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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Felicia and Odette

It's an absolute treat when I get a few new styles to try from Hell Bunny as I love being able to fall in love with new cuts, fabrics and fits! This season has brought some absolute stunners and for this post I'm reviewing two lightweight, stunning prints perfect for the upcoming Melbourne summer. 

Odette Dress - £39.99

I actually first discovered the Odette in blouse form before seeing the absolute brilliance of this piece as a dress. I was instantly in love with the swan print as the crisp white with a hint of red in the beaks pops perfectly on a solid black background.

Complete with long cuffed and printed sleeves, waist seam glittery black tie and a rear zip this piece is similar to the fit of the Bisous Mini dress as it's a shirt style with a button up front (both real and same faux) but with different design elements.

Now with sizing recommendations I'm in the 3XL as it's been know to fit small but this size is actually really large on my waist and arms. I'd be more comfortable in a 2XL I think as a size down would really define my curves. But for this shoot I just opted for a super waist cinching belt to create more curves. 

As this is a size larger than my usual go to size of a 2XL I can button this dress up to the collar without any issues but I tend to like a more relaxed and open neckline with on my dresses. 

The print on this piece is pure magic, and I can't wait to get this tailored to fit and wear it all summer long. The fabric is so very soft and light and it will be great for summer. Just to note I could not for the life of me make the glitter ribbon neck time work for me so if anyone knows the trick I need all of the help! 

Felicia Dress - £54.99
Earlier this year I discovered the Solaris Dress and fell head over heels for how well it fit my curves. I said in my usually greedy way if any other colours or prints come out in this style I'll be ordering them all. While the have not released an exact version of that flowing sleeve beauty (which I live in) Hell Bunny have created the Felicia Dress.


The Felicia Dress has the same stunning neckline/waistline that flatters a my chest and waist perfectly. This section comprises of 3 different panels,so it really hugs your curves perfectly and makes your shape pop. I'm a 36HH cup and as you can see I fit in with ease. I also love to show a little bra every now and then and the black lace adds a sweet little flash. But if you pair this with a plunge style bra it will no be visible.

Covered in roses and lilies of the valley on a black background this soft and slowing fabric will keep you cool on the hottest of days. I recently wore this on a 39 degree day it was perfect.

While I loved the flowing almost 40's sleeve of the other style the Felicia's long sleeve and shearing at the cuffs make this a more 70's look and I'm living for it! I'm forever a sucker for an interesting and dynamic sleeve.

From the moment I shot this style I did not want to take it off my body and I hope to get more of these the in future.

Now this style is not as sheer as it might look in these images. The sun was directly behind us in the park when we were shooting and it created a sheer effect with the fabric.

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