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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Erstwilder Online Store

Did you hear the news? Erstwilder, my absolute favourite accessory company, have just launched their web-store!  A one stop brooch, earring, necklace and sweater clip shop with over 300 of their amazing designs. You can pop on right now and shop both the latest Beauty School range plus a huge selection of previous collections.

While you are there you might notice a familiar face or a bright pair of red lips owned by little ol' me. Myself, my amazing friend and photographer Liz and my super helpful husband worked like crazy getting these images snapped to show you what they look like when worn naturally. I'm really excited to be a part of the team at Erstwilder and absolutely adore this company. They're a positive and exciting Aussie company, creating some of the best accessories on the market.

The website also has a few awesome new features to keep you involved and updated.

We have all jumped on board social media and helped name so many of the oh so adorable designed but now you have the option to directly submit your Design Idea to Erstwilder. I'm so packed full of ideas that I'll be using this suggestion box regularly. 

They also have a brand spanking new blog to keep us all updated with new styles, contests and guest posts. I hear that there is a contest to win a year's supply of their goodies so keep an eye out for all of the contest details. 

You can now shop the Instagram feed from their own IG account. This gives you great styling ideas and you can see what people buy, whats how and what they pair perfectly with. It's a great way to go from inspiration to purchase.
You can also read up on the brilliant folk behind the scenes who come up with all of these adorable creatures and designs. I always love learning more about the awesome people who create my favourite designs.

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and check out this amazing new online store and add a few more designs to your collection!


  1. Wow this is So exciting. I'm coming out of lurkdom just to say this. I love their designs and have gotten a nice collection!

  2. Appreciate or sharing such a great blog. Awesome style shared.