Thursday, August 22, 2019

Oh Lola

I'm not sure if you've noticed yet but I'm a little bit of a shoe freak! With an ever expanding collection I'm always on the look out for stunning new designs by brilliant brands.
Around two years ago I feel head over heels (yep totally when there) with Lola Ramona and today I'm super excited to be able to share two of my absolute favourite pairs from their latest release. Both in eye-catching bright colours and a mixture of fabrics these have already become my absolute fave's and I've only owned them for a few day.

These dreary winter days call for bright red patent leather hells to add a little more fun to my wardrobe and a little more bounce in my step. This season Lola Ramona and Top Vintage have collaborated on collection of stunning shoes to cover all your retro footwear needs. 
The Eve is a 60s inspired  Mod Block Heel Pump in Burned Red created with the highest quality patent leathe and features a  T-strap, an adjustable ankle strap and brogue detailing. All of these design features combined create one of the most comfortable heels I've ever owned - perfect for all day wear or dancing the night away.

What I love most about these heels has to be the brogue detailing and the lifechanging ankle strap. Gone are the days of threading as thin strap through a tiny little buckle. With these amazing design features you can simply slide in and secure your straps without any fuss. Both styles in this review feature this design and I'm not sure how I've lived without it for so long.


For this post I've paired both of the Lola Ramona heels with some large fishnet stockings from BlackMilk Clothing. I love how dainty yet rock and roll a fishnet looks combined with a vintage looking heel and cherry red shade of these mod heels looks amazing with a bold black fishnet.

Just look at that shine! I'm actually wearing these at work today with a black stocking and they look just as cute.
This style is also available in both Grass Green shade and a traditional brogue Black and White version. I'm that smitten with this style I'll be ordering another colour way asap. 

Angie Warm-up in Curry  - €160.00
If there is one colour lacking in my footwear collection it has to be yellow. There is something really magical about heels in this shade but I only have one pair in a very easter friendly bold yellow and that's not ok! 

So when I saw the Angie Warm Up heels in this curry/mustard shade they had to be mine. The Angie is one of the most popular and comfortable Lola Ramona heels and one I already own in a slightly different design.

These heels are accentuated with the beautiful striped heel, extra foam foot bead and a super soft suede outer. Creating a bold, whimsical and super fun high heel that's a dream to wear.

These feature that brilliant simple slide ankle strap and I swear to you my lovely readers that you will be blown away with the extreme comfort of these 10cm heels. The extra padding makes theme feel like flats and you'll not even notice the height. 

I'm crazy for the colour combo in this air of Angie and how amazing they look with or without stockings. I have so many plans for these over the next few months so be sure to look out for them in some spooky shoots. If Curry is not your colour preference never fear as they are also available in black, pink and green. You can find each colour way and all the new released in the New Arrivals section of the website.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Heart of Haute Lust List

Have you swung by Heart of Haute's new arrival section this week? There has been an influx of stunning prints, styles and classic shapes and a few restocks. I'm currently lusting after these stunning pieces.

In my mind there is nothing more chic and flattering than a wrap dress and the Rachel Wrap has been number one on my HOH lust list for a while now. The stunning drape, that perfect wrap fit and what might be the most perfect sleeve known to many kind. The Rachel Wrap has arrived in a black based cherry print, and I need it in my world. I tend to wear this style and most wraps in a 1XL.

Restock alert on the Super Spy Dress in Burgundy. I own this piece in basic black, and it's the cutest little mod wiggle. Super comfy, perfect for work or play and this deep red shade is amazing for Autumn and Winter. 

Can you tell I have an ever so slight obsession with wrap dresses? They move from season to season with ease, and you can style them up or down, pair them with winter warmers or more summer/spring friendly pieces.

The Rayleine has a few new prints, but I'm currently lusting after the black or red polka dot prints. I've got this style in two prints already an it's super comfortable in a 1XL.  


Heart of Haute are the best retro repo brand to help busty girls fit into button up blouses and dresses. The Betty Lou is a style I'm super keen to get my paws on asap and the Bee Bop print is adorable! The question is do I order green or orange? For a button up style I tend to order my standard 2XL.

More perfect pencil skirts with POCKETS!! The world needs more wiggles with pockets. Super comfortable and flattering while suiting all sizes and shapes. Somehow I've run out of wiggles in my collection so these would be a great addition.

Lastly my all time favourite blouse from HOH the Ella! This amazing style pairs perfectly with a more busty figure and I've been wearing these for years. Heart of Haute have two new prints in the Ello in a baby blue and more bold blue. The Mandies Bee's made me giggle as soon as I read the name and I really adore the little critters on the fabric. I love the scooters as well so choosing one is going to be hard! Be sure to stick to your bust measurement with this style so you can get the best fit. I wear this in a 2XL.

What's on your Heart of Haute Lust List?

Sunday, July 28, 2019


This month the ghoulishly dark Night Crawlers range was released and each and every piece made my little black heart skip a beat. A range full of ancient astrology, magical symbols, and creatures of the shadows: we’re bringing you gear for your darkest nighttime adventures.

Last gothic inspired release I was too slow off the mark and missed the Magic Heart Crop top! My heart was broken as I love the fishnet/pentagram combo but luckily this release my loves at Blackmilk Clothing created a dress version!

Words can't explain how much I love this piece but for review purposes lets try. This classic skater style mini is my dream dress. The skater style absolutely rocks on my curves as it flatters my waist, bust and hips and even though it's a mini there is actually enough fabric to cover my toosh! I'm always worried about that given my ample rump.

To make sure I don't flash too much of my undergarments I've paired this dress with my Sport Stripe Tights as they are solid black at the top and the fishnet pairs perfectly with the bust of this piece.

Give how fast this piece sold out I hope that Blackmilk will create a midi version of this iconic style so I can wear it without tights all year round! I'm wearing this style in an XL, and the fit is perfection.

The fishnet and a killer pentagram harness feature across the chest makes this piece absolutely POP! It's such a brilliant design feature and really makes this high necked style more bold and sexy. I'm inspired to wear other high neck solid colour tops beneath the fishnet so the pentagram stands out even more so. I'm also absolutely smitten with the glove style sleeve it's perfect for the chilly winter weather we are having and means I don't need to pack extra accessories!

I've paired this bold black piece with my Orchard Corset Mesh Waist Belt. Yes that's a mini 3 busk corset around my waist with an elasticated back. So cute, so chic and the perfect way to really make your curves pop. I'm wearing the XL but I find this super roomy and could go down one more size.


This year I'm definitely feeling the love for the Princess Dress. I never knew I'd be able to pull off a high neck, printed and sleeveless style but I now have them in rotation weekly for work.

The Dark Butterflies Dress is a stunning stretch velvet printed princess cut and is my 3rd print in this style. Super soft fabric, a bold and eye catching print plus the best high neck fit for a busty lass like myself - the princess dress is absolutely dreamy.

We usually only see a Butterfly print in full glorious colour but there is something very death moth/occult looking about this brilliant print. The fabric is much more stretch that my other dresses in this style so you can size down with ease as my bust and waist could have used a Large for a firmer and more body hugging fit. 
Look girls no cardigan!! Shocking right? But to show off this style I really did not want any distractions from the print and a cardigan although cute would be a little too much. I've paired this style with my latest obsession Orchard Corsets new waist belts. Covered in buckles and silver hardware belt hugs my curves and cups my bust. This is also an XL and you can be  sure you'll get that amazing Orchard Corset fit as they have taken the time and care to create some amazing waist belts this year. I'm loving these paired with my underbust corsets as well.

Lastly BlackMilk classic piece that I just had to sneak into this shoot as well as I'm addicted to the open top style. My 3rd Show Us Ya Tops dress and counting!!!

I'm 100% in love with my go to dress in mini PVC form! I wear both my velvet and matte fabric version of this piece constantly because it's so versatile and flattering on my figure and now I have my most lusted after version with that high PVC shine!

The PVC fabric is not as stretchy as all my other versions of this dress/skirt but I find the fit to be even more figure hugging due to the limited stretch. I'm wearing the XL and it slides on like a dream then perfectly pairs with a bold stripe and my boot and stockings combo.

 I can't wait to style this over the next few months and create more amazing looks with that PVC shine.  
Oh and yes this little mini has pockets, super deep and comfortable pockets! I can see this being a staple at summer festivals as I noticed a few around Download earlier this year! 

The mini works wonders with my shape and I'm not showing any toosh when I bend. But I'd love to see a skort or midi version of this in future releases.

Towards the end of our shoot I got a little inspired by some album art work I saw earlier that weekend and had a little play with my antlers and gothic morning vail. The pentagram dress pairs perfectly with both of these pieces!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019


For what feels like an eternity I've been lusting after the La Femme En Noir Palazzo Pants. The wide leg, effortless drape and stunning shape have made me drool but until now they had been missing from my collection.

But from the moment the Bishop Sleeve top was released I knew that I needed both of these amazingly tailored pieces in my collection and create one EPIC art deco style jumpsuit!

Drawing inspiration from the 1930s, this amazing blouse has an elegant balloon sleeve, plunging/boobtastic neckline, a fully lined bodice and a back zip. Each feature combines to create a form fitting, super flattering, curve embracing piece of perfection! 

When this top was first previewed I knew I had to own it in every colour as it's perfect for a busty girl who loves to show off her assets and the billowing bishop pairs perfectly the lower neckline. I've always had a soft spot for this style sleeve as it's roomy, flattering on all shapes and sizes and effortlessly chic.

For this style I went with my standard 2XL and while the fabric is super stretchy - I could size down to the XL with ease, I find the bust seam sits perfectly in this size. If you are looking for a super tight and flattening fit then be sure to size down but I'm actually loving the comfort element of this in the 2XL. The fabric used in both the blouse and the pants is so light and soft you'll never want to wear any other items of clothing again - that almost as comfortable as your PJ's feel while looking very Hollywood glam!

Now let's chat Palazzo Pants! For years I was scared of this kind of pant until I slipped into my first pair and never looked back. If you have curves and usually stick to a cigarette style or a skinny jean I highly suggest you try the amazing flowing wide leg styling of a Palazzo pant.

They flatter your curves, skim over your hips and flow beautifully. I'm wearing the 2XL, and the waist is a perfect fit with a little room to move and lots of space to tuck the bishop sleeve blouse and other tops. They have a massive sweep and are made of a light weight yet durable flowing crepe fabric that is fully lined so you will be comfortable all day long in these.

Oh and did I mention these babies also have pockets? They have super deep lined pockets that don't distract or take away from the design of the pant. So many pockets tend to pop out on my hip or look a little odd as I'm super hippy but these keen that flowing shape. 


I absolutely love the look of these two pieces teamed together, and how they create a flattering and stunning jumpsuit feel. I think I'll need to snap up the black version of both pieces and create the same look once they are back in stock. But for the Black Bishop Sleeve blouse I'll opt for the XL as the seam does not get seen as much in that colourway. 

These two pieces were snapped up at Natasha Marie Clothing, and they are the biggest and best online stockists for Vixen and La Femme En Noir designs. If you are on facebook but sure to like their page and join the Lounge to get information regarding restocks, upcoming items for preorder, etc.  

Lets not forget the stunning Miz Smitten Kitten Halo crown! I've actually got more shoot plans for this epic piece but had to pair it with this jumpsuited look. Von always knows exactly what I want without me even showing her!


Sunday, July 14, 2019

Moxie Lash

As I sat applying my makeup over the weekend for a shoot I said to my husband 'There is no going back from Moxie Lash' as I snapped on the fastest, easiest to apply false lashes.



I 100% mean it! I've been wearing false lashes for over a decade now as I love the fullness and extra pow they bring to my makeup looks on both shoots and evenings out. I've suffered through glue that burns or barely dries, glue that nearly pulls your lashes on one by one as you remove them and all kinds of horrid gunk. But due to the love of the look I've dealt with the annoying messy and sometimes painful ways to apply or wear them.

Baddy Lashes - $35.00

Then I stumbled across Moxie Lash and I was intrigued but the magic of an eyeliner that connects magnetic lashes. So I could create my look, apply a full retro eyeliner look and then apply any of the magnetic lashes instantly.

I admit I thought that this had to be too good to be true but from my first try I was instantly blown away and knew that I'd never be using any other lash product again. The simplicity of the process means I'm never wanting to go back to the days of applying lash glue, waiting for it to get tacky enough to apply then failing again and again. I use black glue so if I have any mess it's so horrid to clean up.

What's so magic about Moxie? The magnet-infused eyeliner technology means each application will be perfect. As they state all you do is line your eyeline, apply the lashes and then dash! The whole process is super fast and effortless.
The magnetic lashes apply to the infused liner instantly and hold all day and night unlike most glue lashes which I tend to want to rip off after a few hours. For my first brush with Moxie Lash I received the Starter Kit and 3 extra pairs of lashes.

The kit arrives with the liquid magnetic eyeliner, one pair of your favorite lash style and our olive-oil infused cotton swabs for removal & cleaning. Right from the start you have absolutely everything you'll need to get the perfect application and removal. To remove the lash merely softy pull it from your lash line, apply the infused cotton swap to the lashes before you place them back in the case then clean up the liner from your eyes. This fully removes all of the product and helps to keep your skin smooth. This kit is the perfect way to try these amazing products and if you are anything like me you'll want ever single lash - hence why I have a few pairs!
Moxie have a great selection from a more natural looking style as show in the product shot to full and bold styles like the Baddy and the Flashy Lash. Each work perfectly on my eyes and I've worn two in the last week. The old and time consuming way of applying lashes really made me want to wear them less but with Moxie Lash I'm exited to apply them more often.

Each pair promise up to 30 wears which is absolutely amazing if you break that price down to per wear! I'll definitely be wearing mine constantly so I'll be able to update you on how long one pair will last me.
I'm that excited I feel like ordering back ups incase anything gets lost or I over use them!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Gothic Delights

What's this? Another Hell Bunny style packed post? Hell yes it is!!

Last month I was able to shoot lots of released and unreleased styles from me loves at Hell Bunny. With new colour ways, amazing new sleeve options and stunning fabrics, my mind was blown with the winter and more sleek gothic styling this season has within.

There is something so delicate and stunning about pairing a printed lace with a solid black, figure flattering dress. The new Elana dress is summer gothic perfection! A light flowing skirt, stretchy sleeve (I'll go into more detail about this sleeve later in this post.) and the faux button up and collar features of this piece create so and sexy LBD.

I'm wearing this style in the 2XL and there is a little give but it's fits like a standard 2XL.The bust and waist have just the right amount of tailoring so they really flatter my shape and with the sheer polka dot lace section I can show some skin without showing everything.

This lace insert also means you can pair this look with cage bras and different lace bralettes for even more looks.

If you can't tell by these images and my swooning this dress really makes me feel amazing and I can't wait until the weather warms up so I can wear in non-stop.

But for this shoot I've paired the look with my Kixies from  Bella Curves Lingerie just for an added level of pattern and warmth. This style would also look amazing with solid tights, boots and cardigans.

Trixie Blouse - £35.99

This season a new style of sleeve has entered the mix and it's rocking everyone's world as it fits all shapes and sizes. With a gathered sheering effect this short sleeve molds to your arm so you don't have to worry about ill fitting cap sleeves, etc. When I first tried on this style I knew that it will sell like hotcakes as the fit is so personal and comfortable.

As mentioned in the previous look these two pieces have the exact same sleeve and I can't wait to see just how many more styles feature this in the future.

Pair that with a boobie fitting button up, cute pussy bow/collar combo and old white bats and you have all my time favourite shirt! A little spooky, a little retro and whole lotta cute packed into one perfectly fitting button up blouse. In a 2XL it fits my shape perfectly, and the tie is removable with a button on the back of the collar if you wish to wear it showing a little more cleavage. I also only noticed when they listed the product images that the pocket contains a hidden message!! A supersweet 'Trick or Treat' embroidered message is hidden within the pocket - so cute!

Now let's chat Wonder Years skirt. I've been dreaming of a cord 70's style skirt for years but with my shape and ample rump I did not know if I could rock it. I think I've answered that question with a big YES! The Wonder Years is a button up corduroy style A-Line skirt in black, green or maroon. It features 2 buttons closures are the waist and 3 down the front.

The fit is a great A-line shape so it hugs your waist and skims over your hips. Fabric wise this has little to no stretch so if you are in-between sizes go for the one closest to your waist measurements..

Velvet, sheer sleeves and a matching pussy bow? Have all my dream tops come true? Thanks to Hell Bunny they have with the Gabriella top. A classic spin on a very 70s style that gives off an almost sexy gothic head mistress vibe and I'm here for it.

Featuring a flowing sleeve, a black velvet bodice, peekaboo neckline and big bold chiffon pussy bow this blouse is sexy, sophisticated and a dream to wear. 

Featuring a flowing sleeve, a black velvet bodice, peekaboo neckline and big bold chiffon pussy bow this blouse is sexy, sophisticated and a dream to wear.

I've paired this with a simple black midi swing skirt on my skull Kreepsville 666 waist belt. The top itself is so stunning but for this full look I wanted to add a little bit of metal within the black to both define my waist and draw attention to that section.

I can't wait to play with more ways to style this amazing blouse! I'm thinking dark plaid prints, braces on skirts, high waisted trousers and more.

Last year I shot the first Ricci Dress in black from HB. This perfectly named frock is inspired by Christina Ricci's character Wednesday Adams. I fell in love with the black version last year and never thought I'd be lucky enough to have my dreams come true with red colour way this year.

The red Ricci is perfectly cute and creepy with a perfectly fitting skater dress style in a rich blue red, white lace removable collar and cuffs and a black velvet bow with pearls. 

This style reminds me very much of the Evil Sabrina dress in the previous season of the The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Witch, a style I've been lusting after. Styling wise you don't really need to add much to this already perfect skater. A simple pair of black heels and tights on a cold winter day and your set. I'm wearing the 2XL and it's the same fit as the previous years dress. Due to the stretchy fabric you can size down if you'd like a tighter fit at the waist or bust.

For this shoot I did add one little accessory as a nod to the character of Sabrina - My Baphomet pendant. I wear this bold silver pendant at least once a week.

I've always loved wearing bold silver necklaces with these style necklines. It adds and extra pop of texture and really completes the look.

Lastly the one of the cutest looks I think I've ever modeled. After falling hard for the denim pinafore I've been lusting after more prints colours but Hell Bunny answered my prayers with a Halloween themed pini!

The same brilliantly flattering shape with spider webs embroidered on the skirt pockets and a flock of bats flying over the bib.

The simple addition of these bold white embroidered patches makes this piece perfect for Halloween and for all year rounds spooky wear. I'm wearing the 2XL, and it fits perfectly with slightly less stretch than the previous version I've shot. This firmer fabric means a more pronounced waist line, and I'm definitely not complaining about that.

Styling wise I went with the traditional Halloween themed colours of black and orange and luckily I had my favourite Vixen Troublemaker top handy and this adorable orange beret from Dangerfield.

I think I might need to get some black bats or webs embroidered onto this beret so it matches the pini perfectly. I love how this spooky little piece adds a pop of Halloween fun to my wardrobe all year round.