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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Mantrap

A little while ago, an amazing surprise arrived at my door, wrapped in printed pink tissue paper and tied with a bow. It's safe to say I was blown away by what was hidden inside.

Once I dreamed of the silky wiggle dresses from Wheels & Dollbaby but never thought I'd be able to fit into them, let alone look good in one. Well I'm proud to say I've ticked both boxes and it feels AMAZING! This dress HAD to be captured on film by the one and only Brooke Orchard Photography . Brooke is the best pinup and retro inspired photographer that Australia has to offer and I feel absolutely honoured to have had the chance to work with her many times this past year. I adore her that much I've booked her for my wedding!

Introducing the Mantrap dress in glorious deluxe imported satin from the Star De CinĂ©mar’ Collection! This wiggle dress is designed for curves and hugs every one of them. With a sweeping off the shoulder neckline, hourglass silhouette and amazing fabric details this dress will make you feel like a goddess of the silver screen.  

The fabric is buttery smooth and an absolute dream to wear. I originally received a size 14 in this dress but exchanged it for a 16. The 14 was a great fit all over my body but the arms were a little restricting. So sizing up made more room to move and now my arms fit in perfectly. I've found that I fit anywhere from a 12 to a 16 in Wheels & Dollbaby depending on fabrics. 

The mantrap dress is also equip with a powermesh and an inbuilt boned bodice which will give you that extra shape and lift. This alone is great but I felt I needed more lift and shape to show this dress off perfectly so I've paired it will the new Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless bra and my CS-426 Longline Underbust Corset from Orchard Corset. Combined these two brilliant undergarments gave me that extra vavavoom shape and great support. 

Now I usually would not flash my draws for the general public but I have to show how these two brilliant undergarments paired with the dress create such a hot shape! I now wear this style corset on most of my shoots and the bra, well, I think it speaks for itself. 

This strapless multiway bra (please note straps are included if you wish to use them) is amazing! The soft cups hold my GG bust perfectly and there is no fear of spillage, a boob popping out or a morphed odd shape. It's like wearing a normal bra with invisible straps. I'm wearing the Luxe in a size 34GG and the fit is spot on! For years we large busted ladies have needed a product like this and I'm sure I'll be fearing many more times as summer rolls in. P.s This also passes the jump text - that alone is reason to get this bra!

I paired this dress with and without accessories for this shoot. For all images I wore the most amazingly bright and sparkly Stardust Gold Digger Tear Earrings $22.00 from Kat Frankie's. The simple design and sparkling brilliance adds that extra element of glamour to the look. I also added a white gold and diamond necklace from my collection but you can easily wear any colour or style necklace with this dress! 

Not a fan of a strapless dress? This also pairs wonderfully with the full range of cardigans and boleros available in the Knitwear section at Wheels & Dollbaby.

The Mantrap is also available in babycat print, peaches'n'cream and black although size availability may differ. I'm currently compiling a list of all items via the web store that come in both size 14 and 16 so you, my lovely readers, have a easy guide to fitting curves! This should be up shortly. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Sponsor - Bella Bodies

For years I've been raving on about how much I adore Bella Bodies and now I'd like to gush a little more while introduce you to their new products. Bella Bodies has just jumped onboard as a sponsor of Curves To Kill and I'm so excited to be able to give you new updates, current reviews and answer all the questions you may have about their shapewear.

Now a few posts back I reviewed 3 items from the current range as I had recently updated my shapewear wardrobe. But these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what they offer.

Everyone is different when it comes to what they need and how they wear their items. I tend to go for bodysuits and tanks because I show off my legs a lot with shorter style skirts. I also wear the shorts but this is under longer skirts or pants. We all have a tick list of what we want in our undergarments and below I've linked you to a few different options that what was previously reviewed.

To be honest with you I'm dying to get my hands on this Slip shaper and review it! With the same neckline as the Ultimate bodysuit that I wear and adore and the great fabric this item will be a great alternative for summer dresses and add that control and smoothing under wiggle style skirts etc. I've never had much luck with slip/dress style control wear so hopefully this is the one that WILL work! 

Very similar (but without a bust) to my first piece from Bella Bodies but in a different fabric style! I'm a huge fan of underbust shapers as they offer support and control right up to the bra line and never roll down. So they fit perfectly under high waisted jeans, skirts and all styles of dresses. 

The underbust style also helps eliminate and breast smooshing and means you can wear it with any style bra!

Lastly I wanted to share the lounge/yoga bra with you. Now right off the bat I have to tell you that my huge chest does not fit into these styles but I knew from the get go that I'd have issues with these styles with my 34GG chest. 

But if you are not as busty as me then these soft and supportive bras can do wonders. They have adjustable and interchangeable straps so you can work with your breast size and get as comfortable as possible. You can even try turning this style into a halter! 

These bras are brilliant if you need that little extra support while lounging about at home but want to be wire free. They also work brilliantly for yoga as the name suggests. 

For future reference I wear the size V from Bella Bodies and I think it's perfect! So if you get the chance to try any of these styles please give me all your feedback! 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ahoy Sailor

From rum to nautical inspired clothing, tattoos to brilliant artwork, social events and more Sailor Jerry Australia is one of the best and hardest working companies in Australia. 

I've loved the flash art of SJ for years and have many of these images inked on my skin. I was first introduced to Sailor Jerry a few years back at a burlesque/tattoo night and this is where my addiction started. My dear  friend Pete Pav of Mans Ruin Tattoo gave me my first SJ ink work and from that point I've never looked back.  

I'm absolutely smitten with every form of merch from this company and it fits into my pinup wardrobe with ease! I've shot two of my favourite tops from their current range but be sure to look out for the full selection at Australian based kustom culture events. 

I'm wearing their tanks and tees in size M and they fit like a dream due to the super stretchy fabric.. As you know I'm a huge fan of anchors and sailor styled pinup wear so this red and cream tank top is perfect for my summer wardrobe! 

My second item is another of the SJ flash of a tiger and Death or Glory text. At first I was worried this would not fit in medium but it hugs my curves and works on my bust. While I usually don't like such pale colours I think these work brilliantly with plain black high waists or jeans and look fantastic with red or navy cardigans.

I'm also wearing the MUST have item from SJ which is a dogtag like necklace that also doubles as a bottle opener! Funky accessories that also provide a useful function win me over each and every time. Now these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amazing merchandise and accessories you can purchase from Sailor Jerry Australia.

I currently only have 4 SJ tattoos but I've got heaps of space free and many years of tattoo time to enjoy!

So be sure to find their Facebook page, follow all news and updates and come along to any of the events they advertise! You'll find these and many more tees and tanks, I'm lusting after some more anchor style tops from their collection.


So look out for the SJ Airstream which pops up at each event, this retrotastic caravan has my heart! Many thanks to Robin Elk for shooting this rocking tops with me. Can't wait to spook it up with you next!  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

On Wednesday's we wear black

I've been taking a colour journey over the last few years. Playing with new styles, bold prints and adding that extra colour pop into my wardrobe. But prior to this and for my whole life I've been a huge fan of all black! From my mid teens, I was a goth and this progressed into my mid 20's. It was not until I got a pinup inspired hair cut that I switched paths, dabbled and found my place as a pinup.

But my heart is always here for the deepest and darkest shades of purples, red and my wardrobe staple - Black! It's my go to shade for dresses, jeans and jackets. I live in black leather jackets and skinny jeans most days and from what I've noticed about Melbourne, black seems to be our uniform.

So slowly I'm planning on adding more of my Gothic style choices into my wardrobe and giving into my desire for all black more often.

From the moment I laid eyes on the long Black Armor underbust corset I needed to be wearing it. As you know by now long line corsets suit my shape most and really make my hips pop. So I was instantly drawn to both the shape of this style and the unique features.

Made of faux leather with cotton lining this is one seriously strong and sturdy corset. The corset is stiffened with 10 spiral bones and on the back are additional 4 flat metal bones. I'm in love with the hip detail on this corset and the way the faux leather is molded into the shape of armor! Warning, this will make your hips appear bigger but with this extra shape your waist will appear even smaller than usual.

I opted for a size 28 in this style and through some very tight lacing nearly got this completely closed at the back. It fits wonderfully and is easy to wear for any experienced corset wearer.

I then paired this with my favourite skirt available from Restyle which is the Morticia. This mermaid style is perfect for girls like me who love a pencil/wiggle style skirt. I'm wearing this in a size XL and it fits like a dream with a little room to spare at the waist. With my height and shoes it does not seem to be floor length like the stock shots on the website but I'd rather this length either way. I tend to trip over on long items and this hits the perfect spot for me.

I have an overwhelming selection of black tops in my personal collection but I loved the way the Pinup Girl Lauren top works with this whole outfit and the accessories.

To finish off the look I chose the Ivory Deer Necklace which has me written all over it! A bold silver and black style pendant choker with a bright and bold deer skull featured front and center. If there is an accessory out there with an animal skull attached I need to have it as I love, adore and collect taxidermy. The chain itself was a little to long for my bust which is always raised a little higher by the under bust. It just needs to be shorted ever so slightly but I tend to do this with most of my neck wear - Boobs and accessories, always fun!

My next Restyle lust list is suited more to a winter wardrobe that I'm planning for 2015 but want now. I'm way too ahead of myself sometimes.

The Lolita Autumn Coat is perfection in jacket form and I need it as soon as humanly possible! I also think the Vampire Skull hair clip would work perfectly with the hair style I chose for this photo shoot and for adding an extra level of hair accessory as I hate hair bows or barrettes. 

The umbrella is brilliant and very Burton-esque and I'm sick of using boring, ugly coloured cheap styles that I usually lose. With this I'd keep it close and stand out in the sea of clear plastic and boring colours. Then finally another of their long line corset styles in a black satin with a Violin theme. So simple yet stunning. P.S. how brilliant are the prices? Everything is so well priced! 

Many thanks to the wonderful Robin Elk for working on this shoot with me and capturing my favourite Gothic styles perfectly. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Makeup Bag

I've recently been asked on an almost daily basis about the specific brands, colours and types of makeup I use. I'm not a makeup artist and although I do adore painting my face and testing out new products I'd never claim to anything other than a lover of all things bold, pale and ruby red when it comes to makeup.

So I wanted to share with you my dear readers what I wear on a daily basis and the essential items I have in my handbag every day.

While I invest in great cosmetic items I also adore a bargain and love trying new and super cheap products. Being a super pale yet freckled pinup is sometimes a challenge but when I find the perfect product I'll stick with it.

So hear is a little peek into the abyss that is my handbag! Please excuse the marks on all items but they are well used and loved!

Then many random brushes! 

I'm not going to go into huge details for every single item in this post but I will let you in on a few reasons why I wear most of these products. 

The Australis powder was a gift that turned out to be a godsend recently as it gives great coverage, the perfect pale shade and hides shine. I'm now officially addicted to this powder. 

As you can tell I have a huge love for Rimmel and you can find multiple reviews of most of these items here. I adore the BB cream more than foundation these days and the primer is needed every single time I wear makeup - so reasonably priced and brilliant! My stand out favourite item in the range though has to be the Glam Eyes Eyeliner. If you have ever wondered how I get those perfect flicks, well this is the product. I've tried many over the last few years and even the new pen from Benefit but nothing compares to this liquid liner. 
I got the Physicians Formula nude eye-shadows on sale and I've been using them for daytime wear ever since. I usually steer clear of shimmer shadows but these are a not overly sparkly and in stunning pale shades. 

I use the Rimmel Retro Glam mascara daily but I have a mini Benefit badgirl lash mascara for those times when I have fake lashes on and need a thin and non over the top style to pain the faux lashes. 

Then lastly, my love, the Brow Pen from Prestige. I purchased this on a whim in summer and I've never looked back. I'm a girl that can't work a brow kit to save her life and wanted more than a pencil could offer. This brow pen suits my colouring perfectly and offers a great filler for your brows while at the same time giving perfect lines and points. It washes off easily but will stay on all day until you smudge it (so no over the top brow scratching). I highly recommend you at least try this style and see how it works for you. 

Now for my lip obsession. 

With the exception of the black shade I carry this around on me each and everyday. You can never have too many shades and options. 

It's clear to see that I have an addiction for two colours mainly - pinks and red. Being pale yet freckled I find most pinks a little too bright so the Just Bitten in Honey and Notting Hill Nude are perfection!

I also swear by Velvetines by Limecrime for the perfect matte lip. Red is my go to colour for photo shoots and nights out and the Red Velvet is the BEST red lipstick I've ever worn. I adore the texture, the long lasting effect and colours available. The deep darker red of Wicked was brilliant over the winter and for more darker themed outfits and  the pink pops in perfect with your summer wardrobe.

If by chance the Limecrime lipsticks are a little out of your budget I can also recommend any of the Matte lipsticks from Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. They have the same effect, great colours (even a bright blue) and are a joy to wear. I have yet to wear my black shade yet as I'm waiting for the right outfit and right shoot. 

The liners are from here there and everywhere! Some Rimmel, some cheap brands, unknown by now. I tend to hunt for the perfect liner for my lipsticks and with cheaper brands down under like Face Of Australia and Savy, I've found heaps.  

So there you have it! That's all my essentials and a little bit of insight into what I use. Next week I will also be reviewing a new cosmetic items so be sure to come back for my results! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hola Chica!

Recently I have stumbled across one of the most brilliant Australian based pinup/vintage inspired designers and I can officially say I'm 100% smitten with Hola Chica! A unique label sourced and made in Australia focusing on feminine and sultry designs that flatter all body shapes and give you an amazing shape. Each garment is constructed wonderfully, creating bold shapes and  figure hugging silhouettes that every pinup/vintage reproduction lover will adore. 

So with my stand out favourites in the current line I headed over to shoot with the brilliant Brad Blake Photography and his amazing striped wall. I've been lusting after a backdrop like this for years and I absolutely adore what we created!  

Hold the presses - I've found the best skirts every created!!! I know I fall in love with most of the garments I review but there is something unique, super flattering and absolutely brilliant about the peplum cut of this pencil skirt. The bold shape from the waist to mid hip creates a super curvy hourglass shape. It slims out a larger frame and adds more hip to you if your built straight up and down - it's works for everyone! The peplum panel also offers enough fabric to hide any problems you may have around the tummy region. Hugs your curves and hides any problem areas - sign me up! 

I've paired this with the Prima Pinup top in black which compliments bright red shade of the skirt and works wonderfully with the black featured on the peplum. This top fits like a second skin and is super comfortable to wear. With tops from this label I have to be sure that there is enough of an area to fit my GG bust. The Prima is perfect for my chest and is a great option if you don't want too much cleavage shown. I'm absolutely loving both tops featured in this post paired with jeans and when summer hits with shorts. 

A close up shot of the actual height of the neckline. It really a sexy styled peasant top that doesn't give too much away. Paired with a pair of high waisted skinnies for a Tura Satana look.

Now this red hot number is the best of the first two items rolled up and in dress form. Mixing the great fit from both rocking separates and creating a super cute wiggle dress with a 40's vibe. Now I'm wearing each item featured in this review in a size XL and they are a perfect fit. This dress though super tight is comfortable and hugs my curves in all the right places. 

Now I adore most red frocks but this one is extra special because of the perfectly place black trim, belt feature and button details. They break up the bright red fabric and add that extra little bit of brilliance. My favourite feature has to be the fold trim on the bustline and the shape it creates. 

Now even though this is the same style as the top featured previously you will notice that a little more cleavage pops out the top. Due to this being one garment it seems to have a slightly different fit than when separate. It still fits like a glove but note that there will be more cleavage in the dress vs the top. 

Now in the last year or two I've been trying to break free of just black and work with florals, bright colours and things that I'd usually not be game enough to wear. I adored the Flora print when I first saw it but I was unsure if it would suit me and with the base colour of white if it would make me look even more hippy. Well I think it's safe to say that is simple brilliant and I'm in love! This tropical splash of colour is just want I need for my summer wardrobe and I will be collecting everything ever made in this fabric.

With another take on the wiggle shape this skirt style offers the a half peplum style that comes from the waist and sits mid hip. This offers an almost ruffle effect and gives me a brilliant hourglass shape. The fit is AMAZING and while I'd usually be a bit worried wearing a pale print I actually feel amazing in this.  

Looking at the multicoloured print I would not have picked a dark colour like black usually but the solid shade looks brilliant when paired with the brightness of the skirt. Made from high quality stretch cotton sateen this top fits me like a second skin and is amazing for my bustline. I do naturally like to show a little more boob so this works perfectly for me. I also adore the cap sleeve detail and the way it molds perfectly over my shoulders and upper arms.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Pretty Peepers with VisionDirect

I'm currently on the hunt for a few new pairs of sunglasses to add to my rather large collection and to use in my shoots over the next few months.  So I jumped back onto Vision Direct to see what will work perfectly for my shoots.

I love using this website because it is so simple to to search! I can search by designer or by shape and because I know certain shapes suit my face I can click on sunglasses then hit the 'Oversized' tab under shop by style and I'm set!

Now I have a some amazing shoots within the next 2 months and I'm looking for the perfect pair of glasses to pair with wide brimmed sunhats. I've found 3 pairs that would be perfect for this idea but I'm having a hard time choosing one!

Burberry-BE4126-300111 - Click Here

Now these Burberry glasses are exactly what I've been looking for! A super over sized shape, retro design and something that will really pop on camera. Why the overly large frame? Well for shoots they are a brilliant accessory but in day to day life they are the go to shape shade as they cover all your eye, product your peepers and if you don't feel like wearing any makeup they can be great to hide under. 

Tom Ford-FT0009 WHITNEY 692 - Click Here

I've been in love with this cross over design from Tom Ford for years and I've only ever had a fake version. But now that I've seen this nutural brown version I think it's time to save my pennies and get something I've lusted after for so long. This shape is so stylish and the crossing lines are really comfortable on your nose.

Ray-Ban-RB4191-Highstreet-61068G - Click Here

Then finally a pale blue pair from Ray Ban. Recently I've be trying to purchase more coloured accessories and big blue shades would be a perfect edition to my collection. These bright babies would pair with any of my pinup style outfits and would work beautifully with a bold red lip. 

All 3 will look brilliant with both of my wide brimmed straw hats but these would pair perfectly with the black hat. You see I have two hats to shoot with - one black, one blue and black. I need to find the pair that will suit all both hats! 

So do I stick with a black pair and play it safe, try a bright blue shade or do I take a risk on a stunning pair of Tom Fords?