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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dollbaby Curves

A few weeks ago when I was lucky enough to steal an afternoon with Brooke Orchard, I snapped a heap of my favourite styles. Today I'm excited to share my standout favourites available right now at Wheels and Dollbaby.

I know that I was worried about fit for years, but after my first Dita Cardigan, I was hooked and I've found that both 16's in standard fabrics and even some 14's in stretch fit me really well. These are my current go-to styles for the Dollbaby with curves to kill. 

After wearing and owning many cupcake tops, I though it was time to test the mini dress version and the outcome - I adore it! Fit wise the top has always been spot on and depending on fabrics you can even size down. But for the dress I opted for the 16 as I did not want it to be a super, super mini dress. Having an ample rump, wider hips and big bust most dresses can automatically shorten on me.

While this shows a whole lot of leg it's covering me really well and does not show any toosh. The 3/4 length sleeve offers great coverage and stretchy cotton is soft and hugs your curves. Now in the future this will be paired with stockings and printed tights (such a key wardrobe item for the winter) but even in the summer I feel comfortable with the length. Hell, I'm curvy, I have big hips so why the hell not show them?

Essential Logo Skirt

Late last year, I wrote about the newly priced tank top selection at Wheels and Dollbaby, and now I finally got to test one! Available up to a size 16 these are the go-to casual top of summer 2016. Super stretchy, long and comfortable these are so easy to style and a dream to wear. 

What impressed me the most about this tank has to be the lack of breakage when the logo was worn. It's a big fear for a lot of busy girls that we will warp or crack the print but this still remained perfect! Now the 16 is a super close fit but this will stretch and mold over time. 

Now it was fate that this tank would be paired with my beloved Wheels leather moto jacket and the combination is absolutely dreamy. But don't limit yourself with styling options! Pair this with swing skirts, bold prints and adorable cardigans and boleros, or just simply wear this with your favourite skinny jeans for the perfect rock chic look.

Finally we have a style that I really never expected to work so well with my figure but once I slipped into it there was no way I could live a life without it!

Brigitte is the quintessential summer dress! With toffee & crème checks on soft cotton voile in a full gathered skirt, it features western suede-look fringe detailing at neckline and matching plus suede look straps and belt. I never thought this dress would work with my bust and hips, as the full skirt has a lot of volume and sometimes you don't want to over do it. Well how wrong was I? 

In a 16 the fit is perfect and I really love the shape created by the underskirt. The length is short but not too short and looks great paired with heels and cowboy boots. A few years back I hurt my knee and my legs have not been in the best shape since but I'm not going let that limit me!! So bring on ALL OF THE short and adorable dresses! I'm also wearing a 16 in the classic cardigan and I find that the both this size and the size bellow are perfect for my arms and bust. I very rarely do my cardigans up as I love this tied at the bust look a lot more. 
While I'm usually more of a black, blue or red gingham fan but there is something so soft and delicious about this tan print and I love how well it pairs with the black suede and my classic cardigan. This is on high rotation in my wardrobe right now and I can't wait to pair it with more cardigans and boleros. 
Now this style is currently sold out in the larger sizes but lets cross our fingers and toes for a re-release or another colourway in the future. I'd love this in a darker gingham or even a well know Wheels printed fabric. Now lets have a few colder evenings so I can pair this with my leather bluebird jacket!


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dreaming of Autumn

The end of summer always gets me super excited as my Transeasonal inspiration becomes reality and I finally get to pair my summer florals with cooler layers and winter boots! This combination is a staple come Autumn, and this year I'm on the hunt for more knee high boots to add to my collection.

Searching over the internet I've found so great styles and great prices but the website that's helped me the most has to be Fashion Lane. I found links and images to the brands I love and discounts via this website and with one click I found so many boots for my lust list.

A classic black leather boot with a medium heel and the most delicious embossed pattern on each side. Every girl needs a classic black boot and this style will take you through both Autumn and Winter. These will pair perfectly with all my summer wrap dresses, black floral frocks and skirts and with printed stockings when the cold hits.

A casual black flat boot works perfectly for work or with jeans. I own 3 pairs of Spurr boots and I love and trust their designs. This over the knee design work great with skinny jeans and dresses and I adore the tassel and buckle features. The stretch panel at the back of the boot also offers extra stretch and comfort if you are in need of a little more calf room.

Raspberry lace up ankle boots with a pointed toe - shut up and take my money! How lush are these boots and they are only $36, I'm in shock. For this price I'll be ordering these in black and brown and wearing them constantly. They will look amazing paired with anything from disco pants to tea dresses and stockings will look amazing with the lace up front so don't just stick with black, how about a teal or navy stocking?

Lastly a grey boot inspired by a vintage cowboy boot I have in my collection. I never even glanced at grey shoes prior to owning my cowboy boots but now they have sparked an obsession. With a small heel for day wear, and a western style top these will be a great addition to my collection.
Now to make some room in my wardrobe as I've got so many shoes I'm running out of space! Oh the joys of being a addicted to footwear.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Valentines Day Inspiration

With Valentines Day fast approaching it's time to start planing the perfect outfit and date. This year I'm a little more excited as it's our first Valentines Day as married couple so it's going to be AWESOME!

Now we have dinner sorted, the perfect dress picked out but that's only the beginning! So I've been hunting around the world wide web trying to find some super cute costumes to complete the them/day. I found a great Aussie based costume shop with some super cute outfits to make Valentines day a little more special.

If you know me I'm not really one to go with the flow and when thinking about costumes I tend to go with my own unique taste or think outside the box. Be it Scifi, horror or retro.

Here are some adorable costumes I found :

I can't go past a retro Sci-fi themed costume! This super cute almost 60's inspired Space Cadet costume is out of this world and because both myself and my husband love Plan 9 From Out of Space I think this needs to be in my collection.

It may be on the top of most lusted after costumed and I can understand why! The retro flight attendant costume makes your curves pop and everyone loves seeing their partner in a super sexy uniform. My favourite feature has to be the adorable WWII style hat.

I'm a sucker for gingham and ruffles! Pair that with adoreable thigh high socks and a super cute cape and I'll snap it up in a hurry. The thing I love most about the little red costume is that it can be worked into other themes and you can turn both the dress and the cape into other character's costumes. 

Lastly something a little different, a little dark yet still perfect for a Valentines theme. The queen of hearts is the perfect outfit with lush fabrics in my favorite colour combination - red and black! While most girls love dressing up as Alice I've always had a soft spot for the darker, more evil styling of the Queen of Hearts. 

These costumes are avaliable in sizes S, M and L and others even up to an XL. The size Large is listed as a 16 to 18 so if you are close to my measurements you should be safe to order that size. 

What costumes inspire you this Valentines Day? Are you a nerdy character based girl like me or more traditional?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Downtown Moto Dame

When Pinup Girl Clothing released a sneaky preview of the Deadly Dames faux leather range I was instantly in LUST and started saving my pennies, awaiting the arrival of these amazing pieces. After months of stalking the 'Coming Soon' section of their website, lots of posting on social media and non stop chatter about the items to my husband they finally arrived and instantly I scooped up my stand out favourites.

I'm a biker/moto jacket addict. I have around eight styles in leather, faux leather and cotton. I have black, plaid, I use to own brown and pink but my dream has always been to have the perfect cropped style. Micheline Pitt answered all my prayers and released the Deadly Dames moto babe bolero! I've never lusted after any item in my life as much as this and I'm sure after seeing the fit and style you will understand why.

Firstly I have to state that these styles run small so under the advice of Pinup Girl Clothing's awesome staff I sized up for the perfect fit. I know buying a garment one size up can annoy some folk but for this it's needed.

Wow. Just wow. I think I've found the outfit I want to wear for the rest of my life! Sleek, naughty, figure hugging and exquisitely tailored, the Downtown Dame dress in Faux Leather is a dream to wear. I have many of the DD Vamp dresses and tops in my collection but I think the Downtown Dame is my new favourite as it packs a little bit more vavavoom.

As you can see it's a body hugging style with a structured bust, matching belt and boned bodice. The fit of the 2xl is bordering on the standard XL so while this fits in the bust and the waist perfectly there is still a little wiggle room in the skirt. For PUG items I've always worn a XL and then even a Large for a super stretchy garment but when they advice to size up you always need to listen. Just cut the tag off if it bothers you. 

I feel like the ultimate 'Bad Girl' in this outfit and wish I was not stuck in Australia during summer so I could wear this out constantly. The fit is perfection and the matching Bolero is what dreams are made of. I opted to get both the black and red so I could mix and match all items. 

The Moto Babe Bolero - Absolute genius!! Such and amazing fit, just the right length and and hugs your bust perfectly. Uniquely designed, fully-lined in stretch charmeuse and features silver tone snaps and zips. This is absolutely perfect and will be worn to death. Now I need to buy more Deadly Dames dresses to wear beneath this style.

Why choose between red or black in the bolero? Just buy both! I honestly could not choose and knew that both would get so much love and wear in my life. While the black is classic and easy to style the red version offers that hot pop of colour in a beautiful cherry red faux leather. I've only owned one red leather moto before and it really did not cut it for me. The colour was off and the fit - icky. But this babe is absolutely rocking! I can't wait to wear these with my red and black polka dot vamp dress but which do I choose?

I paired the babe bolero with the amazing Deadly Dames Curves Skirt in Red. The red faux leather is soft and really molds to your shape. I never knew a faux leather skirt could be so comfortable. In the 2xl the waist is perfect yet roomy  and as you can see it's loose on the hip as well. I think I might have been able to size down for this one item but for now I'm still loving the fit. The room offers you to tuck thicker fabric tops under the wiggle skirt and pair lots of waist belts.

These two red hot items stole this shot so I chose to dress down top wise and just paired my own plain black tank with the outfit. I'd love to style this with a vamp  or jailbird top from the Deadly Dames range. All styles featured here are in available in 3 colours - black, red and pale pink. Obviously I'm not a pink girl so I naturally gravitated to red and black versions.

I have to give a huge amount of love and thanks to Brooke Orchard who took these amazing shots and snuck my into her last Melbourne trip. Now that my favourite girl has moved state I'll take any chance I can to see and work with her.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Devil's in the Detail

I have many addictions when it comes to fashion, but I think my strongest addiction has to be jewellery. I have a cabinet that is overflowing with necklaces, brooches and amazing earrings and I'm constantly adding to it. 

Heat Earrings - TBA

Bold chain work, a strong silver crowned heart nestled in a deep blood red pendant, this design is the third crowned heart in my collection, and each style is completely different. Being a huge fan of Classic Hardware's box and picture frame pendants, I wanted to try a style that was in the same range but a new shape. This style is simple yet bold, and I paired this necklace with a Mechanical Heart pair of earrings that I can't seem to find on the website anymore. 

I'm currently obsessed with all kinds of creepy crawly accessories and this stunning rockwear fly is absolutely amazing. So classic and beautifully designed, placed on a perfect silver frame. This giant bug really stands out on my pale skin and I'm wearing this like crazy! You can choose between brass, jade and jet black beads on the silver chain. I chose black as it matches most of my outfits but I'd also love to see this style in jade. 

I've been in love with these Edwardian Silhouette necklaces for a while now and have one in my collection already but when I saw the Punk version I had to have it! How awesome is this? Such a rocking vintage punk mash up and I love this to death. 

The new romantic collection is a more recent series and I just adore these stunning emerald green earrings. So simple yet sleek and sophisticated. They are light weight a must for anyone who loves to wear ear accessories and they are so comfortable. If these are available in any other colour I must get my hands on them!

If you are a lover of retro accessories, you must - MUST - have Retrolite in your collection. It's such a strong, durable resin that creates amazing shapes and the perfect high gloss sheen. I always choose the bigger and bolder shapes when purchasing Retrolite, and the floral trio is a stunning new addition to my small collection. This necklace is a real showstopper and looks amazing with a little black dress as it draws lots of attention with it's unique shape and style. I really hope more floral resin designs like this are in Classic Hardware's future. 

Now to a local and brilliant alternative designer - Debstar Designs :

I've loved Debstar's designs for year as everything is a little kooky, spooky, rockabilly, psychobilly and much, much more! From skulls to hearses, she makes the most fantastic accessories and this skull and heart style is one of my favourites. I love the mixture of both a heart and skull charm and the half and half coloured chain. I've never had a necklace with such unique design. 

I paired this with the AMAZING starburst retro studs! I've loved the starburst design in both accessories and homewares for years yet this is the first item of jewellery I've owned. The bold silver lines with a black middle pop perfectly on my pale skin and I just discovered that a skull version of this has hit the store so I'll be needing to snap those up asap. Every girl needs a pair of these in her collection. 

Pistol Necklace - $15.00

Last but not least is the sleek pistol necklace from Debstar Designs. I've had strong love for the shape and design of pistols ever since I can remember and I've been collecting gun and bullet accessories for years. This pistol/holster combination is amazing and I love how gracefully it rests just bellow my collar bone. I feel super silly for not choosing an image with the piston itself in focus - oh vanity you are annoying! So below is a full high res version of the piece itself. 

I love wearing this piece with plaid and cowboy boots or even with a little black low cut dress. 

Many thanks to the amazing Julz Photography for snapping these awesome images in her studio and for working with me over the last few years. I just adore shooting with you! Fingers crossed we get to plan something again soon! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Levi's Know Curves

Last year I had a casting at one of the best names in denim - Levi's! I've lusted after this brand for years but I never tried their products out of that dreaded jean fear. You know that feeling when you try on a pair of jeans that are listed as your size but you can't get them over your hips? It's been a big fear of mine for years but Levi's have now come to the rescue with a Plus Size Range made for curves!!

While I wear a standard size 16 I find jeans are a hard item to wiggle my way into due to my hourglass shape. You either have way too much room in the waist and not enough in the hips or vice versa.  But from the moment I walked out of my casting I was so super thrilled with the fit and so very excited to see just how amazing, modern and perfectly tailored the styles were. My stand out favourite had to be the skinny leggings so I paired them with my favourite items and wanted to give you guys a full and detailed review.

Viva Las Vegas Tank Top 

At my casting I tried on two pairs of skinny jeans and a denim jacket. From the moment I slid into the 310 I knew I was 100% invested in these brilliant skinnies. Made from stretch denim, these slip on like a second skin! The fabric is a mix of  81% Cotton, 17% Polyester and 2% Elastane. 

Using a stretch midweight denim they are light without being to thin and have the added extra bonus tummy-slimming technology as they are a mid rise style. I always say that a mid to high rise jean makes the tummy flat and toosh look amazing. 

These have a little room to give on me and this is due to the stretchy fabric. When you first buy a pair of jeans they should be tight enough that they will give a little and mold to your shape. If they are a little loose when you first slip into them then they will fall off you by the end of the first wear. These fit tight but have a little space around the waist. While I'd usually like jeans 'skin tight' these are so much more comfortable than any other blue jean I have in my collection so that extra inch or two in the waist makes these a dream to wear.

As a reference my usually jean choice for the last few years I've been wearing the American Apparel Easy jean in a size XL and I love the super high rise and feel but they don't live longer than a year in my hands. The 310 however feel like they will stay in my collection for many years to come and feel much more sturdy. These are a 'real' stretchy jean while the AA Easy Jean is more of a stretch cotton pant. 

What I love most about these and what sold me from the moment I tried on each skinny style has to be the fit at the ankle and calf. The super tight fit on both these is what is lacking in most plus size or curvy based jeans. They give you too much space in the lower leg and I can't stand that! I want my skinnies to be that tight they are almost painted on and with the 310 I get that effect. Now can we have a black version please? I'm addicted to black jeans and will snap up every pair! 

I also have the 314 Plus Shaping Straight Jeans in my collection in the shade Worn Blue but as I'm such a lover of darker colours I've get to find the perfect top to pair with them. Once I do I'll shoot and review this style as well.

Now the one thing I can't find on the Australian Levi's website is a size chart for the plus size range. I know these are a great fit and while I usually need an 18 in jeans or 16 or 14 in Aussie plus size styles I'm a little confused whether or not these are an Australia plus 16 or a US 16. Given that my waist is around 34 inches and my hips can be up to 44 inches I'd say they are close to the US listed 16 plus on the size chart. The measurement for the 16 on the US website is close to the size 34 it seems on the standard size chart.

Now I've recently reviewed a plus size 14 in jeans and now a 16 in another pair and I think the end result is this : it's all about fit when it comes to jeans and not about the tag. You have to try each style until you find the size you that fits you just right. If my US readers need a reference I wear a size 12 or 0 from Torrid so along with my measurements I hope that helps you guys in some way. 
Many thanks for Michael Alesich for shooting these with me and making me into legs eleven! Can't wait to snap lots more images with you before August! 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Top Ten List!

Today I have something a little different to share with you guys! I have to admit that I spend a little too much of my free time on ASOS lusting after... well, let's face it - EVERYTHING!

So this week I joined forces with Cuponation and listed my top ten must haves for Summer/Autumn. Being in Melbourne we can have 4 seasons in one day (42 one day 22 the next) so I like to be covered for anything mother nature will surprise me with.

You can view my full list via Cuponation and my post can be found under the "List of the Week" section.