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Monday, August 17, 2015

Trains, Cherries and Jailbirds

Not a day goes by where I don't find myself sitting at my computer and hunting through each and every section of the Pinup Girl Clothing website. It's obvious after years and years of working with this brilliant brand that they are my stand out favourite when it comes to retro styles and vintage reproduction garments. Every season I'm more and more impressed with the bold new styles and prints and my wishlists are never empty. 

Before I found PUG I was trying to fit into the pinup/retro fashion world but here in Australia at that time I found the variety and sizes to be rather limited. Finding Pinup Girl Clothing pushed me into furthering my modeling career and gave me so much more confidence. Couple that with getting to know the brilliant team behind the brand and I'm now and always will be a lifelong fan and customer. 

For a curvy girl I own a heap of striped tops as I really think they work for bigger busts and hour glass shapes. The Jailbird top from Deadly Dames has to be my absolute favourite though as it's made for a large chest and hugs you in all of the right places. Made from a firm yet super stretchy cotton spandex fabric it fits so well you'll never want to take it off. For each item in this post I'm wearing an XL and I've found all fit perfectly. I'm a mixture of XL and Large depending on fabric types for all Pinup Girl Clothing styles. Other than the visual look of this top I adore the extra long length as I love to wear styles like this both tucked in and over skirts or jeans. 

When hunting for a skirt to pair this striped piece of wonderful with my first choice was always going to be the Jenny skirt. I'm not addicted to this style and just adore the fullness and fit as it's both flattering and super comfortable. The Black Sharkskin Taffeta version is a little more full than the other cotton versions I already own and gives lots of shape. There is no need for a petticoat beneath this version as it is full and holds it's shape without any extra layers. I also found this a little roomier in the waist that each of my other Jenny skirts so that might be due to the fabric. 

As you can see I love using the 2 inch faux leather waist belt from PUG and it's become such a wardrobe staple for me. It pairs with absolutely everything and I love the thickness and fabric choice.

When we shot these images I swear it was the coldest day in Melbourne this winter! We braved wind and rain to get each look shot and I was inspired by the coldness and added my own little winter inspired touched to each outfit. 

As soon as I planed this look in my head I knew I wanted a great pair of lace up boots to finish of the look. I found these stunning Bordello lace up red and black boots and just love the way they look with the entire outfit. I'll be shooting these shortly and focusing on styling them with multiple bottoms. 

Would you believe that there was a time when I actually hated cherry printed items? After being completely won over by the cherry Jenny skirt my next style had to be the Heidi. I've been lusting after the long sleeve version of this dress since the moment it was added to the coming soon section as I'm a huge fan of the sleeveless original. The Heidi has been a wardrobe staple for most PUG fans as it's the perfect fit on all body shapes. 

Perfectly tailored to fit an hourglass figure this dress is a dream to wear. I love the angular neckline, red trim and full skirt. The long sleeves have made this style perfect for the cooler months and I really hope more colour ways and prints are planned for the future.

Now I've done something I usually would not do when styling an outfit, I've gone completely matchy matchy! Now that I'm such a fan of the PUG cherry fabric what better to pair this dress with other than the Pinup Couture Teeze Platroms in Cherry. The classic platfrom shape and that bright red bow pair brilliantly with the Heidi dress and I just adore this outfit. As with all Bordello styles I'd suggest sizing up for these shoes. 

Here's a closer look at these super sweet and cute shoes. These elongate your legs and really make your calf muscle pop in the best way possible. 

Now it's obvious that I need to pickup all of the other versions of this dress and cross my fingers for feature releases. I'd also love to see this in a 3/4 length sleeve option but that's just me being greedy. I wear the original version of the Heidi in a size large but due to the sleeve I chose to stick with an XL and I think I made the best choice. I'd rather have a roomier waist taken in than the sleeve being too tight and the fit with this is perfect. 


I missed the first round release of this stunning train border printed jenny skirt from the Mary Blair collection but as soon as it returned I snapped it up in a flash. Although I love all of the Jenny skirts this print is by far the most amazing as are all of the Mary Blair images. The golden yellow tone and the way the train travels in and out of each pleat make this not only an amazing fashion item but a wearable piece of art. 

I can't get enough of this colour and of the entire Mary Blair collection. This will hopefully be the first of many of this collection added to my wardrobe. I paired this with my beloved Lauren top in black. I wear both the Lauren and the Doris top constantly as they are a perfect fit on my rather large chest. The wind was not our friend this day and my collar would not behave! 

I'm really loving these two items as a winter styled outfit. I wanted to try something a little different from what I had seen on the website and turn something that looks very summer into a more winter friendly choice. 

Now to start planning my next purchases and check the coming soon section each and every morning. I'm saving all my pennies for the fall Deadly Dames range as it's full of faux leather and cropped moto jackets. I also need to snap up the new versions of the Erin dress as I'm loving the sleeves and colour options. 

Many thanks to Brooke Orchard for braving the elements and creating these images with me. and for my amazing friend Liz for helping each time we shoot!


  1. I must say I'm a bit surprised by your pick of the Jenny out of that range. I'd expected the Alice in Wonderland Jenny with you, I don't know why...

    But as always, nice items, nice pictures and gorgeous model ofcourse.

  2. My favorite is the Jenny Skirt Black Taffeta and love the top that goes with it.