Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Herbs & Heart Review and Giveaway!

Chilly Melbourne winters do absolutely nothing for my skin. For these cooler months, my skin battles sickness and the day in day out heating of an office environment. The end result - dry, patchy and really drained skin.


So with all of these issues it seems like the perfect time to test some amazing products and help one of you my readers regain that stunning glowing skin!

Now this is not some try it once and stop using the product review. I've taken the time, trailed this set over a month and by using it each and every day I've definitely noticed some improvements. A vegan-friendly skincare company, HERBS + HEART, realise the raw benefits of green ingredients and have formulated these amazing products regiments using natural and ethically sourced green foods to feed and nourish the face.


Herbs and Hearts Primal Instincts Deluxe Set   - $120.00
Plus my extras shown above
If you want the best value and some truly life changing products the Primal Instincts set is for you.  This all-inclusive set features the ‘H+H Face Mud’, ‘H+H Skin Tonic’, your choice of Hydration System, and ‘H+H Elixir.’

As stated on the product page each piece included in this set has a mission and when used daily create that glowing skin we all adore. Packaged perfectly with great easy to read packaging - I used these straight out of the box due to the helpfulness of the stickers.

What do H+H promise?
Use 'H+H Face Mud' for deep cleansing with gentle exfoliation that sloughs away grime and dead skin cells, revealing polished, fresh skin ready to absorb nutrients of a toner and moisturiser.
A toner is essential to deliver rapid hydration and essential nutrients, the actives of our 'H+H Skin Tonic' locking in moisture with skin brightening actives.

Protect the skin barrier against harsh environmental factors with the aid of a high performance moisturiser, choosing a hydration system that suits your preference. Our moisturisers last 24 hours, ensuring well hydrated skin all day long.

For an extra boost for days when you need a bit extra pampering, or for the perfect under make up base, finish of with our 'H+H Elixir', a potent serum with light refracting gold particles to give you a youthful glow naturally.

Do they deliver the goods?

Very much so. When you use each and every piece as recommended your face will instantly be more supple and hydrated. I used the 'H+H Skin Tonic', 'H+H Aloe Whip' and the 'H+H Two Drops' daily for a month. The tonic is a clean and stunning toner that is the perfect base without over drying and the Aloe Whip as a daily moisturizer. For the end of the day routine I used the Two Drops Anti-aging which are rich in Vitamin C, E, & A. It also comprises of numerous essential fatty acids, including the perfect balance of Omega 3, 6 & 9. They work their magic over night and you wake feeling really lovely. These 3 items alone made my skin shine in the best way but all the other goodies have their own place in my routine. This piece is a solo item an not included in the Deluxe set but I added tis to my order as my over 30 skin needs a little more help.

The 'H+H Face Mud' is a great daily exfoliator or mask and I used this every second day to exfoliate dead skin or left it on for 5 minutes get a fully fresh feel.

My stand out favourite item from this set has to the Elixir. This super strong serum gives you an instant boost on your most drained and bad skin days. What else does this little bottle of magic do? The enzymes of the Green Coffee bean are loaded with anti-oxidants to fight free radicals, soothing puffy eyes and reducing the appearance of under eye dark circles. Plus the amazing jasmine fragrance makes me swoon and my husband absolutely loves when I wear this. The matte finish also gives you a great base under and makeup primer.

With this set and the extra Two Drops I also added the brilliant Bath Bliss - Floral Milk Bath Soak! Right now I'm all about bath milk, balls or soaks. The brief luxury of such a product nourishes my skin on a cold winters evening and makes my skin feel amazing. I've got a fairly boring small bath, so I could not show you the stunning visual that this product creates but when you see this you'll want to dive straight in. There is something so magical about floral milk baths, the stunning sent, floating petals and that smooth and soft skin feeling make you feel amazing.

Now let's get to the bit you've all been waiting for! The amazing crew at Herbs and Heart have given me a full Primal Deluxe set to give to one of you my awesome readers!!! Yes you read that correctly you get the whole set!

You will receive a big box of amazing goodies featuring full sizes of :

Face Mud
Aloe Whip
Skin Tonic
How do you win this brilliant skin rescuing set? Well it's super simple. For this contest you will need a to be signed up to Instagram to enter this giveaway.

Rules :
  • Like HERBS + HEART (@herbsnheart)   Instagram page in order to be eligible - we will checking!
  • Like my page @teerwayde
  • Find the the image above for the Giveaway on my account and repost tagging @herbsnheart @teerwayde with the hashtag #curvestokillherbsnheartgivaway
  • The giveaway will start at 9am EST on the 15th of August and will close at 11pm EST on the 22nd of August
  • You can only enter once

Good luck and I can't wait to see how many of you enter!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Bravo Brava

I'm forever getting questions about the best bra's for larger cup sizes and even when I'm fully clothed people just need to know what gives me the best shape. My absolute favourite place to shop up a storm for all of my bras is Brava! They are Australia's larger cup specialists and I've been a loyal lover of their online website and stores for many years.

For this shoot/review I've gone for 3 completely different styles as my cup size has changed. I'll be covering a strapless, a white every day style and a super sexy sheer black number. Featuring my absolute favoruite - Ewa Michalak and a new brand for me - Goddess! All styles are paired with a selection of robes and my beloved Underbust Black Leather Longline Corset from Orchard Corsety.

Two of these styles were purchased in store with the help of the Highpoint Brava fitting specialists and one was ordered via the website. The results are a great fit for all of these speficic bras but each is a different size. It's all about fit and with the difference in cups, support and fabric a different cup or back is needed.


When I was fitted recently I was given a variety of prints, colours and styles but I really did not take notice of the Bibi BM bra at first. I've never purchased a white bra so I though I'd try it on but who knows if it will work for me. Well from the moment I slipped into this lacey white number I was sold. I popped my head out of the change room and flashed the girls saying 'yep this is the ONE' as the Bibi is a silky form of perfection.

I'm wearing a size 16J and the fit is larger in the cup (I'm a HH usually) Because there is no padding or molding on the cup. This however does not stop it from giving me that iconic Ewa Michalak Fit. I've been so use to padded cups so I've never really tried a stretch less molded shape until now and I'm officially a convert.

This has to be one of the most amazingly comfortable bra's in my collection. The white stretch fabric and lace perfectly holds me while the thick strap holds me in and pulls me up.  I feel like I'm super late to the Bibi BM party so I'll be needing to make up for lost time and order more colours and prints!


I actually went in to the store looking to purchase a nude Curvy Kate strapless bra but it seems my size was sold out so I tried a few other strapless styles and feel in love with the retro almost bullet bra look of the Adelaide Strapless Bra in black.

It's always daunting to shop for a strapless style when your large chested as you think everything will roll down, not support well or just look horrible. But From the moment I put the Goddess Adelaide on I knew it had to be mine. The larger cup may not sit flat between my bust but the lift, shape and very retro feel of this piece made me want it for both strapless looks and lingerie shoots.

I usually would go for the tried and tested (and reviewed personally) Curvy Kate Luxe style but I really love this style visually as a fashion bra. I'm wearing the 16H and it's amazingly comfortable for a strapless plus with or without straps the style really rocks visually.

Now the firs two styles shown in this post were snapped up in store but this amazing piece was an instant online purchase as I was terribly impatient and wanted to get it before it sold out!

My love for Ewa bra's is very strong and they are taking over my collection because they look and feel amazing.  The Fetysz Czarny SMN bra is a very unique cage bra style. A new twist on the cage theme with a sheer tulle base and adjustable round straps around the breast.

These simple yet bold little straps create amazing shape and contrast and when worn correctly make that iconic Ewa Michalak round shape we all lust after.  I've noticed some uploaded images on social media have the straps worn incorrectly so be sure to check here or the product shots for the right way.

I ordered my most comfortable and correct size 16HH as the sheer fabric would not hide anything if it was not fitted correctly and the fit is PERFECTION!

I'm absolutely in love with this very sexy and strong style and I can't stop wearing it! It's great for the bedroom or as a fashion style popping out of lower necklines or under sheer blouses
With some fun pasties to hide the headlights ;)

One other brilliant feature of this bra is the strap lock. An invention I’ve never seen before where you can adjust your straps to the perfect place and lock them in – they don’t move!!!! Such a brilliant concept. So if you are in need of a new bra wardrobe update I can and will always recommend Brava for all of your lifting needs. Be it instore or online the friendly staff are able to help you get the right fit.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Jubly Speaks the Truth!

It's clear that I have a few fashion addictions. From motos to berets, baseball raglans to enamel pins. I find it rare that I can tick off two of my most lusted after items via one shop but my loves at Jubly Umph are currently rocking my socks off with lots of new pins and their new raglan tops!

Adulting Lapel Pin - $16.95 AUD

If I've ever needed, a pep up all I have to do is add a Jubly pin to my lapel as they remind me to basically go out there and kick butt! This collection really speaks to me giving us awards for doing the things that get us through each and every day.

The big, bold and blue Adulting pin is a must for every day wear and lives perminitely on my go to moto. Keeping it together and staying badass must be worn as a pair on those day's when you need that extra kick of awesomeness.

These pins are a really great size, and the glitter really makes them pop, created to look like the awards we received and loved as a child. You're never too old you wear some brilliant badass pins daily.

Saucy Lapel Pin - $16.95

Now I can't go past the whole pin section at Jubly Umph and for this shoot I wanted to show off two that I've been lusting after and finally have. These little pieces rock my world and I just love the very cute yet cheeky vibes they give off be it an insult or a description of myself. The lastly a super sweet motto to live your life by - kindness is easy.

Now you can wear these pieces on their own or grouped as I love to do. I cover the lapels of my motos with bright, funky and cheeky pins and I can't wait to see what more Jubly Umph have in store for us in the future! For this shoot I actually popped them on my new raglans and I'm loving the look.

Don't Be A Prick Raglan - 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt - $47.95 AUD
Fuck Off Raglan - 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt - $47.95 AUD

I may have lost count of the amount of raglans I own but I absolutely cherish and adore each. So when Jubly Umph released their most beloved images on my go to style tee I had to snap up 2.


Now fit wise I've learnt what size fit's best in most brands of printable tees. After many years of collecting band tees and different styles all I needed to do was check the label and try on another version from my collection. I opted for a size large for all 3 pieces as I love the fit of all of my tops from this standard raglans in this printer loved brand.

The large fit is super long and I love the fit on my bust and waist. My husband also wears the size large and now we can swap styles! These are unisex tees so if you are a band tee and raglan collector like myself you can go with the size you usually wear.

They have a mixture of colour choices so I chose one basic black white and one reverse black and white. With this baseball raglan there are prints in the pocket/logo style and some like their Stay Weird logo or any of their larger scale images.

I can't get enough of these tops and I'll be collecting all of them over time!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Down Memory Lane

Erstwilder are tugging on our heart strings this month with a nostalgia-inducing, vintage-inspired toys collection called 'Down Memory Lane'. This set of brooches, earrings and a necklace feature all of those piece we adored as children. 

Prepare to meet the sweetest robot ever created. Nuts and Bolts is an adorable blue robot made from a mixture of solid and glitter resins. Much like the tin man this little fella has a whole lotta heart. The focus on all those perfect little features is what makes this collection absolutely stunning and this fella has already sold out via Erstwilder's store.

What do you wear to pair perfectly with this little robot? Bonsai Kitten of course! I'm forever fawning over the new arrivals section of their webstore and when I found the Candy top in red and black it had to be mine. Such a curve hugging and flattering shape for an hourglass figure.


Made of a super stretchy fabric which is perfect for all year round wear. With a contrast neck trim and front bow your best assets will look absolutely amazing as this style shows a perfect amount of cleavage.

I'm wearing a size 16 and it fits me like a glove. The soft fabric is a joy to wear and I honestly can't wait to wear this like crazy.
I'm so very in love with the fit of the Candy top and will be snapping up the black and white version as well as the nautical stripe colourway. When you find that perfect top, it's impossible not to own every single version of it.
I've been dreaming of a jack in the box brooch for many years, and Erswilder has finally created the perfect version of this amazing little toy. More glitter and all the bright colours in this piece make my heart sing.
No need to be scared by this little clown as he's not planning on giving you a shock but I dare you to look at little jack and not start singing the music!
As Cranky Jack is full of bright colours, I wanted to pair him with a bold stripe to help him really stand out. The Geek Girl top in green was the perfect choice as it features a contrast collard neckline and tie. The perfect psychobilly twist on a classic pinup blouse and trust me this top is absolutely dreamy in person.

This style is also a size 16 and the fit of this fabric is a little firmer but still a joy to wear. I love pairing Bonsai kittens with work or casual looks as they are so versatile and comfortable.

Trundling Tail Wagger Brooch - $39.95

From the moment you lay eyes up on this little wooden pooch you'll be in love! A classic chase along toy with the sweetest of features in glitter and solid resin. The use of red and yellow make this piece iconic and sure to be your best friend for many years to come.
The pointy little nose, bright red wheels and those ears flying in the wind make this little tail wager one of the cutest canines I've ever snapped up from Erstwilder. I love the way his solid black body pairs with both coloured tops and simple black as it actually makes his features pop even more.

Many thanks to my amazing husband for taking these shots and to my girl Liz for doing all of the post work.


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Honey it's Haute

I have so many core pieces in my wardrobe but then it comes to amazing tops and bases for each and every look I have to say that my go to pieces are always Heart of Haute. With an almost lifelong addiction to this label I've become an expert on fitting my body perfectly into their creations and I can't get enough of these pieces

Haute Circle Skirt - Buffalo Gingham in Red
Winter calls for long sleeves and the Joana top in black is a versatile and stunning piece. A faux wrap blouse in a super stretchy fabric that molds to your shape and makes your cleavage the center of attention in the best kind of way.

I'm wearing this style is a 1XL and I find this too large for me. My large chest and other measurements are more of an XL as it's a really forgiving and stretchy fabric. The faux wrap feature also offers more room around the best as it's a very deep v.

Finally, I have my all time favourite top for work in basic black. But Lily is anything but basic! Featuring a square not closing collar which fits perfectly over a larger chest. Lily is a great high neckline for busty girls, that compliment our shape instead of emphasizing or over covering.

The 3/4 length sleeves also flatter your arms and offers just the right amount of skin. I'm wearing this style in a 1XL, and the fit is perfect with this top. The stretch factor is the same as the Joanna but the fit is more true to size.

I'm loving full red looks at them moment with a hint of contrasting colour. The Marilyn tee is the perfect match and pop of bright lime with this ruby red outfit. This outfit instantly cheers me up and is a bright and cute change from my usual all black winter uniform. 

I'm not confident enough to wear the Marilyn without a cardigan at the moment but the high neckline and lack of sleeves make this style great for layering be it under cardigans, shirts or dresses.  I've paired this little lime number with my red sweet sweater and buffalo plaid skirt but you can wear this with just about anything. The off the shoulder fit and curve hugging fabric make it a very simple yet sexy style.

You can snap this style up in black, red, grey and navy without sleeves here or a long sleeve version named the Monroe Top in a variety of colours. I'm super keen to shoot/review some of the Monroe's as they will be perfect for spring/summer in Australia! I also wear my sweet sweaters in XL as they are so stretchy.

Rayleine Wrap Dress in Whisper - $119.00

Oh Rayleine you have my heart always. The Rayleine wrap dress is a curvy girls best friend. Earlier this year I shot and reviewed this style in the Rose Noir print and I was instantly in love. My rose print wrap is a size 1XL but as I was unsure of the fabric I opted to go for a 2XL and the fit is actually spot on. With the rose fabric which is very lightweight and flowing I found the 1XL to be a perfect fit but pale green Whisper fabric is a firmer cotton (100% to be precise.) has a little less give so the 2XL was a good choice. Being a wrap style, you can adjust the fit to accommodate your measurements. I wanted a more fitted waist and roomier bust and the wrap accommodates that with absolute ease. 

I'm not usually a fan of such pale prints but the whisper floral print was so soft and perfect it had to be mine! This soft shade of green pairs perfectly with all of my sweet sweaters and other cardigans and I can't wait to wear this all round.

Many thanks to the brilliant Damien Bowerman for shooting these pieces perfectly. I can't wait to plan our next shoot!  

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Unholy Trinity

Earlier this year I feel in love with La Femme En Noir when I slipped into the stunning maxi wrap dress. The quality and fit made my heart melt, and I knew that a life long addiction had just begun.


When the previews for the La Femme swimwear collection were released, I was blown away with the styles, cuts and amazing designs as they offer more coverage yet focus on flattering your shape. For today's post I wanted to share 3 core pieces that can take you from the pool to bar with ease and really suit curvy plus sized girls.

For this set of images I had to ditch my beloved corset and show my natural shape. It's actually rather confronting as I've been corseting for so long but I'm loving the feel of wearing these pieces and loving the look. Be proud of your body be it natural or corseted. I rock both!

The Trinity Top gives me LIFE!! Micheline and Lynh the two amazing designers behind this label have perfected a range of gothic swimwear that flatters all body shapes, gives you lift and can be worn in or out of the water.

I'm wearing both pieces in a size 2XL and the fit is perfection but then again I expected nothing less from La Femme En Noir. Created to flatter, flatten and shape you in all the right ways the trinity top is perfect for super busty girls as the crop style holds the twins up with ease and the lace up front shows a little bit of skin. I absolutely adore the 3/4 length sleeve and I can't wait to wear more styles like this in the summer as I've always dreamt of a full arm coverage swimsuit.

The Lilith Capri pants are possibly the best fitting high waisted legging style pant I've ever had. The fabric is lined, and a special layer has been added around the front to help smooth out any tummy issues. The are firm at the leg which I love but stretchy enough to comfortably fit the hips and waist.

Now I shot this in the middle of winter and I was crazy enough to jump in the pool! The capri fabric and coverage actually helped me from freezing 100% so I can't wait to try these in the warmer months. I'll be wearing these both in and out of the pool as they are perfect for walking. If you are looking for a more traditional swimsuit bottom, you can pair the top with the Trinity Side Lace High Waisted Swim Bikini Bottom which create a super sexy shape. 

The great thing about these swim pieces is the fact that you can wear each piece outside of the pool! Once you dry off pair the stunning trinity top with my all time favourite piece - the Southern Gothic Skirt and a pair of heels and you are set for the night!

I'm wearing the amazing Southern Gothic skirt in a size 2XL and the fit of both the under shorts and the waist band are spot on with room to move. This skirt is a really unique and amazing piece. It features an amazing spider web motif over the skirt with a stretch ponte pair of shorts beneath. This ingenious creation means you get a perfect swing skirt fit with an extra layer to create a romper or just show off that amazing lace detailing.

The styling options for this skirt are endless as well and you can adapt the look for each and every season. Pairing this with light weight summer tops and a strappy pair of hells for the hot months, slipping a petticoat over the short for a full solid black look or a choosing a bright pop of colour to make that pattern really pop.

In winter this piece looks amazing when paired with knee high boots and you can also wear bright coloured stockings under the shorts for a little bit of fun. Each look was paired with my absolute favourite heels from Shoe Me and my Nightmare Nails which really fit with the plus size the Vampira vibes.

My glasses are actually a faux pair of prop sunglasses from a costume shop but La Femme En Noir have created the perfect Batwing styles in both black and oxblood.


The black are currently back in stock and the Oxblood version will be back on August the 24th. I think I'll order the black ASAP as I need them and that stunning coffin case. Be on the look out for a Vampira style due to arrive later this year as well. This shoot was absolutely amazing, and I have to thank the amazing Damien Bowerman for working with me on this supercold day, for not thinking I'm completely crazy for swimming in winter and for letting me sneak a fax skeleton into the set. The results are exactly what I wanted, and I'm going to love these forever!