Thursday, October 18, 2018

Haunted Honey

After falling completely in love with the fit of the Vixen Bardot Dress  it was clear that  the Haunted Honey needed to be on my body as soon as humanly possible after it was released. A stunning collaboration between Micheline Pitt and Ben Cooper the Haunted Honey is part of this years BC collaboration featuring stunning spooky prints on a stunning orange background, monster tees, baseball tops and the most stunningly spooky monster skirts.

I've been a fan of this stunning shade of orange ever since I got my hands on the bad girl stripped top as it's so deep and suit my completion and hair perfectly. Oddly I've gone my whole life without giving into this Halloween shade and I'm shocked!

The Haunted Honey is the spooky dress of your dreams for all year round wear. You can style this up to pinup perfection for a night out, incorporate it into a costume, pair it with flats and bat sunglasses for daytime wear or layer in the winter with tights, gloves and berets.

Halloween shades are all about Autumn and man am I missing those stunning orange and red leaves as it's just hit spring down under.

Lets talk fit! I'm wearing this style in a 2XL and the fit is actually roomier than my Bardot dress in gingham as the fabric is slightly more forgiving and has stretch to it. I found the sleeves tighter on the Bardot and the neckline to be very firm but on the Haunted Honey the sleeves and neckline was roomier and accommodate my curves with absolute ease.



The bodice features the iconic Ben Cooper box art  print of ghosts, spiders, jack o'lanterns, stars and more. The top section is fully lined, front fused  which rocks for my busty shape and has an adorable little bow tie. The full skirted bottom of this dress in solid black makes your curves really pop. The faux pu leather thin belt also helps draw your eye to the small of your waist. I'm not wearing the actual belt that arrived with the dress as I wanted to add an extra spooky element to the look and paired it with my Kreepsville 666 Spider belt in a size L-XL. I only just figured out that this is a wee bit too small but still comfortable for my waist. I have the skull in purple and black and those are a 2XL.

While I absolute adore every single pieces in my collection I had to admit that this is my absolute favourite. There is something so magical and adorable about the print and I just love how it fits me. Like with many of the Vixen range you can wear this with or without a bra. I'm wearing my favourite little black molded Curvy Kate bra but you can choose to go free or even pair this up with a cage style to add that extra oomph.

For styling I kept it simple - a bold black belt and the most stunning Demonia's I've every owned. I've been collecting super thick and chunky Demonia boots and wedges for a while now but when I chose my Halloween looks these were the only shoe that came to mind. After trying the Cramps-10 booties I knew that the amazing base on the 06 version would be my dream shoe.

Featuring a 6 1/4"(16.25cm)  and a Block Heel, 3"(7.5cm) Ridged Platform. The shoes are covered with studs on the upper section and feature a double ankle strap, pointed studs and skull charm detailing. I'm wearing these in a size 10 and they fit perfectly a all of my Demonia's do in that size. The height is huge on these so they ain't for the faint hearted but they really are amazing and so easy to walk in.

The Haunted Honey is a limited release as are all of the items in this print and the Ben Cooper collection. So when they are sold out they will be gone for good. Don't let yourself miss out on any of your beloved spooky prints and order up asap. I could not let my favourite pieces pass me by so I'm currently waiting on an order of  monster tees, a monster mask skirt and a orange and black stripped new troublemaker top.

This style was snapped up from the brilliant Aussie Stockist of all things Micheline Pitt - Natasha Marie Clothing how also stocks a full range of Vixen, UV+Micheline Pitt plus La Femme En Noir items.

Many thanks to Damien for once again killing it with the location and the magic eye behind the camera.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A little lace and a lotta spook!

Each year Hell Bunny gives me two huge reasons to celebrate. The first and by far my favourite theme has to be their spooky Halloween releases. Full of plus velvet fabrics, stunning prints and amazing details.

This Halloween season I've picked a few stunning pieces that capture my daily and creepy style perfectly so settle in and prepare to get stylish and spooky.

Ricci Dress - $96.00

Yes I own way too many Wednesday Adams inspired dresses but I can't help it. They fit my shape perfectly and really appeal to me with those fine details.


The Ricci Dress, appropriately named after Christina Ricci herself is my latest obsession. A high necked skater style stretchy cotton dress with delicate lace detailing on the collar and cuffs. A velvet bow and charm details complete the lace collar which like the cuffs is completely detachable. Yes you hear that right this dress is a 2 for 1 purchase. You get a full spooky look with the collar/cuff combo and be simply removing each piece (secured by bottons) you have an amazing fitting black skater dress.

I'm wearing this style in a 2XL and the fit's actually really roomy. I have heaps of room in the upper arm and should region so I think I might also purchase an XL for a more firm fit around that section and on the bust. The 2XL has a little too much bulk for me in the top section so I'm keen to size down.

The skirt is a really flattering length and whenever I wear this I get heaps of complements. It's also a great Transeasonal piece as you can layer this in winter or pair it with cute mary janes as the weather warms up.

Next we have the Graveyard Mini! A style  I'm very use to from Hell Bunny - a super short sleeved mini dress with bow tie and collar detailing. While I'm not a fan of the shorter sleeve I actually ordered this style to pair with black velvet ballet cardigans in my collection.


This style skims the hips, has heaps of room due to the stretch fabric and really does look great on a busty girl. I'm wearing the 2XL and the fit is spot on for me but I would like to see this style in a midi with a 3/4 length sleeve. As a girl with chunky upper arms I'm never a fan of a small cap sleeve but when paired with cardigans this is adorable!

What makes this dress pop is the graveyard detailing on the collar. Those little embroidered elements make this dress a show stopper.

You also might have noticed my brilliant claws in each of these images. My absolute favourite creator Nightmare Nails made some serial killer magic in nail form for me. Featuring all of the iconic and creepy serial killers of the 20th century - a perfect accessory if you are a true crime buff like myself.

Sabrina Dress - £47.99
Demonia Cramps-06 Platforms - $132.95
Old Moto Crop

Roses and spiderwebs are such a popular print and the Sabrina captures this retro repo trend with a spooky vibe perfectly. A full skirted (with pockets) sweetheart neckline dress that's make for an hourglass shape.


My shape however it's not working for. I'm wearing the 2XL and I can't get it zipped above my waist. I'm no where near a 3XL in any Hell Bunny garments but I'm sure I'd need to size up to one in order to be able to wear this style. So if you are contemplating this dress be sure to go one size up when you order.

This could also bee a miss labeled garment so I'll need to double check the flat lay measurements on this dress with the size chart or other sizes.


Vamp Jumper - £35.99

Lastly we have one super cute and creepy jumper. I've never been a fan of knitted jumpers as I thought they'd add a little too much bulk to my frame but I put paranoia aside and went with this amazing little black and white bat knit.

I'm so glad I gave this newer style a chance as I absolutely love it! It's the perfect crop shape to wear in or out of wiggles and swings, has a sleeve that hits just above the elbow and a super cute bat shaped motif.  This style has made me believe I can give into more and more high necklines and knits so I can't wait to add more to my collection over time.

Many thanks to Damien Bowerman for all of his help shooting these spooky looks with me!!


Monday, October 15, 2018


For the past year I've been contemplating purchasing period proof underwear but I've honestly been worried. How can I go without those trusted pads and tampons? How can I wear a pair of knickers safely without any worries on a super heavy day.

It's all a massive case of paranoia but when I was asked to review and try Modibodi II threw all of my cares and concerns out of the window and gave into this amazing concept. I can honestly say after trying only three of their products I'll never be returning to traditional sanitary products again and I wish had of been created when I was first hit with all the fun that is your first period.
I was lucky enough to try three of the styles that I've been wanting the most all with their own unique levels of support for all days and one even packed a great way to combat that horrid bloat! These pieces are absolute game changers, and they cover you for more than just periods as they have active styles and much, much more.

Light-Moderate absorbency
For each style I opted for a size 18. I tend to be 16/18 in briefs and I chose the larger end of the size range in order to deal with bloating and all that fun stuff that comes along with it. Each pair was soft, comfortable and really great to wear. The sensual high waist bikini is a tight fit due to the lace top section so I will be ordering a size up for these asap. But my other two pairs fit me like a glove - a super well protected glove!

With my own body knowledge in mind, I chose one pair of Heavy/Overnight and two of a more light to moderate absorbency styles. With careful washing daily and a natural dry these can last the full amount of time needed and I did not have one bust out leak or any fear of patches or marks on my clothing.

The biggest hurdle for mental. I was paranoid prior to wearing these and really had to remember with all of the proven results, and information supplied that there was going to be absolutely no issues. But an hour in and I was sold!

Sensual Boyleg - $28.50
Light-Moderate absorbency
Heavy/Overnight absorbency
I started with the super high tummy sucking in shapewear panties in the light to moderate and then wore the Sensual High Bikini for the evenings. The lace did stretch and little over night but I'll definitely be sizing up. Both pairs preformed wonderfully over the 24-hour period and as did the sensual boy leg briefs. T

hose are as comfortable as my standard non period related underwear and such a joy to wear. No nasty issues, no uncomfortable bulky sanitary items and no granny panties because you don't want to stain your favourites. These sleek and comfortable styles mean you can look cute and feel 100% confident - with the ability to do things you'd usually excuse yourself out of at this time of the month.

With the extra addition of swimwear, you can also keep cool in the pool all summer long or swim laps without needing to worry about period issues. Once you wear these pieces you'll honestly forget you've ever had to rely on standard tampons and pads over the years. The just don't cut it when compared to Modi Bodi's! What I love most about this company is the size range (both standard and plus) the bulk sets available which is a great investment and will have you covered all year round.

They also offer starter packs and pieces for Teens, so it's possible to live tampon and pad free from the start! These products will honestly change your life, and I can't wait to add each and every pair to my collection. Finally products we can rely on, still work out wearing and really trust wholeheartedly!
Light-Moderate absorbency
Once you try Modibodi your life will change for the better! This blog was was sponsored by the Modibodi and Shopping Links.

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Today I'm focusing on a little bit of retro rock styling with a Bowie inspired look from Pleaser. I've had my eye on these stunning heels for a while now but I could not choose just one colour but something called to me when I saw the sleek and yummy black patent leather paired with silver sparkles.  

Star Man Dress - $290.00
The Queen-02 is a sleek, comfortable stunning heel with a real Ziggy vibe. From the sparkled silver heel to the bold and bright lightening bolt these will pair perfectly with every outfit in your wardrobe or if you are a Bowie fan like myself you'll be wearing these with your DB printed items.
A super sophisticated glam rock inspired shoe with a 4" (10cm) Heel, 1 1/2" (4cm) Platform on a Round Toe Mary Jane style. The right size heel for all day wear while giving you that extra height. These are amazing to wear and really cushion your feet as you walk. The bold silver accents really makes your pins pop as well.  

Looking for more than just basic black? Well your can find the following via ShoeMe's webstore!

I can't get enough of these stunning pumps and will be snapping up the red or pink asap!!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Aree Polish

I'm an absolute sucker for nail polish but sadly I've had no luck growing my own nails for many years so I tent go wild with stick on styles and paint my own creations. Over the past few weeks, I've been having an absolute ball creating colour combinations with my new favourite brand Aree Polish a  Perth based brand creating hand made lacquers which are cruelty free, vegan and free from 10 toxic chemicals commonly found in nail polish.
In a spooky past post I shared the deep dark and sparkly Interstellar shade but for this post I wanted to go full colour!


From thumb to pinky:
Miss Toxic - $16.50
Mystique - $16.50
Sunrise - $16.50
Lisses Kisses - $16.50
Light It Up - $16.50

Each colour used in this set has a unique and completely stunning sparkle or shimmer. Sunrise is a peach metallic nail polish with pearlized white micro flakes great for daily wear in summer.

But the most epic of all has to be the Light It Up polish which is super holo antique gold holographic nail topper. Layer it for some amazing gold shine and sparkle or pair it with any number of colours from the range. I'm not usually a fan of gold, but this is by far my favourite from the collection.


Mystique is an intense blue/purple nail polish with magical teal to purple iridescent flakes reminiscent of the X men character. Then we have a true magenta purple polish with stunning silver holographic sparkles. The difference between the styles of sparkle can be seen with these two colours. While the blue offers a smooth and almost chrome like finish the magenta sparkles like the night sky.

The hunter green nail polish aptly named Miss Toxic is a creamy style with a scattered holographic microsparkle. This groovy green is old school slime like and the Toxic Avenger fan in me loves it!
For the more glitter focused polishes I used the  Crystal Fusion Top Coat witch is a drying and oh so glossy our gorgeous top coat that seals your polish crystal hard in 60 seconds. This top coat can be used with all of the polishes but I also wanted to show you what some look like with it and some without. I've used the Crystal Fusion on the both the Lisses Kisses and Light It Up which I've double layered.
Aree Polish also has a nail product to act as both a great base and help encourage growth. You Jelly  gives added thickness and strength to your nails while providing a strong adhering surface for your polish of choice. This amazing base coat is a must have and I've tested this when I'm not wearing stick on styles - it holds colour perfectly and really lasts!

I've paired this stunning rainbow polish look with Splendette accessories that are sold out but you can spoil yourself with their current stackable bangle selection and amazing earrings.

If you can't tell already I'm absolutely smitten with this brand and I can't wait to add even more colours and glitters to my collection!



Sunday, September 16, 2018

Great Scott!

This week I'm super excited to bring you one absoltueyl amazing retro swing skirt with the most funky, adorable and lets face it proudly nerdy print on earth. My girl at Sarsparilly has released the most amazing Back To The Future printed skirt and it's rocking my bobby socks off.

Outta Time Skirt - $189.00

A 50's reproduction gathered skirt covered in different kawaii type characters from the film! This is my first skirt from their collection and has now officially started a long term love affair.

I'm wearing a 2XL and the fit is perfect for my waist. The firm mid weight cotton has no stretch so be sure to order your correct waist size for that perfect fit. I'm wearing this style without a petticoat and I've noticed that I never seem to near any extra volume under and of my Sarsparilly dresses. The construction of the full skirt makes it's own shape and rocks with our without a petticoat. Each skirt comes with an invisible zipper and have hidden pockets as they knew how important those little features are.

Now lets talk about that print! I can't get over the absolute curtness of this fabric and the attention to detail in each and every character. I love this fabric so much I instantly make people look at the detail when I'm wearing it and show the little Doc's, Marty's etc. It's a cute spin on the visuals from the film where most companies focus on the car itself this fabric shows off the modern and retro costuming of the characters.

Styling this look I was unsure if I wanted to pay up to a femme cosplay version of Marty or just take inspiration from his styling. Since I look horrible in a red puffer vest I opted to pair the skirt with a stunning deep burgundy moto jacket in faux leather. This colour is rich and so yummy and the softness of the faux leather makes this a dream to wear.

I'm wearing a 3XL and it fits my bust and waist with ease and I don't have any issues with my upper arms which I find can be oddly tight in some lined jackets. This style is also available in black and as shown the burgundy and will be back in stock shortly.

Created by James and Co. which is a vegan apparel company, a maker of womens vegan outerwear in cruelty free fabrics. Creating jackets and coats that are beautifully tailored contemporary stylings of wardrobe classics.  I've also found the perfect deep red lipstick to pair with this lush faux leather moto.

For my footwear I really wanted a pair of heels that popped in the photo shoot as well as pairing perfectly with the navy and muted tones within the skirt. My new SABRINA-07 Red Glitter  heels from were actually a last minute styling choice but I in LOVE with how well they work with the whole look.

The sparkle pairs perfectly with the print and even works with the moto! I've been wearing these a lot as they are super comfy and I think it's about time I snap up a black version so I don't wear the red to death. I reviewed these only a few weeks ago so click here for the full size info and more images.

I'm so smitten with the skirt and I can't wait to add even more to my collection over time. I only just noticed the Halloween items are up for preorder via the webstore and it's honestly hard to choose only one as they are all kitty themed! Here's a preview of what's to come.

You can order each via this link in either a skirt or dress form I'm torn between a skirt in either the Vampire Bat kitty or the costume creepy cuties! It's so hard to not get every single version!
Many Thanks to the amazing Brooke Orchard for taking these images and helping this full outfit shine.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Perfect Skirt Search

Last month I put the call out for any advice on where to find the best skater style skirt. So many of my awesome followers jumped on board and gave me lots of links but the one brand that stood out the most was Blackmilk.

The BlackMilk skater skirt has always been for girls around the globe but if you are a little bigger in the booty like myself you might have noticed they are way too short for your shape.

Never fear as they have recently released a new version which is a little bit longer than the previous skater skirts. Offering extra coverage and the perfect length that hits just above your knees.  I personally found the new length absolutely amazing for my shape as with a big booty comes some curvy AF hips.

I'm wearing the XL and I find the fit of all of the BM items to be perfection on my body. The fabrics offer lots of stretchy and are super soft to the touch. As you can see in these images the skater style skims my hips and really flatters my curves in the best possible way. The lack of zips and amount of stretch means you can wear this size up to a size 20 if not higher. I'm a 18 and sometimes at 16 but this is so comfy on me.

I never thought I'd find the perfect skater skirt on my first try but this style has won! Bonus points for the addition of pockets!

For this review/shoot I wanted some creepy Halloween vibes so I've paired this with my amazing Vixen by Micheline Pitt Dracula top and a Hips and Curves Harness. I love the simple yet strong look of this complete outfit.  I also own the Classier Act Midi Skirt which is very much like this but hits under the knee. Both are perfect!

While this may not be officially a skirt I actually classify this style as my dream skirt as it offers a braces feel without all the chunky metal clasps.

Show Us Your tops is appropriately named because you can style this frock with any of your own bodysuits or tops. Made of a stunning stretch velvet that feels so dreamy and in the perfect midi length. I must admit I'm such a sucker for a midi skirt as they show just the right amount of leg and can be styled up or down with ease.

For all BM items I wear an XL and the fit on this specific style really hugs my curves. The waist and open bust bring the focus to your mid section and amplify the hour glass shape. The straps are also able to be worn slightly covering the bottom of your cup or even lower depending on which you fine more flattering. Both of these items have been in high rotation in my wardrobe as they are so versatile. I wear off the shoulder peasant blouses, bold stripes and many stunning tops with this dress every week. Now I hope a matte midi version is released in the future as I'll be needing it for summer.

I've paired this open bust skirt with one of my new favourite blouses the Gone Batty Flouncy top. This piece feature a neck bow, full-coverage length and OTT-flouncy cap sleeves. I tend to worry in a printed fabric that my bust might morph the image but this top pairs perfectly with a big bust! The bow tie is super sweet, the peekaboo neckline shows that little big of cleavage and the sleeves - the perfect length to hide any upper arm issues.

What I love most about this dark, creepy and vintage bat print is the biggest and most bold bat's placement right at the bust - it's brilliant!The fit of this top is so amazing you'll want it in 100 different prints and colours.

After testing these pieces I can officially say I'm sold and I've found my absolute favourite skater styles in both short and midi. I can't wait to get my hands on more and review them!

Many thanks to the AMAZING Brooke Orchard for working her magic with me on these looks.