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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Define your personal style for 2022

Have you spent the past few months living in activewear and pyjamas? Are you at the point where you feel like your wardrobe doesn’t reflect who you are? The key to looking and feeling great in what you wear isn’t about following the latest fashion trends. Instead, it’s about staying true to your style. Defining your personal style is about finding fashions that you love. You don’t even need to do a complete wardrobe swap! Instead, curate your style around a few essential items. 

No matter where you are on your path, certain things can help you curate your personal style. 

The key? Wear what makes you smile

We’re sure you’ve heard it before, but it really is true: the more confident you feel in your own style, the more confidence you project to others. 

Whether you’ve just started to figure out how to dress to show off your curves or are fully embracing the pinup look complete with petticoats and heels, figuring out what makes you the happiest is a huge part of the personal style puzzle. After all, if you love your outfit and feel great in it, you’ll find that your smile infects those who pass you on the street! Win-win right? 

So, how do you hone in on what your style is? 

There are plenty of ways to unearth your style. Some great questions to start you down your path of discovery are: 

  • What makes you happy? Is it colours, patterns of the feel of the fabric?

  • What makes you feel less confident? Do you despise low-cut or tight-fitting shirts?

  • Do you have a friend whose style you absolutely love? 

  • Has a stranger on the street turned your head with their outfit?

These questions are a great place to kickstart your thoughts! You can narrow down your style even more with these tips. 

Be a Style Spy! 

Look for inspiration everywhere and write down what appeals to you! Create a Pinterest board of favourite outfits and let your originality shine by creating your own style mashup. You can also take to Instagram accounts for those who have a style you love. Again, write down or save an album of looks you love and let them guide your wardrobe for 2022. 

Identify a signature piece 

Do you have a pair of shoes that you love? A dress that is guaranteed to draw compliments? Or even a favourite print or pattern? If you’re looking to freshen up your look, choosing to keep one element you love is a great way to define your new style while staying true to yourself.

Go for fits that flatter

Take note of silhouettes that flatter your figure. Scroll through your camera roll and take note of any outfits you’ve rocked that you absolutely love. A common theme is often the silhouette or cut of the clothing. While you might be tempted to play it safe, don’t be afraid to look outside the box - something new might just surprise you.

Don't be afraid to be unapologetically you

If what makes you happy doesn’t match what your friends and family wear, don’t feel like you need to fit in. If your answer to “why are you dressed up in a floral prom to do the weekly supermarket shop” is simply “why not”... embrace that! Stay original and chances are those you love will soon see the spring in your step.

Don’t forget to look beyond clothing

Your style isn’t just about your clothes; it’s about your makeup, hair and accessories too! Your beauty look is as integral to your style as your clothes are so think about the full package and how you can reflect your style in your complete look. 

So I've figured out my style, now what?

Take your “must-have” list or inspiration board shopping with you and don’t be afraid to try something new. Dig into your wardrobe, cull what no longer sparks joy and pick some new pieces (including fresh accessories) that speak to who you want to be.

Most importantly, don’t forget that your style is all about you. The clothing we wear is a huge part of who we are and just like us, it’s normal for our style to be constantly evolving.  

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Leopard and Lace

From stunning dresses to robes Novelle The Label has nearly every aspect of my life covered. I'm forever on the hunt for the perfect robe to pair with lingerie and swimwear and now I've got two!!

For the stunning Aria in Leopard, a classic black set was needed. Now I've had my eye on the Flutterby plunge from Curvy Kate for a while now as the sleek and simple design was needed in my collection. Curvy Kate - forever making me swoon over the fit, feel, and all-round stunning creation. 

I'm wearing the style in a 38HH and it's perfection. The right amount of firm fit, lift and shape. The sheer panel offers the perfect pop of contrast and mkes me feel divine. 

I'm wearing the robe in an 18 and it flows beautifully. Without any stretch this lightweight fabric is ideal for wearing all summer long.

Dark Sangria red and an almost polka dot print - oh hells yeah!! This is me to a T.

Flirtelle is fast filling my bra collection as they are the most comfortable and delicate pieces. Amazing for all day wear while still looking lush. 

I wear all styles in this label in a 36HH as the fit is more stretchy and forgiving. Bottoms always in an 18. They have great stretch and detailing to pair with the fantastic bra.

More Flirtelle!! This time in my absolute favourite shade green. Now this set inpired my wig choice and I can't get enough of it.

Just look at that detailing, look and the embroidery! It's pure magic in a HH cup!

I love how the delicate pattern really pops agains the sheer green mesh and how beautifully it pair with the confettie printed robe. 

Every piece here is an 18 and the bra a 36HH. I've been wearing this bran non stop since shooting this outft. My new super cute wig is from Annabelles Wigs nad I'll have a cheeky little discount for you soon.

Day two of shooting! This time with my darn locks no longer hidden. I wanted to show just how fun an verstitle these robes are so I've paired them with whhat might be the best swimsuit of all time.

This amazing one piece created by Curvy Kate  is epic. Gravity defying, curve popping and so comfortable. One of those kind of swimsuits you never want to take off. I'm wearing the 18HH and it's almost like it was made just for my body.

The fact that it's also reversable is a game changer! 2 amazing fitting garments in one. I'll be wearing this both as a swimsuit and bodysuit all summer long. It also doubles as a bodysuit and super plunge bra if a dress needs such a deep V.

Hurry up summer I need ot show this look off!

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Sarsparilly and Snoopy!

It's time to get bright and cute with Snoopy! Sarsparilly have blown my mind once again with the sweetest collection cross over with Peanuts.

Racing Hearts Jacket and Love, Snoopy Jacket 

Is there anything more adorable than Snoopy and Woodstock? The sweetest palls are featured on this soft pastel pink cotton sateen skirt in a love filled border print.

Your favourite beagle and birdy duo are having the sweetest cuddle in this perfectly fitted full skirt! Backed by lots and lots of X's and O's. An absolute celebration of their love and friendship. 

I'm wearing the skirt in a 2XL and it's actually too tight but my tailor can fix this with ease. The waistband does not have any give so be sure to double-check the waist measurements. I usually wear 2XL/3XL in most of Sarsparilly's styles though depending on fabric and stretch. 

Now what better to pair with this sweet swing skirt than a completely Snoopy themed moto jacket! By now you are fully aware of my OBSESSION with moto jackets and I'm so excited to add this to my collection. Featuring a Snoopy hugging a heart print on the back, red heart elbow patches, red zips and the pale pink/black heart print lining. 

Now I'm an expert on fit with all of Sarsparilly's jackets by now and I'm loving this in the 3XL which fits my bust in perfectly! But the fit is not the only thing to fall in love with as all the design features really pop on this little moto and I'm wearing it non stop until summer!

How adorable is this collection? I can't get enough of these pieces and I can't wait to show you what's next from this amazing label. 


Sunday, November 7, 2021

Novella The Label

Looking for the world's most perfect day to night, park picnic to cocktails dress? With pockets?

Well look no further! The Snowdrop Square Neck Knit Midi Dress Black and White Confetti Print is my latest obsession.

That stunning square neckline, puffed sleeve and curve hugging fabric makes me feel absolutely dreamy. The fit is amazing in an 18 as this lined fabric is super soft and stretchy. 

The bust is my so fab on my HH size chest and I really love how it frames me. Showing that perfect amount of cleavage and really flattering my midsection with  the fitted bodice. I find the extra height on the sleeve really evens me out as well. Sometimes I feel a little too broad but a feature like this really helps.

This is a style you'll wear day in and day out as it's just that comfy! The pockets are super roomy as well so you can easily fit your phone and keys if you're not packing a purse.


Now lets talk about print. Not a traditional polka tot but more of a artistic splash of snow on a solid black base. This print is perfect to style in a traditional pinup way or completely modern. 

Now this style also comes in a leopard print version and that is most definitely on my lust list. I've already worn this twice in the last week and a half and need more options! I've also Added a few videos of both prints so you can start swooning! 

So the only question is which will you be getting first? 

Monday, November 1, 2021

Merry Creepmas

 Today is the day we celebrate Creepmas early! Blackmilk Clothing's latest collection is the perfect mix of festive and creepy.

Folklore prints for Christmas! Oh hell yes! This perfect little scoop-necked skater dress is my new obsession. Featuring the ICONIC Krampus himself.  

A darker more gothic print with a rich red base that pairs perfectly with pretty much every piece in my wardrobe. I'm wearing this style in an XL and the fit is firm yet super comfy. No print morphing at the bust, no stretched-out images, no worries! I tend to stick with the XL's in most styles and Larges in certain pants.

Styling-wise I wanted to shoot this exactly how I'd wear it out. So a red plaid Killstar cropped moto and last year's Blackmilk red sporty stripe tights completed the look. 

This piece is a joy to wear and will be on high rotation over December. The darkness of the print means styling is super easy. 

An extra pagan vibe with some Baphomet glasses and we have the ultimate spooky festive look.

Zipped or unzipped this jacket looks amazing with the Krampus dress. I'm in love with this look. 

Two Christmas releases in a row I've fallen head over heels for a playsuit. This season's print though can be worn all year round! Covered in ruby red cherries this slinky all-on-one piece is soft, stretchy, and effortlessly chic. 

I just adore the way this playsuit fits and falls. So flattering and comfortable while still being absolutely stunning. 

I've paired this with stockings but for summer I'll be wearing this with some super strappy black wedges. I just love the pop of red on my legs for this themed shoot. 

Accessory wise I've gone with my turban headband from Lucy Wilkins Fashion. I'm addicted to all of her pieces and need to order more for summer. 

I can't get enough of each of these looks! Bring on December so I can wear them non-stop! 

Sunday, October 31, 2021

A little spooky, a little grunge and some snowflakes

 Let's get a little spooky, a little grunge, and always a little bit pinup with Hell Bunny. 

A spooky print, adorable sleeve, and almost maxi length dress? Oh hell yes! The Hello Goodbye print is an Ouija board-inspired fabric that's weightless, so soft to the touch, and a joy to wear. 

With limited stretch in the fabric but an elasticated sleeve, this piece is spot on for size in a 2XL. I'm actually braless as it's not needed at all. 

The length, front split, and fitted bodice are really flattering and this is a must-have for summer. 

From spooky cutie to a more classic winter/festive season print. I've recently been a convert to the HB 50's style dress as it's flattering, classic, and really makes the girls pop. 

The Belle version of this print features snowflakes and is absolutely stunning. 

I'm wearing this in 3XL as it's the best fit hands down for my bust and it's really cute, comfy, and even has pockets! The full skirt, fitted bust, and all-over shape really make this an amazing piece to wear.

Paired with a pop of bright blue from my Heart of Haute Sweet Sweater I'm loving this as an alternative look for the festive season. 

There is always something so magical about a snowflake print and I can't get enough of this little swing dress. 

And now for pure comfort! The nevermind knit is that oversized, super warm, and soft cardigan you want to wrap yourself up in and wear all winter. 

Loose enough to layer lots of cute pieces under and pair perfectly with just about everything. I've worn it over my Vixen playsuit and it's super cute. I'm in the 3XL here for super oversized fit but I'd also love to get this in a large or XL for a more fitted look. 

Also, I just snuck this in on Halloween! YAY for the timing!