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Monday, June 29, 2015


3 years ago I discovered  the wonderful products from Vedette and have been a hug fan of their super strong and boned waist slimming garments ever since. I originally opted for an underwear as outerwear shoot way back then and used cropped tops to show off how rocking their corseted undergarments could look when peeking through. To this day, I still wear those two garments and adore how they hold me in.

A year or so ago I shot a sneaky image of what is by far my absolute favourite garment from Vedette  but it seems to have been sold out. Below is the image we took and as you can see this waist cincher is amazing. While this garment is no longer available you can purchase the Romina for $65.00 which is the same style but in a different fabric. There is also an option to have the hook and eye closer at the back with the Gianna if it suits you more. I have both and love the shape they create but find the front closure a lot easier to work with.

This year I wanted to try a few more pieces to see what worked best in the medium/strong support range. Now I've tried a few and some worked well, others not so much. The one this I figured out rather fast was that a thicker bottomed garment much like a full set of brief seem to be best for my longer torso. I absolutely adore the styles with a lacey boyleg brief or gstring but they seem to be a little short on my body and don't flatter my shape at all. These were my two stand out favourites.

Jiselle - $72.75

I'm now officially a short convert after trying the Jiselle! I've steered clear of short shapewear for years mainly because I like to show off my legs but I adore the Jiselle suit. Here are a few of the listed specs :

Firm control open bust shapewear. Focused on slimming you down your problem areas. Smooths tummy, hips, thighs and rear. Compression garment ideal for post surgery. Bra not included. Open crotch for easy bathroom accessibility. Hook and eye front closure with zipper overlay panels. Imported Nylon, spandex/lycra, cotton, polyester

The features I love most about this garment have to be the slimming effect. The fabric mixture provides a firm and strong hold and when paired with a hook and eye closure front and a zip it's feels safe and secure all day long. This is a great winter form of shapewear and ideal under jeans, pants and skirts to the knee. The open crotch makes bathroom breaks easy and that's one thing most shapewear companies instantly fail on. Now I have huge hips and this makes me feel a whole lot smoother and not as curvy which is a good thing with some of my outfits. The waist reduction is not over the top as this garment seems to smooth rather than shape. I can't wait to pair this with my full steal corset and see what shape I can create.

I'm wearing this garment in and XL and I think with the amount of stretch and support I could have sized down once more. This is available from sizes XS to 3XL and gives you are great amount of support without showing under garments. My only issue which is very small would be the top of the zip. Now on the product shots it sits nicely but on mine there is a distinct separation. I almost need another hook and eye at the very top to fix this. This is minor though and does not show through.

Now this was a product I was very excited to try. As a corset lover I've been intrigued by the creations of super comfortable Torsettes and needed to figure out how they work and how they fit. Here is a little more information from the creators themselves :

  • Focus on the waist. Wear Vedette waist cinchers designed meticulously, that envelopes your figure, thus giving you sensual curves and a slimmer waist. It has hook-and-eye front closure for security while giving you unique compression only Vedette can give.
  • A sweet comeback after surgery, you're armed with confidence as you make your way with your slimmer silhouette. Embrace Vedette's dual control shapewear that hugs your body and helps you get back in shape after surgery. Made with Advanced Powernet technology that gives you control where you need it.
  • Spandex / Cotton / Nylon
  • The Vedette Corset has been designed with the needs of today's woman in mind. It is ideal for shaping your body, correcting posture, and enhancing your figure. Consistent use will change the shape of your body, creating a new attitude, renewed self estee and increased confidence in your life.
  • This garment was produced with the highest quality fabrics. Each size is designed only to adjust to your respective measurements (see size chart)
Now this creation is really awesome and for a girl such as myself who is at the gym weekly and trying hard to achieve all my fitness goals I love it. A product that works with our bodies and gives support, flattening and shape without the over the top normal corset feel. Now don't get me wrong I wear a corsets a lot and adore them but this is a great alternative for someone that wants a little bit of shape without the strong boning of steel.

Now I wore this over my previous suit as I personally feel it needs to be paired with another shapewear garment to work perfectly but it can be worn on it's own. I know many girls wear these kinds of corsets daily and train or work out in them. While I love that idea I don't think it will work with my gym gear and routine.

It does offer great shape and a slight waist reduction when paired with a  good bodysuit. I did photograph this after eating so the flattening is great but not the best with a full belly! I do feel really secure and comfortable when wearing this though.

So these are my two stand out products and an old favourite which I hope they bring back! I'd love to know if you have any experience with Vedette garments and if you do what are your favourite garments?


  1. Thanks Teer! I've actually shared your post on our business page. Love the pictures!

  2. Great post! I've shared this with my followers on facebook!

  3. I recently started corset training and it’s not nearly as uncomfortable as I thought it’d be