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Monday, August 31, 2015

Savoir Faire At The Savoy

Today the brand new collection 'Savoir Faire At The Savoy' has been released from Wheels & Dollbaby and I'm gushing over the new prints and styles.

Not too long ago, I released some super exciting news about this new collection and the Wheels & Dollbaby runway show on the 20th of September. I will be walking the runway alongside Dita Von Teese for the Closing Night Wheels and Dollbaby show at The Telstra Perth Fashion Festival! I'm so proud to be a part of this show, and to be the first size 16 Dollbaby this is a dream come true! I can't wait to represent other size 16 girls on the runway and show just how great we can look in these stunning styles.

Savoir Faire At the Savoy is a stunning collection of luxury fabrics, a stunning new Kimono print and some of the most stunning necklines and skirt shapes I've ever seen. A strong focus on 1930's styling, floral décoratifs and gold tassels with a mixture of cocktail hour pieces and flirty crochet items inspired by Paula Yates and her iconic style.

This season's Kimono print was inspired by a 1930's robe in Melanie's private collection and the soft and stunning fabric choices that showcase this print are a must have this season. But the collection is full of so much more than just a new and delicious print! You will find the iconic figure hugging silhouettes and bust enhancing blouses. 

My stand out favourites this season are perfect for curves. Being a size 16 at Wheels & Dollbaby I know my shapes and styles very well now and I've created my Perfect for Curves Lust List below :

A stunning floral embroidered cardigan and wiggle dress that I need to have in my collection. The Salon Des Fleurs Lara Dress is absolutely divine and I adore the curve hugging shape and billowing sleeve. There is something to be said about a flowing fabric sleeve like this and it's a style that I have become very fond off since wearing Wheels & Dollbaby. The Lara dress is perfect for curvy dollbabys as it hugs you in all of the right places while complimenting an hourglass shape. 

The matching cardigan is the perfect addition to any cardigan collector such as myself. I love the print placement and the simple but sexy shape. This is stunning paired with a simple black pencil skirt and will also look stunning when worn with the Kimono print. Both are available up to a size 16.

A skater pleated style skirt is the ESSENTIAL day wear for me this Summer! This style is so cute and can be dressed up or down. I can't wait to get my hands on the Afternoon skirt and wear it with my cupcake ruffle tops and cardigans. 

Then for a more sculpted and sexy style for the evening you will need the Salon Des Fleurs Pencil Skirt. The shape nips you in at the small of the waist, hugs the hips and has a stunning back with the extra addition of an amazing gold tassel. Each of these skirts is perfect for the more curvy dollbaby. Embrace those curves and wear clothing that celebrates them instead of hiding behind boring shapeless garments. Both are available up to a size 16.


I had the chance to try the Singapore Fling Pencil skirt last season and I was not as fond of the style until the moment I laid eyes on the Kimono printed version. The mixture of pattern and plain black fabric with the bold black button makes this an amazing statement piece and I love how it looks when styled simply with a black knit. So chic and so perfect for curves. 

As mentioned earlier, the Kimono designed was inspired by a robe from the 1930's in the designers own personal collection. I love how Melanie takes inspiration from both her own vintage collection and both artwork and luxury items. The detailed print makes for one amazingly strong piece and I'm really in awe of this cardigan. I want to style this in multiple ways but I think my first choice would be to pair it with the Afternoon skirt. Why is this style great for curves? Well the print is busiest at the top and bottom leaving a large amount of space in the middle - your waist. This draws the attention to the smallest area on a hourglass figure and it will make your curves pop! Both are available up to a size 16.

PAULA YATES DRESS - $175.00 (up to a size 14)
MATADOR BOLERO JACKET - $330.00 (up to a size 16)

Now for my last two curvy lust list items. The Paula Yates dress is a crochet little black and cream number that is transnational and absolutely adorable. The bold knitted print gives and figuring hugging shape makes this a great little party dress and brings back so many memories of all the good parts of 90's fashion. The feminine grunge that we all loved in Paula's styling has come back in a big way and I'm loving it.

My heart always skips a beat for Matador inspired fashions and the new style bolero has mine thumping! A perfect shape, stunningly accented with gold embroidery this is a must have for anyone who loves to layer as much as I do. The long line shape hits just under the bust and accentuates your shape. Paired with a little black dress and a red rose, it's the perfect outfit.

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