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Friday, August 22, 2014

Pretty Peepers with VisionDirect

I'm currently on the hunt for a few new pairs of sunglasses to add to my rather large collection and to use in my shoots over the next few months.  So I jumped back onto Vision Direct to see what will work perfectly for my shoots.

I love using this website because it is so simple to to search! I can search by designer or by shape and because I know certain shapes suit my face I can click on sunglasses then hit the 'Oversized' tab under shop by style and I'm set!

Now I have a some amazing shoots within the next 2 months and I'm looking for the perfect pair of glasses to pair with wide brimmed sunhats. I've found 3 pairs that would be perfect for this idea but I'm having a hard time choosing one!

Burberry-BE4126-300111 - Click Here

Now these Burberry glasses are exactly what I've been looking for! A super over sized shape, retro design and something that will really pop on camera. Why the overly large frame? Well for shoots they are a brilliant accessory but in day to day life they are the go to shape shade as they cover all your eye, product your peepers and if you don't feel like wearing any makeup they can be great to hide under. 

Tom Ford-FT0009 WHITNEY 692 - Click Here

I've been in love with this cross over design from Tom Ford for years and I've only ever had a fake version. But now that I've seen this nutural brown version I think it's time to save my pennies and get something I've lusted after for so long. This shape is so stylish and the crossing lines are really comfortable on your nose.

Ray-Ban-RB4191-Highstreet-61068G - Click Here

Then finally a pale blue pair from Ray Ban. Recently I've be trying to purchase more coloured accessories and big blue shades would be a perfect edition to my collection. These bright babies would pair with any of my pinup style outfits and would work beautifully with a bold red lip. 

All 3 will look brilliant with both of my wide brimmed straw hats but these would pair perfectly with the black hat. You see I have two hats to shoot with - one black, one blue and black. I need to find the pair that will suit all both hats! 

So do I stick with a black pair and play it safe, try a bright blue shade or do I take a risk on a stunning pair of Tom Fords? 


  1. Honestly depending on the lighting of the shoot the clothes you're planning to wear and make up you'll be applying, all 3 could work beautifully, so if it were me, I'd ask myself which one I crave the most and build the shoots from there on out!

    1. Oh I crave the Tom Fords oh so much! Thanks for the advice :D

      I'm shooting an editorial full pinup so I think I can work any in.