Monday, April 9, 2018

Lets Do The Time Warp Again

What's this a new Erstwilder release? But Teer you only released your Treasure Island blog last week, it's almost like a double feature.......

Ok, ok I know that was a lame joke but I could not help myself! Today I'm super excited to share the latest and greatest release EVER from Erstwilder - The Rocky Horror Picture Show range!!!!!! Full of every character and visual you'll ever need or want from this amazing musical. They have everything from multiple Dr Frankenfuter to those iconic lips and phrases. 

I had the pleasure for shooting my three favourite pieces from this collection this week and I'm loving the different ways that have created iconic visually stunning pieces to represent this film.

Dr. Frank Brooch - $39.95

Firstly we have the Sweet Transvestite, from transsexual, Transylvania! Oh Frankie you are pure magic with those brows, that lippie and a golden sparkled hair do.


Such a brilliant portrait of Dr. Frank with the perfect amount of style, sass and sparkle. This piece even features the iconic white pearl necklace and of course I needed to pair this with my own leather jacket.

Wild and Untamed - $39.95

I think this might just be one of my all time favourite pieces to be released from Erstwilder. While I adore Frankie, there is something so 'me' about the Wild and Untamed brooch. I'm a sucker for a bold red heart in general the fact that Erstwilder have turned Dr. Frankenfurter's own tattoo into the real-life piece is nothing short of magic.

The mixed blood inspired resin, that word and the two perfect blood droplets have me swooning.

I honestly can't get enough of this heart brooch and I think I'll be wearing it weekly with skater dresses and lots of striped tops. The red will pop perfectly on all of my Vixen blouses.

Damn It Janet Necklace - $44.95

Lastly we have the Damn It Janet necklace. While most people would instantly go for the full rocky horror necklace or the fishnet legs could not go past this piece.

Such an iconic phrase in an adorable statement necklace! This piece stands out from the rest of the range with the use of yellow and soft pastels - perfect for the uber sweet and so called innocent Janet we first meet in the film.

These are merely a taste of the Rock Horror Picture Show range and you can find these and more via Erswilder's website.  Each piece perfectly captures the magic of the film and will have you singing your favourite tunes all day long .

I have a lot of love for the original motion picture soundtrack but I think The Me First and the Gimme Gimmes version of Double Feature is a brilliant punk rock cover. Enjoy!


Fancy Fans

For years I've been collection hand fans and they are one of my essential hand bag items for hot Aussie summers, crowded gigs and events. There is nothing worse that over heating when you have a full face of makeup so why not protect all that hard work with a fancy fan.

From the moment I saw the selection of stunning prints and colours at Fancy Fan's Etsy store I knew that these would be a must have all year round accessory for me. The first to stand out to me was the pinup retro print - Stay Cool, Look Hot! This adorable and cheeky print was perfect for pairing with pinup looks and has kept me cool all summer long. From outdoor festivals to hot band rooms, I've kept my cool and looked cute as a button with this fan.


Originally seen on Christina Aguilera as she judges The Voice this bright retro style really pops and pairs with my looks so well. Now in the past I've purchased some cheap and very flimsy hand fans and they always seem to last one night and then break apart.


What makes Fancy Fans so reliable, and long lasting is the attention to detail in the design, strong materials and their own personal carry bag to protect the fan when it's placed in a purse. I've tested this over and over again and it's still as perfect as the day it arrived.

Do you want to snap this fan up? Well, this month Fancy Fans are having a 50% off fan of the month deal so the price has been slashed in half! Now if that's not the perfect excuse to add this adorable piece to your collection I don't know what is.

I'm so smitten with this piece and in the next few weeks I'll be reviewing more fans and holding a competition for one of my brilliant readers to win their very own fancy fans! 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Slip into Bella Bodies

It's a new year and I'm in need of new shapewear. So instead of trying various brands only to find out I've wasted my money on flimsy over priced products I've headed back to my loves Bella Bodies to try their amazing slip dress.

Now this is not a boring and standard blog review about shapewear - nope, not at all. Today I wanted to focus on and share what I wear under my outfits when shooting each and every look. I tend to use 2 main shapewear items when shooting - slips or high waisted underwear. For this months shoots I've opted for the ....bella slip.

With many dresses and skirts hitting the knew or below I can wear this slip with out any issues and if by chance a little lace peaks through well that's even better. I wear the VV - Very Voluptuous and the fit is firm yet breathable, smoothing and really compliments your shape instead of squishing your hips or bust. As a H cup I can safely say that my bust works with this style as the stretchy fabric covers a fair amount of my bra but not all.

I actually like the firming effect that the bust has on my bra and this works perfectly with specific outfits like wiggle dresses or skirts. As I live in my under bust corset on photo shoots I tend to wear slip 2 ways. Over for smoothing of the panels and lines or under to give a firm base. Either way works but I tend to love it more when worn over as it really compliments my shape. Bra - corset - bella bodies : 3 layers that work in perfect harmony to give me confidence and great shape.

I'll be sharing more of these 'what's under' reviews with you over the next few months and if there is a style or item you'd like me to feature please leave a comment below.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Treasure Island

My two favourite Aussie labels have teamed up once again!! The creative geniuses at Dangerfield and Erstwilder have created a pirate's dream with their new collaboration Treasure Island. Packed to the sails with the most adorable selection of crazy sea fairing folk and treasures. Each with a unique or cute spin on the theme.

For this post I wanted to share my top 3 favourite pieces paired with the cutest print in the land - X Marks The Spot a new casual frock from Dangerfield.

When I received a sneaky preview of these pieces Charlotte of the Sea instantly stood out to me. A stunning wench with flowing raven locks, big red roses and pirate perfect accessories. 

The colours used within the enamel are rich and dark and her look almost a pirate pinup. Charlotte was obviously my style influence for this shoot.

Now I need to get my hands on her accessories and hat get some dress up party invites! 

A Treasure Island themed post would not be complete without a Pirate and Edward really is an exceptional fella. It's clear that my styling tips for this whole shoot were half Charlotte and half Edward and I love the results. 


 Edward is a super stylish salty sea legged pirate with some serious styling sass. Golden rings adorn his beard and a  sleek eye patch and hat combo finish off his look. Obviously I needed to rock the patch as well because who does not love an excuse to wear an eye patch?

Now I tend to wear lots of red and I always worry that a brooch with a lot of red or black might not pop on my frocks and tops but this really works with all shades or red. I'm not sure who I love more the pirate or the wench. 

Lastly a bootylicious chest of treasure - there are so many boobie jokes I can make right now but I'll let them slide cause this is all about the booty! What's the most important part of Treasure Island? The booty and this chest is pull of sparkling amazing bling. 

Pearls, diamonds, emeralds and rubies adorn this treasure chest and they pop perfectly on the gold/ and red base. 

I absolutely the way this piece pops on both blue and red. The mixture of colours are completely different from the first two pieces and I love how this pairs with so many different looks. 

From brooches to frocks! Time to talk about this amazing new X Marks The Spot Dress from Dangerfield. The perfect print to pair with each and every piece from this range this super soft and lightweight dress features a faux button up bust and an invisible back zip. A waist belt in the same fabric, capped sleeve and V-neck. 

I'm wearing the 18 and it fits like a dream! So comfortable and easy to wear all year round. I own this exact style in a bat print and skeleton seahorse print and I wear these on rotation at work as they give great coverage and fit so perfectly.

The fabric has a little stretch and the print - oh my gosh it's pure magic!! A literal treasure map on your body I never knew I needed this fabric until now and I don't know how I ever lived without it! 

The full range of Treasure Island goodies are available at both Dangerfield and Erstwilder's online stores! So be sure to snap up the collection and an amazing outfit to match. There are more pieces inspired by the brooches so be sure to check out each and every piece.

Dangerfield are currently having a sale so you can snap up the pirate themed range with an amazing discount!

Jay wears the Black Friday Bat Tee 

Manyt hanks to my husband Jay for snapping these images and being a pirate dork with me. Gotta love it when your photographer wears the brand you are reviewing!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

La Femme En Noir

The dream team of Lynh Haag & Micheline Pitt are the amazing brains and bods behind La Femme En Noir - A glam gothic dream! Finally a brand that focuses on all things black and gothic with strong and striking designs to warm your black heart.

Designed and made in LA, La Femme En Noir focuses on lush fabrics and amazingly designed items that compliment your figure. Micheline and Lynh have finally created all of those garments we've been dreaming about for years.

From the moment this label was announced I knew that I needed one if not the whole range but which? I sadly missed out on my most lusted after piece - The Southern Gothic Skirt and Vamp Batwing Sunglasses on the first release round but I know I'll be able to snap these up in the future. But next on my list was the full length gothic gown of my dreams.

Every girl needs a wrap dress, It's fashion 101, but it's clear now that every woman needs a wrap gown. Do you want to feel like a total vamp, dressed to the nines yet feel more comfortable that wearing your favourite robe or pjs? Well, the Black Widow Wrap Gown is for you. The fabric and lining is a knit of 92% poly with 8% spandex and this fabric is an absolute dream to wear. So soft and comfortable flowing yet falls beautifully.
Being a wrap this dress really accentuates a curvy figure and shows off all of your best assets. Featuring amazing and huge bishop sleeves, an internal grosgrain ribbon tie and button closure and a sash designed to cinch in your waist. A perfectly glam gothic gown for all occasions. I've worn this out for cocktails but it can go from day to night with accessories and shoes. .

I'm wearing the Black Widow dress in a 2XL but due to the fabric I would prefer a size smaller as it gave me lots of room in the bust and even a little in the waist. So I you are between sizes and want this style in solid black size down. The black widow is also available in a stunning black lace version but there is limited stretch in that fabric so stick to your usual sizing.
Accessory wise I wanted to keep it simple yet stunning so the matching Black Widow Spider brooch was the obvious choice. A simply stunning piece that sparkles like crazy and completes this look perfectly. I also love adding this brooch to my moto jackets, cardigans and blouses. The size of this piece is brilliant, and it really is an amazing statement piece.
I can't wait to see what the future holds for this label and to add more gothic glam styles to my collection. Thank you Micheline and Lynh for giving the gothic pinup girls of the world the perfect wardrobe staples.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dotty For Dangerfield!

When it comes, two prints polka dots is my absolute favourite and the amazing crew at Dangerfield have created some of the cutest pieces in my beloved print in the most curve friendly styles.

Maroon and White are usually not my go to combo but there is something magical about the Another Day top. Featuring a capped sleeve, a high neckline and button up front all topped off with a darling bow. I usually fear that most mainstream tops won't button up over the twins but this fits perfect at the bust with lots of room at the waist.
This year I've tried to be brave about my upper arms. I honestly have so many issues with them size wise so I constantly wear cardigans to hide them but for this blouse I had to show the sleeve and proper fit. This top is perfect for work or play and pairs perfectly with high waisted skirts, jeans and more. I'm wearing this in an 18 and I love the fit. So if you are busty, this is the top for you.
Now lets chat about this adorable little black skirt! A skater style with braces that hits the mid thigh and flatters my figure perfectly. I was silly and did not get a full-length photo but as you can see it's a brilliant fit and I can't wait to pair it with everything in my wardrobe and tights in the winter. The size 18 is a firm fit as the waist band is strong and thick. Featuring a back zip and button closure so I will hit you at the small of your waist and make those curves pop! The braces can be worn over the breast or to the size and can be crossed at the back traditionally if they are too long for you. I'm already wearing this one constantly and hope to see more winter colours released in this style.



Next a frock style that I will purchase with each and every print release. I have a stunning cat print and the cottage rose in this cut and it's my go to dress every day of the week. I have 4 in total and just need 3 more to make my week complete.
The Another Day Dress is fits like dream with a structured bust, bow detailing (I'm such a sucker for a bow) fitted waist and flowing skirt. In an 18 the fit is currently super comfortable but the waist is really roomy so I could possibly even go down one size but for now I'll stick to the 18 for the twins
I actually planned to shoot the Black Version of this dress but I mistook it with another polka dot printed item when packing for the photo shoot so my earlier purchase of the green version stepped up and rocked it!  You can also snap this style up in the same maroon as the blouse at the start of this review.

I've paired this with my trusty Dangerfield denim jacket and I love the 90s vibe it creates. While this style is sold out you can pick up the new pirate themed version in store and online now. It's a lighter shade but the same fit and has the cutest pirate fox on the back. Fit wise I tend to wear most items in 18 and cardigans or stretchy items in a 16.

I can't wait to see what's in store for the next season from my favourite Aussie designers and I can't wait to shoot and share more with you this year!  

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Velvet Starlet

While it's the middle of Summer, I'm shooting, dreaming and planning all of my outfit for the two seasons and this year I'm absolutely crazy for Velvet. Luckily Micheline Pitt has created some of the most stunning winter styles in blue, black, hot pink and leopard print.

Being unsure of the fit on the Starlet, I originally thought that the 2XL would be the perfect fit for my curves. Once the Starlet in Blue arrived it fit zipped up with ease and I felt that the fit was a little loose. While this style is designed to have a tulip style skirt and flawless drape I'm actually not sure it 100% suited my body shape in the 2XL and the sleeves and bust seem to be a little big on me as the plus velvet is very stretchy. While this is the indented look, I felt that if the skirt was a little firmer and tighter I'd feel more comfortable and it turns out I was right.



The Starlet is a stunning cocktail dress with a built-in understructure made of high quality ponte, that is fused and tailored to accentuate your curves. The exterior is made of a plush stretch velvet that feels so smooth and soft you'll not be able to stop touching it!


Now lets chat about fit! With the 2XL the original drape design is very visible and creates some amazing curves. The drape also hides any tummy flaws and really flatters my mid section. The Blue Starlet is directly from the Vixen webstore and the price is listed in Australian dollars. Just look at the texture and how the light hits the fabric. It's pure magic!

For the Leopard print version this drape is less apparent as but it hugs your curves and really makes them pop. The print also hides any tummy flaws and I'm smitten with the 3/4 sleeve. I'm very much so a 2XL these days but the fit on the XL is perfection and I'm in need of the black velvet version.




The only issue I have with the XL is the fact that they belt will not fit me currently but this is easily fixed with my Troublemaker Wiggle belt or any other style in black. Hopefully, the fit will be very similar in the swing styles as I'm dying to get both the black and green in the Starlet Swings.

Micheline's version of Leopard print is pure magic on everyone, and I can't get enough of it. Next on my lust list - The Leopard Sweetheart Dress! 

Wrap Top in Black Velvet - $74.95

Next a style I've been lusting after ever since the sneaky previews popped up - the Wrap! A boobie loving, stunning wrap top with an extra long tie. A crop style that can be worn with high waisted wiggles, pants and swing style skirt and can even double ups as a wrap cardigan.

I've paired my wrap with my favourite Collectif Piano swing and I love how the two work together. As my husband stated this is a very 'Teer' outfit and I complete agree as I could live in this day and night. I feel so in love with this wrap top that I purchased the blue version and a circle skirt from the current Vixen range straight after this shoot.

Size wise I stuck with the 2XL as I'm very busty and the coverage can be changed to suit both your own comfort levels and modesty. I'm wearing this rather tight for these images but I can't wait to pair this with a cage bra and show a little more skin. If I get a chance, I'll be sure to shoot the blue version with amazing black lingerie beneath. For the skirt I'm wearing a UK16, and it's a tight fit but I can wear both 16 and 18's in their range.

Both the Leopard Starlet and the Black Wrap top are from Natasha Marie Clothing who is my go to reseller of all things Micheline Pitt related! They have the biggest and best range in Australia!