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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Heartbreaker, Dream Maker

Since the day I slipped into my first dress from Heartbreaker Fashion I've had a long term addiction with this amazing pinup brand. They create classic styles, adorable prints and some of the most brilliant separates for every day to evening wear. You know my addiction to their Betty Bolero's all to well as they feature on most of my outfits - I can't help it they match EVERYTHING! 

But this time I thought I'd show their styles straight up without any cover ups. I don't really like showing my arms but its summer and dammit I need to come to terms with them! Braving the wind (which was nutty) we shot these images in Williamstown in front of a stunning ship. 

Flower - Andy's Eye Candy

How appropriate is this dress  for my location? A perfect work friendly summer dress in soft and thin cotton which is brilliant for our super hot summers down under. The bust line does not show too much skin which is different for me but Heartbreaker always manages to make me love dresses that cover up the bust. It's just my love for their classic shapes and quality. 

This style and all the other styles featured is in a size XL. The Hilary dress is a perfect fit for my measurements and with the back tie you can loosen or tighten the waist with ease. So flattering and cute! I will wear this with my red Betty Boleo in the future. 

Tara Top in Stripey - $39.00
Belt - My own collection
Flower - Andy's Eye Candy

One of the many super cute separates available via Hearbreakers online store. I'm always a sucker for stripes and this top is so versitle. The XL is a perfect fit and the fabric although stretchy is strong and firmly fits on my curves. I wanted to show you the full length of this top as you can wear it out or tucked in. I love the look this gives when paired with high waist skirts but I also love it left out or even paired with skinny jeans. 

My only issue with this top is the neckline. I love the shape and the amount of brilliant bosom it shows but the   edge tends to roll strange on me. It won't sit properly which might just be how it works on my bust. But don't worry I'm the only one that noticed this and I've already worn this multiple times! 

The prettiest little cherry print I've ever seen, so adorable. The Beverly dress is is a classic. With a round collar, self tie and brilliant full skirt this dress is brilliant. The fit - 100% perfect! I'm usually not a fan of cherries but I love how this fabric is almost more of a floral print. 

I paired this style with a simple black waist belt and bright red pumps. I find all of these styles so flattering for my bust and waist.

Monte Carlo Dress in Lake - $145.00
Flower - Uncle Fezter

Now for my stand out favorite!! The first time I laid eyes on the Monte Carlo I knew I had to own this dress. From the Heartbreaker Haute Collection  this dress is absolutely divine. Every little feature is perfect and I'm 100% in love with it. The fit, the swing skirt, the sleeve length and the fabric covered buttons and matching belt have my heart. When I first tried this style on I thought it had honestly been made for my body. 

Just look how the skirt sits naturally - this dress is PERFECTION! The Monte Carlo also comes in Red, Rust and Smoke. All of these colour options are needed in my wardrobe. The colour is even more divine in reality, it will make you swoon I promise.

I'm loving these new additions to my Heartbreaker collection, what is on your wishlist? I'm hoping to get my hands on these in the new year.

Photography by the awesome Nic Doncon!


  1. Teer I love your blog :) Merry xmas and look forward to posts in the new year

  2. Hiya! I love the reviews!
    I love button front day dresses, and just got the Colette from Pinup Girl Clothing - LOVE IT! (I'll be reviewing it soon). But, quick question about the Monte Carlo - does it have pockets? I'm dying to know!

    1. Nope no pockets on this style sugar, I would have mentioned it if there had been. I don't think the skirt would sit as perfectly if it had them.

  3. I simply love your photos because you are looking very beautiful in those pairs. I like all especially the Monte Carlo Dress in Lake is my favorite..:)

  4. With those looks, you'd make me the worst sailor: too busy killing for shore leave! Keep it up gal.