Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ambassador Who?

If you are a long term reader or even new to Curves To Kill you'll know that I have a huge love and addiction to shoes. I'm nutty for them and love collecting, styling and strutting in all different styles and colours.

So this year I'm super excited to announce my partnership with the greatest shoe store in Australia, hell lets face it, the world - Shoe Me Gorgeous! I'll be working with them through 2017 promoting, reviewing and modelling my pins as much as humanly possible. 

Not only are the an Australian based company but they have the best prices for brands I love like Pleaser, Demonia, Pin Up Couture and many many more. The selection is huge, the sizes perfect (with each review I'll be making sure I tell you my Australian size and what I wear in each brand) and super fast shipping.
Shoe Me Gorgeous have also introduced a awesome new loyalty membership program that gives you discounts and points/steps while you shop! I'll write a full post on this very soon and dish all the details but they are brilliant and you will definitely want to join. 

But lets get down to my love and my obsession and get this review going!


I've never found a medium sized heel I can wear to work all day and feel great in. After years of wearing huge platforms I find the smaller heel a little more work but now that I've discovered the Smitten heel from Pinup Couture I'm never going back to anything else for all day heels. 

Smitten is an adorable 40's style mary jane with a 4 inch heel and cut out design on the toe. They are sleek, sweet and a perfect pinup style for work or play. The closed toe makes the them transeasonal and they look great with or without stocks. 

I wear an Australian size 10 but I always order a US11 in this specific brand as they fit one size smaller for me. What makes this specific brand above many others I've worn to work or out for a night is the padding. 

You see that adorable bright red heart inside the pump? Well that's the secret! It's an extra level of cushioning and acts like party feet or an insole, plus it looks so cute.

Avaliable in red, forest green, dark brown and black and once you own one pair you'll need them all.


Now for a completely new style for me but sticking with the 40's style design. The Bettie is amazing, bold and features a 4 1/2" heel, 1"  Platform and a closed to cut out design. The extra inch and platform makes for more of a going out shoe apposed to a work shoe but it's all personal preference. 

The fit is a little spot on in the size US11 and these like the Smitten can be worn all year. I usually don't wear such a perfectly vintage style but I wanted to try something new and they have inspired me to try different colour options and more 40's style frocks.

Now these are available in the colour shown above and a very similar colour mixture with the addition of forest green included. I personally love the warm brown tones and how they work from Autumn to Spring. 

As these are Pin Up Couture they have that extra heart of comfort you will love the feel of both of these styles. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A whole new Eva Marie!

The Eva Marie has been one of stand out favourites from Unique Vintage for a while now as it's a great form fitting and flattering shape. Complete with 3/4 sleeves, a full swing skirt and a bustline that compliments my large chest.

Bordello TEEZE-14 Black-White Patent Platform Pump - $114.00

While I've modeled 3 different versions of this style I have to say the fit on this specific garment is a little different from the others I own. I'm wearing this in an XL and the stretch in the fabric is that good and loose that I could size down to a large with ease. There is heaps of room to move in the waist and sleeves and it's a really loose fit.

The fabric of this specific Eva Marie really drew me in this seasons and I love the dark polka dot's on a deep almost blood red burgundy. This new style Eva is also available in navy with white dots and that baby is next on my list.

I own two other Eva Marie styles and they have faux button up bustlines but this style has now has real buttons and I think that might be why the fit has changed. It's still a stunning size but I highly recommend going down to a size or two for a perfect fit. The Ava is still a stunning frock though and with the new navy blue and white polka dot colour way you'll be adding both to your collection this year. Given the amount of room in this specific XL sizing down won't be an issue with the buttons as it's super stretchy and won't gape.

I'm always dreaming of new prints, colours for my favourite UV styles and I'd love to see this specific dress in a forest green, ruby red and black or even a floral print with a solid collar. So let's see what new versions and new styles UV have to offer us this year and if there are any fit questions or even review requests for their styles please comment below and I will help asap!

Thank you Liz from L12 Photography for these amazing images. I can't wait to create some Barbie Vixen realness with you this month!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Kittees, Leopard Print and Fright Frames!

My beloved Mandie B has hit the fashion world once again with a powerful punch! This time the focus is on a casual clothing range featuring cat inspired images and slogans. Appropriately named I love Kittees this label has made me make grabby hands at the screen and lust after every print. Pair this with the amazing New York based eyewear lords -  Lindsay Lowe Eyewear and I'm never changing or wearing another pair of glasses again!! Now let's gush!

I Love Kittees as I mentioned above is the brainchild of Mandie B who is one of the designers at Heart of Haute. I've loved her other work for many years so when I first saw the designs from her t-shirt range I knew I had to have them all. I'm a full blown kitty mum now so I've gotta be proud of it!

What I love most about this brand of tees is the retro and almost punk rock vibe from the images. Taking the 'catseye' sunglasses and working it into the perfect logo with whiskers of even the die 9 times tee having that 80's Californian DIY punk vibe to it.

I wear a 2XL in these and the fit is great. I tend to want room in my tees when there is a featured print so I don't stretch or crack the artwork. The length is great for tucking or wearing over skirts or jeans and the arms have plenty of room. As you can see at a 2XL the fit is very firm but also super soft and comfortable so with one days wear it will mold to your shape perfectly.

I paired this with what might be the cutest skirt on  earth from Unique Vintage. How adorable is this cat themed wiggle skirt complete with ears, a little kitty face and adjustable braces. I'm wearing this wiggle skirt in a size XL and it's a great fit as it's super stretchy. I am wearing a corset under this outfit and as you can see is does show through a little but with a thicker foundation garment you will have no issues with visible boning or the shape showing.

It's great to see UV creating such adorable themed garments and I hope to see many more wiggles like this to come.

Now lets switch focus and gush about my new specs! So firstly who are Lindsay Lowe Eyewear?

'Lindsay Lowe is a fashion icon of conventions, TV shows, and a fashion trendsetter for New York nightlife.  She has been in the fashion industry for ten years learning and understanding new trends that happen before they pop into the United States. 

 Lindsay Lowe has traveled across the United States finding out what people want and also what people cannot find in fashion searching for their identities. Lindsay Lowe is a huge fan of cartoons, wacky horror movies, sci-fi, tarot cards, dark arts, also retro pinup and 60’s mod.  Lindsay Lowe has all different types of styles in fashion and in accessories.  

Lindsay Lowe get’s stopped on the street anywhere she goes and photographed.  Lindsay Lowe is a huge convention fan of horror conventions and of course Comicon.  Through these conventions Lindsay Lowe has done research and development through seeing people’s fashion through Cosplay costumes to gory special effects makeup.  

All of these talents should be put into a fashion statement for the mainstream in Lindsay Lowe’s vision.  Lindsay Lowe has figured out a new way to bring all of these themes into fashion in a new market that has never seen these themes.  A huge market in the fashion industry that is now called a fashion accessory must have is eyewear.'

Are you a mad fan of psychobilly, the cramps, horror and all things a little bit punk rock? Then these are the sunglasses for you! A classic shape, bold bright yellow (The PERFECT shade of yellow) with black leopard spots. A wild and amazing take on the traditional and  boring leopard print. These are absolutely amazing and are comfortable, chic and currently on rotation with the other pair featured in this blog. 

The best thing about this print and shape is that if you are in need of prescription glasses Lindsey Row can make that wish come true as they offer this exactly pair with clear lenses and with one short trip to the optician you can have a prescription popped in. I'm getting my eyes tested soon and I just adore the fact that I can find a pair of spectacles in the same shape and design as my favourite sunglasses.

Now here is a brilliant print for the old school horror fans that really does glove in the dark. The 'Fright Board' print pops like magic when the lights go out and like the pair above can be turned into prescription glasses. There are also some brand new shapes coming out in this print so if this specific style is not to your liking how about one of these which are currently on preorder. 

There are a few more amazing new styles in the works but I won't overload you guys just yet! When they are released just like these glasses and the tees above I'll be needing absolutely everything as the retro styling and old sci-fi/horror/cinema vibe has me smitten. 
Many thanks to Elizabeth at L12 Photography for snapping these shots and sharing the crazy kitty love with me!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rouged Flounce

Many moons ago I had the absolute pleasure of modeling for Lala Belle, a Sydney based plus size designer who creates amazing, flattering and perfectly tailored clothing for the plus market. 

The Flounce dress fast became my absolute favourite garment from their range and I have shot and worn that style like crazy and never thought I'd fall as hard for another style again but I was wrong! The flounce has been released in a stunning deep ruby red lace and oh my lordy this dress is perfection. 

Rouge Corded Lace Flounce Dress - $390.00 AUD

A figure flattering and lined lace wiggle with a flounce sleeve and skirt that hits just above the knee. This style can be worn both off and on the shoulder depending on how much coverage you are after. I love it both ways and love how the red lace looks on my pale skin. 

I wear the SMALL 16/18 and the fit is perfect due to the stretch lining and lace but be sure to check out the size charts for the best fit as this is not overly stretchy. The fit is a little tighter on this style apposed to my black and white polka dot as it's a different fabric but just like the my other flounce dress the lying created another layer to help works with any lumps or bumps. 

Just look at that colour!! The deep red is amazing and you can easily style this with a variety of belts, shoes, hair flowers and much, much more. I've opted for my favourite Teeze pumps from Shoe Me Gorgeous and a Torrid belt I picked up in the US. I just love how the bold black and silver pairs with the dainty lace. 

This season I'm absolutely in love with the very Bohemian/Spanish vibe Lala Belle is bringing to the market and I'm inspired to style these styles in the future! 

More lace, ruffles and the most stunning white dress I've ever seen and I'm usually scared of white! I need absolutely everything! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

For the love of Taxidermy

As a long time lover of Hell Bunny I've been dying to try their amazing Gothic inspired brand Spin Doctor Clothing. While I may look like a pinup from my exterior, my heart has forever been linked to all things macabre or goth and I'm always more comfortable in black rather than bright colours. For years I was into the scene but when the pinup styling entered my world I broke free and started modeling with a little more focus on the 50's.  But as the years pass I'm finding myself adding more gothic styled dresses, tops and shoes to my wardrobe and this season I'm absolutely in love with the Taxidermy print from Spin Doctor.

From the moment I laid eyes on the Taxidermy print I knew I needed to own every item ever to be created using it. Featuring skulls, toads, deer and human eyes,  this print has everything I could possibly want. Faux leather trim around the waist, neckline and a strong cross over design at the back this is the dress of my darkest dreams. 

I'm wearing this style in and size 2XL as I wanted to focus as always on fitting my bust perfectly and every aspect of this frock is perfection fit wise. The bust fit's perfectly and the waist has a little room while still adding that hourglass shape with the faux leather waist band. Length wise it hits me just above the knee and combined with the flowing fabric this is the perfect gothic style for the super hot weather Australia has each and every summer. The flowing sleeves are flattering and make you feel like a woodland nymph or very Stevie Nicks. The gathered slightly puffy sleeve also equals out my shoulders as I tend to feel very boxy at times when I wear less low cut styles. 

Now this style is that new that Spin Doctor themselves have not listed it on the website but I've found the standard sizes up to XL at Kate's Clothing UK. With my specific measurements the 2XL works perfectly but if you are a little less chesty (I'm a 34GG or even H) then you might be able to rock the XL. I paired this look with my favourite dark woodland accessory my deer horns from Restyle and I love how they work together.

You know when I mentioned that I'd honestly like to own everything in this print? Well I meant it! So the next item available in the Taxidermy print is this stunning cross over blouse. I have this tucked into a high waisted swing skirt but this top actually has a very interesting elasticated cinched waist creating a super flattering shape that highlights your best assets. This is a brand new and very clever shape from the designers at Spin Doctor Clothing and I really love how light and airy this blouse is. 

I'm wearing this in a size 2XL yet again and it's way too roomy at the waist and bust due to the faux wrap design. I'll definitely need to get a size down if not a Large for a more firm waist fit and less gaping at the bust. The almost peplum style of this top is perfect for tucking as shown but I can't wait to get the right size and pair this with high waisted jeans and disco pants. 

Honestly I can't get enough of this fabric and I would love to see a 50's style full skirt or a pussy bow blouse in the future covered in all of these creepy creatures. 

Now what shoes do I pair with these stunning items? Well that was was super simple as I had been drooling over the new Demonia styles from Shoe Me Gorgeous. I was absolutely crazy for Demonia boots many moons ago and I've started getting back into their super high platform styles.

Then I found the Torment-600 leather pumps and fell fast and hard. Featuring everything I've ever wanted in a shoe - a super high heel and platform to match, lots of straps, studs and even some adorable little black bows. The perfect mixture of Gothic and Lolita and high enough to give you legs for days. 

While these babies might be high they are unbelievably comfortable. The platform to heel ratio, light weight platform and straps secure you in place and give you a really comfortable base to walk in. You might think - how can a shoe this tall be comfy? It just is! I was a lover of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots for many years and these have the same level of comfort at a brilliant price point. 

Just look at those studs! I can't wait for the cooler weather to hit next year so I can pair these with back seamed stockings. These work with every gothic look in my wardrobe and they even look amazing when simply styled with a pair of skinny jeans. If you are looking for a boot version of this you can find a lace up matching high heel/platform boot the Torment-712 and these are next on my wishlist. 

I'm so happy I've finally had the chance to review Spin Doctor Clothing and share my favourite styles from their current season. I think it's safe to say I'm officially obsessed and will be ordering many more of their amazing garments over the next few years. 

Many thanks to Liz at L12 Photography for shooting these brilliant images and capturing these styles perfectly! 

Thursday, December 8, 2016


I'm back on the fitness wagon but this time I'm focusing less on the scales as they drive me crazy but for this round I've taken on my own fitness regime, lots of my favourite diet plan - Chef Good - and I've fallen absolutely in love with Exoticathletica.  I'm ready to get my body back on track and get my butt into gear and what's better to help push me into wanting to do this than amazing workout wear. 

I've recently discovered Exoticathletica, an Australian based athletic company with a focus on creating the most perfect workout wear with all shapes and sizes in mind. With sizes ranging from 6 to 26, Exoticathletica have all bodies covered and the fit is absolutely amazing.

For years I've been wearing sub par leggings that either roll down or show my drawers. They never really fit correctly and when they do they are so very poorly made for the price - but those days have ended and I'm inspired to wiggle my way into these babies daily! 

You might have seen my toosh pop up on social media in these grey/black leopard printed leggings and while I'd usually not let a photo slip until I post a full review I had to share ASAP! I've never had a pair of high waisted leggings that were actually high waisted. 

I know this sounds really basic but every pair I've ever owned never hid my waist line and that's always made me paranoid about bending over, having to hike them up mid walk or showing my knickers mid Pilates session. But these actually hit past my waist!!

Plus the fabric, let me just quickly gush about the fabric used. It's tough, it's silky soft and stretchy without being sheer. I'm wearing the size large and they fit like a dream.

They fit firm and really hold you in plus the high waistline and thick waistband has been created to smooth out any tummy issues and make you feel confident while working out. I might not be the tallest, thinnest or have the most perfect skin but when I wear these all those issues fly right out the window. Plus a girl can't hide behind shapewear, corsets or awesome modelling poses when I shoot leggings and hell I'm proud of my bod in these. 

The size range of these brilliant leggings is brilliant as girls of all shapes and sizes are fit and love to work out. I might be a size 16 but that does not stop me playing basketball with my husband for fun.

Or working on my core with Pilates. The fact that an Australia based company welcomes all body types to wear their garments means we don't have to feel frumpy and horrid when we work out any more. 

Being a fashion writer I find that my workout gear adds a little more confidence to my exercise regime and I'm so glad I've found a brand that makes me feel this confident. 

So if you are on the look out for some brilliant high waisted leggings, short or 3/4's you will find great fitting leggings that will last you a lifetime at Exoticathletica. Be sure to use my discount code TEER01 at the checkout for 10% off your order. 

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive commission if you make a purchase using this link. I only work with brands that I truly believe in and that inspire me or excite me so please use this discount and #slayallday with me!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tis the most wonderful time of the year

December has finally hit and I'm in full festive swing mode! Being in Australia we have super hot summers and we always dream of all the winter looks, layers and White Christmases across the globe but I've found a few looks that will work with out summer heat and make you dazzle this silly season.

So I teamed up with L12 Photography, grabbed my stand out Christmas inspired seasonal favourites and a stunning selection of earrings from Reverefolie and shot up a storm!

ANGETTE TOP - $91.99

From the moment I picked these 3 items I knew that this was going to be the outfit I wear on Christmas day. The Blitzen skirt is the ever so popular 50's swing style that we have all come to know and love the fit off  - I'm in a size 2XL as I need some room to eat like crazy this season! The print on this skirt is absolutely adorable featuring reindeers, pinups, candy canes and much more.

I paired this stunning print with the new Angette top in sparkly red lurex. I've been hunting for curve hugging lurex for years and the Angette top has won my heart. From the plunging neckline to the adorable box and the most stunning sparkled lurex this top is a must have in all colours. I'm wearing this style in a size XL and the fit is perfect. Long enough to tuck into garments with ease or wear out with jeans and bright pumps. The fabric is pure magic and very soft and comfortable to wear. 

To complete this look I wore the Blitzen cropped cardigan which features the same candy canes as shown on the skirt. Now unlike all the other cardigans I own from Hell Bunny this style is a proper crop and hits me just at the waist in a 2XL, I usually would order an XL but for a gap free button fit I've gone up a size. Now for each outfit you will see some absolutely amazing earrings and I honestly can't get enough of the genius that is Revefolie! 

Snowflake Earrings - $TBA

Oh my lord! I did not think I'd love anything more than the Angette in red but the green has me in full lust mode. Being a super pale redhead I love all shades of green and the glitter jewel tone of this shade is perfect!! Now which do I wear at Christmas? 

I paired this green top with my amazing faux leather bolero from the Deadly Dames range at Pinup Girl Clothing. Wearing these together just screams Christmas with sass! I also went a little more demure with my earrings and chose these magical snowdrop dangles. They pop so well with my dark red hair and sparkle like crazy.

I could not contain my excitement when this dress popped up online as I'm an absolute sucker for a plaid swing style and had to get it into my hot little hands as soon as humanly possible. It seems I was not the only one as the Trudy Swing Dress has sold like hotcakes!

Let's just drool over this frock! Complete with 3/4 length sleeves, a structured bustline with black contrasting piping and collar to really make this style pop. The fabric is firm yet super stretchy and I originally wanted a 2XL as I've never tried this neckline before but the XL is an amazing fit! I was a little worried at fits but with a little zipper help it went up with ease. Plus the mixture of colours in this plaid has been on my mind since I modeled it in a wiggle dress back in August.

I paired the Trudy with some stunning Bordello Teeze pumps, my latest Christmas brooch from Erstwilder some glittering gold art deco inspired earrings. I love that there are so many fun options available this silly season to pair with each and every Christmas look

Lastly I have a little look that might not fit into the Christmas theme but it was actually released with the Hell Bunny Xmas range. The Stary Night blouse is a pussy bow lovers dream come true. With billowing sleeves, that retro button cuff and a deep neckline and pussy bow. The fit is perfect in a 2XL and I'm already wearing this once a week to work and it's perfect for the hot few months ahead. 

There is something so very flattering about blouses like this and even though there is a lot going on both print and features wise it's still super slimming and flattering. My only hope is that more prints and plain colours are released in this style so I can wear them every day of the week. The fabric seems to be sheer but I've not noticed anything popping through and I wore this to work with a black bra beneath so it's completely office friendly. 

I can't wait to pair this blouse with high waisted 40's style pants and create some magical deco looks. For a very art deco blouse I needed a bold and cool coloured drop earring to pair with this look and my Deco Dangles are perfect in black and silver! The colours work perfectly together!