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Monday, September 23, 2019

The Bone Brigade Are Back!

This year Erstwilder have blessed us with two spooky Halloween themed releases and I personally can't get enough of each and every piece. For release number 2, Team Erstwilder have brought back the Bone Brigade with a few new friends.

Last season I snapped up the kitten version of these skelly friends but this year I was immediately attracted to the Flamingo and Raven.

As a mad fan of all things pink flamingo related it was only logical that my next step would be to start collecting undead versions of this brilliant bird. This piece perfectly captures all of the brilliance of a flamingo with that adorable macabre vibe. 

Seriously how cute is this little guy? Complete with golden crown this flamingo is divine and I can't wait to pair with each and every spooky piece from my wardrobe.


My second piece and extra feathered (or featherless as the case would be) friend is the Edgar Alan Poe inspired Raven! I've been readying Poe's work since I was a wee kiddo and I've always loved how dark and spooky each and every poem is.

The Raven is one of the most well known and iconic poems from his collection and Erstwilder have capture this amazing creature in brooch form.

Complete with a little red POE novel upon his breast, this raven is by far my favourite piece from this release. Very fitting for an old goth/pinup like myself and a must have for all horror/Halloween collectors.

Which piece will you be snapping up from this collection?

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