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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gilda The Great!

Last year I heard a little birdy mention that Pinup Girl Clothing were designing full length gowns and I have been watching their web store ever since to see what was to come! When the Gilda Gowns were released I instantly squealed with excitement hoping one day I could wiggle into one of these stunning velvet gowns, today is that day! 

The Laura Byrnes Gilda Gown is one of the most alluring and most figure flattering gowns I've ever owned. Made from lush stretch velvet this gown molds to your curves and creates the most stunning shape. This dress is high glamour and full of sex appeal evoking the style of silver screen goddesses and even film noir femme fatales. 

I was blown away when I first wore the Monica Dress but I have to admit this is now my all time favourite design. In a size XL the Gilda fits like a glove and hugs and emphasizes all your bust curves! The internal bengaline shaper is the hidden secret to the perfect fit and shape that this gown provides. Holding you in at the waist, smoothing out all lumps and bumps white hiding any middle section issues. With this dress you really need it to be a close fit but because of the build in shapewear I stuck with my usual size in PUG dresses. With super stretchy garments I usually size down but given that I own 2 Monica dresses I knew that this would fit like a dream.

The deep V bust line creates amazing cleavage as you can see and the bust can accommodate my GG cup chest. Pinup Girl Clothing is always brilliant for boobies! The black velvet fabric is so smooth and I can't keep my hands off it. I've had this same touchy feely reaction with my Deadly Dames Film Noir dresses as they are as so smooth. I'm dying to style this with the fishnet Lilith Jacket for even more of a wow factor. 

I feel like a gothic inspired Jessica Rabbit in this gown and can't wait to have the right event to wear it to. Our location for the shoot was the iconic Arts Centre Melbourne and walking through the lush red and gold interior I felt like I was on the red carpet.  A central creative mecca for all things music, comedy, opera and ballet related and filled to the brim with amazing artwork. If you have not attended any events at the Arts Centre you have to book some tickets asap. Many thanks to the amazing PR team and my lovely friend Kat for setting up this location for us. 

This style is also available in 2 other colour options and one print.  

Then if you want more of a cocktail dress you can also purchase the Gilda Dress in 2 colours and one print. I will be picking up the Burgundy to wear all through winter! I really hope that there are more colour options in the future as I'd kill for a deep forest or emerald green version of this style. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

La Belle Hèroine (NSFW)

La Belle Hèroine has arrived at Wheels & Dollbaby! A stunning Autumn/Winter collection filled stunning knits, new prints and twist on existing designs. From soft pink florals to bold statement pieces with military inspiration this season has something for everyone. Released today this cool weather collection has stolen my heart with it's colour palette, fabric choices and accessories.

What's even more exiting about this collection is that more items are available up to a size 16 (Australian) than with any other season! I've worn and wear anything from a size 12 to a 16 in their products so this is super exciting for all the other curvy girls out there! For more details on size please check out my Classic Dollbaby post  where I reviewed a variety of sizes and styles from an earlier collection. 

I've been holding onto these images for a few weeks and have been dying to share them so here are the stunning campaign shots for the La Belle Hèroine range

Such a stunning mini dress with simply stated military features. Perfect for pairing with stockings and knee high lace up boots when the weather cools down. Available up to a size 1

I'm an absolute sucker for a beautifully tailored familiarity style coat and the Sgt. Peppers Jacket ticks every box and then some. A flattering shape for my curves, bold colours and detailing and paired with the matching leggings makes a brilliant outfit. 

This seasons new print is a super soft and sweet pink orchard design which will win over many hearts. The Kit Kat Klub dress is the essential mini dress for all of you pink lovers out there and it's simple yet sleek design hugs you in all the right places.


This gown will blow your socks off!! I can't explain how amazing this is but I will be reviewing it next month so I'll be zipping my lip until then.

SINGAPORE FLING DELIGHT DRESS - $420.00 Available up to a size 14

The Singapore Fling Delight dress offers a more modern take on the oriental style dress of yesteryear. Pairing the soft pink orchard print with black buttons and sheer netting creates a more sexy and sophisticated style. If you love the shape but not the pink print you can also purchase this in all black.

This catsuit is AMAZING! I've never been one to really consider wearing a catsuit but this almost wench style bust line, deep corseted v and super stretchy yet structured fabric have me thinking and planning. 

My stand out favourite items from this season are as follows :

KNIT MOTORCYCLE JACKET - $285.00 Available up to a size 16
TIE SILHOUETTE DRESS - $325.00 Available up to a size 16
SGT. DOLLBABY CARDIGAN - $155.00 Available up to a size 16

These styles will definitely be in my collection this season and hopefully if I'm a good girl I'll be able to get the Motorcycle Jacket for my Birthday! Now this is just as taste of the new collection so be sure to check out all of these styles via the Wheels & Dollbaby website. I will be reviewing and shooting many of the new season items so look out for an image packed, in detail review of my stand out favourites at the end of March. I hear there might be an editorial in the works too - wink, wink! 

If you have any questions please comment below and I will help you with any styles or fit related information or you can email the store or their facebook page as they are super friendly and there to help you! 

So finally I need to know - What is your stand out must have in this collection? 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Well hello Mr Fancy Pants

A few weeks back the brilliant Michael Alesich and I roamed around my neighbourhood and snapped some shots of my stand-out favourite items from Sourpuss! It's fair to say that I have a life long addiction to this brilliant company and I adore their web store (I can get lost on there for a few hours) and each and every season I'm blown away by their new styles and designs.

The items in this set of images are from 2014 but you can still purchase these both via the web store of from any of the other online shops I've lined below each image. In the next few months I'll be able to shoot some new stock from the 2015 Spring/Fall season and update you with all the exciting new designs.  

Being a huge fan of the western dresses in this stretch flannel fabric for the last 2 seasons it was a must to have the shirt version in my collection. The Dolly top is a super stretchy and soft western style button up in a bold black and white gingham with red buttons, piping and horse shoe motif's. The soft and very stretchy fabric makes this shirt perfect for larger busts and can be worn tied up or down. I'm wearing each item in this post in a size XL and with this style I find the fit to be perfect and very much like the western dresses.

If you ever have issues with button popping or gaping this is the shirt for you. I'm a 34GG and this sits perfectly over my bust.

This is definitely not a summer fabric though as it's thick and very warm so I suggest pairing it with jeans and skirts in the cooler months. I've been wearing this with skinny jeans and cowboy boots on cooler days and my favourite leather jacket. It's so comfy yet so cute and I hope that, like the dress version, it comes out in different colours and motifs eventually. Usually I'd be a little worried about so much print on my upper body but when worn tied up or tucked in I find this style rather flattering.

SOURPUSS OMNI VARSITY JACKET (SOLD OUT! Check Dollskill link)  - $54.00

After falling hard for my Anchors Aweigh varsity jacket last year it was obvious that any new style or print was needed in my life. The Omni was a new print for 2014 and features a a different colour way, white sleeve and skull print on the back. Sold out via Sourpuss but you can pick one up at Dollskill here for $48.50! Lined with the softest of fabric this baby will keep you cosy all winter.

I'm such a sucker for the Varsity style and love how it compliments my curves. Being an hourglass I usually show my chest and never cover up but when it cools down and you have to dress for a chilly Melbourne winter a zip up high neck is needed! I adore the close fit and how the thick fabric hugs my curves without adding bulk. This winter I'll be wearing this one to death!

This is my first Bella cardigan from Sourpuss but I've been eyeing them off for a while. I'm usually a full length or 3/4 sleeve kind of girl but when I saw this atomic style ruffled number I needed it in my life. I love the atomic sputnik embroided motifs on each side of the chest and the ruffles with the edition of lace. The sleeve I'm still a bit iffy about as I think it's a little unflattering on my upper arms but I do love every other detail.  

With the XL I found the buttons a little too pulled for my liking so if you have a bust bigger than 40 inches then I'd suggest moving up to a XXL. I paired the Bella with the amazing Bad Girl Scarf in the Switchblades print. I'm loving the selection of prints available in these scarves and they are great for neckerchiefs or hair scarves. Every print and colour way will be in my collection eventually, I need more options for every day wear and for photo shoots.

The Vivienne dress is a fantastic little version of the VavaVoom dress with 3/4 sleeves! Now I've searched high and low for this style as it's sold out and can't find the gray print online anymore. After a few searches I've found the Navy Dot and the Cherry print so if you like the style and fit these might be perfect for you. I found the fit in an XL perfect for my bust, arms and waits but I'd not be game to size down. So if you are a little smaller than me the Large will be perfect.

If this style is restocked at Sourpuss I will update this post asap!

(SOLD OUT AT SP! Check links bellow for stockists)

I'm in love with Fancypants - now that's something I never though I'd write at any point in my blogging career! But it's true and the Fancypants coat is one of the best style winter coats I've worn in years. A new spin on the plain black coat with striking white piping and buttons. The white features draw you eye to the sleek lines of this coat and works wonderfully on my curves. Made from a stretch rayon/spandex fabric the coat stretches to fit your curves and hug your body. The stretch also gives you the option to layer cardigans and jumpers beneath and the room arm's offer lots of space for long sleeved items.

We shot this in black and white to show just how stunning the coat is on its own but in reality it's still as bold and strong. The coat is also lined with a blood red silky fabric which makes it just as appealing button up or worn undone.

Now don't fear just because this style is sold out online via the Sourpuss website. Bellow I've linked all the places you can purchase this wonderful coat and the other colour ways of leopard and red.
 - $41.49
Black Fancypants Coat  (UK) - £44.99
Black Fancypants Coat (Unique Vintage) - $90.00

What do you pair with a super stylish black and white coat? The Deadly Deville purse in houndstooth of course! I already own the black and beige version of this purse and use all week as it's the perfect size for everything I need to get me through a work day. My last two handbags have been Sourpuss and I find they are brilliant accessories as well as being solid and long lasting.
The Deadly Deville in Hounds tooth is stunning and stylish and has a very old world vibe about it. The 60's inspired shape and print gives a sleek and classy feel to this purse and the size is brilliant. Measuring 18" X 10" X 5" this purse can accommodate all of your essential items for work or play. The larger size of this bag means you can also use this as an overnight travel bag! I've used this to store outfits for a night away and it's really amazing just how much fits inside.

The larger size of this bag means you can also use this as an overnight travel bag! I've used this to store outfits for a night away and it's really amazing just how much fits inside.

Many thanks to the my brilliant friend and photographer Michael Alesich for taking these images. I think we have mastered the art of bag/shoe and leg photography on this post. I can't wait to shoot the next set with you!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kat Frankies!

You might have noticed a the last few months that I've been addicted to super sparkly earrings from Kat Frankies and all of their other amazing accessories. I only found this little pinup/vintage mecca late last year but it's now my go to online store for a little bit of everything!

From jewelry, hair scarves, clothing, petticoats, makeup and more you will find anything and everything on their website. I'm currently smitten over the Demi Loom tops they stock which are on sale!        

Now as a girl that's not afraid to show a little skin and a whole lot of cleavage I adore a good 3/4 low cut boobie top and the Pinup Top is perfect for my hour glass shape. The plunging sweetheart neckline and rouched section in the middle makes a brilliant shape and suits larger busts perfectly.

I opted to get a plain black version and the stunning whiskey rose print. Both suit my collection of swing and pencil skirts and look great tucked into super high waists. But due to my hourglass hippy shape they are a little too short to wear with high waisted jeans.

I'm wearing this style in a size L/XL and I found it to be a perfect yet skin tight fit. If you want a little more room of need a little more give then there is also a 2X/3X option available. They are super stretchy and hug my curves in all of the right places but size up if you are worried about the stretching of print etc.

There are a few more stunning colour options and prints available online right now!

I definitely need the Dexi Dot version in my life as I love the lack and polka dot combination and the Electric blue is stunning. So be sure to check out the Demi Loon range and more of what Kat Frankies has to offer. I'm loving their huge range of Erstwilder brooches at the moment and they have the new season stock! I've currently got my eye on 2 stunning Lindy B dresses and more Stardust confetti earrings so I best start compiling a lust list.

Many thanks to the brilliant Brad Blake Photography! Not only is he a talented photographer but a brilliant baker (mmmm chocolate cake memories) and I hope to work with him again this year!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter Lust List #1

It's that time of the year once again when I'm searching the web looking for the perfect new additions to my wardrobe. As we enter Autumn I'm already looking one season ahead and I've started compiling my Winter lust list. To to be honest there are way too many items I'm lusting after for the chilly season so I will be sorting the 'Lust Lists' into style groups and sharing them with you over the next few months!

I already have a huge winter coat collection and, well, let's face it, an outerwear addiction, but I'm still hunting for a few more pieces for winter 2015! I've found some brilliant items at a website I've only just stumbled across - Izabel London. A UK based fashion site with super cheap shipping to both Australia and New Zealand!

Now I have a wardrobe full of coloured coats in pinks, maroon, prints and more but I'm really lacking in either plain black or black with contrasting fabrics. So here is my current lust list :

Absolutely in love with this contrasting trim coat in black with an almost tween looking textured print! Such classic tailoring that works for all outfits and all body shapes. I love the bold print and black panels and the shape they create. A perfect coat to keep me warm and wear to work all winter.
This style is available up to a size 14 and I find that I can wear UK14 coats with ease.

 I'm a absolute sucker for studs and this style has so many of the features I'm looking for. Studs in silver (I don't really suit bronze or gold) PU detailing at the waist, big buttons and hits mid thigh.  Another perfect style for both work or play! I tend to dress my winter coats up or down depending on how cold it might get. This style also goes up to a size 14.

I may own 4 biker jackets already but this minor detail does not stop me from lusting after more. I'm smitten over this style due to the unique quilted texture on the arms. I've yet to purchase a quilted biker jacket yet and this definitely needs to be in my collection. Available up to a size 14.

In need of something larger than a 14? Well Izabel London have a brilliant plus size section as well. This first coat from the plus collection to catch my eye was this double collared leopard print biker. Such a brilliant print and would look amazing with black skinny jeans or disco pants. Loving the glam rock vibe this jacket has and would love to style it. Available in size 18+.

Then finally the one coat every women needs when the weather cools down - a double breasted hooded black coat. This style pairs with everything and can be worn to work, out to the snow, out for coffee or even to keep you warm on an evening out. The super warm lining means you don't have to layer too much and you can pair this with your favourite gloves, scarves and berets. I'm loving the hood feature as I can't get enough of hoods over winter.

So there you have it! These are my stand out favourite styles for the cooler months ahead but there are so many more to choose from with more colours and prints. I'm also loving the price tags as I very rarely spend over $120 for a winter coat and with shipping these are a steal! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Inbetween Ring!

Back in January 2014, my love popped the question with a stunning vintage ring and I've been mesmerized by it ever since.

This ring is me to a T but getting a wedding ring to pair with it was not something we even thought about in the beginning. To made my engagement ring work with a wedding ring we are getting two bands attached to the this existing ring and creating an even more stunning, thicker design! 

But the thought of not wearing this till April is really getting to me and I've come up with a solution - The Inbetweenie ring! I'm looking for a ring to wear prior to the wedding while my ring is being created and then I can add this to the many I wear weekly after the wedding. On my search for such a ring I stumbled across Emma and Roe the sister brand to Michael Hill and I've already fallen in love with their stack rings. I love the height of my original ring and would love to go the stacking option to make a larger ring. 

My eye was instantly drawn to the stack rings and of course the stirling silver styles. I've never been a fan of gold and the silver cubic zirconia, diamond or cats eye mix is my go to combo. I love the bold black shape on the silver band and would love one bigger stacker ring for the middle of the style I'm creating. 

Then a little bit of faux bling for the mix! Because this is an inbetweenie style I'm not going to spend way too much on real diamonds and more over the tops styles. I love the simple shapes created in this ring and it would work alone or with others. 

Then another all silver band for the bottom or top of the stack. Similar to the style shown above but this time the design is created with the silver itself and not with stones. I think all 3 will work wonderfully my left hand and be a great filler until my wedding day. 

But then again there is one more option if I can find more funds in my wedding budget : 

On the more pricier side of the stacker rings is this stunning style. Packed with 1/2 a carat of Diamonds in 10c white gold. I'd love to add this to my collection but for now I think I can only dream of this style while we save and pay for our wedding! 

Emma and Roe have a 'How to Stack' guide on their website so you can gather ideas or inspiration and go wild with patterns. 

I'm really loving the 4 or 5 stacked high styles and the mixture of different colours. The possibilities are endless and and I can't wait to create my own mixture. Have any of you, my lovely readers, tried this trend yet? I'm really interested to know how other people work the layered/stacked look. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Swimwear for Curves - Adore Magazine

So this year set myself a goal. I've been writing this blog for 5 years now and I wanted to branch out a little more and see what else I was capable of. Through the help of other blogs and a great local publication I've started writing my own articles and as of Summer 2015, I'm a contributor to Adore Pinup Magazine!

I started my writing year off with a bang and wanted to feature swimsuits that were made for curves. Styles that suit an hourglass figure but can also work on any other body shape (there is nothing better than an adaptable, forever flattering swimsuit!). Now I'm super chuffed to be a part of this and I can't explain how good it feels to not only feature multiple times in this publication for my modeling work but now to be accepted as a writer!

Nadia Desensi did and absolutely brilliant job and creating our vision for these images that went along side the review/article. She is a brilliant wedding and fashion photographer based in Melbourne and you should book her asap! I always feel confident and proud of my shape when I shoot with Nadia. Bellow you will find my review as written in the latest issue. To buy a copy for yourself or to subscribe follow this link.

Summer is here in full swing and it’s time to sort out what we will be wearing to the beach.  Beating the heat can be a little harder when you are a curvier girl, though.  Finding the right style to fit your bust, waist and hip measurements can be a nightmare for clothes in general, but when it comes to swimsuits, a busty lass with a small waist can be lost in a sea of swimwear.

Over the last few years I’ve fallen in love with brands from around the globe, and I’ve come across many who specifically design for curvy shapes and bigger busts.  However, this year I found out that my swimwear designer of choice is no longer in the game.  This just wouldn’t do; I needed a swimsuit for summer and I needed it fast.  I focused my search on Australian-based companies who specialise in curves with a retro flair.  I discovered two great brands that fulfil my needs both fit-wise and style-wise and I’m absolutely thrilled to share these options with other curvy girls.

The first suit I found was the Robyn Lawley ‘Almost French’ 50’s one piece in black, priced at $194.95.  Designed by Australia’s ‘IT’ girl in plus size modelling, this suit is created to fit a curvier shape and is stocked in sizes 10 to 20.  Every girl needs a black one piece swimsuit – it’s the LBD of the swimwear world.  With the ‘Almost French’ suit, you have the classic shape of a black one piece, coupled with amazing black lace and power mesh to mould on to those curves.  

The stand out feature of this stunning suit has to be the cage bra attachment above the moulded cups, which works brilliantly on a D/DD bust, and even a GG size which I happen to be.  You can also adjust both the straps and the back, much like you would with a bra, to get the perfect fit.  I’m wearing this suit in a size 18 as I was advised to size up due to the lack of stretch in the lace. 

Close up view of the stunning floral fabric! 

However, after wearing it for a day, I can say that I would be more suited to a size 16, due to it being a little roomy on my waist and bust after a few hours of wear.  If you are a standard size 16 with a DD chest, be sure to stick with your usual size.  Beyonce, the Queen of Curves, chose to wear this suit in white in her music video for ‘No Angel’, and you can purchase this suit in that exact colourway, in addition to black and navy.

I also stumbled upon Sirens Swimwear in my swimwear search.  They are another local and inspiring swimwear company focusing on the styles of the 50s and 60s; a time when everyone wanted to be curvy, elegant and feminine.  That being said, their main focus is to make every woman – both thin and thick, big and small – feel beautiful, and that really appeals to me.  With Sirens Swimwear you will feel like a silver screen goddess.  Sirens have an amazing range of styles and so many super cute takes on a bikini and a one piece design.  Packed with ruffles, skirts, padding or no padding, there are options for each and every shape!

With my curves in mind, I chose the one suit that shone the most brightly to me – the ‘Lizzie’ in Wild Berry, priced at $189.00.  ‘Lizzie’ is an absolute masterpiece of design and retro sophistication, offering amazing ruching, moulded cups in a sweetheart shape, and thick, supportive straps.  These features make for a figure-hugging shape, perfect to show off an hourglass figure, as the suit moulds to your curves and supports larger busts.  This style also helps create curves if you are not blessed with them!  I’m wearing the ‘Lizzie’ in a size Large, which is a 14 to 16.

The fit is on point and I really adore the berry and navy combo on my pale skin.  Sirens Swimwear offer items in sizes 8 to 20 (or, as listed, XS to XL), so no matter what size or shape you are or what prints you love, you’ll find the perfect swimmers for you!  The ‘Lizzie’ is also available in Navy Polka Dot, Cocktail Black, Aqua Pin Stripe, Red and White Candy Stripe, Aqua Flora and Blue and White Stripe

I’ve paired both of these amazing suits with my silk brush print kimono from 17 Sundays.  It’s been my go-to beach cover up for many years.  While this style is sold out, you can purchase beach appropriate kaftans and kimonos everywhere this season.  I love mixing bold colours and geometric prints with darker suits and bikinis to create my ultimate beach look!

If you have any issues finding a suit in your size you can find the stockists for Robyn Lawley's range here . Sirens Swimwear can be found via their website and across all social media so be sure to add both of these amazing companies on Facebook and Instagram.