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Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Big Day

Now I'm sure most of you who follow me across social media are aware that I got married in April. I flooded the internet briefly with all of my favourite snaps but I did not want to go into too much detail until I received all of the photos back. I had heaps of questions regarding my dress, accessories, underwear, locations etc so I've jam packed this post with all the links and information you might need.

Our wedding was very non-traditional and perfectly planned to suit us. From the moment we started planning our nuptials we knew we wanted a no fuss event with little stress and lots of fun. We knew that no stress part was never really going to happen but the event itself was laid back, beautiful and exactly what we wanted.

With our families combined and the best of the best humans, we had one of the most brilliant days. Our ceremony was held at the Boy on the Turtle at Fitzroy Gardens. This was the same location that my husband's parents were married, so it was extra special that we got to share the same spot for our wedding. With a tiny wedding party of our best friends Margie and Matt and my step children Ophelia and Jonas, we had a super fast ceremony packed with things that were true to us. Vows containing a little love for all things horror, cheese and music related. Music by Mariachi El Bronx and The Descendents played and bubbles filled the air.

After our super fast ceremony we snuck off for sneaky drinks in the park and Brooke Orchard took care of all of our photography. Unlike most weddings, we only hired one photographer for the first half of the wedding as we just wanted to focus on fun at the reception.

The reception was held at Temple Brewery, a stunning micro brewery in East Brunswick, Victoria. They took such amazing care of us and filled our tummies with copious amounts of yummy food and amazing beers. So here are some of my favourite images captured on our special day. I've listed all the links for each item below if by chance you want to nab a few of the items.

My Dress : 

After googling lace gown/Dita I came across a UK based Etsy store named Baylis and Knight. I fell hard for their lace evening dresses and quickly asked if they could combine two of my favourite styles into one dress! Then with a little bright pop of green my ultimate wedding dress was created. I've never been a fan of white or full and formal wedding gowns so I opted for a stretch lace swing style with lots of cleavage. I think this style was perfect for me and it meant I was comfortable all day long! I could eat, drink and dance up a storm with no issues all while looking and feeling amazing. 

The Groom's Outfit : 

Skinny Black Jeans 
Custom Belt Descendents Belt Buckle with Silly Girl and Milo - EBAY
Black European Fit Shirt from Bossini - $50.00

Triple Red Rose -  $19.00
Stardust Confetti Green Wing Earrings (sold out buy you can find some others here) - $25 to $30 

After being a fan of Gigi's Retro Closet and her amazing floral creations for a while now I knew that she would be making the perfect hair flower for my special day. I was going to order some over the top, perfectly paired to my dress floral arrangement but as soon as I saw this simple double rose I fell in love and I instantly bought it along with a single velvet red rose for my bridesmaid. With their great prices and stunning selection of flower and colours I think I've got a bit of an addiction to their awesome styles. These flowers paired wonderfully with my Stardust Confetti earrings from Kat Frankies and I get all of my retro style earrings here. 

Now on my wedding day I couldn't wear any old black belt, nope I needed something with perfect for my bold dress and something with a little darkness! So I headed over to Contrived To Charm and found this simply stunning hand crafted black leather corset waist belt. It paired perfectly with the green and black fabric of my dress and added almost an old world, fairytale feel to my outfit with the black ribbon/corset fastening at the back. I'm now saving up for another of her stunning hand tooled belts as I've fallen head over heels for the stunning bat wings belt and need it asap.  

Melissa Shoes Ultragirl Heel + Karl Lagerfeld - Originally $175 now only $69.99

I could not create my wedding outfit without some thing from Pinup Girl Clothing! The moment they released the Chevron Purse I knew the green glitter was the perfect match for my dress. As my style was more cocktail than formal I wanted a bag to that paired perfectly with my entire outfit and that held all of the essentials needed on the day. The quality and design of Pinup Couture's handbag line is second to none and this is now my 4th purse from their line. The retro styling, quality and colour selections make them the stand them the perfect accessory for all outfits. 

I knew many people would wonder what shoe I'd choose for such an event as I seem to have a rather large and always growing collection. For a day full of walking, dancing, standing, posing and running about like crazy I needed something stunning yet comfortable. So it had to be Melissa Shoes! I collect a few things but one of my main obsessions is sunglasses. I pick a new pair up whenever I have the spare cash and can't get enough of all the different styles out there be it modern or vintage. So when I discovered these adorable sling back 4 inch heels with a peep toe and sunglasses I instantly purchased them. They were the first item I bought even before I designed my wedding dress so my outfit was basically designed around them. I will admit by the time I hit the dance floor flats were needed but these are super comfortable for a full day's wear. They also come in pink or grey and a have a ballet flat option. 

My Bridesmaid's outfit : 

Simple green ribbon sash - DIY 

When my best friend and bridesmaid Margie and I discussed her dress I wanted her to be able to feel comfortable and wear something she liked and would wear again. We both adore Pinup Girl Clothing and she has a been a big fan of the Erin dress for a while now. So we went for the black version which I have to say is the perfect LBD! Such a stunning shape and fit and I loved the look when paired with my outfit! 

For the Best man we opted for a more relaxed version of the grooms outfit with a smaller red rose motif and not western tie. The option of black jeans over suit pants meant these boys were super comfortable all day and they loved it. I absolutely love this look and I'll be making my husband collect a few more of these western ties. 

Our outfits paired together so well and I love the green, black and red theme throughout the wedding. We both live in these colours so it was the obvious choice. This is one of my favourite shots for the day. 


On our way to snapping our official wedding photos we had to have a sneaky beverage or two! Pimms and bubbles for the girls and Coopers Pale Ale for the boys. Yep, we can pose and pretend to be proper but in the end we are dorks and proud of it.

Now I've not included any of the extended family shots as I won't do that without each person's permission but I just wanted to included this stunning shot of my stunning step kids Ophelia and Jonas! They were perfectly paired on the day and rocked the colour and theme with ease. Ophelia wore a simple black skater dress with a emerald green sash and Jonas wore black skinny jeans and a shirt version of his dad's suit jacket. They looked like proper little rockabilly kids! Brooke captured them so beautifully and she is brilliant at making your little ones look amazing! They were an integral part of the ceremony and rocked at their ring and flower girl/page boy duties. They almost look too grown up in this photo to play those parts! 

All flowers by North St Botanical 

I was a little lost for ideas when it came to flowers and being a non traditional bride I could not think of what would suit me the most. While I wanted lilies or orchids I knew that being April they would be out of season. So I sent my bridesmaid off to with two main wants : something natural looking featuring green and red. The end result was our two bouquets and 4 pin wholes for both the boys and the kids. I love how effortless and stunning these were. North Street Botanical is a unique, fresh and creative store providing everything you desire when it comes to flowers, from unique floral arrangements to corporate events. 

So that's a little taste of our wedding and all the links you might need to pick up anything that we wore on our brilliant day. If you have any more questions ask away in the comment sections below. 


  1. This is fantastic! I love every detail about this, and you look stunning! What a perfectly beautiful wedding ♥

  2. hi doll how lovely is this. I love gothic weddings in all shapes and forms, and how you went away from the basic black and red. Ah I so slept your wedding announcement an I have followed you for years! I wish you many years of happiness and hugs and kisses.