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Thursday, July 2, 2015


Today is the day!! INKY PINKY by Wheels and Dollbaby has just been released and girly girls of the world are going crazy. This stunningly sweet collection has just hit both the online and physical store and it won't be long until it sells out!

Inky Pinky is the highly anticipated diffusion line by Wheel & Dollbaby, which is released this Friday 3rd July. Inky Pinky is a collaboration between designer Melanie Greensmith and Perth based artist, Jack McAuliffe. Together the duo created a print featuring 13 Dollbaby tattoos, synonymous with the label’s iconic and girly aesthetic.

The capsule collection features 5 signature Wheels & Dollbaby Styles, each chic and casual piece more collectable then the next! The neon-filled campaign was shot by acclaimed photographer Elvis Di Fazio in an retro games arcade and bowling alley. This is the first diffusion line by iconic Australian label, Wheels and Dollbaby, created exclusively and uniquely for the Dollbaby girl at heart. Modeled by Amy-Jane Brand

Inky Pinky is available from 3rd July 2015 in store and online at and these are just a small sample of the look book images to showcase the new range.

A range for the most bubbly, pastel and super sweet loving Dollbabys! With core items to mix and match with your existing Wheels & Dollbaby pieces. These new styles look amazing with leather and lace and can be dressed up or down!

While I'm usually not a lover of bubblegum styling or paler shades I think I'll be brave this season and give my stand out favourite style the Cupcake Ruffle Top a try! Being super pale I tend to avoid colours close to my skin but now that I've been convinced pale pink works with my complexion, I can try even more shades! I loved the  bluebird tattoo print in pink so I can't wait to try this creation.

As per usual I'm here to give you guys the size lowdown! With this collection there are a mixture with the Inky Pinky Dress, BB Dress and Cupcake Ruffle top in size 8 to 16, the tank up to a 14 and the leggings up to a size 12. For a standard 16 and a pale fabric I'd suggest sticking with your usual size as you don't want to warp the print too much.


With no item over $120 this is an affordable price point for all Dollbabys and makes a little bit of Wheels & Dollbaby more obtainable! So please excuse me while I think of all the styling options and look for pastel gloves and berets to pair with this super cute range.

Monday, June 29, 2015


3 years ago I discovered  the wonderful products from Vedette and have been a hug fan of their super strong and boned waist slimming garments ever since. I originally opted for an underwear as outerwear shoot way back then and used cropped tops to show off how rocking their corseted undergarments could look when peeking through. To this day, I still wear those two garments and adore how they hold me in.

A year or so ago I shot a sneaky image of what is by far my absolute favourite garment from Vedette  but it seems to have been sold out. Below is the image we took and as you can see this waist cincher is amazing. While this garment is no longer available you can purchase the Romina for $65.00 which is the same style but in a different fabric. There is also an option to have the hook and eye closer at the back with the Gianna if it suits you more. I have both and love the shape they create but find the front closure a lot easier to work with.

This year I wanted to try a few more pieces to see what worked best in the medium/strong support range. Now I've tried a few and some worked well, others not so much. The one this I figured out rather fast was that a thicker bottomed garment much like a full set of brief seem to be best for my longer torso. I absolutely adore the styles with a lacey boyleg brief or gstring but they seem to be a little short on my body and don't flatter my shape at all. These were my two stand out favourites.

Jiselle - $72.75

I'm now officially a short convert after trying the Jiselle! I've steered clear of short shapewear for years mainly because I like to show off my legs but I adore the Jiselle suit. Here are a few of the listed specs :

Firm control open bust shapewear. Focused on slimming you down your problem areas. Smooths tummy, hips, thighs and rear. Compression garment ideal for post surgery. Bra not included. Open crotch for easy bathroom accessibility. Hook and eye front closure with zipper overlay panels. Imported Nylon, spandex/lycra, cotton, polyester

The features I love most about this garment have to be the slimming effect. The fabric mixture provides a firm and strong hold and when paired with a hook and eye closure front and a zip it's feels safe and secure all day long. This is a great winter form of shapewear and ideal under jeans, pants and skirts to the knee. The open crotch makes bathroom breaks easy and that's one thing most shapewear companies instantly fail on. Now I have huge hips and this makes me feel a whole lot smoother and not as curvy which is a good thing with some of my outfits. The waist reduction is not over the top as this garment seems to smooth rather than shape. I can't wait to pair this with my full steal corset and see what shape I can create.

I'm wearing this garment in and XL and I think with the amount of stretch and support I could have sized down once more. This is available from sizes XS to 3XL and gives you are great amount of support without showing under garments. My only issue which is very small would be the top of the zip. Now on the product shots it sits nicely but on mine there is a distinct separation. I almost need another hook and eye at the very top to fix this. This is minor though and does not show through.

Now this was a product I was very excited to try. As a corset lover I've been intrigued by the creations of super comfortable Torsettes and needed to figure out how they work and how they fit. Here is a little more information from the creators themselves :

  • Focus on the waist. Wear Vedette waist cinchers designed meticulously, that envelopes your figure, thus giving you sensual curves and a slimmer waist. It has hook-and-eye front closure for security while giving you unique compression only Vedette can give.
  • A sweet comeback after surgery, you're armed with confidence as you make your way with your slimmer silhouette. Embrace Vedette's dual control shapewear that hugs your body and helps you get back in shape after surgery. Made with Advanced Powernet technology that gives you control where you need it.
  • Spandex / Cotton / Nylon
  • The Vedette Corset has been designed with the needs of today's woman in mind. It is ideal for shaping your body, correcting posture, and enhancing your figure. Consistent use will change the shape of your body, creating a new attitude, renewed self estee and increased confidence in your life.
  • This garment was produced with the highest quality fabrics. Each size is designed only to adjust to your respective measurements (see size chart)
Now this creation is really awesome and for a girl such as myself who is at the gym weekly and trying hard to achieve all my fitness goals I love it. A product that works with our bodies and gives support, flattening and shape without the over the top normal corset feel. Now don't get me wrong I wear a corsets a lot and adore them but this is a great alternative for someone that wants a little bit of shape without the strong boning of steel.

Now I wore this over my previous suit as I personally feel it needs to be paired with another shapewear garment to work perfectly but it can be worn on it's own. I know many girls wear these kinds of corsets daily and train or work out in them. While I love that idea I don't think it will work with my gym gear and routine.

It does offer great shape and a slight waist reduction when paired with a  good bodysuit. I did photograph this after eating so the flattening is great but not the best with a full belly! I do feel really secure and comfortable when wearing this though.

So these are my two stand out products and an old favourite which I hope they bring back! I'd love to know if you have any experience with Vedette garments and if you do what are your favourite garments?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Oh My Shonna

This winter I've fallen in love with a stunning winter warmer named Shonna from Hell Bunny's winter coat collection, a calf length and very formal looking style winter coat featuring black faux fur cuffs and a matching collar.

Photographer - Julz Photography 
Hair and Makeup - Cherry Bombshell Beauty

Unless you've been hiding from my blog or even my Instagram, you should know that I have a coat addiction. I own around 15 winter styled coats, 7 of which are bicker jackets and 4 which are leather biker jackets. From plaid to gingham and core colours such as teal, navy and black, I own a selection of motos, trench coats, water fall jackets and even a tuxedo jacket.  Until now I've I've never owned a longer style non trench coat and this is definitely going to change from this point onward.

The Shonna coat is magnificent! A super thick long length number that not only keeps warm on the coldest of days but instantly makes any outfit more regal and elegant. This coat has enough room around the waist and in the sleeves to fit the many layers you might need this winter but still keeping that hour glass shape. As with all my other Hell Bunny coats I'm wearing this style in a XL and it's an amazingly comfortable yet faltering fit. The deep V neckline gives me a little extra room in the bust and I love that I can show a whole lot of cleavage whole still keeping warm.  

Whenever I wear this coat out people either stop me on the street to tell me how much they adore it or I just get a whole lot of stares (in the best way possible). It gives off both a old Hollywood depending on how I choose to style it. Then paired with my favorite winter items and on a dark and gloomy Melbourne day it almost has a Brothers Grim fairy tale style about it.  I've fallen hard for this coat and need to get my hands on both the black and the teal version as soon as humanly possible. They are so easy to wear and style, every woman needs a Shonna in her collection.

I paired this coat with a more spring time style to show just how easy this can be to wear with pale and soft colours. The Annalise dress is a stunning pale floral swing style dress with flowing layers, a fitted waist and a cross over bustline. A new style from Hell Bunny with more delicate and intricate design features. I'm wearing and XL in this as I tend to wear in all Hell Bunny items but due to the complete lack of stretch in the fabric my bust did not fit into the very structured bodice/cupped area. This style is a great fit everywhere else but if I wanted a perfect fit in the bust area I would have purchase one size up. So if you are over a D I would recommend you size up!  

Asides from that one fit issue it is an amazing fabric and I would love to see this in a swing style skirt with a belt. The flowing layer would look amazing in a full skirt and with additional colour ways such as black and navy the styling options would be endless all year round.

BETTIE PAGE Knee High Lace Up Morbidia Boots Gris Grimly from Shoe Me Gorgeous - $TBA

From the moment I ordered this Shonna coat I need exactly what shoes I wanted to pair with it. For the last 12 months I've been searching high and low for a pair of  lace up,  knee high black boots with a little edge and a medium sized heel. It's been harder than I expected to find such a product but luckily Shoe Me Gorgeous came to the rescue. Featured in the latest Bettie Page Shoes catalog were these lace up faux leather an faint skull printed boots were EXACTLY what I've been searching for. With scalloped edging, a mixture of faux leather gris grimly skull printed fabric and velvet detailing these boots are amazing. With a gothic fairy tale edge these are unique but also pair wonderfully with everything in my wardrobe. From dresses to full style swing skirts, over jeans of paired with stockings and pencil skirts - The possibilities are endless. 

I have recently found out that Bettie Page shoes unlike brands such as Bordello are closer to the Australian size range that others. So if you are ordering this brand be sure to stick to your AU size. I found the top of this boot rather roomy and they will easily fit over jeans and super thick stockings. Now these are not listed on the Shoe Me Gorgeous  yet but if you are interested in purchasing them please contact them via the website or on facebook and they will be able to order you a pair asap. 

As you can see I love this coat that much I used it in two different photoshoots! Many thanks to Julz Photography for the first image with the amazing hair and makeup of Cherry Bombshell Beauty. I would also like to thank my awesome photographer Michael from Robin Elk Photography who snapped these images straight after our LuWow shoot! What change in look! I love how it works perfectly with both a pinup hair style and a more creative and high fashion hair look. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Collecting Collectif

I've been in love with the true vintage inspired designs of Collectif for years and they have always popped up in my reviews and shoots here on my blog. I love both the fit of their garments and the truly figure flattering items they make for girls with curves. So a few weeks back I had a chance to shoot some of my stand out favourite items!

This was the last set we shot at Melbourne's own LuWow! I seriously can't get enough of this place and can't wait to get back inside.

Deadly Dames Faux Leather Pink Belt

This is my second Dolores dress and I love, love, love this style! Such a super comfortable, hourglass flattering and stunningly printed dress that I'm smitten with. My previous Dolores dress was the plain black fabric but this time I wanted to bold and fun print. The Atomic Flamingo print is amazing and so detailed. Full of everything tikitastic such as fruit, starbursts and flamingos. How perfect does this dress pair with my location?

Size wise I found that this style was a lot larger than my other 16UK. While they are the same size this dress was a much looser and roomier fit. To the point where I could have used a size 12 and had a more suitable fit. The waist belt helped with nipping in that roomy waist but I will need to purchase a 12 in the future Dolores's dresses. So if you usually fit into a 16UK in this specific style I highly recommend you size down 2 sizes to get a more fitted and vavavoomy fit. 

Sadly this print is sold out but you can pop yourself on the wait list to be notified once it's back in stock. Obviously this was a super popular choice of fabric and sold out fast. If you can't wait there the next style currently on my lust list :

Now this print is in stock from size 6 to 18 and I think this is going to be the print I need this summer! If the Dolores is not the style your after there are even more items available in store if you click here. You can get a pencil dress, Dolores top, gypsy top and more! Oh, this print will send me broke, I tell you.

After years of wearing Collectif cardigans I've opted for a knitted top this time as it's super chilly down here in Melbourne and I'm always looking for tops that both flatter my shape and have higher necklines. The Stefania Cherry Scarf knitted top is so cute and I love the soft and stretchy fabric. This is no ordinary jumper and the combination bold red colour and adorable built in scarf detailing really makes this item pop. I paired this with my Mini Liesel Check print skirt from last winter as I love the bold check print paired with red. 

I'm wearing this style in a 16UK (sadly they only have 20's left for the moment) and it's a figure hugging and comfortable fit. But if you are going to wear this to work you will need to wear a singlet underneath as it becomes a little sheer once stretched. My tattoos pop through on the upper half of my arm and my bra was a little visible at times. 

The Stefania top also comes in black with a white and black polka dot scarf and if this style returns I'll be buying it and any other colour ways that might come out. I must have taken way too much time to shoot these amazing items because everyone snapped up most of the sizes and I don't blame them. 

Collectif Bowling Bag - £45.00 (sold out but be sure to put yourself on the wait list) 

I missed out on this BRILLIANT bowling bag when it was first released but on the second release I jumped straight onto it! The main thing I have to say about this retroluscious handbag is that if you think it's stunning in this image you will not believe your eyes when you see it in person. Made from super high quality matte faux leather and embroidered with the Collectif logo this is the perfect purse to pair with all your pinup outfits. 

I reviewed one more item but the images won't be released until the next issue of Adore Pinup so watch closely for a more winter themed amazing skirt review. 

Many thanks to the brilliant Michael of Robin Elk Photography for working on these images with me in the most perfect location possible. I can't wait to share more of the magic we've been creating together. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tiki Tiki

Every season when I get a preview of the newest look book for Hell Bunny, I'm always interested to see what new creations they have come up with. With the Spring/Summer 2015 catalog I was instantly drawn to their new style tops and the most brilliant of waist belts, plus my trusty and most favourite style in their range - the 50's swing skirt.

These are a few of my favourites! We got to use the always freaking amazing LuWow for this shoot and I can't express in words just how much I adore this venue. It was hard not to lust after the cocktail menu while shooting and if you are ever in Melbourne you HAVE TO visit LuWow for cocktails and dance floor action. 

Oh, how I'm a sucker for gingham. When I first laid eyes on the Lydia, I fell in love with the western shape and button up front. Then when I finally got it in my hands, I was even more impressed with the red piping, butterfly embroidered motif and the fit. A true western summer frock with in a super stretchy fabric that hugs me in all the right places. Originally I was a little worried about fit, given that it appears to be a button up and with my chest and buttons I usually have many popping issues. But the amazing design of this dress means that I never have to fear this fit issue again.

You see, not all of the buttons are functioning. The top 3 work as buttons usually should but the others are merely decorative. Then how do you get into the dress you ask? There is a zip up the back of this garment so you simply slide into the dress and choose to wear the buttons open or closed. 

I'm super excited about this style and really hope that red gingham or another motif color combo is released. I've already got my eyes on the Cody Bandana Dress in the same style as shown bellow. 

I love this western skull and pistol print and I will need to get this when the summer months arrive. These dresses will pair perfectly with my cowboy boot collection for day time wear and all of my bordello heels for the evenings. The fit on the XL is super roomy around the waist and I think I'll go down a size next purchase. 

August Skirt - $49.95

Well hello there Cilla... this top is not for the tame! It's super boobtastic and I love the print. Paired with the August skirt in this bright cherry red works wonderfully with the picnic inspired print of the 50's style swing skirt. I really love these basics and how affordable and versatile they are. From core colours to bright prints you can get a super cute swing skirt for $50 and it will last you years. I've chosen the Rizzo belt in red to pair with this outfit. Even though each red is a slightly different shade I love how it completes the outfit. You can purchase the Rizzo in both red and black and they are super affordable. 

I'm wearing both styles in an XL and I've found the skirt to be a perfect fit for my waist. The top however I think needs a little more tweaking.

Although it does remind me if a vintage Pinup Couture style I have in my wardrobe already. The fit however is now what I had hoped for. While roomy in the waist and upper hips it's tighter on the upper arms and the around the bust. This works for wearing tucked out with jeans and pencil skirts if you want a little more room around the waist. 

The top half is my issue. I could not find a perfect place to sit the sleeves and I was unsure if it was to sit off the shoulder or higher up and sometimes I felt like it made my shoulders appear much wider. 

But even with the fit confusion I found the perfect way to wear the Cilla top is under a cardigan. This eliminates the shoulder widening issue, cuts up the pattering and really makes for a more me look I think. One thing I forgot but will remember in the future is to wear a black or similar colour bra. The tie up front means there is a small hole between the bust so whatever you wear beneath will show through. 

This is really my preferred way of wearing the Cilla and given that this is a brand new style for Hell Bunny it might be a case of the design needing a few more tweaks. I'd also love to see a sleeved version of this if possible.

Now merely moments before I walked into the shooting location I fell over and injured my already scuffed and sore right knee. I felt like a complete duffer but the show must go on and I was not missing out on shooting any of these outfits. So this is the reason I've not been able to include many full length images from this day. But I went out of my way to also showcase the stunning shoes I paired with each outfit. 

Now I've worn both of these pairs in previous shoots but I wanted to focus a little more on their stunning design and fit! I've honestly lusted after Bordellos for years but until the last 12 months I'd never stepped into them. But once I wore my first pair there was no turning back.

I get all of my Bordello shoes and many other brands/styles from Shoe Me Gorgeous who are based in Australia and ship worldwide. They have the best prices and I just adore their work!! Currently I'm a little addicted to my bright red Patent Maryjane's as they give that brilliant pop of colour to any outfit. One day I'll have a rainbow wardrobe of this style.

Then lastly the sleek and stylish black velvet scalloped edge teeze pump. Such a dainty yet sexy style with a clip on or off brooch attachment (click link to see more detail). Each of these styles will pop up constantly in my shoots over the next few months and I can't wait to add a few more to my collection. 

Many thanks to Michael from Robin Elk Photography for working with me at the glorious location!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Erstwilder my love!

Last year I opened my life to a bunch of adorable Little Critters and started what is going to be a life long addiction to the stunning and, lets face it, cute as a button creations of Erstwilder. This past season we have seen the debut of the rocking Diner range and lots of new editions to the forever growing line of super cute animals and items.

While I loved the Diner range, I missed out of my first loves from the 50's inspired Diner range I did get my hands on some super cute styles that I absolutely adore.


How cute is this nautical 'Kraken' style brooch? As a sucker for all things nautical I had to snap this water scene up and pair it with my favourite red  from Heart of Haute. I love how this is a full scene not just one animal as many brooches usually are. It really makes the piece stand out and paired with a complimenting colour such as red it stands out in all of the right ways. 

Just look how that little red octopus pops! I love that Erstwilder are creating both stand alone animals and little stories such as this. It's basically a story in brooch form.

After falling in love with the brooches I though it was about time to try a necklace and my first aim was to find on that worked with my chest. I've loved each and every necklace style Erstwilder have released but with a larger bust the more dramatic and bolder pieces don't always work with my chest. Well this time I'm in luck! Patsy's Peepers are the perfect length with an adjustable chain so I can wear them high with a low cut neckline or lower on a boat neck or scooped higher neckline.  

I adore catseye glasses and after owning these peepers I need get myself a pink and white pair asap. Every time I wear this piece I can't get Jeepers Creepers out of my head and I'm ok with that. "Jeepers creepers, where did you get those peepers? Oh, those weepers, how they hypnotize! Where did you get those eyes?"

One of my stand out favourites from the last collection are the western inspired pieces. From deer skulls to cacti, I'm really drawn to the designs as I'm a lover of western fashion. The howling at the moon piece, like the first nautical style, I showed you is a 'story' style item and I'm head over heels in love with it. 

This piece is so simple in its design but this is what makes it stunning. I love the howling coyote silhouette placed on top of the almost pearl moon. I paired this with a bold yellow striped dress from Pinup Girl Clothing but I can't wait to wear it with my western dresses and shirts. 

Then lastly, I have the cheeky Paulette ready to pounce. I'm not usually one to like poodles but there was something about Paulette and the polka dot print. I love how she is in an action pose (yoga pose as well) and how prim and proper she is. The one thing about all of the cat and dog brooches at Erstwilder that I love is that they are all perfectly captured sitting pretty in an almost regal way. They are the way we'd expect to see them and when you find out their individual names then their pose suits them even more so.

I love how the pink/fuchsia pops on the teal of my Heart of Haute dress and I'm actually loving this colour combination. Why have I never tried this before?

For this post I've linked to an Australian based online store Kat Frankies. You can pick up all of the items featured plus many more via this store. I'm currently lusting after the following :

But if you can't find exactly what you need or you are on the hunt for an older more specific style be sure to check out the full list of stockists here. You can also check out more designs from the current collection via Erstwilder's website.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Forever Unique

I may be a little late to the game but I've finally found Unique Vintage and I'm now a huge fan of their in house brand. I've noticed this online store for a while now but I have no idea what took me so long to slip into their designs.

Located in Burbank California as a retail store and online to service the entire globe Unique Vintage is a one stop shop for pinup clothing and accessories. From the roaring 20's to sleek 50's styles they have both their own in house label and also stock many other well known brands.

For my first taste of their own label I wanted to try some trusted favourites and be bold with an off the shoulder number. After reading the size chart and getting some expert advice I found that very clearly I'm a XL in the super stretchy fabrics and a 2XL in the non stretch/boned fabrics. Looking at the size chart closely I'd say the 2XL is closer to most of the XL products on the market these days with a max waist of 34 inches and  bust of  42 inches. 

A 3/4 length sleeve dress in forest green with a low bust and full skirt? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! The Grace dress is everything I've ever wanted in a green dress and I'm so smitten with this style it's crazy. Being a super pale redhead I yelped when I saw this dark and moody tone of green and in person it's even more stunning I promise you. 

Made of stretchy cotton, that stretchy I could even size down to a Large for a more firm fit it fits like a dream and hugs my curves. The design is stunning and shows off all of my favourite features : my small waist, ample bust line and lower arms. Wearing this style is effortless as it's so comfortable and stretchy. The sleeves hold you in tightly and button close with a super cute clear button. 

I've paired this with my go to belt (It's 6 years old and still going strong but sadly no longer available) and my black Hell Bunny petticoat. But the styling options are endless with this shade of green. From purple to red, peach to white you can play with both subtle and bold shades and see what you like best. I can't wait to sneak this into my winter wardrobe and pair it with all of my coats stockings and accessories. 

You might have also noticed my adorable Picking Acorns Hairflower from Gigis Retro Closet. I'm such a huge fan of this Etsy shop and the stunning yet affordable pieces she creates. For this shoot I was looking for some stunning Autumn inspired flowers to pair with both the location and the dresses themselves. The Acorn and yellow flower combination won my heart and I adore her talent. 

I have lusted after a 'Prom' style evening dress for many years but given my huge bust and fear of strapless styles I've steered clear of them. Well this has all changed due to the Dandrige dress. With a fitted and boned bust and pleated swing style skirt this dress is a visual dream. Super soft and feminine due to the stunning fabric choice. While I'd usually go for a plain black version of this dress I thought dammit Teer you need to step out of your comfort zone! So I chose the navy blue floral option and I adore it.  

So how does this dress work with a double G bust? It actually fits really well. Given you have the amazing Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra - $94.95 here in Australia. This is the go to bra top pair with all strapless items as it does not budge and gives you heaps of space in the cup. As a reference I wear a 34GG and in Australia that's a 12GG. 

Now unlike the previous dress I needed to go up to a 2XL for this style as there is absolutely not stretch of give in the fabric. Which is great for a strapless dress as you don't want it to loose shape and fall down! As I mentioned at the start of this review I think the size charts are closer to most XL's so don't be worried about tags my dears, just wear what fits right.

I've paired this style with one of my all time favourite boleros from Heart of Haute. The Betty Bolero is so simple to wear and suits nearly everything in my wardrobe. I love how it makes the navy blue fabric pop and I'd also love to try this style with a navy version of this bolero. 

I'm such a convert to this style that I've already ordered it in a black floral! Yes I'm going to collect the whole set I think. Wearing this style and twirling around really makes you feel like a dream. 

Love the first grace dress but need a more summer friendly version? Well, the shorter sleeve red Grace is for you. With the exact same fit as the longer sleeve style and in an amazingly bright eye catching red this style suits so many body shapes and sizes. 

This shorter sleeve version is great for pairing with cardigans and boleros but I have to admit that I actually prefer the 3/4 length sleeve Grace. The reason for this is that I think the shorter sleeve with my ample bust broadens my shoulders. I do absolutely adore this colour though and need to be available in the other longer sleeved style. 

The short sleeve Grace dress is available in Red, Green, Black and Lilac, while a Navy version plus the green shown above can be found online in the longer sleeve Grace. 

I paired this stunning red number with a colour I'm loving at the moment, orange. I found this amazing Sunset Orange Hydrangea Hairflower at Gigis Retro Closet and I love the soft mixture of orange petals mixed with the green leaf base. Both flowers and many more amazing hair flowers, earrings, shoe clips and accessories can be found via the Etsy store so go forth and find the perfect dress and flower combo! 

Many thanks to my brilliant girl Brooke Orchard for these amazing images. It was so much fun shooting at Fitzroy gardens and the Autumn backdrop offered such a stunning back drop. Brooke is always an absolute dream to work with and I can't wait until our next shoot. Winter is here and we have already inspired ourselves for more shoots!