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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hola Chica!

Recently I have stumbled across one of the most brilliant Australian based pinup/vintage inspired designers and I can officially say I'm 100% smitten with Hola Chica! A unique label sourced and made in Australia focusing on feminine and sultry designs that flatter all body shapes and give you an amazing shape. Each garment is constructed wonderfully, creating bold shapes and  figure hugging silhouettes that every pinup/vintage reproduction lover will adore. 

So with my stand out favourites in the current line I headed over to shoot with the brilliant Brad Blake Photography and his amazing striped wall. I've been lusting after a backdrop like this for years and I absolutely adore what we created!  

Hold the presses - I've found the best skirts every created!!! I know I fall in love with most of the garments I review but there is something unique, super flattering and absolutely brilliant about the peplum cut of this pencil skirt. The bold shape from the waist to mid hip creates a super curvy hourglass shape. It slims out a larger frame and adds more hip to you if your built straight up and down - it's works for everyone! The peplum panel also offers enough fabric to hide any problems you may have around the tummy region. Hugs your curves and hides any problem areas - sign me up! 

I've paired this with the Prima Pinup top in black which compliments bright red shade of the skirt and works wonderfully with the black featured on the peplum. This top fits like a second skin and is super comfortable to wear. With tops from this label I have to be sure that there is enough of an area to fit my GG bust. The Prima is perfect for my chest and is a great option if you don't want too much cleavage shown. I'm absolutely loving both tops featured in this post paired with jeans and when summer hits with shorts. 

A close up shot of the actual height of the neckline. It really a sexy styled peasant top that doesn't give too much away. Paired with a pair of high waisted skinnies for a Tura Satana look.

Now this red hot number is the best of the first two items rolled up and in dress form. Mixing the great fit from both rocking separates and creating a super cute wiggle dress with a 40's vibe. Now I'm wearing each item featured in this review in a size XL and they are a perfect fit. This dress though super tight is comfortable and hugs my curves in all the right places. 

Now I adore most red frocks but this one is extra special because of the perfectly place black trim, belt feature and button details. They break up the bright red fabric and add that extra little bit of brilliance. My favourite feature has to be the fold trim on the bustline and the shape it creates. 

Now even though this is the same style as the top featured previously you will notice that a little more cleavage pops out the top. Due to this being one garment it seems to have a slightly different fit than when separate. It still fits like a glove but note that there will be more cleavage in the dress vs the top. 

Now in the last year or two I've been trying to break free of just black and work with florals, bright colours and things that I'd usually not be game enough to wear. I adored the Flora print when I first saw it but I was unsure if it would suit me and with the base colour of white if it would make me look even more hippy. Well I think it's safe to say that is simple brilliant and I'm in love! This tropical splash of colour is just want I need for my summer wardrobe and I will be collecting everything ever made in this fabric.

With another take on the wiggle shape this skirt style offers the a half peplum style that comes from the waist and sits mid hip. This offers an almost ruffle effect and gives me a brilliant hourglass shape. The fit is AMAZING and while I'd usually be a bit worried wearing a pale print I actually feel amazing in this.  

Looking at the multicoloured print I would not have picked a dark colour like black usually but the solid shade looks brilliant when paired with the brightness of the skirt. Made from high quality stretch cotton sateen this top fits me like a second skin and is amazing for my bustline. I do naturally like to show a little more boob so this works perfectly for me. I also adore the cap sleeve detail and the way it molds perfectly over my shoulders and upper arms.