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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Fond Memories

When Erstwilder previewed their next release collections I was taken back to being a little girl reading the sweet stories of Peter Rabbit and May Gibs.

These pieces are sweet, soft and perfectly portray the characters we know and love from our childhood. 

Down the lane to gather blackberries for supper! These 3 stunning little bunnies are perfectly placed on a silver chain following each other. 

Complete with fluffy white cotton tails and red coats these little cuties are the sweetest necklace I've ever owned! 

Oh no Tom you've been playing around, chasing dust in your finest clothing! Silly little kitty!

How can you not adore this purrfect little feline? The perfect mixture of cute and dorky Tom will win your heart the moment you meet him.

Please note : 

Our Tom Kitten brooch design has been produced with a minor flaw. A small hole can be seen in the backing layer where the brooch clasp has been placed, and though the hole is common in our designs, for this piece it has resulted in a shadow being visible when looking at the design from the front. The visibility of the shadow when looking at the piece, from varies from piece to piece. Due to this fault (visible shadow) we will be listing the piece on ERSTWILDER.COM at $34.95 rather than our regular $39.95 RRP

I personally don't find this to be a fault in any way as it just adds to his quirkiness.

Squirrel Nutkin - $39.95

I've been wanting to add a squirrel to me collection for a while now and with this release we have the little cutie Squirrel Nutkin. The little red squirrel who lives with his brother Twinkleberry and a great many cousins in a wood at the edge of the lake

I adore the pose of this little creature and that amazing big bushy tail! As we enter Autumn I feel like this whole collection is perfect for the season! 

PeaBaby Brooch - $39.95

Now for the sweet babies of the May Gigs collection. As the story goes 'Then there are the Pea-flower Babies. in the early Spring they are everywhere, making the Bush happy with their gay yellow hats. 

This collection has been created with such soft colours, delicate details and are so true to the original drawings that you may just think they're real!

May Gibs was pure magic to me when I was little so I'm so excited to have some of these in my own collection.

As Summer days grow warmer, countless little soft Flannel Babies come out of their buds and sit swaying about on their long green stems.” 

Another super sweet baby with and amazing floral head piece. The bold shape of this piece really makes it stand out and look like an amazing flower. 

Style wise I tried to match this adorable babies flair for flowers and I think I pulled it off.  

Nutbaby Brooch - $39.95

When the babies caps grow big they can climb alone.? Their thick soft caps will protect them from inevitable falls. 

One of the most iconic creatures from May Gibs has to be the Nutbaby. Just look at those little feet and that sweet hat. How can you not fall in love? The bright pops of colour make this piece my favorite of the three. 

Jay caught one of the most rare moments off all when I smiled mid shoot! It might have been the very silly and rude jokes he was telling me that produced this effect but either way I love it!  

These are my stand out favourites from both collections but I'd love to hear your picks! 

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