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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Rebel Love

For the last few months I've been stalking Rebel Love Clothing on social media but I had no idea if I could rock their stunning styles and fit wise I was stumped at what I'd actually need to wear. But with lots of help from the amazing girls at HQ I found out that I'm actually a size Large as the fabric choices offer a lot of stretch so size down if you are in between sizes.

So with that size in mind I've tried some items that you may not have seen me in before plus I'm even showing my arms. A shock I know right? I just loved the shape of one of these dresses so much I could not cover it up.

An unexpectedly festive little frock the Poison Apple Dress is a must have in any pinups collection. Made from a 90% Polyester 10% Ponte the fabric is much like a scuba and super stretchy, making this like a second skin and perfect for all year round wear.

The gathered skirt falls beautifully over your hips and nips you in at the small of your waist creating a really flattering shape. I actually found both the fabric and style of this dress really slimming and I hope more colour or prints are planned for the future. If this was available in solid colours I'd buy every single version.

A high neckline and print are usually a little scary for my super large chest but the fabric works well with stretch and there is no such issue with warping of the apple print. The short sleeve and skirt length make this a really cute and youthful dress and I love this as a casual work look and can't wait to layer this with all kinds of winter goodies next year.

The size Large fits like a dream and I don't even need to use the zip - it's that stretchy. Now this style did come with a thin belt but I wanted to pair this with a little bow waist belt. The black works well but bright red (as seen with the shoes) pairs even better.

Now this dress is a huge change for my usual sleeved styles and colour choices but I absolutely adore it! Pale purple has never graced my wardrobe but in the Wild at Heart style I'm loving it.

Featuring a full skirt, v-neckline, adorable ruffled and heart pocket details this is one of the most adorable dresses I've ever worn and I actually feel amazing when wearing this without covering up my arms. I'm usually so scared to show them as they are my most hated area but there is something about the close fit underneath the under arms which flatters and shapes me in all the right ways.

While my bust is a little large for the chest area it still works perfectly and can even be worn braless with great lift. The super stretchy fabric is perfect for a hot aussie summer and I'll be wearing this baby constantly. Much like the style above I'd love to see this in red and black and possibly a polka dot print.

I'm 100% in love with Rebel Love Clothing and I can't wait to get my hands on more garments. Currently I'm lusting after the following :

More classic wiggles and a stunning bright red swing. I need all of these and more on my body asap!

Many thanks to the amazing Liz for shooting these looks with me and for making me look good when I'm so far out of my comfort zone. Braving no cardigans might be a thing for me this summer.


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