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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Peasant Top Perfection

I'm having a love affair with peasant tops at the moment and absolutely adore the off the shoulder, smoldering sexy look they provide. My wardrobe is packed full of long, short, billowing sleeve styles but until recently I've had no shorter styles. I'm usually one to hide my upper arm area but the Pinup Girl Clothing peasant tops are so perfect I had to get brave and get into this versatile and stunning style.

This week I went on a short road trip to shoot with Katherine Davis and make the most of the last day of winter here in Australia which turned out to be more of a spring day in full swing! We shot so many outfits this day so expect many more blossom and lush green nature shots!

As a redhead I'm always keen to wear yellow or gold but I've never really committed to this colour, well that's until now! This colour paired with the stunning new blossoms are a match made in heaven! This pale pastel shade is the perfect step into all types of yellow for me and I absolutely love how it works with my complexion and hair colour.

I'm wearing my usual size an XL in this style and it's a perfect fit. Roomy enough to wear both tucked in or out over skirts or jeans (yes it's long enough for that!). The sleeves can be worn both off shoulder or higher and are elasticated for extra comfort and stretch. The soft stretchy cotton sateen is a dream to wear and the bodice is lined for that extra support around the midsection. 

Such a must have for any summer wardrobe and so easy to style. I've paired this with my favorite swing style skirt from Heart of Haute for a perfect 50s day look but the styling possibilities are endless. Pair with a high waisted leather pencil skirt for a more sultry evening look or with deadly dames capris for a brilliant casual outfit.

If pastel yellow is not your colour never fear! There are heaps of other colours available and it's safe to say that I need one of each.

Now which one to get next? The choice is so hard but I think I need at least 3 more in not all as lets face it I'm super greedy when it comes to clothing. I also hope that there are some prints and other colour choices in this Peasant Top's future. I'd love to see an emerald green version and some gingham or bandanna prints. 

Many thanks to the BRILLIANT Katherine Davis for finding this stunning location and snapping these and so many other images with me. I can't wait to share all of these blog posts and photos with you guys! 

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  1. This style looks beautiful on you. I always am drawn to peasant tops like this, but at over 6 feet tall, busty and broad shouldered, I feel like this style makes me look like a linebacker. Broad shoulders even broader! Maybe I'll order one, but I'll just look at these pictures and sigh probably.