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Monday, August 24, 2015

Introducing Vivien and Shonna

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Hell Bunny and their stunning selection of coats. Each and every year they create the most divine winter warmers, and it's my desire to add as many to my collection as possible. After getting my hands on the Shonna Coat in burgundy at the start of the season, I was instantly in love and new that I would need at least two more styles this winter and one more Shonna colour way. Yes I know this is greedy, but I'm a sucker for a stunningly shaped winter coat and these are two styles are absolutely divine! 

These coats were both a dream to wear and a necessity on this super windy winter afternoon. My photographer Brooke Orchard who is half my size even wore one of these while shooting as it was raining and mighty chilly. 

I can't help myself when it comes to teal; it's absolutely perfect with my pale skin and red locks. So when I saw the Vivien Coat I needed it instantly and the colour choice was pretty obvious. The Vivien coat is designed perfectly for the hourglass shape. It follows the curves of your body and the fit in the XL is almost like it was tailored for my body. This style is available in sizes XS to 4XL and comes in teal, black and burgundy from the link I've attached. 

The design features are large flat collar with black velvet like fur detailing and matching cuffs. Covered buttons just under the bust to nip you in at the smallest part of your waist and a full and long skirt. Fully lined and stunningly constructed, this coat is worth every cent! Every season I find myself adding an extra coat or two to my collection and I can honestly say that these Hell Bunny styles are worth every dollar/pound. They last forever and look amazing and they make you feel amazing!  

I finished this look with my favourite wide brimmed felt hat from Asos, which is a great winter alternative to the normal straw version and black leather gloves. This is a coat that needs very little accessory-wise as it's amazing enough on its own. Simply pair this with your favourite little black winter dress and you are done! Wearing both this style and my black or burgundy Shonna, I always get so many compliments or people staring in the best kind of way. 

Well I said when I reviewed the Burgundy Shonna coat that I needed one of each colour, and slowly my dream is coming true. I've finally got the stunning Black Shonna in my hot little hands and I'm wearing it nearly every day this winter. The fit is a little roomy (as I'm loosing weight at my waist) in the XL and in future I will size down for this specific style. It is however, just like it's burgundy twin, the most divine creation in my wardrobe. 

From the fur detailing, which is fully removable, to the length and the luxurious thick fabric the Shonna is the one style I'm never letting go of and will wear it to death. The comfort factor for this coat is absolutely amazing. It's roomy enough for an extra layer or two and pairs wonderfully with so many colours. 

I've paired the coat with some simply red wool gloves and a deep red beret - my go to styling options this winter. I love the pop of colour against the dark black fabric and fur. The fur cuffs and collar also add an extra dimension to this stunning piece.

I'm so happy to have these amazing coats in my collection and I can't wait to see what future season bring for the winter styles from Hell Bunny.

Many thanks to my brilliant photographer Brooke Orchard for braving the cold and rain to get these images! Through the shivering and rattling teeth, we managed to get these winter warmers shot perfectly!


  1. WOW these coats are amazing!! And what a good price! I just wanna say that even though I do not comment often I really enjoy your pictures. You are so beautiful and I always use you as an inspiration when I need to feel sexy! :) I always think "What Would Teer Wear?"

  2. I'm SUCH a fan of Hell Bunny's coats... I think I'm up to 4 or 5 of them now (luckily, I live in a colder climate!). These look incredible on you – and you're making me excited for colder weather!

    xox Sammi