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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Sparkled Tapestry

I'm ending the year with a few stunning pieces from my favourite labels and for this post I'm focusing on BlackMilk. Throughout the year I've been trying new styles and really having fun with going out of my comfort zone. Blackmilk's amazing fit, fabrics and cut's have really make me feel comfortable in my own skin and for this shoot I wanted to feature something I adore and something that I've never been game enough to try.

As a busty girl I've never been game enough to wear a one shoulder top as I've always been paranoid of a boobie popping mishap. But when I saw the Twinkle in my eye blouse, I could not say no! 

A stunning snow flake and moon speckled crop top one sleeved blouse with lots of stretch and room for a HH cup. 

The one thing that worried me most was the room available for the boobies and as you can see I'm able to wear this without any issues what so ever! The crop length is also super flattering as it hits you at the small of your waist. This piece is fully lined and is fully reversible, so you can wear it on whichever side you like. Be it to show off or to hide ink-work.

I'm wearing the XL, and the fit is spot on for me! Now please be aware that I'm wearing a bra in these images as I was shooting eight outfits in total on this day and could not pop in and out of my underwear but this piece is amazing when paired with the Curvy Kate Luxe strapless bra and you'll be fully covered. That close fit also makes your curves pop and the sleeve is just magical. The fit, comfort level and fabric really do make this a dreamy style and the perfect piece to wear this NYE!

I've paired this top with my Route 66 mini skater from BlackMilk but this crop pairs with just about anything high waisted. My next pairing will be this blouse with a pair of super high waisted palazzo pants.

The Rio Midi Dress might look a little familiar if you follow my blog regularly. Earlier this year I discovered the Koson Flowers version of this amazing style, and I became obsessed with the fit of this midi!

The flowing sleeve and adjustable bust really make your curves pop!The tie at the bust is optional,so you can have a tight bow and really make your cleavage pop or wear it without for a more relaxed look.

The peekaboo panel also gives me an extra element of sexiness as I don't get to show that section too often and this allows me to rock a little of my midriff without exposing too much of my waist. The fabric in my XL allows for my bra to be completely covered which is great so I can wear it with our without shape wear beneath. What I love about this darker print is that my actual shape wear looks brilliant popping through that peekaboo section. 

The colour is a lot brighter than I expected but this just makes me hair and pale skin pop even more so! I'm so in love with the Rio and can't wait to get my hands on the Dark Rose print and maybe a playsuit or two in the same design.

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