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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

All The Prints!

Steering clear of all black all week, I'm going out of my way this year to try new colour combinations and prints that I'd usually not be brave enough to wear. The year Voodoo Vixen has given us luscious colour combinations and super flattering styles that are must haves for the upcoming Spring/Summer season in Australia.

Rosie Dress -  £49.99

Never in my life did I expect such a pale print would work with my complexion but the Rosie dress has stolen my heart with it's super soft feminine floral print and stunning tailoring. I'm wearing this style in an XL and the fit is firm yet roomy around the waist. There is a little stretch to the fabric and the arms are super comfortable and not restricting in any way. 

I've always been to scared to wear such pale shades or colour combinations but there was something that drew me in instantly when I saw this print. 

My favourite features of the Rosie Dress have to be the pleated and structured buts, matching buttons and the upper arm flattering 3/4 sleeve. The fit in this style is so good you will be joining me by crossing yours fingers and toes for more colour ways and print options of this dress. 

After a little research I discovered that there is another style on the website named the Judy Dress and this is the exact same dress but the fabric is a richer, warmer almost Autumn print. A mixture of greens, oranges, reds and purples this is next on my lust list! 

Leslie Dress - £66.99

Hang on a minute!! Haven't we seen you in this dress or exact outfit before? Well you kind of have!! A while back I modeled my first Leslie Dress in Navy Blue paired with a red version of this cardigan. The Leslie Dress is the one nautical styled dress that EVER pinup needs in her collection. 

This frock hugs your curves, offers and boobtastic neckline and shows off all of my best assets. I was instantly in love with this dress when the Navy version was released but there is something a little bit more unique and more bold with the red version. I'm wearing the Leslie in an XL and the fit is still absolute perfection. This style also comes with a matching fabric belt but I love pairing it with my Heart of Haute Sweet Sweater to break up the print. 

With amazing styles like this in stock I'm super eager to see next seasons A/W range and get my hands on some new and stunning frocks. I've seen a few previews across social media and everything looks amazing.

Many thanks to Liz at L12 Photography for snapping these shots. I can't wait to share more of our work with you guys and to set up another shoot with her when I get home!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I have no idea why it has taken so very long to try Lindy Bop but now that I know my size, nothing will be holding me back from ordering up a storm. I've heard of this UK based brand for a while now but when I saw a cactus covered swing dress at Kurri Kurri this year (worn by the amazing Debstar) I had to hunt the store and dress down.

Now I've noticed many of these styles are out of stock due to an amazing sale but the joy of Lindy Bop products is the fact that so many resellers sell such stock and you'll be able to find these garments with a quick search of google.

It took me mere moments to search the website and find the dress I had been lusting after the cutest print ever! An adorable swing style with cap sleeves, a sweetheart bustline and rouching in all the right places. This dress fits like a dream in an 16UK and I just adore the contrasting piping and buttons in bright emerald green. For all styles like this I seem to fit a 16 and for anything with a restrictive or button up front I need to size up - darn this giant rack of mine!!


The waist and bust are super roomy and fit my stats perfectly however the arms were a bit snug and as I'm not a huge fan of cap sleeves I removed the entire sleeve to get more wear out of the dress.

Most of my cardigans tend to show such sleeves but with a touch of tailoring I have now got the most perfect frock! I've paired this perfect print with the amazing Sweet Sweater from Heart of Haute.

Now with the success of the Bella dress, I wanted to try some separates. I was instantly drawn to the stunning floral of the Ohlson Rose Circle Skirt. I adore a bordered print on a swing style skirt and this black based floral fabric with a thick red border had my heart instantly.

It's a magical print and one of the most delicious styles I've worn this year! I did however not order the right size and this is an 18 which is too large in the waist. For a better fit I will be ordering the 16 in the future.

I paired the Ohlson skirt with the adorable Harley cardigan in red. An adorable soft red knit in a size large this is my new go to cardigan as it's brilliant to layer and adds a bright pop of colour to any outfit. My favourite features have to be the super cute heart-shaped pointelle pattern and heart-shaped white buttons.

From one red hot garments to another!!! I have such an addiction to trenchcoats and while I have a closet filled with different colours, prints and shapes I'll be adding more as they are released as they are the best for hour glass shapes.

The Cailtyn is a Marilyn Monroe inspired, double breasted mackintosh with lapels with Polka dot lining. The waist detailing offers an almost swing style effect flattering your curves and accentuating all of your best features. I always tend to order up to accommodate my chest in jackets such as this and the 18 a great fit but if you have a much smaller chest I recommend sticking with the 16 if you are usually that size.

What I love most about the trenches available at lindy bop are the shades and prints on offer. No most basic black coats are needed when you can get navy, grey, red and prints such as hearts and peacock floral. The price point is also a brilliant feature from this range and fits in perfectly if you are a pinup up on a budget!

Many thanks to Liz at L12 Photography for snapping these brilliant shots with me!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Birdie and a Hot Rod Honey

Today we have the return of two of my absolute favourite dresses from Pinup Girl Clothing. One very classic retro shape and one more modern style - both with divine prints exclusive to PUG. I will admit that I've mostly been hiding behind all black this winter but it's time to break through this and play with bold colours and prints! No more hiding my shape but instead choosing to embrace the curves with flattering prints. 

If you are a fan of Pinup Girl Clothing like myself you will know the Birdie very well and already have one or two colour ways in your collection. I myself have the mustard version and have been wearing to death over the last few years. From the moment I saw the release of this stunning mint version I was in love as the pale mint green pairs perfectly with my hair and skin tone. 

The Birdie Dress is a classic house dress style with a faux strap bust, gorgeous collar, 3/4 sleeves and a matching belt. The bodice is perfectly fitted and looks amazing on all body shapes! I first shot this style a few years ago and my measurements have chanced since but the XL is still perfect! It's a little firmer in the bust (my chest has expanded greatly this year) and waist but it still fits like a dream. Firm in all the right places and then free below the waist for that full swing style skirt. My stats are a little over what's listed but because of the neckline and minimal stretch this still fits! 

With or without a petticoat the skirt on this style is full of volume and shape and with the fitted waist it really accentuates hour glass figures. This is because of the tight bodice and sleeve length it evens out your shape and really flatters your curves. 

Now for a little close up of this stunning print. I love that each delicate brushstroke is visible within the flowers and the mixure of mint, purple, white and grey really creates a true vintage style look within the fabric. I've really begun to love purple these days and as you can see in this blog post I'm really giving into it. The matching belt also makes me swoon as it looks amazing with pencil skirts and solid colour dresses.

After falling hard for the tattoo print version of this dress I had to snap up the Venus Fly Trap print asap. I missed one restock then lucky got my unicorn a few months back and I really hope they continue to restock this again. 

My first introduction to the hot rod honey was the wiggle style dress a few years back and I loved the firm fit and bodice. Then in my casual attire I started wearing skater dresses constantly and when this swing style came out my skater hot rod honey dreams had finally come true!

This is essentially the perfect skater dress! Firm fabric, great shape and the perfect length to be worn with or without a petticoat.

A higher bustline so you can show a little less cleavage and the most perfect full skirt! The super stretchy fabric molds to your shape and is so comfortable it's crazy. While some pinup styles have a time limit for how long you may or may not feel comfortable in them this dress could be worn non stop for days and you'd feel amazing all day and night. 

This purple print comes with its own belt but I'm still loving my Deadly Dames faux leather buck belt at the moment so I swapped them for this shoot. I really love how black accessories work with this colour as I honestly never pictured the two together. But if black does not work for you why not try a bright lime green or hot pink.

The print has to be the first thing that made me fall hard for this dress. When I was little I adored Little Shop of Horrors and I've been an fan of Audrey II since the first time I saw the film. It's rare to see anyone creating any fabrics featuring her and it's honestly a must have print in all styles. 

The fabric and print works perfectly over a hard chest and there is no print warping issues at all. If you have a large chest like myself you'll always purchase printed items with that little bit of fear in your heart, hoping you won't make the print larger or obscured. So double G girls never fear you can wear any of the hot rod honey swings without this fear. 

Now all I need to do is add the Fetish and Skull print to my wardrobe and my collection will be complete. Unlike the print featured in these images the fetish and skull versions are in stock from size XS to 4XL right now. So get these hot frocks while you can and thank me later. You will wear these dresses constantly and they rock through the year as they are easy to layer in winter or just pair with strappy heels in summer. 

Many thanks to Damien Bowerman for these stunning shots and for capturing these amazingly bright fabrics perfectly. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Since upgrading to the iPhone 6S, I've been hunting for a few perfect covers. I'm very specific in my style and taste so I find it hard to commit to just one cover and then I change it every few days. While I've been loving my current 3D coffin case I felt that I needed a change and some extra protection for my big trip starting this weekend.

That's when I discovered iPersonalised! A great Australian based company that will create sleek, protective and stunning covers for both your smart phone and tablet. Why stick to boring prints and covers that really don't mean anything to you when you can completely personalize your phone and stand out in the crowd.

Now with the iPersonalised service you can either create your own print/image or use one of the many brilliant designs in stock. You can choose to create covers for both Samsung or Apple phones and with the click of a few buttons you will have the perfect case ready and waiting for you.

I originally wanted my blog logo as my cover but the shape just looked odd so I opted for one of the best prints known to man kinds - the Overlook Hotel carpet! I'm a huge fan of The Shining and horror movies so I had to have something a little spooky and kooky for my cover. 

The print is perfect! Bright, bold and the super shiny cover really makes the tones pop. I opted for the Defender case as I'm always dropping my phone and that extra layer of protection really helps. The defender has a rubber insert between the polycarbonate case and your phone providing even greater protection. So I strongly suggest you upgrade to this style and keep your phone super safe.

I could not miss a chance to snap a selfie with the new cover just as I was about to shoot over the weekend. I love how retro this print! As a long time 'el cheapo' phone cover buyer I've never really spent too much on a case but with the amazing craftsmanship and the extra protection the price is worth it.

So now you can expect to see this case in most of my mirror selfies as I'm smitten with it and be sure to tag me or email me a photo if you create your own case via the website! You can also find iPersonalised via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to follow their social media accounts and find some inspiration for your next cover.


National Velvet

I never imagined that I'd fall for any shade of purple. It's never been a colour I've gravitated to or really loved but from the moment the National Velvet Dita was released I knew that this colour was perfection. My taste usually swings towards the richer and deeper shades like red, noir and emerald but there is something absolutely magical about this soft shade of lilac.

I've had a long time love affair with the Dita cardigan and with each colour released my collection keeps growing. The Dita cardigan is that timeless classic piece that pairs with everything. From wiggle to swing style skirts, high waisted jeans, short and disco pants, girls of all shapes and sizes just adore this style as it suits everyone.

For this release I opted for the size 16 and the fit is much like that of my red or black cardigan. Over the years there have been tighter knits released (my emerald is a super firm knit) but this lilac style is super soft and stretchy and I could have even sized down to a 14 but I love being able to wear the cardigan open or buttoned to the collar. Yes this style in a 16 actually buttons up right to the collar even with my ample chest. As I'm wearing a corset in these images my bust was raised super high and some slight pulls on the fabric are shown. But without the corset the cardigan buttons up without any issues.

What's really exciting is that this like many of the newer knitted styles has been released up to a size 18AU!! So curvy girls of the world can snap this stunning cardigan up asap! As a size 16 myself it's so brilliant to know that Melanie and her team are thinking about the curvier dollbabies and extending the range. What I also love about all of my Dollbaby knits has to be the comfort and stretch factor. My weight fluctuates - it's just a part of everyday life - but these babies never lose their shape and mold to your curves, complimenting and flattering your hips and bust.

For this Dita Cardigan shoot I wanted to do something a little different with styling so I paired this pastel wonder with my Orchard Corset leather longline underbust corset. I love how strong the leather looks paired with such a soft colour and the shape it created.

I also discovered my favourite Have to Have leather gloves work wonderfully with the new Dita!! The lilac spots are a perfect colour match together create the perfect winter look.

Many thanks to the amazing Damien Bowerman for shooting this at the very last minute at what has to be my all time favourite location. I absolutely adore working with him and can't wait to plan our next concept!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

It's a wrap!

Every woman needs a wrap dress. They are the most flattering style for all body shapes and no matter what you have or don't have, you will ALWAYS look amazing in a wrap style frock. Now I seem to have more faux wraps in my collection that real versions but this month I've added what just happens to be the best wrap I've every worn to my collection.

One of the leaders in curve loving fashion in Australia has to be Embody. I've worn their amazing jeans over the last few years but until now I'd never had the chance to slip into anything from their clothing range. Focusing on the size range of 12 to 22 they create the perfect fit to a plus size figure and as you can see from these images an amazing wrap dress to hug ever so tightly on an hour glass shape.

I'm wearing the Royal Wrap in a size 16 and it's a perfect fit with just the right amount of stretch to hug my curves and one of most flattering necklines I've ever worn. I ADORE the way this deep V shape neckline accentuates my assets and how the skirt sits on my hips. The best thing about a wrap style dress is the way they hide or flatter problem areas such as a tummy. Like most girls I have a little bit of a tummy but with shapewear and the right dress it can be hidden with ease.

You might have noticed that I'm also wearing a colour I rarely tend to own - navy blue/indigo. I actually love this shade but as I'm crazy for all things black and super dark I find navy a little harder to accessorize. But from the moment I tried on this stunning dress I already started planning outfits - red heels and hair flowers for the summer, blue tights and chocolate brown knee high boots for the winter! Why was I ever scared of this colour? It's simple!!

Now if I could only get my hands on any of these other styles my life would be complete!! I adore the emerald green shade and shape of the Cleo dress, the mod vibes of the Evie and I've been searching the globe for a maxi like the Birkin. A fashion fairy godmother is needed asap!

Many thanks once again to the brilliant L12 Photography for snapping these shots for me.



Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Donna, Elsa and Elena

It's been way too long between Heart of Haute reviews! I hate taking this long to share one of my favourite pinup brands on the planet so without any hesitation lets do this!

Oh Donna!! The Donna dress is the quintessential faux wrap dress that flatters all shapes and really rocks on curvy figures. Made from a super soft Poly Rayon Spandex Ponte Knit the Donna is stretchy yet firm enough to hold its shape and really flatters your figure as it wraps around the bust and out into a sweep style skirt.


As a traditional wrap dress works on EVERYONE, so does the Donna. I'm wearing an XL and the fit is perfection. It hugs my chest and waist while the fuller skirt skims over my hips and drapes beautifully. This style usually comes with a fabric belt but I wanted a thicker style so I paired this with my Deadly Dames belt from Pinup Girl Clothing. The black version of this dress is currently only available in size Large via HOH's website and the Burgundy in a 3XL but hopefully they will return! Until then you can find all 3 colours - Black, Burgundy and Teal at Top Vintage in a variety of sizes! I need one of each!

I'm very pleased to add yet another Elsa blouse to my collection. The Elsa is the best button up options for girls with large chests as it fits - yes it fits, plus it also provides a little coverage and a little skin showing at the same time.

The Haute Circle skirt has to be my all time favourite black skirt as it pairs with absolutely everything and drapes so beautifully.

There are a few more versions of this in store currently and I'm lusting after these :

Elena Blouse in Vintage Polka Dot Green - $60.00
Strawberry Fields Aline Skirt - Sold Out

When I saw these two stunning prints I instantly wanted to create a class with style and my oh my how it worked! Now as a long time fan of the Elsa blouse I've now become a fan of the Elena which is the same lower neckline button up blouse but without sleeves. It's the perfect summer version of the Elsa and rocks on my GG sized chest! I size up to the 1XL in all HOH button ups as it's more comfortable for my chest and I love that there is a brand who caters for larger chests and figures in such classic styles.

Sadly this stunning Strawberry fields printed a-line skirt sold out like hotcakes - such an adorable print was in high demand! But luckily there are heaps of other stunning prints in this flattering shape. From dark florals to bright prints you can find all of these styles shown bellow by clicking the link listed.
While the Elena in Vintage Green polka dot is out of stock you are spoilt for choice with all of other prints in this heavenly shape.

Elsa Blouse - Vintage Polka Dot Pink - $60.00

Crazy cat ladies of the world unite!! What's not to love about the El Gato carigan? I've been lusting after this whole range for a while now but I knew of all the pieces the adorable cropped cardigans would be perfect for my style. The fit is just below my bust and it really accentuates my curves wonderfully. After wearing this version I think I'll need the black and white stripe style ASAP! I'm wearing this style in and XL and the fit is perfection as the fabric is soft and stretchy.

Many thanks to L12 Photography for these shots! It's always a pleasure to work with Liz and I can't wait to shoot with her in the next few weeks!