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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Greatest Sideshow On Earth

Every season, Sourpuss seem to absolutely blow me away with their adorable new prints, accessories, the BEST cardigans and all those unique subcultural items. When I shop with them, it almost seems like my taste is all over the place, but the honest truth is that I love so much and need it all!

This past season I really fell hard for the rockabilly and carnival style items and shot some of my key pieces with the amazing Michael Alesich a few weeks back. Here are my stand out favourites :

Bordello TEEZE-11 Black Velvet Shoes - $109.00

While I'm a full blown Sourpuss cardigan addict I've only ever tried super stretchy wiggle style skirts from their range. But from the moment I saw the sideshow ladies swing style skirt I was 100% smitten with the print and perfectly placed border. Trusting my usual size I opted for an XL and found this swinging carny number to be absolutely perfect! This style sits right at my waist then flares out to a above the knee swing skirt which is perfect for summer.

How amazing is this print? I love how beautifully it's set out with each sideshow image located in a pleat and the border on the bottom. It really gives the skirt a whole lot of wow factor. There is no stretch in this fabric but I found the waist band to be really roomy on my 33 inch waist. This was easily fixed with a waist belt. I'd not size down though as it's really comfortable and lightweight.

With such a bold and fun skirt I opted for basic black on top but with a little twist. I absolutely adore Johnny Cash and lucky for me, Sourpuss stocks heaps of Man In Black-related merchandise. While there are some super cute pinstripe style I could not go past the Johnny Cash Guns cardigan. I LOVE the visuals on this cardigan and since this shoot, I've been wearing it non stop.
I wear SP cardigans in an XL and have no issues with buttons, gaping or fit. They are really stretchy, thick and hold their shape. Lately I've taken to wearing them tied at my waist over dresses and with other skirt styles. The pistol motif on the front of the cardigan is amazing but the back print is what really steals the show. 

Next we have what has to be my new favourite lightweight jacket for spring. I fell hard for this style online but I had no idea about fit or even the length of the garment. When I tried this on I was so excited to find out that it was super cropped, stretchy and soft to the touch and it zips up over my chest!! Being a moto jacket addict, I usually steer clear of this more 'denim' jacket style but because this is made from a stretch cotton based fabric it hugs you in all of the right places and nips you in an the small of your waist. So flattering!

It's really rare for me to be able to button or zip up these styles but the Eisenhower jacket fits like a dream and looks good open or closed. You can find this style in polka dot (my stand out favourite) leopard and classic black. They are a great light weight option to a moto or denim jacket and can be easily dressed up or down. I hope they re-release this style with even more prints and colour options as I'd love to see a bright red version and some creepy prints.

What goes better with a brilliantly fitting polka dot jacket other than a brilliant statement necklace or two? I love the 3 charm style of these charcoal faux silver accessories as they give a little more oomph and have instant wow factor. The metal is that light you forget you even have it on until you look down. I opted for this stunning anchor and ship style as I love nautical accessories and I love how the ship is almost framed in the middle pendant. I also added some of the core range of pins available online. I can't leave a jacket naked I almost always have to customize it and add a buttons or pins. These are two of the best and most secure pins I've used and their pizza slice is next on my list. 

While I love nautical accessories western is also my addiction. So I ordered another horseshoe charm to add to my collection. This might not be framed as the other charm was but I still love it just as much. It works perfectly with all of my Sourpuss western dresses.


This order I also broke out of my mold and tried one of the many rocking t-shirts SP have in their collection. I love the Edgar Allan Poe raven print and the v shaped neckline. This tee is in a soft lilac colour and it's really stretchy and comfortable. The great thing about this tee is the v neckline. For larger chested hour glass shapes this offers casual comfort without hiding ever aspect of your chest. The fabric molds to your shape and the neckline flatters the chest. I think I need to pick up more of this style as it's so easy to wear.

As I said at the beginning I order so many different styles and themes when I shop at Sourpuss and after adding western, nautical and sideshow to the mix I've moved on to Tiki. See, that's the brilliant part of Sourpuss! No matter what your style or taste might be, they will have something perfectly suited to you.

The Tiki Purse is adorable and is a must have in either black or red this summer. The faux woven vinyl texture on the body really makes this purse pop and the bamboo handles and fruit charm complete the look perfectly. I've now discovered a huge love for all things bamboo and I love brilliantly crafted bamboo handle or bangle. This purse will suit absolutely everything in my summer wardrobe and I can't wait to wear it. 

Lets also not forget to mention the stunning Bordello Teeze heels from Shoe Me Gorgeous. As my collection of Bordellos grows I'm discovering all of the different substyles in this range. These are my current favourites followed closely by the polka dot Mary Janes. You can find heaps of Bordellos on sale right now via their online store so be sure to stock up while they are super cheap.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


For years now I've had a huge love for any top or dress with a Pussy Bow. I find nothing more adorable and vintage looking than this style and for a girl with a large bust like mine it can be hard to find the right tops or styles that don't look too odd with a large chest.

A few months ago I wrote up a review in Adore Pinup based around pinup workwear and on this shoot I rediscovered my love for the stunning styles from Bonsai Kitten. Knowing how much I adored the fit of the bow top I knew I needed the brilliant swing skirted dress version in my life

Sticking with the perfect fit of the pussy bow top the dress version has a form fitting stretchy tapered bodice and a half circle skirt that hits just above the knee. A super soft light weight stretch cotton/lycra mix molds to your curves and flows beautifully from the waits down.

I wore the top in a size 16 but due to some weight loss I opted to go down to a 14 in the dress and I'm so glad I did. The fit is amazing and so comfortable without being to tight in any areas. The long sleeve is great for winter but I'd love to see a 3/4 style released next! 

Perfect for work or play and once you wear this dress you'll never want to take it off! Also available in Navy with a red bow and black with the same contrasting bow as show here. I think I'll snap up the black version asap as it's on sale and too good to pass up! I paired this style with my favourite Pinup Girl Clothing faux leather waist belt and I love the extra definition it ads. 

The one thing I did not notice until I got the dress in my hands is the print on the neckline and bow. Can you pick it? It's actually skeleton hands!!! A creepy, kooky print mixed in and I didn't even expect it - nice work Bonsai Kitten. 

I can't wait to see what's in store for the next few seasons from this brand. Their new swing skirt, braces wiggles and the adorable Wednesday Dress are on the top of my lust list.  Many thanks to the brilliant Katherine Davis who shot these images with me. I can't wait to shoot with her again very, very soon. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Pretty Poppy

A few weeks ago, I gushed over the UK based Zoe Vine a the stunning styles available in their super pretty Millie Dress. Well, I finally got my hands on another amazing style from the collection and I'm in love!

The Isabelle is a stunning poppy printed swing dress with a true vintage feel. Featuring a high neckline, short sleeves and a full pleated skirt, this style is perfectly tailored to complement all shapes and sizes. The Isabelle comes with a matching fabric belt to create that great hourglass shape. 

I'm wearing this style in a size 18 due to the limited stretch of the fabric but It seems I could size down as my weight loss progresses, as this style fits me with room in the bust - no pulls, pops or warping of the fabric. The waist is a little loose but this was easily fixed with tightening the matching belt. 

Having a large bust, I usually fear button up dresses and tops, but I threw that fear out of the window and now most of my most beloved outfits have super high necklines. Such a perfect spring style and I can't wait to wear this out! 

I wanted to give both a warmer weather and cooler weather option for styling this stunning style, so I've paired Isabelle with my long sleeve cropped bolero from Inspired Insanity. I'm so smitten with these as they match every dress I own and I won't be satisfied until I have them all!  This ruby red bolero complements the poppy print perfectly and I love this pairing. 

My favourite mint green petticoat returned for this shoot and I'm having so much fun pairing this with prints. A pinup can never own too many petticoats, I say! 

Thank you to Katherine Davis for snapping these shots on this perfect location. We have two more blogs worth of images left from this set then I'm back with her to shoot even more goodies! 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Spring Pastels

Stunning floral backgrounds and stunning floral prints by Unique Vintage. Each and every week I stalk the UV website and lust after the preorder items. I've tried so many styles in their range now but each month I'm surprised and taken by the new prints and stunning garments that pop up.  

This order I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a colour/print that I'm really not used to but have always loved - pale pink. Being super pale I usually steer clear of pale, almost white or skin tone prints as I feel like they will wash me out. But from the moment I saw the Formosa dress I was smitten. 

The delicate floral print, 1940's style and the sleeve called to me and needed to wear this asap. As you can see although both my skin tone and the dress are pale it still looks brilliant on! The higher neckline with a peekaboo tie up collar works wonderfully for both small and large chests as it's adjustable and the fluttery cap sleeve offers great upper arm coverage. 

I'm wearing this style in a 2XL and I found it to be way too big for me to the extent that I had to use bulldog clips to make it more fitted when shooting these images. So I definitely need a size down, if not two, for this stunning dress. 

I love this style so much that I instantly ordered the black and white polka dot version, and I can't wait to shoot that in the next few weeks. This style is so flattering on all shapes and there is just something magical about the design. I would live in this style every day if it came in more than 3 print choices. 

Belt - NA

Now that I've tried pale pink it was time to go back to my beloved black! This is my second Happily Ever After dress and I'm 100% sold on this style. The fit is amazing for busty hourglass shapes and it falls so beautifully with or without a petticoat. 

I'm wearing a 2XL and although it fits me well in the bust, it's a little loose on my waist but this is easily fixed by wearing a waist belt. I'm losing weight at the moment and I'm finding that the waistline of most dresses are the loosest point; but my bust is still large so it's hard to size down. This style is a non stretch fabric so it has little give. I usually wear a size XL in Unique Vintage's more stretchy garments. 

I honestly can't get enough of both the style of this dress and the stunning print. I have the black on black dot version and now the red dot print but I honestly want more! My dream would be for this dress to come out in an emerald green shade. How divine would that be? 

For this print I went a little less matchy, matchy and opted to mix extra colours into my outfit. I opted for seafoam and mint and I absolutely love how the pop with the black and floral print. This adorable cropped cardigan/bolero is the BEST cover up I've found in years! Made from a super stretchy and soft cotton mix and available in a variety of colours this is one item I must have every version of. I'm wearing this bolero in a size XL and it fits perfectly. If you are between sizes you can easily size down as there is heaps of stretch. This cardigan and more are available at Inspired Insanity, a brilliant Aussie alternative webstore! 

Sticking with the clashing yet perfect colour theme I wore this stunning Hell Bunny Petticoat also from Inspired Insanity. I have a special place in my heart of all things mint and this is my new favourite petticoat. With heaps of soft layers it adds just the right amount of fullness and looks amazing when it shows beneath your skirt. Inspired Insanity stock a great collection of petticoats you can find on their website. Next on my list is purple!

Thank you again to Katherine Davis for working with me and the blossom to create some spring time magic! Can't wait to shoot our next set together!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I do heaps of 'review shoots' but I feel like I've been lacking on the more creative style sets and last week I finally got a chance to style my own darker photo set with the amazing Katherine Davis. If you are a fan of the TV series Hannibal you'll know exactly what I mean when I say Wendigo. Originally I was going for a more woodland nymph style but in the end it came out as almost a cross over between the two and I love it. 

Restyle Deer Antlers and  Orchids Headband - $29.00 (sold out)

For years I've been lusting after deer antlers in both the real and fake form. When Restyle released their own range of wearable antlers and horns I was instantly in love and headed to the best Australian online shop for all things dark and alternative Tragic Beautiful. I would have killed to be able to find a shop like this when I was a younger goth! 

To achieve my deer/wendigo dreams I picked up this stunning headband full of black orchids and adorable little black antlers. They are lightweight yet solid and attached to a thick and comfortable headband. I've not worn a headband like this for years in fear of that pain they can cause after a few hours but this style is a dream to wear.

These antlers flew out the door like hotcakes but you can find the Diabolical Roses headband for a more devilish look or the Black Orchards style still in store now for the same price. I think I'll pick up one of each as they work wonderfully for both every day wear and costuming. 

I wanted to wear something flowing and sheer and when looking online I found the Calypso Chiffon Over Dress from Widow. I've only just found this brilliant brand and I love their stunning lace styles, full length Gothic gowns and bodysuits. 

The Calypso Dress is multi functional and absolutely stunning! It can be worn over your favourite lingerie set or as an extra layer over a little black dress or skirt. I'm wearing this style in an XL and the fit is absolutely perfect. The is very open and has a little stretch so it's super comfortable. My stand out favourite feature has to be the delicate lace around the underbust, neckline and sleeve. 

I had to wear a stunning bra that not only complemented the other items but also stands out in all the right ways. The Deco Darling was the perfect match and I'm very addicted to this style. I have 
8 Freya Deco bras and I will keep adding more for years to come as I wear them each and every day.

It was such a pleasure to dress up at the end of a full fashion shoot and get a little more creative and much more 'Me' for set of images. I'm a gothic/punk/rock chick at heart and I need to embrace this more often and shoot more creative images on a regular basis. I have my sights set on some creepy Halloween styles soon so I'm already pre-planning my next creative endeavour. 

Many thanks to Katherine Davis for her stunning work behind the lenses! We are already planning out next shoot and I can't wait to see what we create with our stunning spring backdrops.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Curvy Dollbaby

Just a few days ago I was gushing (I still am and this won't stop!) about the new collection from Wheels & Dollbaby, but only a few days earlier, I had the chance to shoot some of my favourite pieces from the previous few collections.

On the lead up to the sold out Wheels & Dollbaby runway show I wanted to show how some of the core items fit on a size 16 frame. When I first started collecting Dollbaby pieces I played it safe and only wore cardigans but now there are so many sultry styles that fit me so I can wear just about everything! 

Due to popular demand the BB dress has just been released in a size 16 in both black and red. This style was so popular in the Inky Pinky print that they made the core range styles up to a size 16 for all of us curvier dollbabys. Made from a silky deluxe stretch satin this is delight to wear and so soft to the touch. 

Now this is a very 'mini' style and you have to be super confident with your pins to pull this short length off. If you are blessed with an ample bust and rump you will find that your assets can make a mini a super mini. This just covers my toosh and I think when paired with stockings or tights in the cooler months this will be brilliant. 

Be it summer or winter the styling options are endless with the BB Dress. Pair with tights and thigh high boots, cardigans or jackets in the cooler months and light layers in the spring or summer. 

The deep V neckline is super low and with a GG chest like mine going braless is never an option. So I opted to wear a bold printed low cut style from the Dita Von Teese collection that's both bold visually and unique with its design. Pairing these two styles almost creates a new style dress and I love that! 

I also paired this stunning dress with one of my favourite cardigans in emerald green. I'm wearing this in a size 16 but the 14 also fits with ease. I tend to wear plain W&DB cardigans with no print in a size 14 and the back prints in a larger size so I don't crack or harm the image. 

Now for my all time favourite items! I'm head over heels for the La Carla Bruni blouse and it's spectacular fit. It buttons up without any pulls or popping, fit's my arms and is roomy enough at the waist to tie, tuck or wear loose.

In the past I've worn this shirt in a size 14 and I found the upper arms a little tight so I opted for a 14 this time. The fit is roomy yet structured and I'm smitten with the leopard fabric! If I could wear one shirt for the rest of my life it would be this one!

What do you pair a brilliant blouse like this with? Obviously Irma La Douce skirt in red! Now this is the second time I've shot this skirt and the moment I wiggled into this style I new it was one of the best wiggle skirts I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. I've tried this in both a 14 and a 16 and I really love the tighter fit of the 14 in this style. The fabric has heaps of stretch and the buttons can be undone to create a higher split.

I feel amazing in this shirt that much so I will be ordering it to keep asap. I've never been a huge fan of leopard print but W&DB have changed and this will be the second item with such a sultry print in my collection. 

Now I can't shoot all of these styles without the new Mermaid Classic Cardigan being included. I have 3 classic cardigans and I wear them to death. The match with everything, can be worn buttoned up or tied up and look amazing on every body shape. This style comes with a super cute mermaid motif printed on the back and the classic dollbaby embroidery on the front. 

I love the pairing of the La Carla Bruni Blouse and the Irma La Douce skirt so much I mixed up the colours and prints for another brilliant outfit. This time a solid top with a printed skirt on the bottom. As I've mentioned all of the size info on these two styles let me gush about the print and fabric choices. 

The leopard print is bold and sexy. The silky soft fabric hugs those curves and I love how the bold black button pair with the black blouse. It's a tough choice picking between these two outfits but I honestly love them both! I feel like a naughty secretary in these and I LOVE that! 

In the past I have worn plain black bras underneath these sheer styles but this time I wanted to pair the skirt with my stunning leopard print bra. I love how it pops through the semi sheer georgette fabric and pairs perfectly with the print of the skirt. 

The sheer fabric and printed bra combination has inspired me to test this out with all of my other bold bras. 

Finally a style I've not thought to try before but once I slipped into the soft and fluffy angora knit I was sold. The cropped Posh Girl Sweater is yet another leopard print style that I'm really loving. It's stretchy, soft to the touch and so comfortable. This style works with high waisted skirts, capris and jeans and is super versatile. 

I always feared jumpers in this fabric as I thought they'd add extra bulk to my frame but I really dig the fit and the look of this. I paired the Post Girl Sweater with the adorable charmed pearl brooch and my favourite swing style skirt for a super 1950's look. The angora fabric does transfer so keep this away from any other black knits or else keep a clothes brush close by. This sweater is on special right now and available in size 14 and 16 so snap it up while you can. Both fit perfectly so it you are after a tighter fit I'd suggest the 14. 

That's my curvy picks from the last few seasons and I hope that helps with any fit issues you may be having. My next  Wheels & Dollbaby blog post will be all about the runway show so be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram and see all my behind the scenes previews!