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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mid Season Lust List

I've been rather sickly for the last week so I've had a whole heap of free time while confined to my bed and we all know what this results in don't we? Web shopping!! I've been hunting over the internet for next bits and pieces to add to both my winter wardrobe and for the next season.

It might be the weather, the cold and dark Melbourne days but I'm lusting after all things black and bright red at the moment. Here is my current lust list :

I've been smitten with sheer shirts since my Wheels & Dollbaby shoot and now I'm looking to add lots of sheer prints to my wardrobe. This soft, floaty sheer skull print shirt from OneStopPlus will look amazing tucked into high waisted skirts or worn out over jeans or leather look pants. This is a plus size style so it's great for those who are a little curvier and want more room in the arms.

Wheels & Dollbaby LA CARLA BRUNI BLOUSE - $198.00

As I'm so taken by the sheer shirt style I think I need the leopard version of the pink tattoo shirt I mentioned above. This style from Wheels & Dollbaby was a dream to wear and I'd love to add a little more leopard print to my wardrobe. With the ruffle detail and lightweight material you can wear this garment with anything and everything. The 14 fits me perfectly so I'd be sticking with that size again.

I'm sure it's well known by now that I have a full blown sunglasses addiction and these are just two more pairs I need for my collection. Oddly enough I don't have a overly pronounced pair of cats eye sunglasses in my collection (you can find them on Shopbop) in block or leopard. This needs to be rectified! 

Red hot brilliance by Luichiny! I'd usually steer clear this style pump but there is something brilliant in the design that makes me want to pair these with absolutely everything in my wardrobe. The chunky heel provides a comfortable base like so many of my other Luichiny heels and the pointed toe will look brilliant where paired with super tight black skinny jeans. Get on my feet now please! I'm not a big fan of the ankle strap but this is thin enough not to break up my leg too much. The strap can also be removed with ease. 

Another waist belt for my collection but this time with a super cute studded bow. I have a large scale studded bow belt already but I feel it usually draws too much attention. So I'd love to slip this into my wardrobe and pair this belt with skater dresses and circle skirts. This items is available only in plus sizes which is brilliant! 

I own the Reel Power in deep forest green and fell in love with the simple yell strong design and the leather look toe. After I received my green pair I forgot to check back and see if there were any other colour opion until this week! To my surprise I found this solid black version in my size - it must be fate! The stiletto heel to platform ratio makes these pumps super easy to wear and walk in. They are so comfy and make me feel like an amazon! 

Might have to sneak in another pair of sunglasses (this time from Hello Holiday)! This time I've gone for teal a colour that I think looks absolutely brilliant on fair redheads and adds just the right pop of colour to all winter outfits. This style also comes in black, sand and tortoiseshell. 

Now this the most pricey accessory I've ever looked at and I'm mesmerized by it. This designer laser cut leather waist belt is a work of art and I would kill to have this in my collection. The shapes, pattern and bold black and white design appeals to the artist within me. I'm completely blown away by this belt (from Net-A-Porter). This is sold in a standard size and the best way to work out fit will be to measure your waist in center meters. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Print Perfection

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting some stunning corsets with brilliant Miles Away Photography just outside of Geelong. I packed my bags with a few extra outfits so I could take full advantage of the stunning garden location and show off my latest purchases from Pinup Girl Clothing

This is my second Haunted Housewife dress and I love it even more that the first Black version I purchased. The shape is a little different from the Birdie Dress but has a similar shirt swing dress style. I adore the red rose print, white piping and white skull buttons featured on the cuffs. While this usually comes with a matching print think waist belt I chose to pair this with my Hot Rod Honey faux leather belt.

I'm wearing this style in the XL and there is limited stretch but a firm and great fit for my curves. I've also added a black petticoat for extra volume in the skirt. I swear this dress was made for my figure and I now need the red version in my collection. It's strange to think that a few years back I'd never wear such full skirts and only figure hugging wiggle dresses (I still adore them, don't worry) but now I'm making up for lost time and buying as many as I can.

I chose to keep my Orchard Corset on while shooting these swing style skirts and the shape it created is absolutely brilliant. Paired with a full skirt and a super funky faux leather belt it creates the most perfect hour glass shape. 

Before the Lauren Top blew my mind, the Doris was the be-all and end-all of the boobtastic tops! I've owned both the red and black Doris tops for 4 years now and they are still in perfect condition. So when I finally ordered the burlesque printed Jenny skirt I knew that it would work perfectly with my black Doris top. I wear the this style in and XL and I fit it to be stretchy with a little give and room around my waist.

The Jenny skirt has fast become the skirt of my dreams. This gathered full style skirt is bold, bright and pairs beautifully with so many tops in my wardrobe. The Burlesque print is absolutely magical and was designed by the brilliant Micheline Pitt. Each pleat in the fabric shows a super curvy burlesque babe undressing and this print runs along the bottom of the entire skirt. 

I'm wearing the Jenny Skirt in an XL and it's a perfect fit for me 33 inch waist. Now that I own two styles in this skirt will be purchasing every single style created as it works wonderfully on my figure. From the pleats to the waist band, length and fabric - it's perfect! This print is also available in dress but I'm not sure it would suit me as much as this outfit. I'd love to see a dress in this exact style one day *crosses fingers and toes*.

Doris Top in Dark Green  - $52.00
Jenny Skirt in Turquoise and Black Harlequin Print - $98.00

I got way too excited when I saw this emerald green beauty in the coming soon section of Pinup Girl Clothing. As a redhead I know how perfectly this shade of green goes with my deep red locks and I snapped it up the week it popped up on the site. It's a perfect fit in an XL and look great with high waisted skirts, pants and even un-tucked with jeans. 

I paired this with the mesmerising harlequin printed Jenny Skirt. As I raved on about the brilliance of this skirt above I won't bore you again but I have to gush a little over the awesome print. I now own this turquoise, pink and black  print in both a Jenny Skirt and a Lauren Top and adore them ever so much. I love the pairing of this top with the bright emerald green even though non of the colours of this skirt match with that shade. The bright print and solid green really seem to work. I've also worn this skirt the Lauren skirt in the same fabric and it creates the most amazing looking and super bright dress! 

Many thanks to the brilliant Nicholas Miles from Miles Away Photography for shooting these amazing styles with me and capturing all these brilliant fabrics! Can't wait to shoot with you again in the future. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Essential Winter Jackets

After a lot of searching and planning I've finally found the BEST of the BEST in winter jackets! I've been dying to gather together a great selection of what's on offer for a curvy figure. So a few weeks back I got together with my friend Michael Alesich and shot my top 3 jacket choices for a Melbourne Winter.

This year I've given into colour and tried extra hard to not buy everything in black. I have a full wardrobe of colour so these days I've opted for bright shades, pale shades and prints. 

Starting first with my safe colour - brilliant, bright red! This shorter style mac from Simply Be is a bold red that will pair wonderfully with many other colours you might have in your wardrobe. With a contrasting black stitch this coat is a classic shape yet much shorter than usual. 

The bright red fabric is lightweight but still keeps you warm enough in the winter months. I'm wearing this in a size 16 and it's form fitting but has just enough room to wear a layer or two beneath. The buttons fit wonderfully over my large chest which is wonderful. With a 34GG chest it's hard to find button ups that fit without popping! You can also wear this jacket open for a more relaxed and casual look. 

I paired both of these shorter style jackets with the Chloe Super Stretch Skinnies. These jeans are exactly like their name and are very, very stretchy. I'm wearing these in a size 16UK and I will definitely need a size down as they are loose by the end of a days wear. Otherwise they are a perfect mid waist pair of jeans, they don't give you any bulges and sit perfectly under all tops. Next on my list will be the Dark Indigo and the Mid Blue shades, I tend to wear more blue jeans in the warmer months. 

You may remember this stunning jacket from one of my previous lust lists. The moment I saw this jacket I knew it must be in my life! Gingham is my weakness and the mixture of the traditional trench with a pinup print is in one word - PERFECTION! Every details is beautifully tailored the traditional fit and feel of this garment make it my all time favourite jacket. 

I'm wearing the Gingham's Up trench in an XL and the fit is spot on. With room to wiggle and layer, the ability to button up or button down and the soft and silky lining this is a dream to wear. While the shape does not mold naturally to my curves the waist tie nips me in perfectly.

The pattern is bold and stunning and you'll fall head over heels with it I promise. This style will also work wonderfully in spring as it's not an overly heavy fabric but still a warm fabric. If I could have this style in other colours I'd never but any other style coat again. 

Lastly we have a shade that until the last year I've never considered really to be 'my colour'. Through reviewing and shooting my baby blue and pale pink Dita Cardigans I realized that my pale skin and dark red hair works really with with this colours. So when I saw this perfectly pink Biker Jacket in faux leather I though it's time to be brave and get a biker that's not black! 

I think I made the right choice as it's an awesomely unique jacket and so soft and comfortable. The faux leather is soft, silky and unexpectedly stretchy. I'm wearing the 14UK and I've got heaps of room to move and layer beneath. I just adore how it pairs with all of my black jeans, dresses and accessories and how it pops. If you are looking for a new and super funky biker/moto jacket I highly recommend this one. But be sure to size down as these are a very generous fit. 

The hard part now is choosing which one to wear each day! 

Many thanks to Michael Alesich  for shooting these winter warmers with me, I can't wait to shoot with you again! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

And the winner is...

The time has come to announce the winner of my NYATA giveaway! A few weeks ago I featured a great new Australian plus size clothing label and offered my readers one of her amazing necklaces featured in the debut range.

So without further ado I'm very happy to announced that Jacki Wilson is the winner!!!

Congratulations honey I'll be in touch with you shortly regarding posting of your prize. Look out for another accessory giveaway in the next few months!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Secret Garden

After trying out my first two styles from Orchard Corset I've discovered that I have a weakness for the longer line, hip hugging style of the CS-246. I think it's safe to say that I will order every single colour way in this style over my lifetime and the more prints and colour ways available the better! So Armed with a big bag of goodies I travelled down to Geelong and shot with the brilliant Miles Away and captured these brilliant prints!

This stunning pinstripe longline corset was next on my wishlist from Orchard Corset after receiving the black leather style. I wanted to venture into print without going to crazy and the simple style of a pinstripe was the perfect beginning. I wear all corsets from this company in a size 28 and when laced super tight I can lose up to 5 inches, maybe even more if I wanted to. 

As you can see in the first image I can easily sit in the longer style and not feel cut in half or restricted. I have had these corsets tightened in two different ways in these images as my awesome friend Liz mastered the art on the second style but at this tightness the corset is comfortable an does not hurt me in any way. The shape we created on the second style is a little more bold. 

The classic pinstripe fabric is a great option to add to any wardrobe as the print matches most colours and pairs beautifully with dresses, skirts and even pants. I've paired this with my my Freya Deco Charm Plunge bra in silver and the matching underwear. The silver and black lace bra works perfectly with the pinstripe almost like they were made to be paired together. 

I purchased this bra set a few weeks ago from Bra Stop while they were having a big sale. It's my goal to own every Freya Deco style ever created as they are THE BEST bra for my shape. Since receiving my first Deco I've not looked back and each and every day I wear one of these bras. The soft padded cup, low plunge and they details on and around the cleavage are perfect. I wear my Deco brads in a 34GG and it works perfectly for my measurements. 

Next I wore this absolutely stunning Asian brocade style fabric in the same longline style. When I ordered these two styles I thought that the pinstripe would be my favourite and the brocade a close second but since the moment I slipped into this print I've been absolutely smitten with it. The soft black satin and floral print is so sweet and dainty. The print works beautifully with plain black yet you can also match this with any of the colours featured within the flowers, so red, deep blues or purples and possibly even green. 

This corset is laced in a slightly different way that the style above and we went for more waist reduction. I adored the over the top hour glass figure that we created with this corset, that much so I wore this style under 3 more outfits I shoot after these images were taken. My measurements are naturally an hourglass shape but it's always fun to wear garments that overemphasise that shape and make my curves a little more pronounced. 

These longline styles are really amazing for hourglass figures as they hug you in all the right places, create defined curves and the almost scalloped bottom smooths and flattens your stomach. I've paired the brocade style with my black Freya Deco set and my all time favourite stay up stocks from Kix'ies. The black Deco bra and brief set works wonderfully with this corset and the Kix'ies thigh high stockings are the icing on the cake.

I can now safely say that featured above are 3 main items that every woman needs in her wardrobe as a basic foundation or lingerie. An Orchard Corset in longline style for a curvy shape, a Freya Deco Bra if you are above a D cup and Kix'ies thigh high stockings. These are 3 things I can't cope without! 

The shape I can create with my corsets have changed how I will wear my clothing in the future, I've always relied on shapewear in the past but currently I'm not loving any styles and not getting the shape and definition I need. I also can't live without my Kix'ies thigh high never fail stockings. I wear the size D and you can read my full review here. I can't wait till the new season styles are released from this perfect stocking brand. With backseams, fishnet and pale print options there will be so many more outfit choices and styling options. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Classic Dollbaby

In an almost whirlwind fast styling/shooting session 4 weeks I had the chance to model some of my favourite garments from Wheels & Dollbaby. So with a winter theme in mind I set up a shoot with the one and only Brooke Orchard (Australia's BEST pinup photographer).

Braving the rain and chilly winds we had the chance to style in my favorite way with berets and gloves. The key accessories in my winter wardrobe. I was also thrilled to learn how many of these styles fit me perfectly as I had assumed non stretch garments or wiggle dresses might be a little small for my epic curves! With a mixture of 16, 14 and even a 12 I think I've found my perfect sizes in all styles.

LE NU DINNER W HIM CORSET DRESS -$297.50 (on sale) 
FOREVER NEW GLOVES (old stock)  

I've been a fan of the Dinner with Him collection for a while now and have adored the skirts and the cardigan styles, but I wasn't sure if if these dresses would work on my shape. Being super curvy and having a very large bust I'm usually running in fear of strapless dresses but I can safely say this dress is perfection! 

In a size 14 this dress slips over my hour glass shape and makes for some vavavoom curves. The secret is the Ponti Knit panel at the back of the dress. This stretch fabric makes the fit unique and it molds to your shape. My favourite features are the pale peach shade mixed with the black lace overlay. The bust and skirt have a scalloped edge effect and this works beautifully on the pale fabric. The eyelash edge effect on the bust line is also stunning. For reference I'm wearing a standard black bra for this shoot as I don't have a good strapless bra currently. 

I paired the Dinner with Him dress with my outright favourite piece from the Wheels & Dollbaby knitwear collection - The Post Girl Shrug. This shrug is in one word - lush! Made from thick and fluffy angora wool it's the perfect cover up/shrug for the cooler seasons of the year. My favourite feature of this style shrug is how it hugs around your bust. Some shrugs or boleros can stick out or leave a little empty space but this angora wonder hugs you perfectly. 

I'm wearing this style in a 16 but could easily wear a 14 as it's a very stretchy knit. The art deco style clasp means that you have no need for accessories as it's bold and stunning shape stands out and compliments all outfits. I loved this bolero so much I ordered it straight after shooting and need to collect all the colour options. 

JARDIN NOIR LACE FIFI DRESS - $269.00 (on sale)

I've been lusting after the Fifi dress from the moment I saw the green version on the 25th Anniversary runway photos. The figure hugging, lace trimmed dress with 3/4 sleeves called to me and I've been dying to wiggle my way into it! The Jardin Noir style floral print is the newest colour option in this style and is a unique take on a classic floral. I adore the black rose print and would love to see this in even more florals in the future. 

The stretchy lace is lined with a super power net fabric that hugs you in all the right ways. I adore the fit but think it could be a little better on my bust but this also might be my choice of bra. I've also seen this style worn a little off the shoulder and that might work a little better with my rather large bust. 

I'm wearing the Fifi Dress in a size 14 and it is a great fit with the exception of what I mentioned above. I find with many evening dresses that it's just a case of pairing it with the right bra or sometimes no bra. I can't wait to see what other fabrics and prints come out in the Fifi dress in the future. 

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you will know very well by now that I have a minor obsession with trench coats. For years I've been hunting for the perfect styles, shapes and colours but this year I've actually been really into printed trenches. Wheels Dollbaby have recently released their Classic Satin Trench Coats and they are the softest, silkiest and most comfortable trenches I've ever worn. 

A classic trench style coat with all the trimmings but with one extra element - an amazing leopard print silk fabric. The bold orange, brown and cream print makes this coat perfect for any pinup or rockabilly girl. 

I'm wearing this style in a 12 and it can accommodate my size 16 with ease. The silk fabric is stretchy and works wonderfully with my shape. You can dress this up or down, wear it with a little black dress, jeans and a rock tee or even with corsets of lingerie hidden beneath. Leopard print not your style? Well you can also pick up a classic black silk and a black lace version both instore and online. 


When I first saw this La Carla Bruni Blouse I adored the print but I was worried about my size and how it would look on me. I love button up shirts but most of the time they tend to make you look boxy and with the paler fabrics even a little bigger. All my fears vanished as soon as I tried on this baby pink shirt in a size 14! 

The pale Georgette fabric is covered with the iconic Wheels & Dollbaby Bluebird Tattoo print which you may have seen on tanks, tees and other tops. The shirt is actually rather loose fitting but due to the shape and flowing fabric I found that I loved this top the most when paired with my Essential Logo Skirt and tied up at my waist. 

As this style is slightly sheer (more so in the solid colour shirts) you will be able to pair it with your most lacy bras. From the front I found no issues with the button up style but as I'm very busty from the side one little sneak bra slip through was seen. If this was tucked not tied then this would not happen. 

I'm 100% smitten with this blouse and now that I know how perfectly it fits I need to invest in this print, leopard print and the red versions. The ruffle front, fabric covered buttons and the cuffs completely this shirt and make it the perfect top for day or night. 

Then finally I shot one of my favourite styles with a little extra coverage. In a earlier W&DB post I featured the blue and white stripe cupcake top with a adorable cap sleeve. I've had that in my collection for a few years and adored the style but have secretly lusted after a 3/4 sleeve. Well my prayers have been answered and this time in leopard print! 

The Cupcake Top is just the right mix of leopard and lace. The fabric is stretchy but firm enough to hold and hug you perfectly. I adore the black ruffle detail along the bust and at the end of the sleeve. It helps break up a really bold print and makes a classic leopard print 3/4 sleeve top into a piece of art. All topped off with the classic W&DB pearl charm in the middle of the bust. 

I'm wearing the cupcake top in in a size 14 and the fit is perfect. The fabric is a lot thicker and firmer than my other version but I actually like this version more. If this came in other prints and colours (think red/black, blue/black and emerald green) I would be buying the whole lot!

I hope this post helps many of you who are not 100% sure about the fit for size 14/16 curves at Wheels & Dollbaby and if you have any more questions just ask me or the super helpful staff via their social media pages.

Many thanks to the always super amazing Brooke Orchard for shooting this amazing set with me. If you are in Melbourne book her as soon as humanly possible for all pinup/vintage photography needs. Also many thanks to my dear friend Liz who helps me on many of my latest shoots, you are a star!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Simply Styling

I've recently fallen in love with two very awesome accessories from some of my  favourite designers.Two versatile, match with anything items that are key pieces in my current winter wardrobe. 

It's a well known fact that I'm a huge fan of anything studded. Be it shoes, cuffs, belts, bags or jackets I just adore any mixture of black leather/faux leather a bold silver studs. So when I found this black pleather studded shopper at Simply Be it had to be mine. 

The shopper shape is usually rather bland but with this style Simply Be have created a more 'rock chic' style hand bag. It's roomy, comfortable to carry in your hand or on your shoulder and matches so many outfits. 

Then to something at the opposite end of my comfort zone spectrum - Nude shoes! With my super pale complexion I tend to avoid all 'nude' coloured shoes. I find that they don't suit my skin tone and look more peach rather than nude. But Luichiny have come to my rescue with the Taupe (beige) Ma Tilda in a super pale shade that compliments my lily white legs. 

This is the second pair of Luichiny stiletto heels I have and I've found them to be just as comfortable as Eye Doll's which have the chunkier heel. The 6 inch heel is super high and is easy to walk in and the 2 inch heel levels you out so it feels more like a 3 to 4 inch high shoe.

I'm usually not a fan of a T-Bar shape as I find they cut off your leg and make ankles look a bit chunky but this style works perfectly for me. The lower sitting T-Bar shape helps to elongate your legs and the taupe shade gives the of impression for days. 

I hope this style comes out in a few more colourways as it's a delight to wear and makes your legs look long and lean. These are currently in stock through Luichiny's webstore with many more platform styles. I think I'll be filling my shoe collection with more stiletto pumps after falling for these babies!