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Monday, August 18, 2014

More from Bella Bodies

It's been a while since I've written up a blog post regarding my choices in shapewear because I've been wearing my old favourites for so long now. But with many washes and lots of use I've run out of my trusty undergarments. Luckily I have had the pleasure of trying out 3 brilliant new garments from Bella Bodies Shapewear - the provider of my previous items!

Over the last few weeks I've been trying out 3 different types of undergarments to help smooth, suck in and create a great foundation to layer in clothing. I've always been a huge fan of shapewear and think the right items can make any outfit fit you better! While recently I've given into the glory that is corsetry I still need my go to staples for every day and select outfits.

Featured in this blog post are my three stand out favourite items available right now at Bella Bodies Shapewear. I wear the size V for Voluptuous 16-18

Now I tried this in the Latte colour and when you first wiggle your way into the garment you notice the silky soft feeling of the material. With a 2 button opening at the gusset, detachable bra like straps and power mesh on the tummy, these high waisted panties offer great support. Why the straps? Well if you are like me, you want your bra covered and no lines or bumps to show - that's what I want from my foundation garments. This high waisted panty can be pulled right up to your bra line and the straps sit comfortably over ensuring that there is no roll down. The Silicon top also adds to the 'no roll down' effect. These are currently my second favourite pair of shapewear underwear. 

Next is my absolute favourite from the new styles and my no.1 choice! The Curve Control Bodysuit is amazing. At first I was worried that my chest, tummy and bum would not work with this garment but once I got it on I feel in love. Usually I'd steer clear of a bodysuit/all in one item but because this garment has no cups or underwire it is perfect for my body shape. 

The Curve Control Suit has the same soft power mesh, sucks you in and hidesany bulges or bra lines! It works with all garments and can easily hide under pants, dresses and pencil skirts. I don't think it shrinks me by 2 dress sizes but it slims my annoying tummy and smooths me just they way I like. I originally tried this on without a bra and it looked great as well. 

I can't get enough of this garment and wish I had it in a whole heap of colours for every day of the week. Please Bella Bodies make this happen! 

Lastly we have my 3rd favourite item from Bella Bodies! The Curve Control Shorts are a new form of shapewear for me as I'm usually not a fan of shorts for foundation garments. I find they cut in on my thigh and add a line that shows through jeans or pencil skirts. 

But because these are very similar to the Firming Panty I first mentioned they give the same amount of support and slim down the hip and upper thigh areas as well. The extra addition of the bra straps once again helps eliminate roll down and you won't have roll up from the legs either. 

I'm rather loving this style but also wish it was a little shorter as I love wearing over the knee dresses and skirts and sometimes a form of shapewear at this length can pop on through. 

So go forth and see what amazing goodies are waiting for you at Bella Bodies Shapewear and get yourself some great foundation garments. 

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