Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Dark Dead Sea

Since the arrival of Hell Bunny's darker gothic themed clothing range, Spin Doctor, I've been absolutely in love. This range is always full of amazing fits, great flowing fabrics and the most amazingly detailed prints. 

Last season I fell hard for print in all styles but this season I've gone gaga for everything! So get ready for a long read, lots of pictures and some Stevie Nicks realness.

Griselda Mini Dress - $69.95 (Australian seller)
Bat Choker Black - $29.95
Sonsee Opaque 100 Denier Full Tights in Black - $34.95

Spin Doctor are killing it this season with mini dresses and the Griselda is absolutely stunning. It's fully lined so there's no need to worry about black bras, stockings or underwear. A float chiffon fabric with sheer flare sleeve and black faggoting on the elbows.

The fabric is an all over print featuring skeletons, roses, spiders, moths, rib cages and webs. Usually these kinds of images can be really bold and brash but due to the white fabric it looks soft and almost floral. 

This style has a fitted bustline and flows direct down from this section. I tend to no matter what size be it an XL or a 2XL not completely fit into the bust section but the print makes that a non issue as it's all all over design. I do think a little more space is needed in the plus sizes for the bust as I've always had this issue and I'd love all my boobies to fit in! But this has not stopped me wearing this dress for one second! 

I'm wearing a 2XL and the fit is post on. Firm around the waist and arms so it really holds you perfectly in pace. This dress though structured is so comfortable and is a winter staple. The thickness of the fabric seems to be more summer related but due to the lining you can pair this with stockings and coats all winter. 

Accessory wise I knew EXACTLY how I wanted to style the Griselda. I ordered this amazing bat choker in black and purple from Tragic beautiful and I love how well it pairs with the colours featured in the fabric. 

This choker is lightweight and easy to wear yet looks super expensive. The bold purple jewel really pops and for a little extra oomph I also paired this with my new Restyle Diabolical and Rose headband. I already own the deer antlers version of this and I've used it in many shoots so I wanted something a little bit more evil priestess looking. These two pieces pair perfectly together and look like they were made for all of the outfits in this shoot. 

 RENAISSANCE MINI DRESS - £44.99 (Spindoctor Webstore)
RENAISSANCE MINI DRESS - $74.95  (Australian seller)

Now this is a style I did not think would really work for me but after seeing these results I love it! The renaissance mini is a short sleeve little number with an empire waist and and a ruffle capped sleeve. While there is a sectioned bust there is less of a fit issue as this dress has a higher neckline. 

I'm wearing every style in this review in a size 2XL and this specific dress is perfect. From the waist to the bust, arms etc everything is perfect. The cut of this mini almost reminds me of 60's nighties so I can't wait to see future fabrics in this exact cut. 

Lined only in the bust but featured a black so you won't have an sheerness issues. The print features images from a classic Renaissance painting and the soft colours and all those renaissance details make this a collectible print. I'd absolutely love this in a pussy bow top or full skirt. 

DARK SEA MAXI DRESS - £62.99 (Spindoctor Webstore)
Dark Sea Maxi Dress - $99.95 (Australian Seller)

Oh how I adore a maxi. There is something magical about a maxi and even more so when it features bold flared sleeves. I have 3 Spin Doctor dresses with this exact sleeve and it's the most flattering and comfortable style in my collection.

This fabric can we please get everything on earth created in this fabric! The print features sirens, skeletons, sea horses and sea shells on a filigree and star background. In maxi form this fabric looks almost like a starry sky but when you look close you'll see all the amazing details. 

I wear maxi's all summer but I've been looking for more styles to pair with stockings and boots in winter and this maxi is the perfect winter version. Style it with your favourite Hell Bunny coats or amazing black chunky knits, cardigans and faux fur vests. 

The bust and sleeve on this maxi is exactly like the fist mini dress but the darker fabric makes any visible sign of bust line issues disappear. 

With a lined bust and inbuilt black slip dress you will be able to show a little leg through the sheerness. I love the fit of every garment in this post and I'm really loving Spin Doctors range and the variety that comes with each season. 


I paired this look with these amazing black glitter Pentagram earrings and I just love how much they pop on my ivory skin. I'm such a sucker for a pentagram. I snapped these up at Tragic beautiful but they seem to be sold out!

Because of our location and the smoke I did not have a the ability to show my two favourite accessories used in this shoot but luckily I snuck down an alley way on the way home and captures these amazing boots and my new go to hand bag.

EVE BAG  - $57.95

This purse, these boots oh my lordy!! I'm a huge fan of Poizen Industries hand bags as I use the knuckle duster purse daily so when I saw the EVE bag at Tragic Beautiful I had to snap it up. Full of bold silver buckles and rivets and is the perfect style for daily use as it fits everything I could possibly need. The strap is long enough to fit comfortably on your shoulder and I just loved how bold this looks with all these looks. 

My shoe of choice for all of these outfits was the Demonia MUERTO-900 Black Vegan Leather Boot from my beloved ShoeMe.  I've been eyeing these ankle boots of for a while now and I have to say they are even more amazing visually in person than a camera can ever possibly capture. 

A Moto Ankle Boot Featuring Double Skull Buckle Straps and Studs on Heel and Pewter Chrome Plated Bottom, Metal Inner Side Zip5 1/2", Finger Bone Heel and a 1 1/2" platform. 

Such a sleek and sexy boot with just the right amount of silver and that bone finger heel is freaking yummy. I'm wearing these in a size 11 but I usually wear Demonia shoes in a 10US. The fit is roomy but this is easily fixed with inserts or thicker socks. These babies though beautiful are not an all day shoe for me as I need a little more platform for comfort. But hell half of the time we wear shoes for the visual effect and less for all day comfort so these amazing booties will be worn again but not on the dance floor. 

They also look amazing when paired with my all time favourite Sonsee black stockings and with my grey and brown versions of these exact stockings. I'll be testing these with super skinny jeans next and I think they'll look absolutely amazing. 

Just look at those skulls and that finger bone - PERFECTION!

Many thanks to my amazing Photographer Damien Bowerman for shooting these amazing looks and for creating some moody magic with the awesome ColouredSmoke.com.au . We used the Red CS-60g from the mixed set and the effect was long-lasting, We got to shoot heaps of images within the three to four minutes that it lasted and the effects - well, you can see - they're visually stunning.

I'm officially addicted to smoke bombs when shooting!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Inspired Insanity

You may have heard the name Inspired Insanity before on my blog as I've linked to their stunning selection of petticoats and cardigans over the last few years. But recently they have actually started their own line of garments and I'm absolutely smitten with the fabrics and cuts!

From sweet florals to flamingos, skulls to strawberries and my absolute favorite - death moths! 

Peasant style swing dresses have always had a spot in my heart and the Butterfly Effect tea dress is amazing - full skirted so you can twirl all day long, fitted at the bust and waist to really accentuate your curves. I'm wearing the size 18 to accommodate my bust and it works out to be a fit much like the 2XL in Hell Bunny. The waist has a little bit of room and the fabric minimal stretch so be sure to accommodate your bust then tailor the waist if need be. I find right now I get perfect fit on my waist at times but then it's looser at the waist but for this style I'm loving the fit. 

I did have some issues with the zip at one point but the staff at Inspired insanity were very fast to send me a replacement and fix the situation with ease. They were so sweet and happy to help which just what you want out of your shopping experience. 

This print - pure magic! Full of Death moths/butterflies and lots of skulls! It's dark and spooky so obviously I adore it! 

Next I have one of my all time favourite winter coats from Hell Bunny! If you've followed this blog for a few years you might have noticed I have a huge HB coat collection and once I own one I usually order every colour way. For many years the Shonna fur deep v neckline coat was my go to but this year I've snapped up the Mikaela and it's perfect!

A swing almost nautical winter themed coat (is that a thing, well if it's not I just created it) with bold black faux fur cuffs and hood! The black velvet border trim, pockets and bold waist panel make this the prefect coat for curves as it draws the eye to the small of your waist and has a belt like effect.

While most of my coat are red or black I can't say no to teal as it's perfectly paired with my red hair and this specific shade of teal is absolutely delicious.

Size wise I opted for the 2XL as these boobies need heap of room. This style buttons up with ease and as the arms are super roomy as is the waist. You can layer up like crazy beneath as there is room for a thick cardigan or dress in these sleeves.

I wanted to shoot this coat with a little more neck and boobie showing as sometimes a full button up can shorten my favourite features. The length is covers your toosh and pairs perfectly with skirts, frocks and jeans. I can't wait to style this when it gets super chilly!

For this look I wanted a pair of gloves that really pop so I chose my beloved black and lilac polka dot leather gloves from Have to Have.  These really pop against the teal and look amazing. These have become my go to glove each winter and they are they last forever.

Many thanks to the amazing Julz Photography for snapping these shot of me! I can't wait to plan our next shoot!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

All The Colours! All the Prints!

This year I'm going nutty for colour and prints, trying new shapes and styles and colour combos I'd usually not be bold or brave enough to wear. Now instead of repeating myself again and again in this post I will just get it out of the way right now - HELL BUNNY! Please make more prints in each of these dress styles as they are PERFECT!

MONTE CARLO MINI DRESS - $91.99 (Worldwide HQ website)
MONTE CARLO MINI DRESS  - $59.95 (Australian based shop)
Sportsgirl thick western belt - $24.95

This mini dress is a completely new style for me to try as are all of the frocks in this post. As an avid collector of peasant style tops and dresses I knew I needed to try this amazing style in the bold and beautiful Monte Carlo print and now that I have I'm swooning.
The Monte Carlo dress is amazing! With a short peasant sleeve which can be worn off the shoulder or as I've modeled it as a square neckline, fitted bust and A-Line skirt it's the dress of my dreams. What's featured in the print? Well lets ask what's not featured!! Full of iconic images of tropical village, casino and lots of bright splashes of colour. This print has been so popular this season both in this mini style and the other 50's style swing dress and skirt.

I'm wearing this style in a 2XL and it fits my bust perfectly and has lots of room at the waist. I love the fit on my bust however so with the addition of a waist belt the waist line is perfect. The length is perfect for summer yet a little shorter than what I usually choose as it is a 'mini dress' but it's in no way a super mini as it hits just above my knees and really flatters my shape. I've been wearing this style through autumn and even on those random warmer winter days as it pairs perfectly with all of my Hell Bunny cardigans. 

I just adore how bright this print is and how perfectly it pairs with solid black or red accessories. My Passion Earrings from Reverefolie match this fabric so well and I now I'm hunting for more colours and hoops in their store to suit all my new Hell Bunny options.

You will notice the bust has a peekaboo feature this is actually an awesome feature as it give more room in the bust. Be sure to pair this frock with the right bra - I've opted for a black lace style as it will be show.

Now after my plea at the start of this post I thought I'd double check and see if this mini style is available in any other prints and it is!! I need to get my hands on the Tutti Frutti and Sunshine versions! 

LULU DRESS - $115.99 (Worldwide HQ website)

Now for my absolute favourite colour combination - black and red. There is something so classic and appealing about wearing these shades together and the Lulu dress was born to be paired with a bright red cardigan or bolero.

Let's just gush over the Lulu for a moment. With a full swing skirt, structured bust, faux button up front and floral embroidery this dress is both classic and super sexy. I noticed this style a while back when a navy blue nautical themed version was released and I was very interested to try it but I tend to steer clear of blue as I don't get much wear out of it.

So when Lulu was released I had to have here asap! What I love most about this style has to be the fit at the bust as waist as it's made to really hug your curves and make your hourglass shape POP! The addition floral embroidery gives that vintage feel and the bright red buttons make your body appear longer and leaner. I'm wearing this style in a 2XL and I think I'm right on the cusp or and XL and a 2XL in all of these dresses as this again is roomy but not too roomy. This is also a standard length and it hits straight on the bottom of my knee naturally. 

I've paired Lulu with my amazing bright red Sweet Sweater from Heart of Haute which is a wardrobe staple. The shape hugs the bust line and really compliments my figure. I wear this sweater in a size XL.

Warning - colour explosion ahead!!! It seems I'm a sucker for fruit printed fabrics and accessories but how can you not fall in love with all those bright yummy goodies?

This look is a classic Hell Bunny swing style skirt paired with the Paloma cardigan which is a new style for me! I wear both in a 2XL and the skirt is perfect at the waist while the cardigan is super stretchy and have heaps of give. I know I could have paired this style with just any old basic black top and petticoat but honestly this print deserves so much more so I opted to wear the the Tutti Frutti with the fabulous Circus Petticoat from Two Lippy Ladies. This petticoat is pure magic with amazing multicolored layered ruffles at the base of a white full and fluffy petticoat. Because this is a border coloured petticoat the shades pop more so on the white and believe me you'll find it hard not to want to flash a little bit of this baby when you wear it. I can't wait to shoot this more and find more amazing items to match.

If you are not a huge fan of the brighter shades there is a Unicorn version as well which uses pastel colours. I have this petticoat in a M/L and its super stretchy so I could have easily worn the size down. But be sure to check your waist measurements before purchasing.

How can you not fall for this print? Those colours just pope and when paired with the Teal cardigan it really comes together perfectly. This skirt is shown with a petticoat underneath for extra volume but this style still has heaps of shape when worn without. If you have a 34 to 36 inch waist I highly suggest the 2XL as the fit is perfect. 

I also wish that I had found this range of cardigans much sooner as the colour options are amazing. From basic black to red, green, pink, mint, blue and more, you'll never have any issues pairing the prints at Hell Bunny with this selection.

If you love this print as much as I do, you can pick up tops, dresses and even swimwear to add to your collection in Tutti Frutti! 

SOMERSET 50'S SKIRT - $85.99 (Worldwide HQ website)

Same look but a different skirt and this outfit just proves how versatile and amazing the teal cardigan really is. Now this skirt shocked my husband when I first unpacked it as the bright orange colour was not something both he and myself thought would suit me. But there was just something special about the peach and floral print and I a knew I had to be brave and try it.

I'm so glad I did as this skirt is amazing!!! A country print perfect for picnics and those stunning summer days that I'm currently dreaming of. This skirt is a size 2XL but I found this one to be much more roomy than the Tutti Frutti even a little too big for me. But my trusty belt and some sneaky back tucking fixed this. This style is also available in a blue background fabric and you can find this in tops and dresses. 

The teal and orange were a match made in heaven as you can see and I don't think I can wear these two separately ever again. I think the Somerset Top is a must have to pair with this skirt as it will give the shape of the Monte Carlo dress but will still be interchangeable pieces!

BRIDGET MINI DRESS - $101.99 (Worldwide HQ website) 
BRIDGET MINI DRESS - $64.95(Australian website)

Lastly we have the adorable and waist hugging Bridget Dress. I may own way too much gingham but baby I don't give a damn!!! The Bridget mini is actually something I've had my eye on for a while but in the original black and red polka dot print. I missed my chance to snap that version up so when I saw that a gingham Bridget had been released I had to snap it up.

I'm so glad I did as its perfect!! A bold bustline with faux buttons, front pockets (yes real functioning pockets yippee!) and side sheering so it mold to your curves. This style is a mini like the first dress so it hits just a little above the knee and is great for showing your pins without showing all of your toosh as I tend to have that issue with mini's. The fit of the straps and side stretchy panels make this a perfect fit no matter what size or shape you might be. It's going to flatter all figured for a busy girl like myself it gives me heaps of room to work with at the bust and more so at the waist. I'm wearing the 2XL and its great. If I loose a few more kilos I'd drop down to the XL as the sides will give and fit perfectly.

I get so many compliments every time I wear this out so the love for Bridget is worldwide! I had to do the 'pocket pose' for this as I really love the bold black details and how all of these dresses have pockets! As you can see the red cardigan suits this style perfectly and I can't wait to try it with my Blue Sweet Sweater or even black!

Many thanks to the amazing Damien Bowerman for these shots and for rocking Sassafras with me! I can't wait to share the darker Gothic images we shot next week so keep your eyes peeled!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Oh Deerest

Another week has passed and I could not keep the other images from my Dangerfield/Revival Macedon photo shoot to myself for any longer. 

For this post I wanted to feature one of my favourite current season cardigans worn in two different ways.  I'm 100% addicted to the knitwear section of Dangerfield and I love these for everyday wear. My collection keeps growing every month as new designs, new embroidery and amazing shapes are released.

I think the designers at HQ know my taste for woodland prints a little too well as they are spoiling me for choice this season! I've taken the Green Woodlands cardigan in a size 16 (super stretchy, warm and soft) and paired it with the amazing Oh Deerest dress.

The Oh Deerest dress is fully lined stunning in shape and as roomy cap sleeves a fitted waist, faux button up bust and a full skirt. To accommodate my bust I order an 18 in the dresses but the fit on this style is that roomy that I could have easily sized down to the 16. It's very, very roomy at the waist and bust but this is fixed with a waist belt. The armholes on the cap sleeve are great as well as they have heaps of room and don't dig in or cut your upper arm off in any way. 

The skirt on this style flows so perfectly and it's a dream to wear to work or out casually. The high bustline works perfectly for busty girls showing a little skin while still covering up. The fabric is a mixture of cotton and lined which created a lightweight flowing skirt perfect to be worn all year round. 

How amazing is this print? Featuring little grassy plains, trees, deer and if you know me well you'll know just how much I love a deer print! The natural beige fabric also makes the print pop really well and when paired with a similar color in the Woodland Cardigan as they are very close to being the same shade of green. 

This cardigan is amazingly soft and a joy to wear, with the perfect chest and waist hugging fit I've come to love from Dangerfield's knitwear.  The little embroidery details that make my heart swoon. With this outfit you the main focus is the dress and the cardigan is used for layering so the focus is on the colour and how well it pairs with the Deerest dress. 

The second look focuses more on the cardigan's shape and the embroidered pockets. In the first look when worn loosely the amazing embroidered  bears are not visible so for this look I wanted the cardigan to really be one of the main features as well as the skirt.

Lets just take a moment to gush over this winter a line skirt made from a 100% cotton that have a little stretch and is so cosy and warm. Complete with a prancing winter themed deer border that makes me swoon. Each deer has flowers entwined in their antlers and a little bird! It's these little features and attention to detail that make me love Dangerfield's prints and cardigans.

I'm wearing this skirt in a size 18 and I find the fit is perfect on my waistline right now. It sits at the highest part of my waist and skims over my hips to really flatter my shape. This style also looks great when you tuck in any top or bodysuit and really gives you amazing curves as it brings the focus to the small of your waist and you bust - so if you are hourglass shaped this is the skirt for you!

I wear all Dangerfield/Revival cardgians in a size 16 and as you can see there is no stress on the buttons and it does up perfectly. I tend to leave a button or two open though to show a little more skin but this specific cardi buttons up with absolute ease.

This shade of green is absolutely perfect when paired with the charcoal cotton skirt but the colour pairings are endless. From basic black to red, mustard or even plum you will have a ball pairing tops and cardigans with this skirt. Be it a solid colour dress or pussy bow blouse or a print you can find so many amazing items to pair with this cardi and now I think I need the Oh Deerest blouse to wear with this 2nd look.

I wanted to keep my accessories a little more simple for this set so I paired these looks with my grey angora beret and one of my all time favourite Classic Hardwear necklaces. I love how perfectly these two pieces pull both looks together and how well suited the stag gothic style necklace is to the Enchanted Skirt.

Finally the cherry on top has to be the best way to keep warm this winter - super soft, never snag or rip black stockings from Sonsee! I've tried these babies all year and now I can't wear anything else but Sonsee! Made for curves these tights are a dream to wear and will last you many winters.

I wear the 14/16 in all styles and they are roomy, can be worn super high (I like mine very far above my waistline) and will keep your pins protected as the weather gets more and more chilly. Made in Italy they are opaque, 100 denier  and  are full tights with total leg coverage. So you don't have to worry about that annoying short/darker line showing under your shorter length garments. They also offer other shades and amazing retro styled backseam stockings. As well as bodysuits, activewear and more! Now these are that roomy that I need to wear my shapewear over the top but I find that I get that issue with all stockings. I call it 'superhero styling' and its the best way to have your stockings in place all day long.

Many Thanks to the amazing Julz Photography for shooting these images in one of the most beautiful locations in Victoria - Macedon. I can't wait to create more and more with her over 2017.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Nautical Vintage Diva

This year marks the release of a new label from Top Diva. For years I've been watching this brand and their stunning in house designs and with this new collection I finally got to shoot, try and own one of their amazing styles.

'A dream that finally comes true! Feminine silhouettes, high quality fabrics, European workmanship, perfect fitting & a splash of drama: Release your inner Diva! Inspired by all those beautiful women from past decades I proudly present to you our first Vintage Diva collection'

Watching the look book being shot over social media I had my eyes on one dress above all others and this little number was literally wrapped in a bright red bow for me.

Vintage Diva have created what might be the sweetest and most flattering nautical swing dress I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. Featuring a full skirt, fitted white bodice with contrasting ivory trim and a bold red bow. The neckline is a little higher than I usually wear but I actually love how well it hugs my torso and the little cleavage it shows is perfect.

Made from a super stretchy, high quality, navy blue bengaline/viscose blend means this dress fits like a dream and really hugs your curves. Perfect for wearing all day and so very soft and comfortable. I'm wearing the 2XL and the fit is spot on to the size chart but with some stretch due to the fabric. Due to my hour glass shape I find that I need to focus on bust fit then tailor the waist but this style works perfectly for both!!!

With a cap sleeve you can wear this all summer long or pair it as I have now that we have just hit Winter down under with a bright red cardigan to compliment the bow. I'm really hoping that in future releases this style is created with a 3/4 sleeve in either this colour way or black and white as I'd wear it like crazy over Autumn/Winter. But this cap sleeve I that comfortable - we can thank bengaline for that, so I don't feel restricted or have any fit issues.

The full skirt looks amazing with or without a petticoat and as you can see when worn without the fabric falls beautifully. This is one of those classic styles that seems to shoot every shape and size and really makes the most of your figure. Each design in the range is classic and flatters you no matter what your size may be.

While this specific style has sold like hotcakes (pick it up here at Unique Vintage) that fast that they have sold out online there are many other amazing styles to choose from. My stand out favourites are :

Both of these styles NEED to be a part of my wardrobe for winter and upcoming travels to the US!

Many thanks to Brooke Orchard for these fantastic images and many, many more to come!