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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dollbaby Curves

A few weeks ago when I was lucky enough to steal an afternoon with Brooke Orchard, I snapped a heap of my favourite styles. Today I'm excited to share my standout favourites available right now at Wheels and Dollbaby.

I know that I was worried about fit for years, but after my first Dita Cardigan, I was hooked and I've found that both 16's in standard fabrics and even some 14's in stretch fit me really well. These are my current go-to styles for the Dollbaby with curves to kill. 

After wearing and owning many cupcake tops, I though it was time to test the mini dress version and the outcome - I adore it! Fit wise the top has always been spot on and depending on fabrics you can even size down. But for the dress I opted for the 16 as I did not want it to be a super, super mini dress. Having an ample rump, wider hips and big bust most dresses can automatically shorten on me.

While this shows a whole lot of leg it's covering me really well and does not show any toosh. The 3/4 length sleeve offers great coverage and stretchy cotton is soft and hugs your curves. Now in the future this will be paired with stockings and printed tights (such a key wardrobe item for the winter) but even in the summer I feel comfortable with the length. Hell, I'm curvy, I have big hips so why the hell not show them?

Essential Logo Skirt

Late last year, I wrote about the newly priced tank top selection at Wheels and Dollbaby, and now I finally got to test one! Available up to a size 16 these are the go-to casual top of summer 2016. Super stretchy, long and comfortable these are so easy to style and a dream to wear. 

What impressed me the most about this tank has to be the lack of breakage when the logo was worn. It's a big fear for a lot of busy girls that we will warp or crack the print but this still remained perfect! Now the 16 is a super close fit but this will stretch and mold over time. 

Now it was fate that this tank would be paired with my beloved Wheels leather moto jacket and the combination is absolutely dreamy. But don't limit yourself with styling options! Pair this with swing skirts, bold prints and adorable cardigans and boleros, or just simply wear this with your favourite skinny jeans for the perfect rock chic look.

Finally we have a style that I really never expected to work so well with my figure but once I slipped into it there was no way I could live a life without it!

Brigitte is the quintessential summer dress! With toffee & crème checks on soft cotton voile in a full gathered skirt, it features western suede-look fringe detailing at neckline and matching plus suede look straps and belt. I never thought this dress would work with my bust and hips, as the full skirt has a lot of volume and sometimes you don't want to over do it. Well how wrong was I? 

In a 16 the fit is perfect and I really love the shape created by the underskirt. The length is short but not too short and looks great paired with heels and cowboy boots. A few years back I hurt my knee and my legs have not been in the best shape since but I'm not going let that limit me!! So bring on ALL OF THE short and adorable dresses! I'm also wearing a 16 in the classic cardigan and I find that the both this size and the size bellow are perfect for my arms and bust. I very rarely do my cardigans up as I love this tied at the bust look a lot more. 

While I'm usually more of a black, blue or red gingham fan but there is something so soft and delicious about this tan print and I love how well it pairs with the black suede and my classic cardigan. This is on high rotation in my wardrobe right now and I can't wait to pair it with more cardigans and boleros. 

Now this style is currently sold out in the larger sizes but lets cross our fingers and toes for a re-release or another colourway in the future. I'd love this in a darker gingham or even a well know Wheels printed fabric. Now lets have a few colder evenings so I can pair this with my leather bluebird jacket!

Thank you once again to Brooke Orchard for snapping these amazing images and I can't wait to create with you when you are back in Melbourne next! 



  1. Oh gosh! How cute is the cupcake dress!? I love seeing your clothing posts, but I have to admit, I think the Wheels & Doll baby showcases are my favourites, the clothes always look like they were made for you!

  2. Wow! You look amazing in that little black dress! Woooorrrk, girl! ;)
    I also like the gingham! It's adorable!!

  3. second look is so awesome! I also loved the dress - need similar asap (I wish they had my size)

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