Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Mansfield Cardigan

With spring finally here it's time to style stunning cardigans and get inspired with bold colours. Mademoiselle X has just released their iconic Mansfield style in two delicious colours Scarlet and Violet. The perfect shades to bring in the warmer weather and inspire you to break free of your dark winter blues.


Featuring a ¾ sleeve for the very first time! I'm addicted to 3/4 sleeve lengths so I'm over the moon about this new length. Complete with ruffled portrait collar, black velvet ties and buttons and an open v-décolleté. 

This is my 3rd and 4th in the Mansfield style and I'm swooning. The fit is absolutely superb in an 18 with a soft and luscious stretchy cotton fabric that hugs your curves and is very accommodating of a plus size figure. 



The buttons do slightly gape as you can see but the fit is actually perfect. I was wearing a corset for this set so my bust is raided higher and that tends to add more stress to buttons. Without it I don't tend to get that issue at all. I barely notice it! 

I feel like a little pinup forest nymph in these two stunning pieces and I can't wait to pair them with bold spring floral dresses and skirts. The vibrant colours are going to pair perfectly with all of my wardrobe so the options are endless. 


The length on these a cardigans is also amazing. I find that some cardigans with my chest size come up a little short but there is the perfect length in this piece hitting me on the top of my hip. These can be worn tucked or untucked but I have to admit I love the boobtastic they look when paired with a high waisted skirt. 

The black velvet buttons are absolutely darling but you can also snap up a Swarovski crystal button version of the Scarlet Mansfield for $170.00. I'm more of a fan of black detailing on bright cardigans so I've opted for the standard style. But if you love a little more glamour and sparkle the crystal buttons will be on your lust list. 


Clearly I adored both looks and the styling as we took so many shots!! I've paired this with a classic faux leather skater skirt and some of my favourite flowers from Miz Smitten Kitten! I wanted to go full flower shop head with both looks and I love the results. 


So be sure to snap up these as they are a limited release and such a perfect addiction to your year round wardrobe. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Oh Collectif you have my heart each and every season. I have a rather strong addiction to what you'd usually refer to as a Wednesday Adams style dress. High necklines, bold white of colour collars and impeccable tailoring. 

This past season Collectif have created the Winona Swing style and the only word that comes to mind to describe this piece is PERFECTION. A monochrome dream featuring a flared skirt, rounded front pockets and my favourite length sleeve. 

A rear back hidden skipper makes this dress fit so perfectly and as you can see the super stretchy bengaline fabric hugs you in all the right places. I'm wearing this in a size 18 witch is my standard for Collectif these days and the fit is spot on. 

The matching black belt is adorable and also defines your waistline, creating that hourglass shape. I've been wearing this to work a lot lately as it's perfect for all day office wear and I feel adorable.

Monday, September 21, 2020

New Shoes, Who Dis?

If you've not figured it out yet I might have an ever so little shoe obsession. No lets face it it's an all out addiction and I'm 100% ok with it. 

Recently I stumbled across Only Maker on IG and was instantly drawn to a stunning Mary Jane platform heel that I've been hunting for for many, many moons.  

Mary Jane Round Toe Royal Blue Ankle Strap Platform Pumps - $55.99

Once in the past I had a classic MJ platform that I wore to death. It was my go to and lasted me many, many years but sadly died. So when I found the stunning Royal blue version on Only Maker I needed to have it ASAP! Plus at such a cheap price how could I go past this.

With a heel height of 16cm (6.3inches) and a chunky platform base it's a super high style with absolute comfort. The bright blue colour of the patent leather will also blow your mind. For this set I wanted to show just how bold and brilliant the colour can be when paired with my BlackMilk Clothing Red Sporty Stripe Stockings and a Hell Bunny Vegas pattered dress. 

Such a brilliantly bright pair of amazing heels! I'm that smitten I'll need to order a few more in red and black and maybe some wedges. 

Can't wait to style these into more shoots and create even more magic with them. 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Welcome To Halloweenia

This week I finally get to show the set I shot for the fantastic collection Welcome To Halloweenia  from BlackMilk Clothing. 

I was lucky enough to get my hands on two of the most lusted after items and I wanted to capture them in all their glory - so it's only fitting that we were inspired by Little Red Riding-hood. 

I was completely blown away with this combo and instantly wanted to create the perfect little gothic red ridding hood. 

I've never owned BlackMilk's burnt velvet prints until this year but holy hell I swear I've been missing out. Not only are they super lightweight and amazing to wear but the details are phenomenal. 
Each print POPS and as you can see the mixture of sheer black red burnt velvet is so vibrant and strong.


I opted for the XL in this dress and it really fits my shape perfectly. No over warping of print at the bust and it flows so perfectly. The handkerchief hem is is so flattering and this piece turn out to be longer on me that I expected - extra bonus for all that flowing fabric.

Now this fabric is sheer so I opted for a black bra and shape-wear to make a more solid print on bodice area but any dark bra rocks with this piece. 

The cape might well be my all time favourite piece BlackMilk has ever released. The little details of this piece are pure magic. The faux leather buckles add that extra gothic touch and help the piece sit perfectly on your clavicle. This piece is one size fits all and it's really rather spectacular. It's much longer that expected and so flattering. I will be pairing this with lingerie in an upcoming shoot to show just how versatile it is. 

Inspired by the clasp I had to pair the full outfit with one of my move beloved Orchard Corset belts. The strong silver hardware and buckles are the perfect match. 

Obviously I'm set for Halloween now I just need to set up a zoom part at home and spooky the night away!

I could not get this song out of my head the entire shoot so enjoy! 


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Embody Me

It's been forever and a day since I've featured Embody on Curves To Kill but a stunning glittering number popped up in my Instagram feed and I had to have it. 

An absolutely striking maxi/evening gown featuring a button down skirt and Kimono Sleeve. The bust design can be worn two ways, either tied into a bow or crossed over and tied at the back. I've opted for a low hanging bow/knot as I wanted this to show a lot of cleavage. The wrap and tie at the back option covers you up much more. There is also ruching across the back to add shape and enhance your curves! 

The fabric and design make this dress absolutely effortless to wear. So comfortable yet stunning and I honestly feel like I'm wearing a super comfy robe and not an evening gown. 

The fabric really makes me swoon as it glitters like crazy. Not a over the top tacky glitter but a mini and more subtle shimmer that is pure magic. I'm wearing this style in the 18 and it fits perfectly. I wanted to stick to that size to accommodate my bust but given the ruching at the back I could easily size down if I wanted to.  

This piece is absolutely timeless and will be with me for many years to come. The fact that it's so comfortable yet so chic means I can dress it up or down with absolute ease. I'm way too excited to style this is lots of ways over summer as it's going to be so versatile. 

 I can't wait for summer to hit and lockdown to lift so I can wear this amazing gown out! I have to admit my wardrobe this year has grown and I'll be looking amazing when I can finally dress up!!

Monday, September 14, 2020

The Bone Brigade

Today marks yet another awesome Halloween release from Erstwilder! This week we have the arrival of The Bone Brigade range in both resin and enamel pins. I've got a few of the first release bone themed brooches so this year I went all out on the pins. 


Hoot and Haunt, Grizzly Gruesome , Frightful Fox, Mousey Michief , Haunted Hopper

Pumpkin Chunky Glitter Resin Drop Earrings 

Gummy Brains Skater Dress 

Sarsparilly Veronica Jacket - $107.10 (sale) 

Foodle in Ashed Out 

Orange Tuban Wrap - $29.95

Flowers by Miz Smitten Kitten 

I'm spending most of September and October in spooky themed goodes as we don't get to celebrate Halloween as per usual and I love everything horror or halloween themed. Why limit your style and accessories to one day a year right? 

This enamel pin release has some of the cutest little bone critters ever! We've got owls, frogs, bears and mice. What I love most about each piece is the little pop of colour on hidden within each. Each represents something very specific about the creature and they are adorable. 

While I wear black motos most of the time for this shoot I really wanted these black based pins to pop so I've paired them with my baby blue Veronica jacket. It seems to be a match made in heaven. 


While some shots reflected the light a little too much I wanted to show just how fab these pieces work with colour. 


My essential drop earring punkins also inspired my hair style for this shoot as well. I was really loving the combo or pale blue and orange and it pairs so well with my blonde foodle. The essentials are a super well priced range of must haves that suit just about anything in your wardrobe. This resin is sold out but you can snap up more colours and different shapes. 

What did you get from this collection? 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Super Plunge!

This is the year for amazing creations that defy gravity and help super busty girls like myself wear low cut and deep plunge style dresses and tops without fear. From tape to bras there is something out there to help any bust size and my current favourite is the Super Multi-way Plunge from Curvy Kate

Have you ever needed a multi use bra that can give you a super plunge at the front, turn into a halter and even suit those very low cut or backless dresses? As a H cup and up girl it's really hard to find any product that actually works with any of these styles as we always need the support and straps. But Curvy Kate has created a multi-wear item that will save you in all situations. 

This set was taken directly after a full fashion shoot and this was my base beneath each and every look. Not only did the bra give me no issues the deep plunge was perfect! While I'm not wearing it to the fullest effect here I'll be ordering a backless dress asap so I can shoot just how easy to change the straps are and how versatile this piece is. It's multiple bras in one!! I'm wearing this style in a 36HH and it's perfection. Great shape, great amount of lift and depending on the firmness of the garments you wear the cleavage just keeps getting more and more epic. 

I have a stunning new dress from La Femme En Noir that I'll be shooting very soon and this is the exact style that's needed for the deep plunge neckline. 

Available in nude or black you'll be needing both for your collection and I've snapped up this stunning black version from Storm In A D Cup a locally company that focuses on larger cup lingerie. They have such a stunning selection of all my favourite brands and I'll be ordering from them again ASAP! .