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Friday, December 28, 2012

Fancy Florals

After numerous posts and reviews showing off the brilliant styles from Stop Staring Clothing I wanted to do something a little different. Step out of my comfort zone and steer clear of black, so I went in the opposite direction - pale and floral!!

So I went for the most pretty and ultimately feminine dress I could find and I'm completely wrapped with the results! Much like the Bombshell style the Flora dress is figure flattering, soft and so very stunning in reality. The print is amazing and with all the colours you won't have any issue finding the most perfectly suited accessories. I found these amazing pumps from Luichiny to compliment this fabric perfectly. 

I am wearing this style in an XL and as you can see there is a little excess fabric around my waist. I was originally worried about the stretch sateen fabric being too small but it turns out the waist of this dress is huge on me! I will get this tailored to fit though as the rest of the dress is perfect. I assume the bulk fabric is supposed to drape and flatter your curves but due to this being a little big it just needs a few tweaks.

See I'm braving small sleeves again, I will come to love my arms eventually.

The white belt is from my own collection and I chose to not add any other accessories other than the bright Fuchia pumps from Luichiny. I love this dress and with a short trip to the tailor it will be 100% perfect for my body.  If you have any questions about the fit on any part of my body don't be afraid to ask.

I'm in love with the soft pale shades in this fabric and I even love the pink background! I think all this colour is having a great effect on me. 

Next on my wish list from Stop Staring :

SOCIETY-03 TNHDS - $162.00

I want this dress so bad it hurts! From the hounds-tooth fabric, to the belted waist, the sculpted bust and the adorable bow. My body and this dress are meat to be together.

TORI-03 BLKTP - $158.00

I adore dark floral prints and this cut is stunning. I would wear this with every bolero and cardigan in my collection. The red roses pop so perfectly on the black background.

TIMLS-03 GREEN - $158.00

A classic 1940's style dress with amazing details and in the perfect shade for my bright red hair. So divine!

Many thanks to my awesome boss and brilliant photographer Andrew Oatham of Soho Studios who shot these images for me.


  1. Haha, I know it's awful to revel in someone else's insecurities, but whenever you talk about how you hate your arms it makes me feel better about myself. Because I HATE my arms. Knowing someone as beautiful as you has the same insecurity as me gives me hope for myself. Keep on truckin' Teer, your arms are just as lovely as the rest of you! And that dress is so WA-BAM on you, it is crazy.

  2. You look AMAZING! I love the dress on you, the colours/fabric is great.

  3. you're so beautiful it hurts!