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Sunday, July 12, 2015

She's A Dollbaby

As we head into another issue of Adore Pinup Magazine it's think it's about time that I share my last article with you guys! Last issue I focused on Winter styling and accessories while reviewing Wheels & Dollbaby's latest collection. I was amazed by the fits of the garments this season and I can't wait to see what's in store for Spring/Summer 2015!

Winter is here in full swing and I honestly can't get enough of the cosy styling options available in the cooler months. Summer, spring and autumn pass by with stunning prints and colours but winter is my favourite season to style. With the internet at our fingertips, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to winter styles and accessories. From berets to gloves, scarves to stockings - there are so many stunning options to add to your collection this winter. 

There are three major addictions I have at this point in the year and they are filling up every inch of my bedroom. Some might call this a little crazy but I call it having all the possible options. I collect berets, gloves and winter coats and my collection is full of super soft fabrics in a multitude of colours and prints. This season I'm crazy about military styling, biker jackets and a sneaky ruffle. Wheels & Dollbaby have just released their Autumn/Winter 2015 range - La Belle Heroine and it's absolutely stunning. 

Studded Bow Gloves - Forever New 
The Le Hendrix Wool Coat is the statement piece of the collection with bold military accents in gold and ruby red. From the bold gold piping,to the red cuffs and matching collar and epaulettes this coat is a mixture of military and rock'n'roll. The go to winter coat that can be worn with dresses, high waisted jeans and layered winter pinup looks. 

I've paired this coat with my stunning leather bow gloves and maroon beret. My collection is sourced from all around the globe from online retailers such as Asos, Dangerfield, Myer and even small accessories stores locally in Australia or chain stores such as Forever New. It's all about hunting for the style you want and looking out for sales on the other side of the globe when their winter season has ended. Locally I love Myer for all gloves and berets and a UK based brand that is sold in most Australian retailers - Dents.

To complete and compliment the outfit I wore the stunning Bordello Teeze 07 in patent red. The red pairs perfectly with the cuffs and accents on this coat almost like they were made for each other and they work brilliantly with my thigh high Kixie's stockings. Kixie's are my go to stockings over the cooler months as they are thigh highs that never - yes that's right - never fall down! Available in styles such as fishnet, back seamed polka dot, thicker winter ribbed styles and prints.  

Mooloola Angora Beret in Grey - $10.00
Dangerfield Green Heart Gloves 

My next stand out favourite from the Winter collection is the Knit Motorcycle Jacket. Being a huge fan of the leather biker and the hard rock edge it adds to your styling I instantly wanted this knitted cotton version. Complete with a leatherette collar, zip detailing and the embroidered logo on the black of the jacket. While the Hendricks is a more formal style coat, this is your go-to casual to night out style jacket. 

It works with everything and looks amazing with high waisted jeans as it nips you in right at the waist, accentuating those curves. What's brilliant about the Motorcycle jacket is the fit. Slim on the arms and the waist yet roomy for hips or a large bust, it can also work wonderfully on smaller frames with ease and still be fitted. 

Paired with a grey angora beret and deep green leather heart driving gloves to keep with a vintage feel. Angora berets are my new go to item this season as they are soft to the touch look amazing with all hair styles and shades.

The Dollbaby logo on the back is my stand out favourite feature and it really gives off that biker girl chic vibe.

Mooloola Angora Beret in Black  - $10.00
Dangerfield Black Heart Gloves 

After focusing on outerwear we can't forget what to layer underneath. The La Carla Bruni Blouse is a cross seasonal shirt that layers brilliantly under cardigans, over dresses and pairs perfectly with waist coats and capri pants. In a stunning sheer red Georgette with ruffle detailing and cuffs this is an item you will style for each season and wear all year. Paired with a high waisted wiggle skirt, black corset belt, Dangerfield leather driving gloves and a black angora beret this outfit is timeless and full of vavavoom! 

These are just a few styling tips to inspire you over winter but don't let your imagination limit you. Stores like American Apparel stock pure wool berets in a huge selection of colours so not matter what hair colour you have you'll find the perfect shade. With gloves there many different varieties and choices but I tend to find the driving glove to be the most comfortable and stylish of all the styles. You can also find adorable finger-less styles, opera or elbow length gloves and many knitted gloves and mittens. So look out for winter sales, add to your collection throughout the year and when winter hits, you'll be ready to create some amazingly chic outfits with all of your accessories. 

Now this issue is sold out but you my lucky readers get to read my full article and see the extra images that were not included in the article! The next issue is on sale now and features my guide to pinup style work wear and I'll be sharing that with you later this month. 

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