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Friday, September 24, 2021

Every month is Halloween right?

Well in my world it most definitely is!! From August to October I might just up my game a little more and really fill my wardrobe with all things spooky. 

Hex 50's Skirt 

Fly Away Jumper 

There is nothing that makes my heart swoon more than adorable Halloween separates. This season I'm back on the jumper train with the Witchy themed Fly away knit and in freaking love with the softness and fit. 


I'm wearing this jumper in the 2XL and it fits perfectly. Hugging my curves but not restricting me in any way. The softness and stretch in this knit is really amazing and an absolute joy to wear.

Skirt wise I wanted to get a great pattern while mixing bright pops of colour. So the creepy and super spooky green spiderweb based 50's swing was a must have. 

Adorned with classic Halloween icons on a really funky neon web base. I can't get enough of this print and luckily it's also abaliable in a dress which is next on my list.

I'm wearing the swing skirt in the 2XL which as always is a really firm fit at the waistband as they have little to know stretch.

New dress style alert!!! I'm always making grabby hands at the Hell Bunny website when I see a new print or new style. The lost whispers dress made me drool a little as I loved the demask skull print and those flowing layers. 

A soft, flowing and really stunning knee lenght dress this piece is just divine. Featuring a flowy sleeve, deep v neckline, and fitted/lined bodice this piece really flatters my curves while offering effortless comfort. 

This piece makes you feel amazing as soon as you wiggle your wait into and the black and white print means styling is a breeze. I've paired this with my Blackmilk Clothing tights and a Killstar waist belt but it's also 100% on it's own.

I'm wearing the 2XL and my bust fits perfectly and as my wait - it's PERFECT!! The must-have gothic summer dress is here and I can't wait to style it as the weather warms up.

What's on your Hell Bunny Halloween lust list? 

Monday, September 13, 2021


While we might have just entered into Spring here in Australia I'm still dreaming of Autumn! I will admit that the stunning flowers blooming all of those heady scents do make me swoon but there is something that draws me to Autumnal prints.

Hell Bunny's latest release of the Aurelia Dress has blown me away. A stunningly soft and floaty dress. Featuring a print full of autumn leaves & acorns, a v neckline and tailored waistband. Little brown decretive buttons featured own the centre of the bodice and the sleeves are the most perfect 3/4 length with adjustable ties 

It's this attention to detail and fit that makes this piece fit perfectly in the 2XL for me! I love how it flatters my shape yet does not show too much skin.

I'm almost bitter I've not got my red locks anymore as this print would have paired perfectly with it. But a ruby red lippy and lots of orange and red hair flowers works very well. 

This style is a midi so it will hit you under the knee and the way if effortlessly flows over your hips will honestly make you instantly fall in love. 

If I fall hard for a piece I instantly want the designers to create 5 more prints in this exactly style so hopefully Hell Bunny hears my wishes. 

I can't wait to be out of lockdown so I can wear this little stunner on picnics and date nights! 

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Route 66

I finally got my hands on my most converted skirt ever from BlackMilk Clothing!  The Route 666 Underbust corset dress brings my Show Us Ya Tops faux leather dreams into reality. 

Now this piece is the perfect mix of two of my all time favourite Blackmilk pieces. Combined they create the most figuring hugging piece of perfection in my wardrobe. 

I'm wearing this skirt in an XL and the fit is really amazing. Perfectly fitted at the waist then skims over my hips. The buckles are adjustable so you can make this a little more fitted if you wish. 

The bold metal zipper at the back of this skirt really does add an extra element of vava-voom and I'm can't wait to style this with every single piece in my collection. 

I've paired this with my Bad Girl 3/4 sleeve top from Vixen and a simple purple beret. I've just ordered 2 Halloween prints in this style top so get ready to be spooky boobies!!

What would you pair this amazing faux leather piece with? 

Monday, August 30, 2021

Lovehoney Tales

It feels like it's been way too long since I've shot lingerie! With lockdowns, moving and a new job I've had my hands full but finally I whipped out my most recent Lovehoney order and shot these stunning pieces. I'm wearing the 1XL/2XL in all styles. 

I never knew that these two colours paired together would be such a hit with my skin tone! But now that I finally own this awesome set I'm so very obsessed. 

This super deep v cut cage-style bra is lush. With a full underwire, scalloped lace edging and bright contrasting red cage straps. 

A longer line style with heaps of support. I'm a little to large for the underwire at a 36HH but I really adore the look so it's not an issue. It's also super comfy! I've paired this with a light baby blue robe to really make this colour combo pop.

After loving the feel of the front fasting bra I knew I needed the baby doll version in classic black. That perfect mixture of sheer fabric and lace that we all want in our lingerie. 

As you can see it gives support but still separates as it's a very low cut style. Great to pair with a low cut blouse or dress. I've recently paired this with an evening gown and it looked phenomenal.

I'm keen to get this style in a bra form as well as I find the cleavage is a little better in that style. 

Now this little set is what my lockdown needs!! Pure comfort for the warmer months ahead. The watercolour print on this satin baby doll and robe set is soft and stunning. 

Combined with the dark blue trimming in both stretch lace and satin this set feels as good as it looks.

Perfect for a lazy weekend when you want to feel effortless and chic while still hanging at home. 

This piece is also a real crowd-pleaser as my husband adores the feel, fit and all that boobage! 

Now I can't wait to get more pieces from Lovehoney as I'm finding just how well all of these newer styles fit. 


Friday, August 6, 2021

My Skin Must Haves

 Recently I've been putting a little more effort into taking care of my skin. One could say I have an obsession with getting the right product that suits me, help with the signs of aging and leave feeling amazing! So I thought I'd share my must-haves with you. 

TARTE - Sea Drink Of H₂O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer

I've never had a moisturizer that makes my face feel so soft and smooth all day until I tried this amazing creation. Ultra-hydrating but does not leave the skin oily or wet. I originally received a sample pot of this from Sephora which lasted me 2 weeks (a little goes a long, long way) and I instantly ordered it!

With a hydrating primer smoothing like finish, this is my daily go-to and a new favourite part of my routine. I currently have the 100ml pot and I feel like this will last me a long time. 

YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask

I've always dreamed of a product that you can apply at bedtime then wake up feeling freaking amazing! I've finally found it with the Dream Mask! So easy to use as you just apply an even layer and go to sleep - so simple. Then you'll wake with super soft and supple skin in the morning. That good you'll not be able to stop touching your face. I've even convinced my husband to join in this routine nightly and we've just ordered the Glow to Sleep Skincare Set to try the eye cream. 


I've never had some much fun with a product before!! I've been a fan of all things Peter Thomas Roth for a while now until I got a sample of this peeling gel I never knew how awesome and fun it could be. So this gel goes onto your skin dry and you move your fingertips in a circular motion to work the product deep into your skin. Then you'll notice dead skin, dirt and all those yucky bits will form into little balls on the palm of your hands! It's gross and cool at the same time! While that state you should use it twice a day I've been going by the recommendations written on the product of 3 times per week. It's minimised my poors, is cleaning my nose blackheads and really leaves my face super smooth.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Bonsai Blouses!

Time for a little post featuring some amazing tops from Bonsai Kitten! I'm a sucker for a bell sleeve or a bold black and white stripe and these two pieces are my current obsessions.

Delia Stripe Top

Black and Pink Dinosaur Skirt 

If you want me to make grabby hands at your online website just create super flattering striped tops! The Delia is my absolute new favourite top to wear with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. Bold stripes, 3/4 sleeves, and a contrasting collar it's just perfection!

Great stretch but still really form-fitting and flattering on my curves. I'm wearing this in the 16 and it really is an amazing fit on my body.

I've never really been worried about stripes on my chest or even my arms as I really find the flatter your figure. I'm really smitten with this style. 

A circular like this sleeve is always swoon-worthy. It drapes beautifully giving your arms great coverage while still being chic. 

Couple this sleeve with a cheeky little peephole and you have one of the sexiest tops in my collection. Again I'm wearing this in a 16 and the fit is divine. 

This is honestly one of those styles that makes you feel amazing every time you wear it! The little peep of skin really makes it pop.

The skirt pairs perfectly with both tops and I can't wait to start styling these with even more swings, pants, and pini's in the future. 

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Bratz Doll Inspiration

I had a sneaky little shoot last week to highlight two of my newest loves from Blackmilk! Two totally different dresses with so much fit and flare action it will blow your mind!!

As someone mentioned to me last week I'm usually not a floral style person in my daily casual wear choices but there is something so deelish about the fit and feel of the Short Tea dress from Blackmilk.

All those ruffles, layers, and the most perfect amount of stretch make this little mini dress curve-hugging and so flattering. I'm wearing my usual XL and the fit is perfection. I've also dropped a little weight as of recently so it's even more perfectly figure hugging.

My original plan was to pair this perfect spring frock with winter accessories but my end look was totally 90's and a little bit Bratz Doll and I have to admit it I'm loving the whole vibe. I've paired this daisy clovered dress with my latest purchase from my store the Camel-311 and holy hell am I in love. Think a 70's inspired chunky platform boot mixed with the warmth of a pair of ugg boots. 

I knew these were a Demonia fan fave but not until I worked here did I really see how fast they fly out the door. I'm a size 10AU and I'm wearing these in a 10US. 

I really adore the sleeve length and the bust of this style. While I'm usually worried about showing too much arm this really compliments that usually hidden area. 

I honestly feel like this style is made for my body shape and I can't wait to wear it throughout every season. 

How have I been shopping at Blackmilk for this long and this is my first Evil Tee style? I'm really worried I've missed on on some of the best prints and fabrics as I've never thought this would really suit me - holy hell I was wrong though! 

A fleece-lined, super warm, and absolutely divine little mini dress that will keep you looking cute this winter/spring. 

A short fitted sleeve, high neckline, and flared skirt make this mini really rock on my curves and the moon phases print brings even more shape and dimension. 

I'm wearing this in the XL and it's a firm fit but there are no issues with the print warping etc. I love that it's more fitted as it really emphasises my shape.

How brilliant is this print close-up? I'm usually worried with my chest that a high neckline and lots of details might make my boobs look giant but this really does flatter. 

I've got one more sneaky pair of leggings to shoot this weekend so look out for my next Blackmilk post and check their website for the next Barbie release! Due to hit next week!