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Monday, September 23, 2019

La Dentelle

Australian Stockist - Natasha Marie - $279.95AUD

It's been a while since I've fallen in love with a wiggle style dress. I've always felt a little bit body conscious in this style and worry that I might not look good with such figure hugging shapes. But all of these fears were pushed to the side for the divine La Dentelle Dress in crimson. The amazing blood red lace number is perfectly tailored to not only fit you curves but make the most of them.

Slowly but surely my wardrobe is filling up with the amazing details and tailoring of La Femme En Noir. Why? Because I never have any fit issues and always feel amazing in  each perfect piece. From dresses to separates, I'm always looking chic in La Femme. 

For the La Dentelle Dress, I'm wearing the size 2XL. The fit is perfect as it hugs my curvesgives me room to wear a bra or no bra (as shown) and the thick stretchy base means your really held in. At first I was worried about the sleeves as they have no stretch but they fit like a dream and look so delicate and stunning. 

The matching velvet belt is decadent, and my new go to waist belt! It ties the whole look together and really makes those curves pop. Coupled with a corset and booby tape I got to mold my curves to an extreme! The bust is so detailed and now after wearing this specific style I need the snap up the black version in top form with billowing sleeves.

Accessory wise I actually planned this look around my amazing Miz Smitten Kitten crown prior to shooting my previous La Femme look. Every aspect of these images was planned around the pairing of these two pieces, and I just adore the result! 

If you are sitting on the fence in regards to purchasing the Dentalle style now is the time to snap up this amazing piece. You'll not be able to live without it. 

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  1. This dress could not be more stunning on you!!!! These images are EVERYTHING