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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Bisous from Hell Bunny

Every now and then there's a print that makes you swoon and you have to collect each and every piece created with it. For me this years most lusted after print is the Bisous from Hell Bunny


The Bisous is a printed mini dress with a white collar, placket on the front bodice, flattering waist seem and a rear zip. Super light, flowing and amazingly comfortable this mini is currently on high rotation weekly. 

I'm absolutely in LOVE with the print which features lipsticks, lips and diamonds on a black background. The mixture or red, white and black is iconic and so very my style so I need to snap up each and every piece featuring this print. 

This is a mini length but it covers your toosh without any issues and I've been wearing this with black tights as it's still super chilly her in Melbourne. Size wize I went for the 2XL and it's a really impressive fit. My waist is nipped in and there are no issues with the buttons - only the top half are functional. The sleeves however are a little tight on my upper arm but with some tailoring or even fully removing they can be sorted. There is limited stretch in this dress but the waist and bust are generous so stick to your go to size.

Not shown in these images is the detachable glittery ribbon tie. While the product shots show this dress fully buttoned with the rite front and center I wanted to create a more relaxed every day look. I have a few cute Hell Bunny ties now, so I'll be rotating those with this style. 

If you love this print as much as I do then be sure to check out the other Bisous from Hell Bunny.

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