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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Makeup Bag

I've recently been asked on an almost daily basis about the specific brands, colours and types of makeup I use. I'm not a makeup artist and although I do adore painting my face and testing out new products I'd never claim to anything other than a lover of all things bold, pale and ruby red when it comes to makeup.

So I wanted to share with you my dear readers what I wear on a daily basis and the essential items I have in my handbag every day.

While I invest in great cosmetic items I also adore a bargain and love trying new and super cheap products. Being a super pale yet freckled pinup is sometimes a challenge but when I find the perfect product I'll stick with it.

So hear is a little peek into the abyss that is my handbag! Please excuse the marks on all items but they are well used and loved!

Then many random brushes! 

I'm not going to go into huge details for every single item in this post but I will let you in on a few reasons why I wear most of these products. 

The Australis powder was a gift that turned out to be a godsend recently as it gives great coverage, the perfect pale shade and hides shine. I'm now officially addicted to this powder. 

As you can tell I have a huge love for Rimmel and you can find multiple reviews of most of these items here. I adore the BB cream more than foundation these days and the primer is needed every single time I wear makeup - so reasonably priced and brilliant! My stand out favourite item in the range though has to be the Glam Eyes Eyeliner. If you have ever wondered how I get those perfect flicks, well this is the product. I've tried many over the last few years and even the new pen from Benefit but nothing compares to this liquid liner. 
I got the Physicians Formula nude eye-shadows on sale and I've been using them for daytime wear ever since. I usually steer clear of shimmer shadows but these are a not overly sparkly and in stunning pale shades. 

I use the Rimmel Retro Glam mascara daily but I have a mini Benefit badgirl lash mascara for those times when I have fake lashes on and need a thin and non over the top style to pain the faux lashes. 

Then lastly, my love, the Brow Pen from Prestige. I purchased this on a whim in summer and I've never looked back. I'm a girl that can't work a brow kit to save her life and wanted more than a pencil could offer. This brow pen suits my colouring perfectly and offers a great filler for your brows while at the same time giving perfect lines and points. It washes off easily but will stay on all day until you smudge it (so no over the top brow scratching). I highly recommend you at least try this style and see how it works for you. 

Now for my lip obsession. 

With the exception of the black shade I carry this around on me each and everyday. You can never have too many shades and options. 

It's clear to see that I have an addiction for two colours mainly - pinks and red. Being pale yet freckled I find most pinks a little too bright so the Just Bitten in Honey and Notting Hill Nude are perfection!

I also swear by Velvetines by Limecrime for the perfect matte lip. Red is my go to colour for photo shoots and nights out and the Red Velvet is the BEST red lipstick I've ever worn. I adore the texture, the long lasting effect and colours available. The deep darker red of Wicked was brilliant over the winter and for more darker themed outfits and  the pink pops in perfect with your summer wardrobe.

If by chance the Limecrime lipsticks are a little out of your budget I can also recommend any of the Matte lipsticks from Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. They have the same effect, great colours (even a bright blue) and are a joy to wear. I have yet to wear my black shade yet as I'm waiting for the right outfit and right shoot. 

The liners are from here there and everywhere! Some Rimmel, some cheap brands, unknown by now. I tend to hunt for the perfect liner for my lipsticks and with cheaper brands down under like Face Of Australia and Savy, I've found heaps.  

So there you have it! That's all my essentials and a little bit of insight into what I use. Next week I will also be reviewing a new cosmetic items so be sure to come back for my results! 

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