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Monday, March 11, 2019


For many moons I've been smitten with the stunning designs of Tatyanna clothing, but I've never had the chance to get my paws on a piece or two until now. In the last year this amazing US based Retro Repo brand have created some of the most divine pieces and I'm so excited to be able finally review them.

For this shoot/review I wanted to focus on some stunning separates and one amazing dress and bolero set with a St Patrick's day theme. So Lets get right into gas bagging about these brilliant pieces.

Millie Jacket - $82.00

My first look went for the stunning Salem Skirt with the Millie. Each piece has been expertly designed to really flatter the curvy female form and I'm absolutely crazy about this supersexy outfit.

This stunning plaid blazer has minimal stretch but hugs my curves perfectly. What I love most about this design is the contrasting black lapel and cuffed 3/4 sleeves. They even out my upper arms and the jacket really makes me feel great about my shape. Inspired by the product shots of Doris Mayday I opted to wear this with my most beloved bra from Curvy Kate to add a little more sex appeal.

Given the size of my bust I went with the 2XL and the fit is perfect is great as it really makes those curves pop. If you want to button up more or layer I highly suggest going up one full size.

I paired the blazer with the Salem skirt and together they are perfect. This simply tailored, amazing fitting wiggle skirt is made of a super stretchy fabric which is so comfortable to wear and molds to your shape without stretching or being too baggy in the hips or waist.

I'm usually really not a fan of wiggles but there is something so magical about the fit of this fabric that makes me swoon. Made from a 65% Polyester 30% Nylon 5% Spandex mix it almost looks like faux leather in the right light. The stretch in this skirt is surprising as you'd never guess how much it molds to your shape buy simply looking at it.


Sticking with the skirt, I paired it with the Keynote Blouse Oh my gosh this piece is adorable. The combination of peter pan collar and peep hole make this soft and stretchy top the perfect mix of sweet and sexy.

A shorter sleeve than I'm usually use to this piece, really does fit perfectly and seems to be made for pairing perfectly with high waisted wiggle skirts. The sleeve just hits your elbow and really slims your upper arms.

But don't limit yourself to only high waisted garments as this piece is also long enough to be paired with more casual capri pants, jeans or shorts. The 2XL fits like a dream and I'd love to get more in this design.

Katie Retro Dress with Jacket - $125.00 (sale price)

Lastly, what might be the most perfect outfit not only for me but for any pale redhead on planet earth the Katie Dress.

This was the original dress they drew me in via Tatyana's social media account and I've been in LUST with it for so long! A two piece set, swing dress and matching bolero is the most magical shade of emerald green. Made from the same fabric of the wiggle skirt this outfit really does hug you in all the right places and the fit gives me room for my bust while still making my waist line a main feature.

Complete with stunning little black scalloped edges on the bust and pockets this outfit will absolutely rock your socks off! At the start of this post, I mentioned a St Patrick's Day themed outfit and I think this combo will be the most divine look to wear on one of the most fun days of the year. Pair this with stunning black heels and some in theme accessories this will keep me cute and cool for the whole day. I could not find many sleek or retro St Patricks Day themed goodies so we opted to use some simple yet perfect green balloons from Lombards. I think I need to include lots more of these in future shoots as it's so cute.


The fabric is so lightweight and comfortable so you'll be able to wear this all day and night and be 100% comfortable. At first I was worried that the bolero might be too small as I have always had issues with my upper arms but the fit is perfect and the fabric has just the right amount of stretch. There is no restriction or issues with movement and I'm absolutely blown away with this look. I'll be pairing other cardigans and even moto jackets with this dress in the future and I hope that a ruby red or black version will be created in the future.

So with 100% success I think I'm completely in love with Tatyana clothing and I can't wait to add more and more pieces to my collection.

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