still not sure what size I needed. I opted for a 36G in case it was a smaller fit at the band and like my previous bras it seems to be my size for this brand. This bra might just be one of the sexiest items I've ever worn and I can't express enough how much I adore both the fit and look of it. 

The cups are roomy and soft while still adding heaps of shape and boost. The sheerness offers that extra element of sex appeal and when paired with the cut out fabric around the bottom of the bra it's almost a work of art. I also adore how well sheer fabrics pop one pale skin when photographed and this set worked so well on our photo shoot! The matching brief is a little bit cheeky and has a missing panel in the back to show off your toosh! It's super comfortable to wear and super cute! I wear all Curvy Kate Bottoms in a XL or a 16/18 depending on cut.

The Scantilly range is available at DD + cup retailers and once you view the whole range (this style is also available in red) you will be getting every single piece. I myself have been lusting after the All Wrapped Up bra and pantie set as well as The Surrender Basque. Each item is so bold and sexy you won't want to hide these beneath your clothes so be sure to stock up on lots of sheer blouses.

Lastly I want to give a little more focus on other pieces I paired with these stunning lingerie sets. For the last few months I've been hunting for vintage style robes but I've not found the perfect styles in my budget. Well this was until I came across this stunning long robe at Hips and Curves! In a soft and silky chiffon and charmeuse lace combination this robe pairs perfectly with every single lingerie set in my collection. Available in red and white (black is currently sold out but there are many more robe options found here. My favourite feature on this robe has to be the flowing lace sleeves and how it almost glides behind me as I walk. I'm wearing this in a 1XL and I think it's clear to say that for Hips and Curves this is my go to size. While everything is a tiny bit roomy it's still super comfortable and that's what I want in my lounge wear. 

I also tried something a little new and picked up these red hot sheer lace thigh highs from Hips and Curves. The bold red legs really work with the all black lingerie look and they are the perfect shape for my curvy thighs. I tend to wear XLs in most hosiery brands and the top of these hits right at my of my thigh if pulled up fully. These work perfectly with all garter belts as well as on their own so I highly suggest picking up these and any other stockings at hips and curves. I need to add many more to my own collection asap!

Many thanks to Ryan Gill Photography for working on this with me! This was our very first shoot together and I can't wait to plan more. Ryan is an absolute joy to work with and we really clicked! Be sure to check out his website and Instagram!

Our backdrop is my all time favourite location Bobby McGees at the Rydges Hotel in Melbourne. Many thanks to the amazing staff for once again having us run about your perfectly retro venue shooting up as storm. One day it is my goal to have a huge party in this room so I best start planning and saving!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Jawbreaker Clothing

As the years pass and my closet grows and grows with bright pinup styles, I will always have a soft spot for the more gothic styles in perfect curve hugging shapes. Last year, I discovered that Voodoo Vixen, one of my favourite UK pinup stores, have another brand focusing on gothic, punk and alternative clothing. Instantly I fell in love with their pinstripe wiggle skirts and dresses, plaid moto jackets and amazing prints. But there was one item that screamed at me from the computer screen - The Grovel Skirt. 

Grovel Skirt - 36 pound
Stockings ASOS 

The Grovel Skirt is magic. From the stretchy yet figure hugging fabric to the stunning pinstripe print, this skirt was made for curves! A high waist to accentuate my hourglass shape and a built-in belt/braces attachment adds that little extra element complete with eyelets and big silver fastenings. I'm wearing the Grovel Skirt in and XL and the fit is perfect! It zips up at the back and due to the stretch, it's super comfortable and easy to move in, unlike some pencil/wiggle skirts. Jawbreaker clothing's largest size is an XL and I find that to be perfect for my measurements. 

I'm smitten with the bondage features on this skirt and the built-in belt means I can accentuate my waist without adding an extra belt. The fastenings really pop as well and the braces add an extra dimension to the look. This may be the first Jawbreaker item in my collection but can honestly say it's started an new addiction and I can't wait to get more styles and lots of dresses in my collection. My lust list is already huge!

I paired the Grovel Skirt with one of the most beloved tops in my collection - The Doris. Such a Pinup Girl Clothing staple and one of the most flattering and boobtastic shapes!  I love how easily I can wear this blouse with a gothic style bondage skirt then the next day a full 50's swing style skirt or high waisted capris. Shoewise, I knew when I ordered this skirt that I wanted some amazing platform boots and Shoe Me Gorgeous came to the rescue with the most amazing Demonias! 

We have to take a few minutes now to focus on these AMAZING boots! Shoe Me Gorgeous have a huge selection of Demonia boots, platforms and high heels, but there was something that drew me to the Poison-101 wedge, made of stunning black vegan leather with some of the best shoe adornments I think I've ever seen. From pyramid studs to spikes, chains, crosses, skulls, pentagrams, lightening and safety pins, this boot has the lot!! You would think that that all might be a little to much for one pair of boots but holy hell it works perfect! I love to chain, spike and button up my leather jackets so now I finally have a pair of boots to match. 

The wedge style also offers absolute comfort and these are a dream to wear. Making me super tall while offering the comfort of a flat, you can easily wear these all day long. Now I usually would not pair an ankle boot with a fitted skirt but I adore how well these work together and the stockings really complete the whole look. I can't wait for winter to hit so I can wear these with jeans and disco pants! I'm wearing an size 10 as I find Demonia are very close to Aussie sizes.

Just like the skirt starting an addiction, I've now got a huge lust list for more Demonias! I would kill to style these in upcoming shoots :

I'm such a sucker for studs and spikes, so it's hard not to lust after every single shoe from this range. I need the Cramps to pair with adorable Wednesday Adams style dresses and the Torment Boots are hot hottest heeled platform on the planet. I've need these babies in my life.

Many thanks to Rom Anthonis for shooting these images! They are my favorite from this set and I can't wait to share our the other images we took. A little hint - we went the polar opposite of this blog's theme and styling! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Noir Dita Cardigan

Have you heard the news? There is a new Dita Cardigan available for pre-order and my little Gothic heart melts at the colour - NOIR!

As a girl who wears black as her staple uniform, I'm so excited for this release! My most prized and beloved Dita cardigan has to be the black with red roses, so this all black version is a must for my collection. Featuring all of the stunning and trusted features that we have all grown to love, and now up to a size 18!! I really hope to review this and give even more fit advice for my curvier Dollbabies. I usually wear a 14 or 16 so if you have any fit questions please ask away. 

Be sure to get your hands on this noir darling and secure another limited edition cardigan for your collection. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Each and every season, I fall in love again and again with the new season stock at Erstwilder! The last few releases had me literally doing the grabby hands motion at my laptop screen while I perused the catalogues. From cute pinup themes to the best thing on earth - dinosaurs - it's been an amazing year for designs!

Erstwilder have teamed up with one of my all time favourite people in the universe and together they are creating accessory magic! They have joined forces with the brilliant Donna who I first discovered through her label - Heidi and Gretel - and the results are perfection. Donna's collection of Dinotastic creations are a must have. With all your favourite prehistoric creatures in brooch, necklace and earring form you will find it hard to purchase this whole collection. 

My stand out favourite has to be 'Peek-a-saurus Rex' as I've always had a soft spot for this arm length challenged fella. Peeking through the leaves this bold little guy has bright white chompers but still looks adorable! I've been pairing Rex with anything from gingham to floral frocks as he looks adorable with everything! 

Now the new additions to the Beauty School range are here and they are AMAZING!! In super sweet pink and red shades, they have all the essentials for any hair and makeup loving pinup. I was blown away with the first round of this range but I have to say this is by far my favourite. While I'm usually not a huge fan of pink, I love the mixtures of colours in this range. 

Being rather addicted to my own hair dryer I was drawn to the Blown Away brooch with the dryer/rollers combo. Based on a proper vintage hair dryer shape this brooch is cute, kitschy and works perfectly with my pinup frocks and blouses.  

While I loved every single piece in this set I new that the Doll Me Up beauty parlour necklace was a must have for my growing collection. With polka dots and the best use of lashes I've ever seen - as window treatments, this necklace is perfect when paired with the dryer brooch. If that's a little too much for you accessory wise how about using this bold necklace as a statement piece with a high neck blouse or jumper? 

These adorable felines should come with a warning label stating 'you'll never get The Cure out of your head when wearing this brooch', and there is nothing wrong with that. It is so wonderfully, wonderfully pretty!! A pair of smitten kittens in retro floral - what else more could you want? 

I was never a crazy cat lady until last year when Ash and Eddie entered our life and now I'm proud to wear anything kitty related! Although my own cats may not be floral, I think of them when I wear this brooch as they are totally in love with each other. 

Now lastly a retrotastic musical treat from the Pinup Picnic range! This range is so jam packed (it even has a jam brooch) with amazing styles that it's really hard to not go into debt buying them all. With everything from bugs, perfect pinups, fruit, pies, animals and fair bread you are spoilt for choice! But my love for retro interior design made me go directly to the radio brooch shown above. 

Such a a classic shape and with a little pattern and the right use of colour it really pops! I can't wait to see what the future holds for more retro inspired ranges. I hear that Donna is currently creating a retro space themed range and I can't wait to get my hands on each and every piece.