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Monday, July 25, 2016

National Velvet

I never imagined that I'd fall for any shade of purple. It's never been a colour I've gravitated to or really loved but from the moment the National Velvet Dita was released I knew that this colour was perfection. My taste usually swings towards the richer and deeper shades like red, noir and emerald but there is something absolutely magical about this soft shade of lilac.

I've had a long time love affair with the Dita cardigan and with each colour released my collection keeps growing. The Dita cardigan is that timeless classic piece that pairs with everything. From wiggle to swing style skirts, high waisted jeans, short and disco pants, girls of all shapes and sizes just adore this style as it suits everyone.

For this release I opted for the size 16 and the fit is much like that of my red or black cardigan. Over the years there have been tighter knits released (my emerald is a super firm knit) but this lilac style is super soft and stretchy and I could have even sized down to a 14 but I love being able to wear the cardigan open or buttoned to the collar. Yes this style in a 16 actually buttons up right to the collar even with my ample chest. As I'm wearing a corset in these images my bust was raised super high and some slight pulls on the fabric are shown. But without the corset the cardigan buttons up without any issues.

What's really exciting is that this like many of the newer knitted styles has been released up to a size 18AU!! So curvy girls of the world can snap this stunning cardigan up asap! As a size 16 myself it's so brilliant to know that Melanie and her team are thinking about the curvier dollbabies and extending the range. What I also love about all of my Dollbaby knits has to be the comfort and stretch factor. My weight fluctuates - it's just a part of everyday life - but these babies never lose their shape and mold to your curves, complimenting and flattering your hips and bust.

For this Dita Cardigan shoot I wanted to do something a little different with styling so I paired this pastel wonder with my Orchard Corset leather longline underbust corset. I love how strong the leather looks paired with such a soft colour and the shape it created.

I also discovered my favourite Have to Have leather gloves work wonderfully with the new Dita!! The lilac spots are a perfect colour match together create the perfect winter look.

Many thanks to the amazing Damien Bowerman for shooting this at the very last minute at what has to be my all time favourite location. I absolutely adore working with him and can't wait to plan our next concept!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

It's a wrap!

Every woman needs a wrap dress. They are the most flattering style for all body shapes and no matter what you have or don't have, you will ALWAYS look amazing in a wrap style frock. Now I seem to have more faux wraps in my collection that real versions but this month I've added what just happens to be the best wrap I've every worn to my collection.

One of the leaders in curve loving fashion in Australia has to be Embody. I've worn their amazing jeans over the last few years but until now I'd never had the chance to slip into anything from their clothing range. Focusing on the size range of 12 to 22 they create the perfect fit to a plus size figure and as you can see from these images an amazing wrap dress to hug ever so tightly on an hour glass shape.

I'm wearing the Royal Wrap in a size 16 and it's a perfect fit with just the right amount of stretch to hug my curves and one of most flattering necklines I've ever worn. I ADORE the way this deep V shape neckline accentuates my assets and how the skirt sits on my hips. The best thing about a wrap style dress is the way they hide or flatter problem areas such as a tummy. Like most girls I have a little bit of a tummy but with shapewear and the right dress it can be hidden with ease.

You might have noticed that I'm also wearing a colour I rarely tend to own - navy blue/indigo. I actually love this shade but as I'm crazy for all things black and super dark I find navy a little harder to accessorize. But from the moment I tried on this stunning dress I already started planning outfits - red heels and hair flowers for the summer, blue tights and chocolate brown knee high boots for the winter! Why was I ever scared of this colour? It's simple!!

Now if I could only get my hands on any of these other styles my life would be complete!! I adore the emerald green shade and shape of the Cleo dress, the mod vibes of the Evie and I've been searching the globe for a maxi like the Birkin. A fashion fairy godmother is needed asap!

Many thanks once again to the brilliant L12 Photography for snapping these shots for me.



Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Donna, Elsa and Elena

It's been way too long between Heart of Haute reviews! I hate taking this long to share one of my favourite pinup brands on the planet so without any hesitation lets do this!

Oh Donna!! The Donna dress is the quintessential faux wrap dress that flatters all shapes and really rocks on curvy figures. Made from a super soft Poly Rayon Spandex Ponte Knit the Donna is stretchy yet firm enough to hold its shape and really flatters your figure as it wraps around the bust and out into a sweep style skirt.


As a traditional wrap dress works on EVERYONE, so does the Donna. I'm wearing an XL and the fit is perfection. It hugs my chest and waist while the fuller skirt skims over my hips and drapes beautifully. This style usually comes with a fabric belt but I wanted a thicker style so I paired this with my Deadly Dames belt from Pinup Girl Clothing. The black version of this dress is currently only available in size Large via HOH's website and the Burgundy in a 3XL but hopefully they will return! Until then you can find all 3 colours - Black, Burgundy and Teal at Top Vintage in a variety of sizes! I need one of each!

I'm very pleased to add yet another Elsa blouse to my collection. The Elsa is the best button up options for girls with large chests as it fits - yes it fits, plus it also provides a little coverage and a little skin showing at the same time.

The Haute Circle skirt has to be my all time favourite black skirt as it pairs with absolutely everything and drapes so beautifully.

There are a few more versions of this in store currently and I'm lusting after these :

Elena Blouse in Vintage Polka Dot Green - $60.00
Strawberry Fields Aline Skirt - Sold Out

When I saw these two stunning prints I instantly wanted to create a class with style and my oh my how it worked! Now as a long time fan of the Elsa blouse I've now become a fan of the Elena which is the same lower neckline button up blouse but without sleeves. It's the perfect summer version of the Elsa and rocks on my GG sized chest! I size up to the 1XL in all HOH button ups as it's more comfortable for my chest and I love that there is a brand who caters for larger chests and figures in such classic styles.

Sadly this stunning Strawberry fields printed a-line skirt sold out like hotcakes - such an adorable print was in high demand! But luckily there are heaps of other stunning prints in this flattering shape. From dark florals to bright prints you can find all of these styles shown bellow by clicking the link listed.
While the Elena in Vintage Green polka dot is out of stock you are spoilt for choice with all of other prints in this heavenly shape.

Elsa Blouse - Vintage Polka Dot Pink - $60.00

Crazy cat ladies of the world unite!! What's not to love about the El Gato carigan? I've been lusting after this whole range for a while now but I knew of all the pieces the adorable cropped cardigans would be perfect for my style. The fit is just below my bust and it really accentuates my curves wonderfully. After wearing this version I think I'll need the black and white stripe style ASAP! I'm wearing this style in and XL and the fit is perfection as the fabric is soft and stretchy.

Many thanks to L12 Photography for these shots! It's always a pleasure to work with Liz and I can't wait to shoot with her in the next few weeks!



Ruby Slippers, Planes and Lady Bugs

Each season Erstwilder outdo themselves with more unique and adorable designs and this past season I've been super into the Pinup Picnic, Beauty School and Happy Traveller ranges, filled with stunning styles we came to love from the previous seasons installments plus with a few new colour ways and new critters! 

I swear there is nothing better that arriving home to this polka dot covered box of brilliance and I was so excited to wear each and every one of these new styles. 

The raven haired original version of this brooch sold like hotcakes and when this adorable blonde was released I knew I wanted to stand apart from the crowd and try something a little lighter. This little lady is perfectly accessorized and inspires me with her outfit every time I wear her! I also love the mixture of colours here with a pale lilac as the skin tone, it really pops.

 Oh Lou-Lou you are one adorable little lady! I've been a mad fan of lady bugs since I was a little lady myself and I just adore their natural polka dot print. Lou-Lou is bold, cute and the perfect accessory for nearly all of my blouses and if you look closely you'll find one single sweetheart dot.

The team at Erstwilder are so creative and keep creating new and exciting forms of the traditional brooch. The Captain Cumulus brooch is a two piece style almost like a cardigan clip. The two individual pins give you complete placement control and looks amazing with winter tops in red, blue or yellow. I'm now searching for jackets and sweaters to wear this with as it's fantastic! It's super hard to choose just one from the Happy Traveler range and I have to admit that I'll be lusting after more of their vans, animals and airplanes as they are released.


Now lastly one of my stand out favourites from the entire catalogue - the Femme Fatale brooch. I have a collection, well a room full of heels and my favorites just so happen to be a super high pair of glittery red high heels. So why not pair my most loved heels with the most adorable brooch? This Femme now lives on my moto jacket and I love how the bold red shape and glitter effect makes her stand out on the black leather. 

I can't wait to see what the rest of the year holds for my beloved Erstwilder and I can't wait to share the newest ranges with you over the next few months. I was lucky enough to view the next few ranges and I can't wait to get my hands on some spooky and space age themed goodies!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Creep Heart

Are you ready for the cutest, quirkiest brooches known to mankind? Let me introduce you to Creep Heart! An Australian based accessories and art store filled with some of the sweetest and spookiest designs ever to grace brooches, pins, necklaces, earrings and more.

I've been smitten with their designs for a while now and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few of their most sweet designs. Now if you follow me on social media you will be well aware of the fact that I love pins and moto jackets. It's becoming and addiction and each of my motos has a specific theme. Designed by Ella Mobb, Creep Heart is a mix of haunting and romantic styles, featuring adorably spooky characters. I always get so excited when I can review and recommend brilliant local creatives and designers and I'm so happy to be sharing Ella's work with you!

A few months ago I scored this adorable red plaid jacket from Target, a gift from my awesome mother in law and when my Creep Heart order arrived I knew these would pair perfectly with the fabric. So this jacket instantly became my Creep Heart Moto!

Perfectly crafted and illustrated, each piece draws you in and you will fall in love with each of her little characters. Made from made from layered acrylic which creates an almost 3D effect. The detailing is amazing and every little feature draws your eye to the creature or object. From a tea toting bunny rabbit to a mail delivering kitten, how could you not instantly fall for these adorable creatures? Each animal is adorable and even her floral pins and accessories are amazing. I honestly wish I had 1000's to spend on her webstore as I'm loving her phone cases, printed artwork and all jewelry items. 


Be sure to check out Creep Heart's Instagram account and facebook to find out all of the latest news and sneaky previews of new stock. I'm eagerly waiting for her Halloween themed goodies to arrive as my horror Moto has a space ready for some new cuties! 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Vixen by Micheline Pitt

I'm super excited to be able to share this review with you guys!!!! As you may know I'm a mad fan of my friend Micheline Pitt's work and I just adore her quirky and spooky styling, be it personal or with her amazing artwork. 

Recently Micheline has released her own range 'Vixen by Micheline Pitt' and from the moment I saw the previews of these amazing t-shirts and some of her extended range I was first in line to pick up the first releases from her amazing new range. With the simple yet perfect 'Good things for bad girls' this range has me smitten like crazy. 

From amazingly comfortable casual tees and baseball tops to pencil skirts, peasant style blouses and amazing dresses. The full range when released will sell like hotcakes and I want every single piece! Plus being a pin addict like myself she is also releasing the most fabulous enamel pin sets and accessories and I can't wait to adorn my leather jackets with each and every pin. 

The first tee I purchased was the 'Not Today Satan' style in and XL. Featuring a famed southern phrase which one should live by daily. Fitting perfectly into the don't fuck with me bad girl chic style we've all come adore from Micheline this image is both adorable while still being a hard bad girl. 

Made in 100% cotton this scoop neck tee is super soft, stretchy and so comfortable. I chose the XL as I wanted to make sure my bust would fit perfectly and this size is perfect for fit with a little extra room around the hips and waist. As a bustier girl I tend to warp prints or crack images and this only happened in one area of the print. So I highly suggest you stick to your size and don't opt for smaller as it may not work print wise. The XL is perfect for my stats and I really love how easy to wear these tees are. 

They are designed in a way that flatters your shape and this is the one thing women lust after when it comes to tees. The scoop neckline adds the right amount of skin and compliments your bustline. I also love that this print is on a bold white tshirt as it works perfectly with my nearly all black casual wardrobe. This style will be released in black so if white is a little too bright for you be sure to snap the that colour up once released. 

Next I have the adorable 'My Hair is Full of Secrets' tee in pale pink! Inspired by the designer's own motto, so why say it when you can wear it. Available in this soft pale pink babydoll style tee a shade I never thought I'd ever look good in but I'm loving it. I'm so not a pink girl to be honest and I've always worn black, red and white whenever possible but I'm loving how this paler shade of pink works with my wardrobe and my colouring. It's even inspired me to want all of the other pink items in Micheline's range! 

What I love most about these styles is the location of the print. High up on the bust-line and perfectly placed so that you don't hide anything when you tuck these into your favourite pencil skirt. They work perfectly when tucked into high waisted style but still look amazing when worn long with modern jeans. I wear these tucked for evening and worn out over skinny jeans with my favourite cardigans or moto jackets for day wear.

So if you are a busty 16 I highly recommend the XL in the babydoll style and as I purchase more items I'll be sure to give you guys the low down on fit and sizing. These two tees will be coming with me on my travels next month as they are perfect for long haul flights and running about the US.

Be sure to follow all of Micheline's new work on Instagram, Facebook and make her Etsy store one of your favourites asap. Yiu'll get the low down on all of the stock to be released, behind the scenes shots and the product images the moment they are released! Currently you can pre order many of the next items to be released so pop over to Etsy and see just how many stunning pieces you will HAVE TO HAVE in your collection.

Many thanks to Damien Bowerman for snapping these brilliant images. I absolutely love creating art with Damien and he's rocked the pants off these images once again!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Oh Jenny

When you think of the perfect swing style skirt, what pops to mind? For me, it's the Jenny Skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing. This style is perfection and I've featured this so many times over the last year but I think my love has grown as more and more prints are released in this super flattering shape.

So I took my current favourites out for a spin with the amazing Damien Bowerman and snapped what has to hands down be one of my all time favourite outfits from Pinup Girl Clothing.

Now as soon as you mention the Jenny skirts these days, there can be a little bit of confusion when it comes to sizes. I will admit when ordering these two styles I asked for some extra advice from Customer Service and double checked the size chart.

Currently my waist is 34 inches and I actually had to purchase two different sizes in this style! Now over the years I've worn everything from and Large to and 2XL but the reason for the variety of sizes is usually due to the fabric and how much it stretches. But for these I strongly suggest looking at the size chart to find the right fit.

Doris Top in Black - Sold Out

From the moment I laid eyes on this amazing Stephanie Buscema print I was in love and while I wanted the Jenny Dress in the Music Border print I opted to go for the skirt option as it's much more versatile. Then just as I dreamed this print is simply stunning in person!

While I'd usually opt for a XL I actually sized up in this style to a 2XL as the waist measurement on the XL only went up to 31 inches. The 2XL fits a waist of 33-34 inches and this is perfect with or without a corset (I'm wearing my orchard corset long line underbust in these images) It fits comfortably with a little room to move and due to the very limited stretch I'm glad I went up as size as an XL would never have zipped up!

What I love most about this skirt is the border style print and how gracefully it falls without a petticoat. The colours featured also offer you no fuss styling options, as you can pair this Jenny with every colour featured as well as black as I have with my Doris Top. The Doris top has currently sold out and I'm not sure if it will return but fingers crossed it will, as it's the best for a large chest! Mine got a whole lot larger over the last few years and yet Doris tops still rock with my curves!

A vintage floral print mixed in with spider webs? Shut up and take my money!!!!! I'm smitten with this mixture of vintage florals on a navy base and that extra addition of a spooky theme with the bright white webs.

For this Jenny I actually ordered my usual size of an XL as the size chart listed the maximum waist as 34 inches. This is a great fit but a little firmer than the other Jenny shown above as it seems to possibly have an inch less give. Between the two I'm more of a fan of the Musical Border style but this, when worn a few times, gives a little and will be super comfortable. Both of these stunning styles will be coming with me on my August trip to the US and I can't wait to style them with more blouses and summer tops!

So I advise you STRONGLY to be sure to check the size chart, double check your measurements and if you have any doubts pop on over to the Pinup Girl Lounge on Facebook or contact Customer Service directly through the website. With so many people around to give you advice you'll never have any fit issues again!

Now I also have the matching Turban but I will be saving that for some in studio shots with the amazing black Peasant Top! I wanted to shoot them together but I'm loving the idea of some bold studio portraits with both of these items. I'm thinking of something a little creative and magical maybe? Once again, many thanks to Damien Bowerman for these amazing images. He always seems to bring out the best in me.