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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The best in mail forwarding

It's taken me years but I've finally found an easy to use, reliable and straight forward international mail and parcel service to help me shop from the US and Canada.

There are still so many websites that have better deals, better sales and so many more options than their Aussie pages but the lack of US based shipping address on my behalf means I miss out. So when Iron Fist US have their amazing 60% off sales I no longer have to miss out and I can get super fast shipping without any hassles. 

What's do I use? Well it's simple : Shipmatica

If you are new to the world of mail forwarding/internationally based addresses then here is the lowdown. Say you want to purchase an item but they don't ship to Australia (or your location). Then you sign up to Shipmatica, upload a few items to prove your address and identity, digitally sign a declaration (this is needed for customs purposes) and link your credit card up. 

Then once you have a full cart you can process your order using the Shipmatica warehouse address provided. This means you can get super cheap or sometimes free local shipping to this location and then have it forwarded onwards to you at a reasonable postage cost.

The item then arrives at the warehouse and can be stored for 90 days. If you are done shopping you can go forward and get the item sent to you or you can get a few more shipments sent to the warehouse and consolidate your packages and have them sent in one single box.

I used this service for the first time recently and it's an absolute breeze. I ordered my most beloved lipsticks for LA splash and paid barely any shipping to the Shipmatica warehouse. Then I got an email notifying me of the package arriving at the location.

When you login into the website you will find your item under 'My Parcels' with all of the information you will need to begin the forwarding process. The warehouse will photograph your parcel then list the dimensions and weight. Then with a few simple clicks and a little information - you must input the content of the parcel as you would in normal customs forms, you'll be able to choose your delivery method and have the item sent out asap. 

The postage prices range from a budget to super fast express services and you will find the perfect method for your needs. I opted for a 'Saver' price and my item was shipped so fast I was in a little bit of shock when the UPS guy knocked at my door a few days later.

Shipmatica make the process of online shopping super easy and if you are like me and don't want to pay $30 or more for one item from one store in the US or Canada this is a great option. This website and their warehouse allow you to shop and store your packages and with the consolidation to one box process you can merge all of your shipments into one shipment for less money and less hassle. 

They also have an amazing online catalog featuring best of online shopping so it's super simple to find exactly what you need. 

I'm so glad I've finally found a easy to use and super simple mail forwarding company and I can't wait to consolidate all the items on my lust list I've been avoiding due to over the top shipping charges.