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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Mademoiselle X

Inspired by the 1945 French drama of the same title, Mademoiselle X is an independently owned Australian womenswear brand with a focus on luxury knitwear, satins and accessories. Launched in June of 2018, the coquettish Mademoiselle X brand has gained an international cult following for dressing the best in the biz– showgirls, pin-ups and bombshells from around the globe.

I'm super excited to be able to share with you my lovely readers a few of the Mademoiselle pieces that suit size up to 18! I've always found that no matter how big or small my curves may be knitted stretchy pieces always fit me perfectly and I'm currently smitten with these three stunning pieces in classic black, leopard and pink.

It's so brilliant to have an amazing luxury knitwear brand in Australia with a great price point!


I'm usually not a fan of pink, but there is something about as soft dusty shade that really works with my colouring. The Mansfield Dress shown as a cardigan - my hips made this piece stretch a little too much, is a stunning pink mini with ruffles, velvet buttons and a tie up collar.

I'm wearing a size 16 and the fit is amazing. It's a super stretchy and soft knit that really hugs your curves but it does not add any bulk. The ruffles and button up front can be modified and you can show as much skin or as little as you wish. I love a little lace from my bra popping through so I've opted to have one button open. I was actually inspired by the blue Mansfield Cardigan style wise, and I know when worn beneath a simple black swing skirt this pretty pink number would look stunning.

When worn as a dress this piece hits me in the same upper thigh point as the Hot for Paris style but when you pair each mini with thick tights they are perfectly acceptable for someone with my ample toosh and don't show too much. Available in size 8 to 16.

Catnip Cardigan - $90.00
Bra SF Kicia from Ewa Michalak

Meeeeeeeow! I'm a huge fan of all things leopard print and oddly enough I've never owned a leopard print cardigan. I have no idea how this has happened but all is well now that I own the Catnip Cardigan. Created from their stunning muted tone leopard print knitted fabric this piece is a every day essential and a core piece for any pinup or retro fashion lover.


I'm wearing the 18 and the fit is so soft and light. The fabric does stretch a little when paired with my H cup chest but I also love pairing this piece with my new favourite Ewa Michalak bra that just happens to have a tiny silver cat charm in the middle - these two piece were meant to be! Available in sizes 8 to 18!

Lastly the mini dress of my dreams! I'm usually super scared of mini wiggle dresses but with the right base of shapewear and stockings I actually feel like I can wear this with pride! Now each piece shown in this shoot is paired with my beloved underbust corset for extra shape but without this dress hugs you perfectly and looks super cute.

I can't wait until winter returns so I can pair this with black tights, leather gloves and all of my beret collection. Given the mini length I can also make this into a top with all of my skirts - it's like two pieces for the price of one!

Size wise I'm wearing the 16 and it's absolutely perfect. The gathered waist also really makes your curves pop. Available in size 8 to 16.

You can find these pieces plus some more stunning styles via the Mademoiselle X webstore and I can't wait to see what's in store for next season. Until then I need to get my hands on a Miss X Dress and maybe wear the stunning Catnip Dress as a top!

Many thanks to Liz for absolutely rocking it behind the camera for this shoot!

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