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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nude Wear Giveaway!

With Christmas around the corner I think it is the perfect time to hold a giveaway of epic proportions to you, my amazing readers! I've teamed up with the brilliant team over at Physicians Formula and will be giving away 20 Nude Wear Nude Glow Bronzer's to my readers and followers! Yes you read that right, 20 people can win one of these amazing new products! 

Nude Wear™ Glowing Nude Bronzer is the secret to looking naturally flawless without looking made-up! Weightless coverage and skin glowing finishes create a fresh and beautiful bare-skin effect. Airy formula is infused with a natural extract which allows skin to breathe, as if completely “in the nude”, boosting your natural luminosity. Unlike most face makeup formulated with opaque pigments that can create a mask-like effect, Nude Wear features 100% Nude Glow Pigments that are translucent. Makeup is virtually invisible, allowing skin’s natural radiance and color to shine through. 

Plus Nude Wear™ is Hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paraben free,  gluten free, non-comedogenic. dermatologist approved and perfect for all skin types.

With the summer heat already hitting us and the beach weather ahead now is the perfect time to try this amazing bronzer! 

What are you waiting for? Enter Now!!!

The Rules 

- Write ENTER ME bellow and YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS as this will be the only way to contact you if you win.- YOU MUST add my CURVES TO KILL PAGE on facebook!   - The giveaway begins on now November 21st and ends November 28th at 11pm EST - This is open to anyone internationally and within Australia - I will pick the winner randomly using a computer generated program. - Make sure you leave your e-mail address (or I can't contact you) with the words ENTER ME as a comment below or else I can't count your vote. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Trust in Rust

Rust and Regret have to my favourite accessory brand in Australia and for the last 2 years I've been 100% addicted to their fantastic creations. With bold chunky designs, lots of silver and a unisex appeal they are both mine and my partner's go to jewellery company.

So we teamed up with Alesich Photography and snapped our stand out favourite styles from this season. 

The Enhancer Necklace (Jay) - $34.95
Lapel Pin Package - (Teer) - $20.00

Our first set of necklaces are two that are close to my heart as they feature two things I love - beards and sleeping! My necklace features an adorable little bird sleeping flat on it's back and to be honest I thought it was a dead bird until I read the description. Either way I love it! 

Available in silver and on a 80cm chain this and all the styles shown in this review are perfect to wear with high cut tees and tops. I've also included the brilliant lapel pins that are new to this season and add that extra little bit of quirk to my leather jacket. 

I'm all about patches and pins so when I saw these I knew that they had a new home on this leather jacket. The set features a cat/meow, rad speech bubble, vampire lips and yo pins. I have issues with most pins as they tend to bend or fall off but these babies won't budge and are super secure.

Jay is wearing the Enhancer Necklace in silver and this is my stand out favourite style of the current season. As you can see I love a bearded fella and absolutely adore my man's bushy beard! The team at Rust and Regret love facial hair as well and have created 3 new products to pair with your beard and keep it looking perfect. 

The Enhancer is a full functioning beard comb in vintage antique silver, gotta love an accessory that looks great and actually works! The Enhancer is also available in gold and below you can see the black version that's currently not for sale. R & R have also introduced two new beard products to their collection with a nourishing beard balm and non-jewellery  beard enhancers. These are great gifts for the man in your life this Christmas. 

The Enhancer Necklace in black (Teer) 

From one love to another! Pizza is the one thing that we can't live without and the reason I've got killer curves. So it's fair to say we are total pizza sluts and proudly wear this awesome necklace. 

I've noticed a trend via social media and that trend is a huge love for all things cheesy and with this pizza slice shaped pendant you can show your love for your obsession in a guilt free way. 

I love how everything at Rust and Regret is unisex and no matter what the design may be you will always be able to swap/mix and match items with your partner. 

Lastly we have what every skull crazed person needs in their collection. Made of Stirling silver this ring is bold and chunky in all the right ways. It features text reading Skull & Bones Rust & Regret around a side profile of a skull. As you can we have a matching pair and I love that they look great on both a male and female finger. While I don't wear necklaces every day I do wear this ring as much as humanly possible!

If you're looking for something special for your loved one this silly season be sure to check out all the goodies that Rust & Regret have to offer.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Little Red

This year I've been getting back into corsets in a big way! I've loved them for years but have not been able to find the right brand to suit my shape perfectly. However, in the last 6 to 12 months I've found a company that's just right for me and I don't go to a shoot without one of their brilliant corsets hidden under my outfit! Orchard Corset are my go to brand when it comes to creating amazing shape for so many of my outfits and photo shoots and you can find many previous posts here.

For a few months I've been focusing on my favourite under bust, the CS-426, but this time I wanted to try a few different styles to see how they work with my curves and bust line. So armed with a selection of stunning items, a full length cape and a red riding hood theme, we set off into the gardens to create some magic.

Now with my bust to waist ratio I've always found it rather hard to fit perfectly into over bust corsets. So when I saw the CS-511 I wanted to test the shape, length and fit on my curves and with a similar shape to my beloved longline style I knew that the hips and waist would be spot on. So firstly here are the main features:
*24 Flat & Spiral Steel Bones
*Rigid Front Steel Busk Closure
*Average/Long Torso Length
*Waist Tape Reinforcement
*15.5" Front / 16.5" Center Bust/ 13" Back / 14" Side     
*High Strength, High Shine Premium Satin
*Level 3 Silhouette (Extreme Curves)
*High Strength Laces
*5" Back Modesty Panel (Lacing Guard)
*All Metal Grommets
*No Garter Tabs
*Bi-directional Lacing

I'm wearing this style in a size 28 and it fits my waist and hips like all my other corsets from their range. I can lace it up super tightly and create some amazing shapes but my bust is absolutely massive in this over bust area. Now you all know well by now that I adore my cleavage but for comfort I think this style is not suited to my GG chest. 

It's a stunning shape, colour and design but sadly I don't think overbusts are for me. However it worked wonderfully for this shoot and suited the them perfectly. If I choose another overbust down the track I think a deep v style or a 'large bust' specific style might be needed. 

I do adore how bold and regal this style is though and how magical it felt when wearing it for such a themed shoot. My waist is 33 inches and hips are 44 so if you have the same measurements as me you will be fine to reference any of the styles I wear from Orchard Corset. 

Next is the one corset that I've been dying to wear for months!!! When the mesh style under bust popped up in my news feed I was gobsmacked. I've seen latex corsets where the shape of the boning but never had I laid eyes on a mesh corset! The CS-411 is a styling dream for anyone that loves bold colours and mixing textures. The features are : 

*Variable Boning* 16-38 Flat and Spiral Steel Bones
*Rigid Front Steel Busk Closure
*Average Torso Length
*Waist Tape Reinforcement
*10.5" Front / 10.5" Back / 8.5" Side              
*High Strenght Mesh / Cotton Trim
*Level 2/3 Silhouette (Enhanced-Extreme Curves)
*High Strength Laces
*5" Back Modesty Panel (Lacing Guard)
*All Metal Grommets
*No Garter Tabs
*Bi-directional Lacing

The mesh detailing on this style is amazing and can make any plain colour dress or skirt pop like crazy. Red and black have always been my go to colours with most outfits so I'm so happy that this corset exists!! 

As you can see I paired this with the red Masuimi dress from Pinup Girl Clothing and they work perfectly together. I'm wearing the Masuimi in a size Large due to the extreme stretch of the bengaline fabric. But the possibilities are endless! The CS-411 is a shorter style corset and does not require as much curve in the hips so if you're not as hippy as me, it will still suit you. I'm a fan of longer length styles myself but the styling options of this version are so varied that it can work with everything. I love the shorter style corsets with fuller skirts and dresses as the smaller length works better with such items. 

While this style has sold me on all things mesh I'm still eagerly awaiting the CS-426 style in this fabric. After trying 4 different styles from Orchard Corset, I'm 100% sure I'm addicted to the longer length of the 426 and that it needs to be created in every print and colour possible. So please, pretty please can we have some polka dot prints, greens and florals? I can just imagine these style prints with amazing underwear, thigh high stockings and the works! How amazing would that be? 

Many thanks to the amazing Rom Anthonis for working with me on these images and for a lovely afternoon in Canterbury Gardens. This place is magical and I need to spend much more time here over the summer. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Spooky and Kooky

As you may know, I'm a fan of all things kooky and spooky. Skulls, horror themed prints and gore - I need all of these things in my life. So when Hell Bunny released their latest macabre themed items I had to pick up my favourite pieces. Mixing horror themed items and other new season stock I created a bit of a haunted housewife-esque look. 

I'm a bat loving freak but sadly until now I've never owned much other than Batman merchandise. Now this lack of bat clothing needed to be rectified and what better way to do this than with the best Vampiress skirt! Featuring a bold red border and bat shaped patches on the hidden pockets. 

I'm wearing every style here in size XL and the skirt is a little bit roomy. This was easily fixed with a waist belt. This skirt makes one hell of an impact and I can't wait to style it in more ways. If your'e not a fan of red there is also a green and black option. 

Hell Bunny circle skirts are my go to mid priced skirt and their range is huge! With a variety of prints and solid colours you can purchase a small collection for every day wear without breaking the bank. Now I think we need a few more colour ways in this style because a girl can't have too many sets of bat pockets! 

This is my stand out favourite outfit from this shoot and originally I was going to wear these two separately, so glad I changed my mind! One their own they are brilliant pieces but together they make so much more of an impact. The 40's silhouette of the Harriet is super flattering and comfortable for my hourglass shape and with a cap sleeve it's prefect for our current warm weather. 

My favourite features are the full button up front and the peter pan shapes collar. With my measurements I had no issues with fit, buttons popping or pulling and I even had a little room to move around the waist. I was worried about stretch and fit as I've only worn the halter neck dresses and more stretchy shapes from HB but the XL is perfect. This style is also available in teal, grey and brown. 

I paired the Harriet with the brilliantly designed ouija board cardigan. This is my second cardigan from Hell Bunny and I'm absolutely sold on the fit, soft stretchy fabric and reinforced buttons. It features a pointer and moon motif printed on front and the board itself printed on back. I've shown the cardigan tied just under the bust so it flatters my my waistline in this swing style dress but you can also wear it longer as shown bellow. 

The print on the back is absolutely brilliant! I can't get enough of this design! Now all I need are a few ouija themed accessories to pair with it. 

Then finally I have the Black June dress! A witchy, black widow 40's style full skirt frock that is an absolute dream to wear. Although this may look like a more winter style dress the fabric is that light and thin that you can wear it all year round. It's a little gothic, a little pinup and creates a whole lotta vavavoom when styled right! The deep v neckline and button detailing on the bust sleeves are my favourite features. 

I wore all of these styles with my trusty Hell Bunny petticoat as it works with so many different colours and prints. I'd love to get a bright red or even purple style petticoat to pair with this dress and show just a hint of colour.

Love the style but you're not a fan of black? Like many of this season's new styles you can purchase the June dress in brown and burgundy. I think I need all 3 in my collection. 

I've paired this fully black look with the most divine pair of platform heels I've worn in years. I'm new to the world of Bordellos but now I'm an absolute addict. These are the highest yet most comfortable shoes I've every owned and they are worth every dollar!!! 

While most alternative stores carry this brand I found the one stop shop for all pinup shoe needs right here in Australia - Shoe Me Gorgeous! With an amazingly large range, excellent customer service and speedy shipping this is THE only shoe shop you will ever need. My current wish list is huge but I need to have these three stunning pairs in my life asap! 

Many thanks to the fantastic Michael of Robin Elk Photography for taking these fantastic images and for being so much fun to work with! I can't wait until our next shoot!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Plaid, polka dots and braces oh my!

Polka Dot and Plaid - two prints that I'm forever drawn to and always seem to purchase. Be it a jacket, dress or skirt, there is nothing better than a bold dot and a funky plaid in my books. Now that I'm completely smitten with a full skirt shape I thought I should show you my two favourite styles from Collectif.

Doris Top - $52.00 

From the moment this popped up on the webstore I was drawn to the paneled waistband and dip feature. The Mary is full of stunning features : flocked black dots, removable braces and hidden pockets! I'm wearing this style in a uk16 and it's the perfect fit for my measurements. 

The waist band sits very high so be sure to take note of where you'll be wearing it and measure accordingly. I tend to go between 14's and 16's with Collectif and usually have less stretchy items in a 16. As you can see the flow of the skirt is perfect and it naturally hands in such a lovely way. 

I've paired this with my black Doris top but you can wear style this in so many ways. Cardigans, scoop necks and button up skirts. All black tops work wonderfully with this. 

I even had a Marilyn moment while shooting this skirt! It really does create that old fashion glamour style. Now this skirt is sold out in most sizes but there are 18's and 22's left. There is also a black version available if you're not into polka dots and hopefully both will be back in stock soon.

Next is the Mini Liesel in check print. Last year I modeled and reviewed the longer length red gingham print skirt fell hard for the fit and flow. So when the mini version popped up on my screen I had to have it. Featuring a black and red check print that is to die for and matches everything in my wardrobe, braces and adorable bows at the waist.  

The shorter length is a great change from the longer length styles which are sometimes a little hard style more casually. The mini gives you more styling choices and pairs great with band tees and flats. The adorable addition of bows on the bottom of the detachable braces really tops off this design. I want both of these skirts in every possible print and colour no!  I personally adore the mini because it shows off my legs and nips me in at the waist, accentuating my figure.

 Collectif  have a fantastic range of plaid skirts in stock and their A/W range is full of rich colours and prints. Bellow are my favourites.

You can purchase all the items shown in this blog plus so many more stunning outfits and accessories. Order now for the perfect Christmas outfit or gift for a luck someone. 

Many Thanks to Alesich Photography for working with me on these and other images that will pop up soon! Check out his amazing illustrations, posters and creative photography! I love this man's brain bits. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cover Girl!

After a months of waiting I'm very excited to be able to share my Adore Pinup cover and editorial with you! Shot by the amazing Brooke Orchard Photography and styled by the best pinup clothing brand on earth Pinup Girl Clothing. Featuring a full interview, lots of outfits and accessories and a centrefold! That's right another centrefold! 

Above is the full editorial! You can purchase a copy of the magazine via the Adore Pinup Webpage and read the interview in full. This issue is the biggest yet and features Miss Victory Violet (NZ), Vanessa Frankenstein (GERMANY), burlesque performer Jacqueline Furey, Nadia Faye, THREE beauty tutorials and much more! Get your copy now! 

Now I can't control my urge to review items so while sharing these tear sheets with you I'm also going to be reviewing all the brilliant items I'm wearing. I styled this entire shoot (you can read more about it in the article) and I adore each and every item show. So I've added extra images from the shoot which did not make it into print. 

Hat - Vintage from Brooke's own personal collection
Shoes - Luichiny 
Amobea Handbag in Red Glitter (shown in the editorial image) - $98.00

For this editorial I'm wearing all items in a size XL. For non stretch garments in the Pinup Girl Clothing range I always purchase this size. Now lets start with the cover outfit! My two favorite pieces in PUG separates range are the Lauren top and Jenny Skirt. I own 3 of each now and I won't be content until all colours and styles are mine. 

Why am I such a fan of these items? They fit my curves and make my waist look tiny! It took years but I'm so very in love with the full style skirt and what it does for my body shape. The best part about both the skirt and the top is that they look good on all body shapes - big and small. While my bust looks great in the Lauren top it also looks amazing on a smaller bust. The Jenny skirt is also a great item of clothing to create curves where you might be missing them. 

While usually I'm not a huge fan of cherries the almost 3D image on the border print skirt has converted me. Paired with the deep and lush red of the Lauren and cinched in with my deadly dames faux leather belt this outfit almost looks like a dress. It seems to be my goal when purchasing tops and skirts these to find items that compliment each other as an outfit and on their own. I also made my dream harlequin print dress with a Jenny and Lauren a few months back. 

In the images featured in the magazine you will notice the Amobea Handbag in Red Glitter. This bag is a must have for every pinup girl's wardrobe and is a work of art. I have both the red and black glitter versions of this style and they are my go to handbag for every occasion. 

I braved a swimsuit for this shoot! What a sight for the locals from Williamstown who saw me walking about the streets in this get up. The Marilyn swimsuit was one of the first items I ever modeled for Pinup Girl Clothing. I've owned the leopard print version for almost 6 or 7 years now and it is as perfect as the day it arrived. But I've longed for the green version for so long and I'm absolutely in love now that I've had the chance to wear it. 

Super stretchy and form fitting, uplifting and supportive the Marilyn ticks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect swimsuit. Fully lined with power mesh to hug those curves, padded bust and adjustable straps this suit  fits line a dream. The gathered design  is phenomenal and hides any imperfections, a feature most swimsuits highlight. This suit also comes with optional diamante clips which adds that little bit of old Hollywood glam to your summer.

For an extra styling option with your Pinup Girl Clothing swimsuits I highly recommend wearing them as bodysuits under high waisted and swing skirts. I've been doing it for years so I can wear my beachwear all year round.

When I first saw a sneaky preview of the Renee dress I was dying to try it on as I'd only seen it on a size small model. The usual worries came to mind - how will I survive braless and what will my tummy look like popping through? But all my fears when out the window when I slipped into this fresh and stunning new design. 

The Renee is amazing and I never thought I'd feel this comfortable without a bra on! Made from cotton satin this dress has a lined bodice, adjustable straps, full circle skirt and a faux tie bust. But adjusting the straps and placing your breasts in the right area you are fully supported and safe for wearing this dress all day. It makes your cleavage look amazing and the straps won't pull or hurt your neck line many other halters do with larger busts. I'm a 34GG and it fits me perfectly.

The peekaboo style cut out at the waist is almost an optical illusion drawing all the attention to the smallest part of your waist. This makes for a very flattering and super slimming dress. There is also an extra cute hidden feature which makes this dress a little more special - pockets!  So now I'm absolutely sold on the Renee and need to purchase the anchor print asap. I think it's safe to say that this is THE dress for summer! 

Shoes - Luichiny 

Then finally we have the Evelyn which is a style I've long lusted for but never purchased. A classic style garden party dress with a bold red rose print, full skirt and a peasant style bust. This style is usually photographed with it's matching bolero but for this shoot I wanted to show the dress on it's own and have be the main feature. The print is stunning and paired with my red hair and pale skin I think it's a perfect match. The peasant style bust/blouse works wonderfully for my chest and the waist line is form fitting, giving me that great hourglass shape. There is a little bit of stretch in this garment but not too much. So be sure to check the size chart for the closest match to your measurements. 

With such a stunning and bold print I did not want to over accessorize so I chose a matching pair of red platform pumps and the amazing Wicker Baguette bag from the Pinup Couture line of handbags. I've been admiring wicker style purses for a while and this will be the first of many. 

The Wicker Baguette Handbag offers enough space for everything you'll need and makes a bold statement. Pair it with beach outfits, spring and summer frocks or solid colours in the evening. The possibilities are endless and I know once you have one in your hands you'll need to collect the lavender, green and black versions. 

I'm so happy I could share this full editorial and extras with you and I need to thanks Brooke Orchard, Pinup Girl Clothing, the team at Adore Pinup and my dear friend Liz for working on this with me. It was an absolute dream team and I love the results. 

Lust list

The festive season is fast approaching and it's time once again for gift giving and receiving! So I've compiled the first of many of my Lust Lists for the Christmas season.

For this Lust List I'm focusing on the beautiful little thing that makes every woman's outfit complete - Jewelry! Whether you give it or receive it the gift of jewels is always a winner. Below are a few of the items I found on Michael Hill Jewellers that I need asap!

The one key necklace every pinup/vintage lover should have in their collection - A pearl necklace. These cultured fresh water pearls are sophisticated and add an extra touch of elegance and class to whatever outfit you pair them with. From little black dresses to pale floral frocks, tee shirts to angora sweaters - The styling options are endless. 

For years I've been collecting Heart Lock pendants both in my jewelry box and on my skin (I have one tattooed on my right arm). It started long ago with a Tiffany pendant in silver and now I have everything for Rockware to Retrolite. But sadly my Tiffany pendant has gone and needs to be replaced. This Heart Lock necklace will replace the one that started this obession perfectly and add a little more sparkle with the addition of diamonds.

You can't go past a bold, sparkly and stunning pair of Diamond Stud earrings. Simple and elegant, you don't even need to pair these with anything other than a simple evening gown. I love the size of these studs and I'm always on the look out for the perfect pair, these may just fit the bill. 

Now you can't have the necklace without the matching bracelet yes? I'm loving the belcher padlock bracelet in stunning silver. As you may have noticed I'm not a fan of gold in any way so my eye instantly goes to silver jewelry. I'd love to have both of the padlock hearts featured in this lust list for every day wear. 

Then finally the more pricey of all the items in my list but not by much. I'm all about statement rings and if you have seen my engagement ring you will know that I adore vintage pieces and old time diamond designs.  This vintage inspired ring made me make grabby hands at the screen and has to be mine. The delicate design and bold size and shape make me swoon! 

What will you be asking for this Christmas? What's on your accessory Lust List? Be sure to look out for a new lust list every few weeks leading up to Xmas as I'm in a gift picking craze!