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Thursday, July 2, 2015


Today is the day!! INKY PINKY by Wheels and Dollbaby has just been released and girly girls of the world are going crazy. This stunningly sweet collection has just hit both the online and physical store and it won't be long until it sells out!

Inky Pinky is the highly anticipated diffusion line by Wheel & Dollbaby, which is released this Friday 3rd July. Inky Pinky is a collaboration between designer Melanie Greensmith and Perth based artist, Jack McAuliffe. Together the duo created a print featuring 13 Dollbaby tattoos, synonymous with the label’s iconic and girly aesthetic.

The capsule collection features 5 signature Wheels & Dollbaby Styles, each chic and casual piece more collectable then the next! The neon-filled campaign was shot by acclaimed photographer Elvis Di Fazio in an retro games arcade and bowling alley. This is the first diffusion line by iconic Australian label, Wheels and Dollbaby, created exclusively and uniquely for the Dollbaby girl at heart. Modeled by Amy-Jane Brand

Inky Pinky is available from 3rd July 2015 in store and online at and these are just a small sample of the look book images to showcase the new range.

A range for the most bubbly, pastel and super sweet loving Dollbabys! With core items to mix and match with your existing Wheels & Dollbaby pieces. These new styles look amazing with leather and lace and can be dressed up or down!

While I'm usually not a lover of bubblegum styling or paler shades I think I'll be brave this season and give my stand out favourite style the Cupcake Ruffle Top a try! Being super pale I tend to avoid colours close to my skin but now that I've been convinced pale pink works with my complexion, I can try even more shades! I loved the  bluebird tattoo print in pink so I can't wait to try this creation.

As per usual I'm here to give you guys the size lowdown! With this collection there are a mixture with the Inky Pinky Dress, BB Dress and Cupcake Ruffle top in size 8 to 16, the tank up to a 14 and the leggings up to a size 12. For a standard 16 and a pale fabric I'd suggest sticking with your usual size as you don't want to warp the print too much.


With no item over $120 this is an affordable price point for all Dollbabys and makes a little bit of Wheels & Dollbaby more obtainable! So please excuse me while I think of all the styling options and look for pastel gloves and berets to pair with this super cute range.

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