Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Spring has sprung and while there are already Christmas decorations out on the shelves I'm full swing into my favourite spooky month. Even though Halloween is done for another year, I need to be showing off my absolute favourite horrortastic brands and styles and today I'm featuring one of my absolute loves - Kreepsville 666!

I've been in love with this brand for many years due to their in your face ,bold and psychobilly/horror styling. They always seem to create the most adorable items and feature some of my most loved horror icons and films.

So when the most adorable spider themed dress on planet earth was released I just knew it had to be featured on the blog alongside some perfectly paired accessories.

This skater dress print design is pure genius! With a solid black top flowing into a bold white web printed skater skirt this dress flatters my shape perfectly focusing on strongest assets - my waist and bust. An adorable skull spider is also printed on the left hand side of the bust line and this is perfect for me as I wear brooches in that exact spot constantly - a built in bonus!

When I viewed the size chart I was a little worried about my bust fitting into anything but given the stretchy cotton fabrics used on all of these designs I knew that I had lots of comfortable room to work with and opted for the XXL. The fit is spot on and I love how firmly this cotton fits while molding to my curves. The 3/4 sleeve also flatters my shape perfectly and I just love the neckline. It shows a little and really molds around my bust perfectly without flattening or pushing the twins out of shape. This style is also available in red and black from sizes Small to 3XL

Accessory wise I did not have to search very far as the perfect pieces were online with this adorable frock. A black Dia Spider diamante necklace the perfect statement piece for October and skull buckled waist belt. This piece is absolutely magic on closer inspection and I've already created some amazing portraits with it for future reviews. The skull spider is my new favourite visually and I'll be snapping up a clear version of this in both the brooch and necklace asap.

This stunning belt is part of a brand spanking new collection of stretchy waist belts! Featuring skulls, bats and spiders! Once you one of these bad boys you'll have to get them all. I'm loving the fit, thickness and how bold the silver skull is. I also have this belt in the bright purple shade and will be featuring that in another post very soon. This piece is going to get so much wear so be sure to look out for it in future shoots. Size wise I'm wearing the L/XL and it's great on my waistline with an almost corset fit. If you ever need to check out my measurements they are listed in the top right corner of the blog.

These have just hit the webstore and you can pick up the following colours and buckle options here.

Next on my lust list :

I think it's clear that I need to take myself straight back to Kreepsville 666 and have a mini shopping spree.
Many thanks to the brilliant Liz B for shooting this look and for working with me on so many brilliant Halloween themed shoots. 


I'm stuck somewhere in between a pinup, punk and goth on a weekly if not daily basis. My daily uniform may be all back with a bright red lip, leather jackets and boots but then give me a little sunlight or a super chilly winter and I'll be covered in floral prints or rugged up in a vintage style faux fur coat complete with gloves and accessories.

So I've picked my stand out favourites from the latest Hell Bunny catalogue. While I'm sliding through spring into summer down here, on the other side of the pond it's getting chilly and all my favourite styles are being released. So join me as I dream about snowy English countryside locations instead of melty Aussie summers.

There are a few themes in this post, a whole lotta photos and some stunning pieces so stay with me!

Snowy Mini Dress - $133.99
Be it Christmas or Halloween the Snowy Mini is and adorable Wednesday Adams style mini dress that you will live in. The same classic pattern as the Kiss Me Deadly and Hermeline Dress his winter version is made from a super stretchy, glittery faux velvet. So stretchy that I urge you to size down as I got the 2XL and it's a very large fit at the arms and so roomy under the bust. I'll be parting with this ASAP in order to get the XL.

But lets ignore that and focus on just how adorable this mini is. The right length so you show a little knee but it's not too short. the adorable snowflake embroidered peter pan collar and the flattering cut. Usually minis can be odd on me but I've found this style really compliments my figure.

I'm so enamoured with this fabric. Just look at that sparkle and shimmer, we very rarely get such stunning fabrics in our winter wardrobes.


Snowstar Skirt - $125.99
Sticking with a snow theme I had to snap up the stunning snowstar cardigan and skirt combination. There is something so magical about both fabrics and how they have incorporated the snowflake effect into each piece. A shimmering sparkled night sky has been turned into two amazing separates that are stunning on their own and together create a magical look. There is also an amazing Snowstar Skirt in this collection as well.
The skirt made from embroidered tulle is light and twirls like a dream. I'm wearing the 2XL and the fit like so many of the 50's swing style skirts is perfect for me. The solid black waistline really defines your shape and the silver snowflakes are just perfect. I've never been brave enough to try tulle skirt but this won me over instantly.

The Snowstar Cardigan is equally as stunning but for this style they have focused on snowflake embroidery on only the front two panels and a variation of sizes. This makes for a more complimentary look when worn together. The choice of super shiny black buttons also pair perfectly with the waistband and embroidery. I'm wearing this style in an XL as I do with all Hell Bunny knits and the fit is fantastic.
Sherwood Coat - $297.99
If you see me wearing any other coat in winter other that a moto you should assume and you will be correct in you assumptions that it will be a Hell Bunny Coat. My love affair with there stunning outerwear started years ago and each season I add another stunning piece to my collection. 

The specs :
•Fully lined hooded coat with contrasting flocking.
•Pockets in self fabric with contrasting flocking.
•Flocking is of acorns, pine leaves and cones.
•Hood in self fabric trimmed in faux fur.
•Faux fur trims on the cuffs.
•Centre back seam.
•Self fabric tab at the back with 2 self fabric covered buttons at each end.
•5 buttons covered in self fabric in the centre front.
•Available in several teal and red.
From the mixture of teal and black to the super soft fur and matching embroidery this coat is the magical woodland style of my dreams. I'm wearing a 2XL and the fit is superb with a figure flattering firmness and very little give or stretch. I tend to wear styles like this open during the cooler months but I can button this up without any issues.

It was a hard decision choosing between black and teal or red and black but I think with my hair the teal pairs perfectly.  I must admit I'm a little bitter it's already spring here and too hot as I want to live in this faux fur number.

At the end of this shoot my assistant (poor husband) rocked this coat in his own mini photo shoot and our amazing photographer Damien Bowerman whipped up a little snow edit for us!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Roses and Plaid

With each season release I swear I fall more and more in love with Collectif. Maybe it's the UK autumn/winter vibes I crush on or the prints but I fall harder and harder with every new addition to my wardrobe. This year brings us rich fabrics, amazing plaids and a little floral.

A shirt dress with a twist, the Aria Rose dress is a must have button up swing style. I've never been able to get a great fit from button up dresses so even though I adored the Aria I was hesitant to order it. But when I wiggled my way into the 18 it had such a firm fit (and a whole lotta cleavage) and it completely won me over.

Usually shirt dresses are super light weight but this style is a stretchy yet firm cotton fabric with all the detailing you've come to know and love from Collectif.

The roses give you that Western shirt vibe which I absolutely adore and the fitted waist, 3/4 length sleeve full skirt make your curves pop in the best way possible.

Now I can wear this dress with or without a bra; it's all a matter of personal taste and where you are wearing it. Sadly my chest is too large to button this all the way up but I actually like the amount of skin showing. You can wear this item all year round as it pairs perfectly with heels in the summer or tights, a beret and boots in the winter. While it's a super firm fit it will give with wear as the fabric has little stretch to it.

While I love all plaids I don't think I own any in green so this wardrobe issue had to be sorted asap. The Jasmine Evergreen Check is the skirt I will wear weekly in winter and looks brilliant when paired with a variety of tops. The fabric falls beautifully due to the pleats at the waist which nips you in at the smallest part of your waist. I'm wearing the 18 and I find this size perfect for my 36 inch waist.

Styling wise I wanted to rock this bold green plaid print with something a little cheeky to pair with print. I've opted for my favourite and super rude Sourpuss Cardigan with the cheeky Go F Yourself heart embroidery. I'm wearing this in an XL and the fit is just perfect as per usual.

Now I try not to mix up too many labels in one post but there was something so cheeky about this combo and I love teal and pink paired together.

Many moons back I reviewed a suspendered bright yellow plaid swing skirt and I've literally worn it to death. Be it work or play I've pair that skirt with every possibly top option and it's rocked my world. So when two new plaid colourways were released this season I snapped the warm version. A black plaid with just a hint of orange peeking through.

As I've always loved the fit of my yellow skirt in a 16 I did not size up and the fit is still perfection. This is the kind of winter skirt you will want to by every possible version of a make it your uniform. The knit has a little stretch and is soft to the touch. The waist line and braces buttons are fully functioning so you can cross over the braces for a more secure fit and they have two button holes just to add or take away a little length.

A grey, black and white version is also up for sale right now so if you are loving the shape I highly recommend you purchase both. You won't regret it!

I paired this with my Vixen by Micheline Pitt Powderpuff Top in black worn off shoulder. I'm getting real Heathers vibes from this outfit and I'm loving it.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Christmas Comes Early

The whole world seems to have started decorating their homes with Christmas goodies so I've jumped onboard with some outfit ideas for the festive season - be it work functions or the big day itself. I have another shoot planned for some little more summer friendly looks so this review is targeted at my readers who are lucky enough to have a White Christmas. 

My first look is an adorable almost holiday themed floral fabric in the form of the Holly Berry 50's Dress from Hell Bunny. This is my first dress in this shape and oh my lordy it's so flattering. With a cross over bust, full 50's skirt and 3/4 sleeves this dress shows off my assets and covers me where I want it most.

The fabric and print are just adorable the holy with the mixture of red and green on a crisp white cotton really pop and I'm loving the look. I'm wearing this style in a 2XL to accommodate my bust but there is actually a little room at the waist. This is easily fixed with the belt that accompanies this dress. The rich maroon velvet belt is perfect when paired this this adorable fabric. The product photos don't do this fabric and belt combo justice!! The skirt is fully lined and the fabric is light enough to be worn in an Aussie summer.

Sticking with the Christmas theme I've super excited to be able to pair and feature my three silly seasons favourites from the Erstwilder Christmas range for 2017. Designed by my girl Donna Mizzi this collection is the perfect accessory to your Christmas looks. Donna has rocked my socks off once again with her details, amazing concepts and absolute cuteness.

For this look I've chosen the adorable To Be Jolly tree brooch. the layers and glitter show off that iconic Mizzi/Erswilder design aesthetic and the decorations just make my heart sing. If you are a made fan of Christmas trees this is the pin for you.

Erstwilder have an extra sweet treat for those who purchase 4 or more items in the Christmas range: you will get an extra treat of a Mini Pretzel! Donna's iconic pretzels are a must have and I'm so excited to see this as part of the collection.

Next we have my first Pretty Dress Company outfit ever!! I have been lusting after their designs for years but I've never really been sure if my bust would fit into any of the garments let alone a super high neckline such as this but it does. This amazing swing has just hit the Unique Vintage website and joined their amazing selection of plaids and seasonal fabrics.

I'm wearing this style in a size 20UK which honestly fits small. A waist of 36 inches and a bust of 44 is more of an 18 or so in my opinion and there is absolutely no stretch to the fabric. But the secret behind why this dress works is the v at the back of the garment. It gives you a little more room around the bustline and does not show any of your straps.

The fabric on this dress absolutely lush. A medium weight knit in a stunning red and blue plaid - I'm such a sucker for plaid frocks! The arms fit with ease and the waist and skirt really flatter your shape. I'm super keen to try more of their dresses now in both stretch and non stretch fabrics. I'll be going down as size in the stretchy fabrics though.

This is the perfect winter swing and looks amazing when paired with matching tights and knee high boots, gloves and all the trimmings.

For this fabric any of the latest Erstwilder collection will pair perfectly but I love how my Kiss Me Kindly holly and Past Midnight clock brooches work with the red and blue plaid. The holy is a cheeky excuse to always get a smooch (thanks Donna and Erswilder) plus the adorable red bow just makes this piece pop. The Past Midnight Cuckoo Clock is my stand out favourite piece for this season. If gingerbread house and a cuckoo clock were mixed this would be the result and it's sooooooo cute!!

Now the question is do I wear one of these on the 25th or all at once?

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lola Ramona

Recently I've seen the name Lola Ramona pop up everywhere attached to the cutest pinup and vintage style shoes and accessories. Amazing prints, bright colours and some of the most stunning craftsmanship I've ever laid my eyes on. So it was a must to try out their amazing styles. 

There is nothing I love more than a bright and playful pair of heels. They complete an outfit, make me feel amazing and if I'm lucky are super comfortable without compromising on shape or heel height. The Angie P Dashing is quite possibly my new favourite long wearing high heel and dancing shoe.

An adorable polka dot print with red accents on the heels around the edges and topped off with a red leather bow, this shoe is the cutest. With a heel height of  10cm and a hidden platform of 2cms this is an all day wear shoe and inside you'll find hidden cushioning for extra comfort.

What I love most about these heels is the bold print and colour combination and the mix of textures. Leather, rubber and an almost flocked pattern make these a multi dimensional pair of shoes. That rubber base also helps when you are out dancing or walking in these as it's lightweight and so easy to walk in.  Size wise I'm wearing a 41 which is an Australian 10.

This style actually comes with an ankle strap but I'm personally not a fan of such things so it was easily slipped out. The strap itself is pretty magical on it's own. A new and innovative way of easily getting out of your heels the strap hooks to itself instead of the usual connection. I love this!

The Angie P heel is a such a customer favourite so there are plenty of prints and fabric options to choose from.  These are just a small selection of the Angies on offer and you can find the whole range here with boots and open toe options.

    Lola Ramona Angie P Snow White Shoes -  €150.00 EUR
It's clear now that I need every shoe Lola Ramona create as they are a dream to wear. Prints or solid gimme, gimme!

What purse do you pair with polka dots you ask? Well for these I wanted to compliment and clash at the same time so I wore the Viola small handbag in a bold black and white stripe. This stunning not so tiny handbag is absolute perfection. 

•Medium sized bag
•Silver toned zipper
•3 extra pockets, one with zip
•Silver toned feet on the bottom for protection
•Fully lined with black/white fabric
•Removable and adjustable strap
•A4 and iPad fits easily
A classic and refined shape that stores everything you could possibly need with ease created out of a soft and buttery vegan leather. 

I'm not always one to match my shoes and handbag and I was instantly inspired but these two pieces together. But if you are looking for a polka dot hand bag to pair with this exact shoe then you will find a few stunning pieces via their online store.  This purse is actually sold out but there are two more amazing colours available here :

You will be spoilt for choice at Lola Ramona and your feet will thank me. With a variety of styles via the online shop and sold internationally via stockists you can pick up the perfect combo for you.