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Thursday, September 25, 2014

On Wednesday's we wear black

I've been taking a colour journey over the last few years. Playing with new styles, bold prints and adding that extra colour pop into my wardrobe. But prior to this and for my whole life I've been a huge fan of all black! From my mid teens, I was a goth and this progressed into my mid 20's. It was not until I got a pinup inspired hair cut that I switched paths, dabbled and found my place as a pinup.

But my heart is always here for the deepest and darkest shades of purples, red and my wardrobe staple - Black! It's my go to shade for dresses, jeans and jackets. I live in black leather jackets and skinny jeans most days and from what I've noticed about Melbourne, black seems to be our uniform.

So slowly I'm planning on adding more of my Gothic style choices into my wardrobe and giving into my desire for all black more often.

From the moment I laid eyes on the long Black Armor underbust corset I needed to be wearing it. As you know by now long line corsets suit my shape most and really make my hips pop. So I was instantly drawn to both the shape of this style and the unique features.

Made of faux leather with cotton lining this is one seriously strong and sturdy corset. The corset is stiffened with 10 spiral bones and on the back are additional 4 flat metal bones. I'm in love with the hip detail on this corset and the way the faux leather is molded into the shape of armor! Warning, this will make your hips appear bigger but with this extra shape your waist will appear even smaller than usual.

I opted for a size 28 in this style and through some very tight lacing nearly got this completely closed at the back. It fits wonderfully and is easy to wear for any experienced corset wearer.

I then paired this with my favourite skirt available from Restyle which is the Morticia. This mermaid style is perfect for girls like me who love a pencil/wiggle style skirt. I'm wearing this in a size XL and it fits like a dream with a little room to spare at the waist. With my height and shoes it does not seem to be floor length like the stock shots on the website but I'd rather this length either way. I tend to trip over on long items and this hits the perfect spot for me.

I have an overwhelming selection of black tops in my personal collection but I loved the way the Pinup Girl Lauren top works with this whole outfit and the accessories.

To finish off the look I chose the Ivory Deer Necklace which has me written all over it! A bold silver and black style pendant choker with a bright and bold deer skull featured front and center. If there is an accessory out there with an animal skull attached I need to have it as I love, adore and collect taxidermy. The chain itself was a little to long for my bust which is always raised a little higher by the under bust. It just needs to be shorted ever so slightly but I tend to do this with most of my neck wear - Boobs and accessories, always fun!

My next Restyle lust list is suited more to a winter wardrobe that I'm planning for 2015 but want now. I'm way too ahead of myself sometimes.

The Lolita Autumn Coat is perfection in jacket form and I need it as soon as humanly possible! I also think the Vampire Skull hair clip would work perfectly with the hair style I chose for this photo shoot and for adding an extra level of hair accessory as I hate hair bows or barrettes. 

The umbrella is brilliant and very Burton-esque and I'm sick of using boring, ugly coloured cheap styles that I usually lose. With this I'd keep it close and stand out in the sea of clear plastic and boring colours. Then finally another of their long line corset styles in a black satin with a Violin theme. So simple yet stunning. P.S. how brilliant are the prices? Everything is so well priced! 

Many thanks to the wonderful Robin Elk for working on this shoot with me and capturing my favourite Gothic styles perfectly. 


  1. Vintage style hair and gothic clothing has actually become a classic combo that looks great together. you should absolutely embrace it :)

  2. Oh I am totally in love! I would LOVE to see more gothic style pictures from you <3