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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hola Chica!

Recently I have stumbled across one of the most brilliant Australian based pinup/vintage inspired designers and I can officially say I'm 100% smitten with Hola Chica! A unique label sourced and made in Australia focusing on feminine and sultry designs that flatter all body shapes and give you an amazing shape. Each garment is constructed wonderfully, creating bold shapes and  figure hugging silhouettes that every pinup/vintage reproduction lover will adore. 

So with my stand out favourites in the current line I headed over to shoot with the brilliant Brad Blake Photography and his amazing striped wall. I've been lusting after a backdrop like this for years and I absolutely adore what we created!  

Hold the presses - I've found the best skirts every created!!! I know I fall in love with most of the garments I review but there is something unique, super flattering and absolutely brilliant about the peplum cut of this pencil skirt. The bold shape from the waist to mid hip creates a super curvy hourglass shape. It slims out a larger frame and adds more hip to you if your built straight up and down - it's works for everyone! The peplum panel also offers enough fabric to hide any problems you may have around the tummy region. Hugs your curves and hides any problem areas - sign me up! 

I've paired this with the Prima Pinup top in black which compliments bright red shade of the skirt and works wonderfully with the black featured on the peplum. This top fits like a second skin and is super comfortable to wear. With tops from this label I have to be sure that there is enough of an area to fit my GG bust. The Prima is perfect for my chest and is a great option if you don't want too much cleavage shown. I'm absolutely loving both tops featured in this post paired with jeans and when summer hits with shorts. 

A close up shot of the actual height of the neckline. It really a sexy styled peasant top that doesn't give too much away. Paired with a pair of high waisted skinnies for a Tura Satana look.

Now this red hot number is the best of the first two items rolled up and in dress form. Mixing the great fit from both rocking separates and creating a super cute wiggle dress with a 40's vibe. Now I'm wearing each item featured in this review in a size XL and they are a perfect fit. This dress though super tight is comfortable and hugs my curves in all the right places. 

Now I adore most red frocks but this one is extra special because of the perfectly place black trim, belt feature and button details. They break up the bright red fabric and add that extra little bit of brilliance. My favourite feature has to be the fold trim on the bustline and the shape it creates. 

Now even though this is the same style as the top featured previously you will notice that a little more cleavage pops out the top. Due to this being one garment it seems to have a slightly different fit than when separate. It still fits like a glove but note that there will be more cleavage in the dress vs the top. 

Now in the last year or two I've been trying to break free of just black and work with florals, bright colours and things that I'd usually not be game enough to wear. I adored the Flora print when I first saw it but I was unsure if it would suit me and with the base colour of white if it would make me look even more hippy. Well I think it's safe to say that is simple brilliant and I'm in love! This tropical splash of colour is just want I need for my summer wardrobe and I will be collecting everything ever made in this fabric.

With another take on the wiggle shape this skirt style offers the a half peplum style that comes from the waist and sits mid hip. This offers an almost ruffle effect and gives me a brilliant hourglass shape. The fit is AMAZING and while I'd usually be a bit worried wearing a pale print I actually feel amazing in this.  

Looking at the multicoloured print I would not have picked a dark colour like black usually but the solid shade looks brilliant when paired with the brightness of the skirt. Made from high quality stretch cotton sateen this top fits me like a second skin and is amazing for my bustline. I do naturally like to show a little more boob so this works perfectly for me. I also adore the cap sleeve detail and the way it molds perfectly over my shoulders and upper arms.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Pretty Peepers with VisionDirect

I'm currently on the hunt for a few new pairs of sunglasses to add to my rather large collection and to use in my shoots over the next few months.  So I jumped back onto Vision Direct to see what will work perfectly for my shoots.

I love using this website because it is so simple to to search! I can search by designer or by shape and because I know certain shapes suit my face I can click on sunglasses then hit the 'Oversized' tab under shop by style and I'm set!

Now I have a some amazing shoots within the next 2 months and I'm looking for the perfect pair of glasses to pair with wide brimmed sunhats. I've found 3 pairs that would be perfect for this idea but I'm having a hard time choosing one!

Burberry-BE4126-300111 - Click Here

Now these Burberry glasses are exactly what I've been looking for! A super over sized shape, retro design and something that will really pop on camera. Why the overly large frame? Well for shoots they are a brilliant accessory but in day to day life they are the go to shape shade as they cover all your eye, product your peepers and if you don't feel like wearing any makeup they can be great to hide under. 

Tom Ford-FT0009 WHITNEY 692 - Click Here

I've been in love with this cross over design from Tom Ford for years and I've only ever had a fake version. But now that I've seen this nutural brown version I think it's time to save my pennies and get something I've lusted after for so long. This shape is so stylish and the crossing lines are really comfortable on your nose.

Ray-Ban-RB4191-Highstreet-61068G - Click Here

Then finally a pale blue pair from Ray Ban. Recently I've be trying to purchase more coloured accessories and big blue shades would be a perfect edition to my collection. These bright babies would pair with any of my pinup style outfits and would work beautifully with a bold red lip. 

All 3 will look brilliant with both of my wide brimmed straw hats but these would pair perfectly with the black hat. You see I have two hats to shoot with - one black, one blue and black. I need to find the pair that will suit all both hats! 

So do I stick with a black pair and play it safe, try a bright blue shade or do I take a risk on a stunning pair of Tom Fords? 

Monday, August 18, 2014

More from Bella Bodies

It's been a while since I've written up a blog post regarding my choices in shapewear because I've been wearing my old favourites for so long now. But with many washes and lots of use I've run out of my trusty undergarments. Luckily I have had the pleasure of trying out 3 brilliant new garments from Bella Bodies Shapewear - the provider of my previous items!

Over the last few weeks I've been trying out 3 different types of undergarments to help smooth, suck in and create a great foundation to layer in clothing. I've always been a huge fan of shapewear and think the right items can make any outfit fit you better! While recently I've given into the glory that is corsetry I still need my go to staples for every day and select outfits.

Featured in this blog post are my three stand out favourite items available right now at Bella Bodies Shapewear. I wear the size V for Voluptuous 16-18

Now I tried this in the Latte colour and when you first wiggle your way into the garment you notice the silky soft feeling of the material. With a 2 button opening at the gusset, detachable bra like straps and power mesh on the tummy, these high waisted panties offer great support. Why the straps? Well if you are like me, you want your bra covered and no lines or bumps to show - that's what I want from my foundation garments. This high waisted panty can be pulled right up to your bra line and the straps sit comfortably over ensuring that there is no roll down. The Silicon top also adds to the 'no roll down' effect. These are currently my second favourite pair of shapewear underwear. 

Next is my absolute favourite from the new styles and my no.1 choice! The Curve Control Bodysuit is amazing. At first I was worried that my chest, tummy and bum would not work with this garment but once I got it on I feel in love. Usually I'd steer clear of a bodysuit/all in one item but because this garment has no cups or underwire it is perfect for my body shape. 

The Curve Control Suit has the same soft power mesh, sucks you in and hidesany bulges or bra lines! It works with all garments and can easily hide under pants, dresses and pencil skirts. I don't think it shrinks me by 2 dress sizes but it slims my annoying tummy and smooths me just they way I like. I originally tried this on without a bra and it looked great as well. 

I can't get enough of this garment and wish I had it in a whole heap of colours for every day of the week. Please Bella Bodies make this happen! 

Lastly we have my 3rd favourite item from Bella Bodies! The Curve Control Shorts are a new form of shapewear for me as I'm usually not a fan of shorts for foundation garments. I find they cut in on my thigh and add a line that shows through jeans or pencil skirts. 

But because these are very similar to the Firming Panty I first mentioned they give the same amount of support and slim down the hip and upper thigh areas as well. The extra addition of the bra straps once again helps eliminate roll down and you won't have roll up from the legs either. 

I'm rather loving this style but also wish it was a little shorter as I love wearing over the knee dresses and skirts and sometimes a form of shapewear at this length can pop on through. 

So go forth and see what amazing goodies are waiting for you at Bella Bodies Shapewear and get yourself some great foundation garments. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Haute Spring Flings

It's time once again for another Heart of Haute review! HOH is one of my top 2 favourite clothing companies design and run by one of the sweetest girls in the world and I absolutely adore what they produce. 

As we enter the tail end of winter here in Melbourne it's time to start planning my spring wardrobe and with Heart of Haute I've got that covered. These image were shot at the Albany Hotel with the amazing Jem Shoots Frames behind the lens. 

The Mallory dress as peaked my interests for a while now but I wasn't to sure how it would look on my body.  Well that was time wasted not wearing this wonderful frock as it's absolutely perfect for it! From the deep v neckline to the cinched in waist this dress does amazing things for my figure. It emphases my my waist and hourglass curves while hiding my problem areas such as upper arms. The roomy sleeve allows for anyone with a bigger arm to easily slip into the garment and the non fitted aspect is great for summer as you'll not have too much fabric clinging to your skin. 

As with all HOH garments I'm wearing each item in this review in a size XL. The fit on this dress is absolutely perfect and the ties in the back give you the ability to tighten the waist to what ever suits you best. Now that I'm completely sold on this dress style I hope to see more prints in the future. 

Sweet Sweater Red - $39.99 

I tried on my first Sweetie Dress at a paid shoot a year and a half ago and was amazed on the fit and feel of the garment. I'm usually not one for halter neck dresses but the XL fit so wonderfully on my bust so I've been looking to buy one ever since. I had my eye on the gingham for a while but as soon as the previews for the Kimmie print popped up on facebook I knew that would be my first Sweetie. 

This dress screams summer and I can't wait to style it over the warmer months. From dressing up or down there is so much you can do with this red hot frock! 

I paired this dress with the Sweet Sweater in red as they were born to be worn together. The sweater hides any problem areas and also hid my bra as I was silly enough for forget a strapless for this shoot! I absolutely adore the shapes these two create together and can't wait to add another few versions of the dress to my collection.

Ok it has to be said! Not only is Many the Queen of Retro frocks but she makes the most amazing separates that get you through every season and every occasion. The appropriately names Perfect cardigan is a wonderful piece that ever girl needs in her collection.

 Worn here in basic black it pairs perfectly with the bright and bold Peacock print skirt. I own another version of this cardigan from a few years back in argyle and it is something I'll never part with. It's a figure hugging knit that looks great with anything - jeans, skirts dresses and shorts. 

The Aline skirt in Peacock Royal is absolutely stunning. From afar you think it's just a beautiful floral print but as soon as you see that glorious peacock your heart will melt. The waist on this skirt is a perfect fit and the length as you can set just hits bellow my knees. 

You can also find this print other style skirts and dresses and a new colour way named Midnight Peacock has recently been added. Click here to find all of the peacock prints Heart of Haute have to offer. 

Sweet Sweater Black  - $39.99 
MB Circle Skirt in Spinout Print - $50.00 (out of stock) 

Please excuse me while I just up and down with excitement due to adding another Ella Top to my collection. This is my 3rd Ella top and I'll only stop ordering these babies when they stop making them. The Ella is a sleeveless button up top that works perfectly for my large bust!

The black version of the Sweet Sweater has also been paired with this top as I think it works wonderfully! I wear these sweaters constantly and love how they work with both tops and dresses. I've got my eye on the leopard and the polka-dot versions now!

Paired with the MB Circle skirt which is a shorter length circle skirt in a funky spin out print. I have heaps of circle skirts in my closet now but I adore the short styles on offer through the MB collection. They are a more youthful, fun option and give you a little more leg to show. While this print is out of stock for the moment you can pick up Blue AnchorScotty DogsAqua DotConstellations (glows in the dark), Black Honeycomb Dimensions and Red Houndstooth.  

Now for the work friendly summer dress option of the Monique dress. It's a rare occasion when don't see my cleavage but I'm glad that companies like HOH have created garments that cover large bust lines without causing any pancaking or smooched breasts. This is my second time modeling this dress style and when I slip into it I can honestly say it feels wonderfully and almost like it was made for my shape  - shocking I know because it does not have sleeves! But I do feel great in the Monique and love what it does for my figure. 

The Odyssey print is also amazing and really stands out. It makes you feel like your wearing a fabric version of fireworks and I adore it. This print is also available in 2 more garments and if you don't think the gold and bronze tones will suit you then you can find a blue version of the print here

Monique Dress in Teal Damask Print - $90 (sold out) 

Then to end my rather long and image packed review another of the Monique but this time Teal Damask. Sadly this print is sold out but I thought I'd shoot and include dress and it's stunning fabric either way. As I mentioned above the monique has am amazing fit and the little feature that helps for perfect fit is the waist tie. This nips you in at the smallest part of your waist adding that hour glass shape. For this dress I tied the bow at the back apposed to the front as shown in the previous Monique image and I love it just as much. 

So there you have it! My stand out favourites from the current season stock at Heart of Haute. Many thanks to my 'dressing team' for helping me in and out of these garments and to the absoutely wonderful Jemima of Jem Shoots Frames for setting up this great location and for working with me. I can't wait to head Sydney and catch up with you.

Monday, August 4, 2014

On such a winter's day

Every 6 months or so I like to round up a brilliant local photographer and shoot my new favourites at Hell Bunny. So last week I paired up with the lovely Robin Elk Photography, braved the chilly winds and rain and shot some spring styles and winter warmers. 

Deadly Dames Faux Leather Belt 

When I first laid eyes on this fabric I was instantly in love with the rose print. I just adore floral but the moment you mix red, black and green all in one print - it has to be mine. This print is as shown on the 50's Cannes halter dress and can also be found in a skirt and long sleeve dress option. I chose the 50's Cannes dress as I've worn this style before and love the fitted bust, halterneck and the fit. I wear all halter styles from Hell Bunny in a size Large as they seem to have be the same fit throughout this style. I'm in love with this combo and can't wait to mix and match all my other boleros with this stunning dress. 

Inspired by the stock photos of the dress I opted to pair this dress with the new season Bolero - The Natasha! This bolero is the one item every girl needs in her wardrobe. It's soft like angora, super stretchy and feels amazing. There is a slight transference of fluff when you first wear this garment to be sure to wash or have a fabric brush on you. I'm wearing the XL in the bolero but I found this to be way too roomy. This problem is easily fixed as I've already ordered the size down! You can also purchase this bolero in black and white. One of each is needed for my collection I think!  The extra addition of the black petticoat also offers a little more shape to the dress and makes my hour glass figure really pop. 

Belt - Old Stock from Torrid

It's funny to think back a year or two ago and remember how afraid I was of swing style skirts. I've always been in love with wiggle shapes but for some odd reason I thought a simple swing skirt would look horrid on me. Well that's been proven wrong again and again and now my full skirt collection is huge!

I've found that the size Large in this style skirt is perfect for my waist and it fits perfectly with my petticoat beneath. The simple polka dot fabric is welcome addition to my wardrobe and so easy to style.

I've paired this with my Doris top (the boobtastic top) and simple black accessories but the styling options with this print are endless. From bright coloured shirts, cardigans to band tees, crops and jumpers. There is so many ways to wear these great and reasonably priced skirts. 

Now to continue on with my love of florals we have the same skirt with a stunning poppy print! Worn again in a size large which is basically a UK 14. These skirts have no stretch at the waist and have both a back zip and button closure. So be sure to check the max waist measurements with your own because there is little to no give. 

This bright red poppy print made me think instantly of my red Dita cardigan and I think they go together perfectly. The mixture of red and black within each garment makes these two items pair perfectly. I wear the Dita in a size 14 and the stretchy fabric hugs me perfectly. For full reviews on all my Dita cardigans click here.

Then to venture outside of my comfort zone colour-wise I chose the 1950's skirt in a very pale blue, complete with cherries and pockets! My belle blue Dita cardie was my first brave attempt at wearing pastel colours and paired with this gingham printed skirt it works perfectly! 

I adore gingham but I tend to go to the darker prints such as red or black. This baby blue shade is stunning and I feel like a total cowgirl while wearing it. 

The pockets are a really cute feature but don't really add much in terms of function. They are more of an accessory or patch detail. I paired this skirt with my white Hell Bunny petticoat and it works perfectly. This skirt seems to be a little shorter than the other two styles but I did not notice this until I put the extra volume underneath. 

I seem to have many addictions and one I've noticed big time this year - Boleros! When I saw this nautical inspired bolero in the catalog I fell in love with how it fits around the bust and the adorable bow closure. I've wanted a bolero like this for years so I'm so happy that Hell Bunny created it. I'm wearing a size XL and it fits me perfectly. Hugging me in all the right places and giving the right amount of stretch for comfort. 

Because of the adorable design of this top I've gone a little more basically with my styling. A plain white top form Kmart (yes all of $4) the perfect pencil skirt and a think waist belt. With such a strong design you don't have to wear anything but basic's with this bolero. I really hope that other colour ways come out in this bolero such as red and black. This will match perfectly with every sleeveless and halter dress in the current Hell Bunny collection.

While it's a little early for summer wiggle dresses I could not help but order this adorable pencil dress. A few posts ago I wore a polka dot pencil style from Hell Bunny so I knew any style in the same fabric would work wonderfully on curves. The Hibiscus Flower dress is amazing! This dress hugs your curves and fits me perfectly in an XL. My favourite features are the red piping, flower motif and the really unique bust line. As a busty girl I find most dresses either show to much or sit to high. This is a perfect middle ground and it feels and looks great. 

This is a shorter style pencil dress and sits just above my knees. It's perfect for the warmer months of the wear and will be worn to death this summer. You can also style this with cute cardigans, boleros, boots and stockings in the cooler months and it will still look adorable. 

Last year I shared my all time favourite coat with you and it was a part of the stunning winter collection from Hell Bunny. That red plaid and fur jacket has had so much attention and has seen me though hail, snow and super cold Melbourne weather. This year I've chosen two more coats to review/show you, my readers, and trust me you'll want these if you want to be warm all winter. 

First I have the Mika Coat in black and red polkadot. This coat is the bomb!!! From the super cute print, fur trimmings, pom poms and hood (complete with little stand up ears, yes EARS!) this coat is both adorable and amazingly warm to wear.

With any of these super thick faux fur detailed coats you'll never be cold again. It was a freezing cold day when we shot these images and as I slipped into this coat it started to rain. But as soon as I buttoned up I was as snug as a bug in a rug. I wear any Hell Bunny coat in a size XL and there is enough room to layer up underneath and style however you wish. 

Now as I mentioned my first Hell Bunny coat review was of a rocking red plaid jacket which just happened to be the Sarah Jane coat! A few weeks ago I noticed the Teal version pop up in my feed and knew it had to be on my body. Being a redhead I'm attracted to teal like a moth to flame. The teal is actually a little darker in real life but it's just as stunning as these pictures portray. With the same fur features, a double breasting button up front and fur lined hood (sorry no ears on this style) this is my new go to coat for the rest of winter. 

The strong black fur details and piping really stand out on the teal fabric and I now need to purchase a faux fur black muff to wear with this outfit. Again I'm wearing and XL and it's a perfect fit.

I'm really excited to see what's to come with next winters coat designs from HB as they always seem to be perfect for me.

Many thanks to the brilliant Robin Elk Photographer for braving the cold with me and shooting all of these images. I can't wait to to shoot with you again!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mid Season Lust List

I've been rather sickly for the last week so I've had a whole heap of free time while confined to my bed and we all know what this results in don't we? Web shopping!! I've been hunting over the internet for next bits and pieces to add to both my winter wardrobe and for the next season.

It might be the weather, the cold and dark Melbourne days but I'm lusting after all things black and bright red at the moment. Here is my current lust list :

I've been smitten with sheer shirts since my Wheels & Dollbaby shoot and now I'm looking to add lots of sheer prints to my wardrobe. This soft, floaty sheer skull print shirt from OneStopPlus will look amazing tucked into high waisted skirts or worn out over jeans or leather look pants. This is a plus size style so it's great for those who are a little curvier and want more room in the arms.

Wheels & Dollbaby LA CARLA BRUNI BLOUSE - $198.00

As I'm so taken by the sheer shirt style I think I need the leopard version of the pink tattoo shirt I mentioned above. This style from Wheels & Dollbaby was a dream to wear and I'd love to add a little more leopard print to my wardrobe. With the ruffle detail and lightweight material you can wear this garment with anything and everything. The 14 fits me perfectly so I'd be sticking with that size again.

I'm sure it's well known by now that I have a full blown sunglasses addiction and these are just two more pairs I need for my collection. Oddly enough I don't have a overly pronounced pair of cats eye sunglasses in my collection (you can find them on Shopbop) in block or leopard. This needs to be rectified! 

Red hot brilliance by Luichiny! I'd usually steer clear this style pump but there is something brilliant in the design that makes me want to pair these with absolutely everything in my wardrobe. The chunky heel provides a comfortable base like so many of my other Luichiny heels and the pointed toe will look brilliant where paired with super tight black skinny jeans. Get on my feet now please! I'm not a big fan of the ankle strap but this is thin enough not to break up my leg too much. The strap can also be removed with ease. 

Another waist belt for my collection but this time with a super cute studded bow. I have a large scale studded bow belt already but I feel it usually draws too much attention. So I'd love to slip this into my wardrobe and pair this belt with skater dresses and circle skirts. This items is available only in plus sizes which is brilliant! 

I own the Reel Power in deep forest green and fell in love with the simple yell strong design and the leather look toe. After I received my green pair I forgot to check back and see if there were any other colour opion until this week! To my surprise I found this solid black version in my size - it must be fate! The stiletto heel to platform ratio makes these pumps super easy to wear and walk in. They are so comfy and make me feel like an amazon! 

Might have to sneak in another pair of sunglasses (this time from Hello Holiday)! This time I've gone for teal a colour that I think looks absolutely brilliant on fair redheads and adds just the right pop of colour to all winter outfits. This style also comes in black, sand and tortoiseshell. 

Now this the most pricey accessory I've ever looked at and I'm mesmerized by it. This designer laser cut leather waist belt is a work of art and I would kill to have this in my collection. The shapes, pattern and bold black and white design appeals to the artist within me. I'm completely blown away by this belt (from Net-A-Porter). This is sold in a standard size and the best way to work out fit will be to measure your waist in center meters.