Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Crop It!

One of my all time favourite Australian online alternative stores has released the cutest cropped tees and I'm living in them as the weather warms up. Perfectly light for the summer heat, cropped in order to to perfect midriff airflow and covered in some of the coolest prints I've ever seen.


The heat is here and I'm planning on living in in swing skirts and crop tees for the next 3 months. Loving the grey tone and bold pentagrams in this print. 

I'm wearing these in and XL and they are roomy, soft and super comfortable. Absolutely effortless to wear. 


I love that all 3 cropped tees are black or grey based prints. They work with pretty much everything in my wardrobe and really pop. One thing I've learnt over the past few years is that crops suit anyone who bloody well wants to wear one. Don't let anything stop you from rocking a crop with pride. 

Loving the imagery on this tee with all things spooky and mystical. It's hard to say which one I love the most as they are all equal!


As soon as I slipped into this print my husband/photogrpaher instantly went that's so 80's hair metal/guns and roses and I'm 100% feeling that! Now to style appropriately and really rock this piece. 

The bright pops of colour in this print are rich, bold and really stand out. Can't get enough of it! 

Which is your favourite?

Monday, November 23, 2020

Woodland Fairies and Christmas Cheer

This week I was lucky enough to borrow a few looks from Lucy Wilkins collection and race off into the pine forest for a shoot! I can't tell you how it feels to be back shooting on location and back to my favourite spots once again! 

For this shoot I wanted to try something that you'd usually not imagine me in and of course I had to sneak in a full festive look as well. 

When I saw Lucy post this absolutely magical dress on Instagram I knew I had to wear it for a photoshoot. The volume, those sleeves, the stunning ribbons and all of those perfectly pretty details had to be on my body!

What might be the most flouncy dresses ever! The Romance dresses is giving me Gilda The Good Witch vibes! Made from beautiful sparkly floral organza, lined with even more sparkly twinkle satin and trimmed with soft satin ribbon - plus pockets!!

I felt absolutely amazing while wearing this piece and honestly could not stop twirling and moving this super full skirt.

Now with all of Lucy's amazing pieces you can order them in standard sizes or custom for no extra charge. So if you want a longer sleeve, shorter length etc. this can be sorted with ease! 

As mentioned in one of my previous reviews for this amazing label the designer and I are the same size so I've been able to borrow her samples to shoot. But I'll be ordering a custom red gingham number very soon. 

I don't know if you can tell but I'm really feeling this piece ;) 

I never thought such a colour combo and epic amount of volume would work but I adore it!! This style will need a nude plunge bra so don't be silly like me and forget to add one!

Lucy is a magician I tell you! This dress is otherworldly and will make you feel absolutely amazing. 

Christmas Midi/Mini Dress 

Matching Turban and Brooch/Pin

Not long till the festive season officially hits so weekly you'll be seeing many Christmas looks coming from me. When I saw this adorable little number I knew I had to model it! From the fitted plaid skirt with shimmering gold ribbon within to the super stretchy peasant style blouse. 

This little dress is perfection!!! It's all of those little details that make this piece shine and guess what you even get pockets!!

Now if you are close to me size wise opt for the 18 from the standard size menu but remember if you want anything more specific you can custom size for free! 

This dress is an absolute joy to wear and I wish I could have kept it! But I was that inspired I actually ordered a red plaid mini dress from Lucy yesterday! I could not live without it obviously. 

What I love most about ordering from Lucy's store is the fact that you can add accessories to your look that are created to match each piece perfectly. From head scarves to bloomers, brooches to headpieces and more. 

I'm wearing the matching turban and brooches and you guessed it these are now mine! I instantly transferred money as I could not let this turban/flower combo go. Visually stunning and padded in the right places so you'll never get those headband headaches. Plus the flowers are detachable and have both a brooch clasp and hair flower attachment so you can mix and match. 

 I can't wait to shoot my next order and show you just how stunning each and every piece is. Be sure to check out Lucy's store and shop up a storm like I did this week! 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

More Blackmilk Goodies!

 My last Blackmilk Clothing shoot for 2020 is finally here. Looking back I've fallen in love with so many styles and have honestly lived their goodies throughout this crazy year. I've tried new styles that I never thought would work on me and pushed the limits on my comfort zone. 

For this post I'm focusing on some essential pieces that you can pick up right now! 

Klimt Collage Pink Sheer Romance Dress

Billowing sleeves, sheer almost weightless skirt and a perfect neckline? The sheer romance dress is my latest obsession for super warm days. So light, so easy to wear and amazingly comfortable. 

Now for art lovers this print might look familiar as it's a Gustav Klmit pieces turned into wearable fashion. Yes a mixture of the amazing landscapes all mixed to create such a bold and unique floral fabric. 

I'm wearing the XL and it's roomy! But for hot weather I'd rather a more roomy fit that it being skin tight. I could easily go down a size as it's roomy at the bust and waist. 

Tartan Red Evil Skater Dress

Inspire by my love for tartan and more festive looks I've put my own little spin on this awesome red plaid skater dress. The BlackMilk Evil Skaters are absolutely fab! So easy to style and wear. I simply paired this perfectly little mini with my bright red moto and an in theme headband for a little punk rock Christmas feel.

This is the XL and the fit is spot on. I've found that for any of the the skater styles the XL really accommodates my bust with ease. 

Chinoiserie Magenta Tier Romance Dress

After falling in love with a autumnal printed pieces of floral magic in maxi form earlier this year I knew that with any new released I'd obviously need to snap them all up. I'm also an absolute sucker for Chinoiseries prints and the magenta tiered romance dress was to pretty not to order.

I just adore everything about his style. Those flowing arms once again, the bust, skirt length and that amazing flowing fabric. I will admit that this is a super roomy fit and I think a large apposed to the XL I'm wearing would be more suitable for my body. 

The print is so detailed and stunning I can't get enough of it! 

Thursday, November 19, 2020


It's time for one of two Lovehoney reviews!! I recently received an awesome box of Lovehoney lingerie and I wanted to share these with you in two separate posts as they are different themes. 

Lovehoney Plus Size Fierce Serpentine Snakeskin Lace Top Set - $54.95

A few weeks back I saw some of my favourite bloggers/IG girls wearing this amazing two piece set and I loved the unique snake skin lace print and faux leather waist band. I've reviewed faux leather pieces from LH before so I knew the 1XL/2XL would be the perfect fit so I ordered this along with some gloves, a festive costume (will go live in the next week) and wet look stockings. 

This adorable little set is the perfect two piece for looking amazing yet being supported and comfortable at home. Made from super stretchy lace the high waisted bottoms fit right at my waist while the crop top with 3/4 sleeves as enough room for my large bust. The faux garter straps are also fully adjustable so you can get the perfect fit for your thighs. 

This set is so comfortable and the perfect sexy lounge set. The snakeskin lace is something I've never seen before and I'm loving how unique this fabric is. The bold faux leather band and piping on both the top and matching thong really make the pattern pop as well.

This fit really does rock your curves. Focusing on flattering those parts I adore and making my waist to hip ration pop. 

This piece is absolutely fantastic and all of those little details combine to create a really amazing set. From the bold shapes and defined lines, matching peekaboo features on the back and adjustable bands for that perfect fit - this set is a must have.

To make your Lovehoney shopping spree even more amazing we are being spoilt with sales over the next two weeks! 

Black Friday Early Access Up to 50% OFF

Dates: 18th -26th November


Black Friday Mega Deals Up to 50% OFF

Dates: 26th - 29th November


Cyber Monday Up to 50% OFF  everything

Dates: 30th  November only

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Lace Grenade (NSFW)

Earlier this year I ordered my first made to measure set from Lace Grenade and from the moment I tried on each piece I knew I had found they perfect mixture of comfort and sexiness. 

I was that smitten I instantly went back online and ordered 3 more pieces without a moments hesitation. 

Supportive and sexy lingerie hand made in Australia to your measurements or to standard size and no wires - Oh hell yes!!! I have been following Lace Grenade for a while now but I finally bit the bullet and ordered the Buffy Bra and Faith Knicker set. 

Created with busty/curvy girls in mind this set features some amazingly strong mesh, wider shoulder straps to ensure you have the right amount of support with absolutely comfort.  The cross over straps also really do offer a great amount of support and lift. 

I'm wearing the XXL and the fit is so really perfect for my body shape. You can order to your measurements as well but as this was my first order I opted for a standard size and it worked perfectly. 

How stunning is this sheet set? I'll got into more detail regarding the Faith bottoms in the next set. 

Now these pieces are exactly the same as the sheer black versions shown above. The soft red cotton jersey however provides no sheerness and the most amazing bold red pop! 

Trimmed with black satin elastic this set gives you the same comfort and sex appeal but with an amazingly bright cherry red shade. 

It's just one of those sets you can't get enough off hence the amount of shots we took! The contrasting fabrics and colours really pop on my pale skin and with my darker locks.

Now the faith knickers are my new favourites! Featuring ad cheeky key hole design at the back,, a silver o-ring which holds two adjustable leg straps. These can be worn high or low on your thigh and the straps placement on your toosh is fully up to your own personal comfort. 

I'm absolutely in love with these pieces and can't wait to add more to my collection. Shopping local and with amazingly talented Aussie designers is a must right now!