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Saturday, November 3, 2018


Keeping up with my dark and spooky themed looks I wanted to shoot and share one of the most amazing designs to ever grace my wardrobe - The Drusilla!

Drusilla Cape Dress in Black Crepe - $259.95

I've been avoiding wiggles for a while now as my mid section has been giving me grief. I've been focusing on more swing and less fitted styles that focus on my positives and draw the eye a to all the bits I love.

But when I saw the Drusilla Dress I was completely willing to break out of my current clothing rules and wear something super figure hugging from La Femme En Noir. As you know from my two previous LFEN reviews I'm head over heels in love with every single design and release that Lynh and Micheline create. Amazing fabrics, stunningtailoring and all of those amazing gothic details.

The Drusilla Dress is a magical little number that hugs your curves due to the amazingly stretchy black crepe fabric. The stretch of this fabric makes for a super comfortable fit and you can even size down if you want a more fitted and firmer fit. I'm wearing the 2XL and I could easily wear the XL as the fabric stretches that much. But being crepe it still holds it's wiggle/fitted shape perfectly.

What makes this style stand out above all other little black dresses is the cape. Attaches at the shoulders this flowing cape transforms this dress into a chic and modern style what will have you cutting all kinds of shapes.

Many thanks to my girl Liz for creating magic with me and a blue wig!

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