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Monday, August 17, 2015

Oh Millie!

Have you discovered Zoe Vine yet? A British based clothing company inspired by vintage clothing and retro prints. They have made it their mission to produce quality garments and shapely silhouettes with a whole lot of vintage flair. Each garment has a timeless sense of romance and glamour that which was only seen on silver screen starlets of years gone by.

What drew me at first about the styles of Zoe Vine are the prints! The stunning selection of vintage florals in soft pastels and bright pops of deep red. The detail in each print is like a stunning piece of artwork and you keep finding more and more detail as you look closer. 

There is one stand out favourite dress on the website and that has to be the Millie. A classically cut swing skirted style with design features to make a retro lovers heart melt. 

Not only is the Millie a stunning shape but the fabric choices are absolutely breathtaking. The Hibiscus is the perfect floral mix or pale pinks, purples and greens and I just adore the softness of all these colours when combined. It's a little springtime picnic slash tiki wonderland. I also adore that these dresses were shot on my favourite wallpaper! I need this in my house. 

The high neckline might be scary for a busty lass like me but the low v back helps accommodate the boat neck front. I also love the the gathered bodice and full pleated skirt as they create that classic hourglass shape. The Millie dress will have you twirling like crazy!

Now the hard choice has to be which print do I choose! I'm in love with both and love the uniqueness of both but I think the Hibiscus has won my heart. I can't wait to get my hands on this dress! 

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