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Monday, September 9, 2019

Out of the shadows

It's that wonderful point in the year where we start counting down the days to Halloween! Or if your a spooky loving, horror fiend it's the time of year when all your favourite companies release their frightening new releases for the season and you buy up big! 

Today Ertwilder have released their first of two amazing Halloween collections! Now clearly after collecting Erstwilder for many moons this is the collection I look forward to each and every year. 

For Halloween 2019 they have gone a little bit retro/vintage with the stunning orange and black based pieces. As a true Halloween nerd I follow a lot of Vintage Halloween decorations pages and this selection of brooches, necklaces and earrings completely embodies this vibe. 

On Haunted Hill - $39.95
Lilac Cat Beret -  £30.00

I'll always have a certain soft spot for a bold round brooch and in this release I feel hard for two! I'm also lacking houses or buildings in my brooch collection so from the moment I saw this super spooky haunted house I was in love. 


This amazingly qwirky black house sits on a haunted hill with a bold orange background. Bats fly in that deep orange sky and the rounded shape makes look like a little horror movie scene. 

When I first saw this piece I instantly thought of the film Psycho and the Bates home on the hill and that just made me want it even more so. 

I'm absolutely crazy about all things bat related this year! From accessories to outfits, home wears, prints and more! So imagine my surprise when I discovered these adorably Gothic little batties in the latest collection.  

The iconic bat spread wing outline works perfectly in earring form and I love how perfect the red line work accents these little critters. The red line work on each piece makes me thing of traditional pinstripe on cars and bikes in the rockabilly scene and makes me love these oh so much! 

Itsy Bitsy - $39.95

If you can't tell purely based on my outfit choice I'm a little obsessed with spider webs! The intricate patterns, sparkles and amazing natural artistry inspire so many looks for me at this point in the year. Couple that with a cute little critter and we might just have the best Halloween brooch ever made! 


Itsy Bitsy is a sassy little spider with jeweled accents on each leg and the perfect spider like resin finish. Placed perfectly on the little black web and based on the same bright orange shade of the first piece. 

You see I always knew I loved spider webs but now I'm absolutely obsessed with orange and black web prints and need more in my world. 

While the haunted hill house is very much a Halloween time brooch I think this piece will be perfect for all year round wear

Now these are just a small selection of this STUNNING collection so be sure to pop online now and snap up your stand out favourite pieces. 

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