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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Vivien of Holloway

Finally I have the absolute pleasure of featuring a brand on Curves To Kill that I've loved for years but never had the chance to review/wear! I've admired Vivien of Holloway for years now but until this year I've never slipped into their garments, now I'm grumpy I've missed out on these rocking styles for so long! 

Vivien of Holloway have absolutely perfected the halter neck dress. Be it a wrap wiggle style or a full skirt they have designed a flattering, well structured and perfectly tailored halter that is leagues above the rest. Why? It's all about boning! The boning supports (no need for a bra in this style), holds you in and the fabric has a little give so it will mold to your shape after one wear. I was sent two size options for this review. I originally opted for the 42-34-46 size (which once it arrvied I noticed was listed as a 20) and then I was told I should try the size lower (tagged as a 16 but the stats are : 40-32-44)  as it would mold to me. The larger size was easy to zip and and fit from the get go but after wearing the smaller version for a while it did exactly what I was told it would! The fabric gave a little and the fit was much tighter and even better for my bust. 

I loved the dress that much that I went straight back onto the website and to make a lust list of other prints. One of my favourite features of this halter neck style is that it does not pull at the back like most other necklines. They can put too much weight on the back of your neck and by the end of an evening you are in pain. These are thick and perfect! Plus if you have any issues with your underarm area the strap is that thick it hides such things! 

I opted to get the matching bolero with this dress as I can't get enough of the retro shape. In an XL it's a perfect fit and looks amazing with the dress. You can get solid colours and more prints in this bolero style and can mix and match all of them. I'd love to get a few more boleros and pair them with this dress or solid coloured dresses to pair with my bolero. 

This dress is a must have if you love a halter neck but worry about your bust and want to go braless without a fear. If polka dots are not your style well don't fear! The fabric options are amazing at Vivien of Holloway and I've already added the a few to my lust list. 

How lush are these colours and prints? I'm also lusting hard for the stunning gypsy tops available in so many different colours. I live in this style over the warmer months and this is on the top of my list. 

Many thanks to the beautiful Brooke Orchard for snapping these images at the stunning and iconic Carlton Gardens. I can't wait to see her again and create more art!! 


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