Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Alpine Butterfly Swim

For the past year or more I've been lusting after the curve friendly swimwear label Alpine Butterfly but I've been waiting until the perfect release to pull the trigger. Then like an absolute whirlwind the Selena collection was released and I feel in love with a little pink fringed two piece.

The Te Amo Selena Bikini is the tasseled retro swimsuit of my dreams. A soft pink two piece covered in tassels will make you want to shimmy and shake your way through summer.
With adjustable shoulder straps, you can create that perfect custom fit and look adorable without any effort. The perfect pale shade of pink inspired my accessories and a simple bow head band is all I need to complete this look. What's even more brilliant about this piece is the fact that you can take the top from the pool then out on the town as an adorable crop. This piece definitely needs to be worn on the dancefloor.

I'm wearing the Te Amo set in a size 2XL and I wanted to have enough room to accommodate my bust as the top is not cupped.  Size wise this two piece is perfect. I think if I had of sized down the fringe detailing might not look as perfect as it has limited stretch. The adjustable straps also help you get the right fit for your own bust and if you want to wear this piece out a strapless bra will hide underneath perfectly. I think I might be a 1XL in the non fringe items though as I'll mention with the next piece.
The high waisted bottoms are not only cute as hell but so freaking comfy! The faux belt and sparling sweetheart buckle make this piece shine and the fit over your hips and booty is so flattering. 

While I usually wear high waited items I'm not use to more cheeky bottoms but the shape of this bikini and the how perfectly the ruffle skims over my hips has completely sold me on this style! I can't wait to bring this to the beach over summer and blow peoples minds!
The Te Amo set is also available in black and I think it's rather obvious that I need it in my world!

So now that I'm fully in love with their bikini collection, I thought it was only fair to review a one-piece/swim dress style as not everyone is completely comfortable with a two piece.
The Lucia is a skirted one piece suit that I never knew I needed until I wiggled my way into it.
Featuring a molded deep plunge cup, full skirt, capped ruffle sleeves and bold gold accents at the waist. 
This piece has blown my mind! The support is amazing and super accommodating of my gigantic chest. It's the one thing I'm always worried about when ordering a non-specific cup size but this piece lifts and creates the most amazing shape.
I'm wearing the 2XL in this style and it's a little too big on me so I think the 1XL would be absolutely perfect. With some one pieces you can instantly feel with you need to size down and with this swim dress a size down would fit perfectly if more firm and extra poppin shape! 

 How cute is that little ruffle of a cap sleeve? I've never had this on a swimsuit, but I adore the extra little feature.

Now that I've tried these two pieces and have sorted what sizes I'll need I'll definitely be adding more Alpine Swim pieces to my collection.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Pete Cromer Collection from Erstwilder

New release day has hit once again and for this collection Erstwilder have teamed up with Australian artist Pete Cromer! Pete Cromer is a contemporary Australian artist based in the Colac Otway region of Victoria.  Inspired by the optimistic personalities in people and wildlife, Pete’s work is renowned for his signature bursts of glowing colour and beautiful textures, all reflected in his bold collages, paintings and sculptures.
These signature features have translated into an absolutely stunning collection of Australian wildlife!


For this release I had to snap up my favourite Aussie critters and luckily they were the most adorable of the collection.


My first choice as the preppy platypus. A super sweet little love in the classic swim pose. Complete with the adorable little feet and that super sweet face.

What I love most about this piece is the incorporation water droplets in both blue and white. Creating motion and an extra colour pop on a brown/natural

Platypus's are my husbands favourite Australian animal so we are fighting over who wears this collection first.

Dapper Dingo indeed! Never have I seen a more sweet interpretation of a Dingo. The strong angles represent fur movement perfectly and those bold coloured shapes really pop on the base resin. 

This dapper wild dog will pair perfectly with my summer wardrobe and I'm really smitten with the almost caramel shade of it's coat. Those little eats and wagging tale have also won my heart. 
Now I could not live with out a Tassie Devil in my collection. I've been crazy for these critters for years and I never thought I'd get a chance to wear one as a pin but Erstwilder came to the rescue.

Just look at this chonky little fella with the sweetest little face! It can be hard creating a black based piece that really pops but the mixture of black, cream and white on this piece really do create that amazing coat of the devil.

Like all the pieces in this collection this little one also has a few pops of colour but these a little more muted. This piece is by far my favourite from the whole collection and I'm thinking of adding it to my pastel blue moto jacket.

I also had a few of the Essential pieces to show you guys! I'm a collector of drop earrings and find myself forever adding new colours and shapes to my jewelry box. 

Resin drop earrings are my daily go to accessory as they are light weight pop of colour. So when I found out Erstwilder had released a selection of shapes and colours I had to add a few more to my collection. You can snap up glitter based pieces, chunky confetti inspired resins and more.

Looking for more subtle patterns? Then the ripple or chunky glitter in darker shades might be for you. I'm absolutely smitten with the colours and styles on offer and the price point is amazing! I'll be ordering these every month so I can have an endless supply of accessories!

You can find these and many more colour was in the Essentials section of the Erswilder webstore. 

BlackMilk Faves

It's that time once again to review a few more BlackMilk pieces! After falling pretty darn hard for a gummy brain mini dress before Halloween I finally realized I can pull off a shorter style skirt and ordered two of the most deeeeeelish pieces from the webstore.


If you don't know this already I'm a sucker for a little bit of leopard print. But when you mix in a bright backing on a leopard print you'll make me officially loose my mind. The Electrikitty Mini Skater dress made me swoon like crazy and I had to make it mine once the release went live.

Created with the most bold, bright and super funky emerald green leopard print fabric in the super flattering square neck style that I feel for a few months ago in a lighter print.
This print, the cut of the neckline and the perfectly long sleeves makes this the ultimate little skater style. Flattering, comfortable and adds that little bit of pop to your wardrobe.
I'm wearing this style in an XL and the fit is spot on. Oh and did I mention it also comes with pockets?  If you love this fabric as much as I do you can also snap up the pants in the exact same print.

Looking for a super sleek and versatile faux leather skirt? Then the Route 66 ultra high skater is for you. A little skater with a think and super high waist band to really accentuate your curves. This piece is perfection and I'm 100% sold on both the cut and fit of the skirt.

Complete with pockets, a bold silver zip and large pockets this skirt is effortlessly stylish and super sexy.

I'm wearing the XL and the fit on this fabric is firmer than the kitty print but then again they are completely different fabrics. I find the fit on this much like the Blackmilk PVC items I own which is firm but still lots of stretch.



I adore just how easy this piece is to style up or down with a few key pieces. I've opted to pair this skirt with the dress which easily sneaks under as they are both mini. The bright leopard looks deelish when paired with the faux leather. I think the Midi longer version of this skirt is next on my lust list.


Lastly a new Birthday release that arrived in my hands last week! I'm obsessed with the Show Us Ya Tops Dress and the moment I saw this Cross of St Peter printed version it was a grabby hands moment.

This version of my most regularly warn and adored underbust dress is a shorter style with upside down crosses and that classic fit that I love and adore. I swear if I only had a selection of these and a few basic tops I'd be set for life as they are a dream to wear.


I'm in the XL as per usual and the fit is great! No sheerness or stretching of the print and the length is long enough that my toosh is fully covered. This piece is selling like hotcakes and if you are a 16 be sure to size down to the Large in this as the XL has sold out.

I've paired this open bust style with one of my favourite Hell Bunny blouses and I love how the fabric mix together.

What's your favourite BlackMilk Clothing piece?

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Evergreen Clothing

It's time to get casual and chic!

While I may wear corsets and dresses constantly I'm also a huge fan of perfect fitting skinnies and more comfy tops to wear on a day to day basis. 

I stumbled across Evergreen clothing a Victorian based label and instantly feel in love with the look and comfort of their styles. Creating pieces that really work with a plus size curvy shape without making us look boxy. 

I can't believe it, but I'm wearing joggers!! I've never worn this style before let alone a cargo pant but these are the absolute BEST skinnies ever! Super comfortable, stretchy yet firm on the legs and calves where you need it the most and a draw string waist paired with elastic. Styling possibilities are absolutely endless as well as they rock with any tee, jumper, shirt or blouse.

I'm wearing these in a size 20 (I never trust my waist to hip ratio) and they fit perfectly! I'm that in love with these perfectly fitting joggers that I will be in need of 2 more pairs! Dark blue and maybe the Khaki.

Sorrento Tee White - $59.95

I've pair these joggers with the Sorrento tee shirt and it's one of the most comfortable outfits I've ever worn.

What I love most about the Sorrento tee's are the lower back. Skimming over the booty and elongating your shape.  While a pair of pants and a plain white tee don't really scream Teer I added my most loved moto jacket and a pair of heels to make this a really 'me' look and I love it! 

The perfect casual outfit! I've also got my mitts on the pink and black (sleeveless) version of this tee and these will be in high rotation with both these pants and all of my high waisted skirts over the summer - perfect for work or play. I now need this in black and white stripes asap as I'm so smitten with the fit and comfort!

After a day of wear these pants do ease up so if you want a super tight skinny fit you can easily size down. I'd be interested to try an 18 in another shade! 

Monday, November 25, 2019

Picnic Pretty With Irregular Choice

If you've not noticed yet I'm absolutely obsessed with Irregular Choice and creating amazing flat lays with their stunningly creative footwear and all of my favourite spring picnic pieces. Inspired by the shoes themselves my husband/photographer and I create a little picnic around each style and this week we got to feature some extra yummy treats.

Little Misty Unicorn Heels

Are you looking for a little heel with a lotta magic? Then the Misty Heels are the perfect mini heels with all the necessary sparkles. Featuring a glittery upper with pearl embellishments, castle and unicorn applique and the adorable embroidered king of the castle heel statement.

These super comfy sparkling heels  have so many details you'll be mesmerized and constantly showing people your amazing footwear. The sweet combination of pastel blue, pink and purple make these a great summer/spring style shoe and they look amazing when paired with floral dresses or solid swing skirts. I've styled these with a few magical pieces that I had a home - a few fairy sized mushrooms, hats, floral crowns and moss covered rocks and bunnies.

Size wise I've gone with the size 42 and the fit is perfect. Great for all day wear without and fuss!

Little Kisses Macaron Heels
This dreamy patisserie inspired heel is covered in cakes, cream, sugar and spice and everything nice! Featuring a 4 inch pump siting on a stack of sweets, glitter bow and trim plus (It looks like icing!) and scalloped trim piping. Fresh patisserie chic in shoe form and that perfect you may think these are sweet enough to eat.

The upper is a super soft pale green/blue base covered in macaroons - so adorable! The soft shade is perfect for pretty much every pinup print in my wardrobe and I'll be wearing these all summer long. Again I'm wearing these in a 42, and I've found that depending on the style itself I go between a 41-42 in all Irregular Choice shoes.

With such a sweet design, my styling options were so easy! Using bold coloured macaroons from home, some other sweet treats both props and edible we created an adorable set up.

For this set I wanted to focus on the my latest addiction Bone Dry Rose and Sofi Spritz! Rose is my ultimate summer beverage and I'm always on the look out for new drops.

Bone Dry Rose popped up in my inbox a few months ago and I was instantly drawn to the label. When I'm shopping for a new Rose' to try I've learnt to trust colour, and avoid anything ruby or pink.

Bone Dry Rose' as aptly named is crisp, super refreshing and dry as a bone! Only recently have I discovered just how much a love, a dry wine and even a dry cider so this is by far my ultimate Rose for this coming Aussie heat. Dry with a subtle hint of lemon to create a super refreshing summer friendly wine that pairs perfectly with a picnic.

I'm that smitten with this Rose that I'll be ordering a box to keep me going over the summer and I've already introduced it to my mother who originally introduced me to the blush side of wine.

What I love most about the Bone Dry is the option to have either the large 750ml bottles to share or the adorable 250ml solo size bottles. They suit so many occasions, and I can't wait to pack all of these goodies and into a full-size picnic basket and hit the outdoor cinema's this summer.

I've also fallen hard for the Sofi Spritz Italian flavours range which are made by the same company. I  tried the French Flavours in the past and even used them in a shoot this year, but I'd not had the love for them as much as these absolutely divine Italian summer flavours.

Featuring Lemon and Elderflower, Blood Orange and Bitters and White Peach and Ginger. Each 250ml can is 8.00% and these tasty little treats can be snapped up at your local bottle shop. I found all of the flavours in both bottles and cans at my local Dan Murphy's. You can also check out their website for all stockist details. 

Each unique and utterly delicious can is perfect when served icy cold or even over ice. This is the most refreshing and tasty spritz on the market and I'll be keeping these in the fridge all summer long.