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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Gothic Mansfield

Last November I featured the amazing luxury knitwear company Mademoiselle X in a full photo shoot and feature. I was blown away with the fit, tailoring and design of each piece and I knew from that point onwards I would be wanting every single release.

In my first review I shot the Mansfield Dress as a cardigan as the pink fabric in size 16 and I love how versatile it was as both address and a cardigan. It was a mini and covered my toosh but I wanted a little more length and as a standard size 18 I wanted to get the best possible fit as well.

Well luckily we were graced with a new gothic pinup dream dress to end 2018!

The Gothic Mansfield Dress is perfection! The exact shame style as the pink dress as shown in my earlier post but in a stunning black knit with limited edition Swarovski buttons! This style has been lengthened and now hits you just above the knee for a more sleek and elegant fit.

The black ruffled portrait collar which frames the neck and cascades down to an open v-décolleté is such a stunning and striking neckline. As a busty girl you can wear it buttoned up fully or as I tend to opt for one or two buttons undone to create more cleavage and that heart style shape.

I'm wearing this gothic beauty in a size 18 and I honestly love the fit in this size so much more than the 16 but I'll be continuing to wear that smaller size as a cardigan for years to come. The knitted fabric does allow lots of stretch so many shapes and sizes can wear each piece. This piece is available in size 8 to 18AU.

The softness of the knit is such a joy to wear as it's delicate and really hugs your curves. While I'd usually find most knitted wiggled dresses scary to wear with all my lumps and bumps I actually feel amazing when wearing this. Plus the lack of gaping in between each button is brilliant! My bust and hips fit without any issues.

Now the  Swarovski buttons version is limited edition but you can also snap up a version with the original black velvet buttons for $170.00. So you it all depends on whether you're into a little sparkle or all black.

I've paired this stunning style with sheer black stockings and nothing else as this piece shines brightly on it's own. I can't wait until winter when I can style this with more tights, gloves, coats and lace up boots.

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