Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dotty For Dangerfield!

When it comes, two prints polka dots is my absolute favourite and the amazing crew at Dangerfield have created some of the cutest pieces in my beloved print in the most curve friendly styles.

Maroon and White are usually not my go to combo but there is something magical about the Another Day top. Featuring a capped sleeve, a high neckline and button up front all topped off with a darling bow. I usually fear that most mainstream tops won't button up over the twins but this fits perfect at the bust with lots of room at the waist.
This year I've tried to be brave about my upper arms. I honestly have so many issues with them size wise so I constantly wear cardigans to hide them but for this blouse I had to show the sleeve and proper fit. This top is perfect for work or play and pairs perfectly with high waisted skirts, jeans and more. I'm wearing this in an 18 and I love the fit. So if you are busty, this is the top for you.
Now lets chat about this adorable little black skirt! A skater style with braces that hits the mid thigh and flatters my figure perfectly. I was silly and did not get a full-length photo but as you can see it's a brilliant fit and I can't wait to pair it with everything in my wardrobe and tights in the winter. The size 18 is a firm fit as the waist band is strong and thick. Featuring a back zip and button closure so I will hit you at the small of your waist and make those curves pop! The braces can be worn over the breast or to the size and can be crossed at the back traditionally if they are too long for you. I'm already wearing this one constantly and hope to see more winter colours released in this style.



Next a frock style that I will purchase with each and every print release. I have a stunning cat print and the cottage rose in this cut and it's my go to dress every day of the week. I have 4 in total and just need 3 more to make my week complete.
The Another Day Dress is fits like dream with a structured bust, bow detailing (I'm such a sucker for a bow) fitted waist and flowing skirt. In an 18 the fit is currently super comfortable but the waist is really roomy so I could possibly even go down one size but for now I'll stick to the 18 for the twins
I actually planned to shoot the Black Version of this dress but I mistook it with another polka dot printed item when packing for the photo shoot so my earlier purchase of the green version stepped up and rocked it!  You can also snap this style up in the same maroon as the blouse at the start of this review.

I've paired this with my trusty Dangerfield denim jacket and I love the 90s vibe it creates. While this style is sold out you can pick up the new pirate themed version in store and online now. It's a lighter shade but the same fit and has the cutest pirate fox on the back. Fit wise I tend to wear most items in 18 and cardigans or stretchy items in a 16.

I can't wait to see what's in store for the next season from my favourite Aussie designers and I can't wait to shoot and share more with you this year!  

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Velvet Starlet

While it's the middle of Summer, I'm shooting, dreaming and planning all of my outfit for the two seasons and this year I'm absolutely crazy for Velvet. Luckily Micheline Pitt has created some of the most stunning winter styles in blue, black, hot pink and leopard print.

Being unsure of the fit on the Starlet, I originally thought that the 2XL would be the perfect fit for my curves. Once the Starlet in Blue arrived it fit zipped up with ease and I felt that the fit was a little loose. While this style is designed to have a tulip style skirt and flawless drape I'm actually not sure it 100% suited my body shape in the 2XL and the sleeves and bust seem to be a little big on me as the plus velvet is very stretchy. While this is the indented look, I felt that if the skirt was a little firmer and tighter I'd feel more comfortable and it turns out I was right.



The Starlet is a stunning cocktail dress with a built-in understructure made of high quality ponte, that is fused and tailored to accentuate your curves. The exterior is made of a plush stretch velvet that feels so smooth and soft you'll not be able to stop touching it!


Now lets chat about fit! With the 2XL the original drape design is very visible and creates some amazing curves. The drape also hides any tummy flaws and really flatters my mid section. The Blue Starlet is directly from the Vixen webstore and the price is listed in Australian dollars. Just look at the texture and how the light hits the fabric. It's pure magic!

For the Leopard print version this drape is less apparent as but it hugs your curves and really makes them pop. The print also hides any tummy flaws and I'm smitten with the 3/4 sleeve. I'm very much so a 2XL these days but the fit on the XL is perfection and I'm in need of the black velvet version.




The only issue I have with the XL is the fact that they belt will not fit me currently but this is easily fixed with my Troublemaker Wiggle belt or any other style in black. Hopefully, the fit will be very similar in the swing styles as I'm dying to get both the black and green in the Starlet Swings.

Micheline's version of Leopard print is pure magic on everyone, and I can't get enough of it. Next on my lust list - The Leopard Sweetheart Dress! 

Wrap Top in Black Velvet - $74.95

Next a style I've been lusting after ever since the sneaky previews popped up - the Wrap! A boobie loving, stunning wrap top with an extra long tie. A crop style that can be worn with high waisted wiggles, pants and swing style skirt and can even double ups as a wrap cardigan.

I've paired my wrap with my favourite Collectif Piano swing and I love how the two work together. As my husband stated this is a very 'Teer' outfit and I complete agree as I could live in this day and night. I feel so in love with this wrap top that I purchased the blue version and a circle skirt from the current Vixen range straight after this shoot.

Size wise I stuck with the 2XL as I'm very busty and the coverage can be changed to suit both your own comfort levels and modesty. I'm wearing this rather tight for these images but I can't wait to pair this with a cage bra and show a little more skin. If I get a chance, I'll be sure to shoot the blue version with amazing black lingerie beneath. For the skirt I'm wearing a UK16, and it's a tight fit but I can wear both 16 and 18's in their range.

Both the Leopard Starlet and the Black Wrap top are from Natasha Marie Clothing who is my go to reseller of all things Micheline Pitt related! They have the biggest and best range in Australia!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Own your style!

For this shoe orientate post I wanted to show two pairs of my new favourite shoes that sum up my personality and style perfectly. I'll forever be a mix of pinup, punk and gothic styling and I think these two styles capture that effortlessly.


If you are on the look out for perfect retro styled heels look no further. I'm completely and utterly obsessed with every release from Bettie Page as they focus on all of those little details that make us swoon.

With a stunning cross over peep-toe, polka dot printed inner and sling back these 4 inch heels are perfection! Emerald green has to be my all time favourite colour and these pair perfectly with so many prints and items in my wardrobe.

The delicate green ruffle has to be my favourite feature on the Selene sling black as it's those tiny yet perfect details that make Bettie Page shoes simply stunning.

I wear BP shoes in my standard size 10 and these fit so comfortably and well. Perfect for work and play and barely feel like you're wearing heels.

Next up we have a style I've been lusting after for months!! Emily is a funky mid calf 2 inch platform boot that I'll be wearing TO DEATH this autumn and winter. Covered in bold silver buckles and straps these are the perfect casual boot for me.

The dark floral print paired with vegan leather in black makes these a little dark yet sweet and I can't wait to style these over skinny jeans or with stockings and skater dresses. The styling options are infinite, and I think I'll even try some clashing prints!

Don't let the laces and buckles scare you though as these feature a bold silver zip at the back. So once you've adjusted these to fit you perfectly you can simple zip in and out. I've noticed that many of the Demonia boots I own have this feature and it makes life so much easier.

As with the Bettie Page style I'm wearing these in a 10US and they are brilliant. Roomy enough for normal socks and so comfortable almost like wearing a sneaker.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lovely Jubly

The new year has started with a new release of one of my favourite local accessory companies - Jubly-Umph! Featuring adorable creations that empower all of us.

This set features  the 'Brew of Bravery', 'Elixir of Courage', 'Liquid Luck' and 'Solution of Strength' Each pin is beautifully crafted with a cold back, full colour enamel and so much glitter!

Just look at all those little details! Each piece not only adds a little glitter and sparkle into your day but is an adorable reminder of what we all have within. While sometimes it's hard to put a brave face on and must up courage, strength or bravery now we can with a little push from an amazing pin.

Jubly-Umph have your back and love to add a little bit of brilliance to each and every outfit with their amazing accessories. Plus the bold colours pair with just about every look I wear on a regular basis. 

Each pin can be purchased individually or in a set. I'm crazy about pin groupings so I'll be wearing all at once be it on my Vixen crop top or on a pink moto jacket as I'm loving the combo. Plus the bold colours pair with just about every look I wear on a regular basis. 
The Future Is Yours Pin
You Can Bee anything Pin
Purr-sist Pin
Bottled courage, not enough for you? How about these adorable inspirational and magical pins? A little magic with a crystal ball in a stunning lavender. A super inspiring and cute as a button queen bee that knows you can rock anything and my absolute favourite the Purr-sist Kitty! These items are not up for sale yet, but they will be live and on the web store as of the 1st of Feb!!! So I'll link back and update you guys as soon as they go LIVE!

I absolutely adore the soft pale shades in this range and that soft blue is absolutely stunning. It really pops on solid shades as well as prints.

I'm that inspired with both of these ranges that I think a new themed Moto is in order. So I'll be looking out for even more amazing pins from Jubly-Umph with an inspirational them and creating that over the next few months so be sure to check back on my progress. I think I'll also need to all of these with some of the new release tees that will hit their website soon!


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ocean Vibes

It's new release time at Ertwilder and the Ocean Vibes Collection is absolutely amazing! As a huge fan of all things Ocean or Nautical themed I knew that I needed most if not all of this collection. Featuring crabs and krakens, turtles and pinup pretties this is one stand out favourite collection of 2018! Yes, I'm calling, well that is it until Halloween. Of course I've gone full sailor pinup style for this collection wearing stripes and lots of blue. A quick trip to Lombard's for the Marine hat, and we have the perfect look.


Brian B Quaid is a funky little fella! A super sweet mixture of bright and pale pink resin make up this little guys body and he pops like crazy with each and every outfit.  

Those cute little antennae, feet and tail plus the tradition shrimp/prawn curl make Brain a super adorable brooch. I never thought it was possible to make this crustacean loveable, but Erstwilder has done it and this little guy has won my heart.

The hand painted detailing on this brooch makes it ever more precious and I'll be wearing this all summer long.

Erstwilder accessories aren't merely brooches, earrings and necklaces each item is a work of art. Paying homage to the legend of the Kracken this multi patterned and textured statement necklace is bold and beautifully designed.

The shimmering resin patterns create multiple levels magic and beautifully capture the Kracken's attack. Those tentacles take over and create an epic story. With a medium length silver chain you can wear this as low or high as you want and works perfectly with a large chest. This style also looks amazing when worn over high necklines in both patterns and solids. 

For this look I HAD to double up so I paired the Kracken with the B52 denying Not A Rock Lobster. This is my second Erstwilder lobster and my favourite of the two. This little crustacean not only gets Rock Lobster firmly stuck in my head but it floods my mind with images of Sebastian from the Little Mermaid - my absolute favourite character.

Perfectly crafted with those over sized claws and beady little eyes this piece has inspired me to find the perfect lobster printed dress to pair with it. Now bring on the beach parties!

What's this another crustacean? No crab jokes here though we already had too many puns with the Kracken name he he.The huggable decapod is a lovable little guy created with the same resin used in the Not A Rock Lobster. I can't get enough of these both of these pieces but then again I'm such a sucker for big red claws.

Just look at him! Giant claws or not I'd hug him! I've recently found an amazing faux leather bright blue moto jacket and both of these red resign peices would look brilliant with it.

These are just a small selection of the collection and you can find jellies, a merman, turtles and more! Which is your favourite from Ocean Vibes? 

I just had to include another image of this pairing as its perfection. But this post doesn't end here! Last week Erstwilder released their collaboration with Dangerfield. Creating some of the cutest socks on the planet featuring iconic Erstwilder pieces. Being a crazy cat lady,I had to snap up two of my favourite felines.

Farrah is my style icon. Sporting a little red beret, nautical striped neckerchief and specs she is purrfection. So when this French kitty arrived at Dangerfield in sock form I had had to have a pair and knew exactly how I would style them. 

Paired with my bright red patent Bordello Teeze heels the print and colour combo is pure magic. You can purchase a single pair of these or a 3 pack. They are a soft and super comfortable sock and I'll be hiding these from my hubby as he's likely to steal them.

For this review I wanted to show you guys that socks don't have to be hidden and pair beautifully with a variety of heels or flats. Pair both of these looks with a cute skater skirt and pussy bow blouse for an adorable outfit.

One of my most loved and treasured Erstwilder brooches is here in sock form!!!!! I'm a huge Bowie fan and wear my brooch version of this little fella with pride. So it was obvious that these babies would be my my second choice. 

The perfect mixture of grey and back with a bold edge. These obviously needed to be paired with my black Pleaser's but will work wonderfully with reds, blues or even yellow shoes. Available in a single pair or a 3 pack so half your week is sorted!

Feline Bowie will forever have my heart but now he warms my tootsies! Each pair of heels featured in this post are from Shoe Me and if you are fast enough you can snap up an amazing discount via their website right now!! Details are listed below the image.

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xx #afterbaeday

Many thanks to my amazing husband for taking these shots and for being my amazing Valentine.