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Monday, February 29, 2016

Poison Ivy

Cue Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs while I shimmy and shake over the new Poison Ivy range released today at Wheels and Dollbaby, with a stunning new print featuring an exquisite portrayal of exotic birds of paradise, printed over signature imported stretch satin. Highlights for this season include curve hugging silhouettes (perfect for those with curves to kill), embroidered leather and knits, lots of embellishments and some stunning red carpet-worthy gowns.

This campaign was shot in Melanie's Sydney home, The Del Rio and the look book is absolute perfection. Australian model Simone Holtznagel is a dream in this set of images and makes each and every item look divine.

Here are a few of my absolute favourites that will fit up to a size 14 and 16!

My absolute dream dress has to be the Birds of Paradise Ballet Dress! Every single aspect of this style is my ultimate outfit. With a 3/4 length sleeve, the pleated skirt the plunging wrap neckline and the stunning embroidery this is the perfect dress for an hour glass figure. The powermesh is also a dream to wear as it holds you tight without restricting movement. I wore a powermesh skirt and top when I was on the runway for Wheels & Dollbaby in Perth and I instantly fell in love with the fabric. Up to a size 16 this style is a must have for Autumn, Winter and Spring and the styling possibilities are endless. This style also comes in plain black without the featured embroidery ($255) but this one is number one on my list. 

Next is the amazing Paradise Leather Jacket. Two Wheels moto/biker jackets in my collection and I love them dearly but I never thought that anything could top the Bluebird embroidered design I already own. The Paradise Jacket has done this with a stunning colour embroidered bird pattered on the front and sleeves of this awesome moto and with a new logo back patch! I know I don't have room for another leather jacket in my collection but holy hell I want this one! The jacket is available up to a to a 16 but I wear a 14 in the motos.

Now lets talk knits! The new season cardigan is the perfect for any Dita Cardigan collector as it has two things we adore about that style included in the design. The cardigan showcases the exquisite ‘Birds Of Paradise’ chinoiserie motif, black velvet buttons and black pleated edging around the 3/4 legnth sleeve and bottom of the cardigan. I love the gathered and padded shoulder as it creates a bold shape and add an extra element to what most knits are lacking. This item is available up to a 14 but this fits a 16 with ease. I own both sizes in most cardigans. 

While this next item is not a new season style I had to included it as I'm a huge fan of each and every sweater in store! The plain black sweater with simple white 'Dollbaby' embroidered  on the front is a key item for any girls wardrobe as we head into Autumn and Winter. This sweater goes with everything and the super stretchy knit hugs you in all of the right places.

I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw a new fabric version of the Irma La Douce Pencil Skirt in the catalog. I've shot this style every few seasons and the fit is amazing on my super hippy shape. I've worn this style in both the 14 and 16 (in store in both sizes) and I find the 14 to be a more perfect fit as the fabric is stretchy and soft. When you get this skirt in your hands you will be amazed by how soft and luxurious it feels. I wear this style with the buttons open up the the middle of my thigh but you can wear this in many ways as each button is functioning. 

The new red fabric is so rich and yummy and it pairs perfectly with the Paradise Pleat Cardigan. Much like the red cardigan shown above but in a perfect black knit fabric. While I love the red cardigan I get so much more wear from black in my wardrobe it seems and looking at this style next to the Irma skirt I think combined they create the most perfect curve hugging outfit. Available up to a size 14.

Now I wanted to feature all of the stunning gowns from this new range but sadly they don't go up to a size 16! But I did find one item that I'm lusting after featuring the Mata Hari Snake embellishment. I adore my Wheels and Dollbaby pencil skirts as they never loose their shape and fit like a dream. But who needs a plain black wiggle when you can get an amazing sequin snake wrapped around your waist. No need for waist belts as this snake creates the same cinching effect. If you look super close you can see the snake has ruby red eyes as well, making it a little more evil and awesome. This style goes up to a size 16.

Next on my list is the Le Fox makeup bag. I arrived home last week to the amazing handbag version of this (jumped up and down, did a happy dance and then hugged it) and I think I definitely need the makeup bag to match.

Le Fox Tote Bag - $295.00

I've been smitten with the Le Fox visual of years now but I missed out on any of the clothing items so once this was released I knew I could finally have it in my collection. Each item is made from faux leather so if you are vegan this is for you! With an adorable masked fox printed on the front and a super soft faux fox tail this is my most treasured handbag. I can't wait to use it in a shoot this weekend!

What are you stand out favourites from the Poison Ivy Collection?



  1. Is this just an ad for them?
    I want to see YOU wearing the pieces. I have trouble believing your breasts would be accommodated in most W&DB tops. I am plus size myself and hoped your blog would actually show us how they fit on you. Not their size 4 model which I can see on their website already. Look forward to seeing your take on the clothes and them on your body.

    1. Hi There,

      I love this new range so it's not a Paid Advert for Wheels. I have been reviewing and shooting Wheels and Dollbaby for many years now and if you search the brand name in the search field under my logo you will see everything I've ever written about them.

      I wear both 14s and 16's in this range and have even modeled and comfortably worn a size 12 jacket from a older range.

      As the actual range only came out today it's hard for me to have shot/reviewed items at this point but I will be getting a few items on loan and shooting them over the next month or so.

      I'm a size 16 Australian and a size 14US. My measurements are always listed at the top of the page as a reference guide so if you see me modeling/reviewing items you can cross check these with my bust, waist hips. Fingers crossed I'll get to shoot most of the looks shown in this post! So keep an eye out :D