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Sunday, October 1, 2017


It's Vixen review time once again and this time I'm featuring my absolute favourite garments from the current season!! From staples to wow factor items, spooky pins and Halloween colours Micheline has slayed us all with every release recently and has turned into a huge fan of stripes once again.

I swear with each release I have to make more and more room in my wardrobe as every single item fits like a dream and makes me feel amazing. Micheline, girl, you are pure magic! As per usual I'm wearing a mixture of XL's and 2XL as certain fabrics work better on curves when you size down.

At the start of the month I reviewed the blue denim jeans from the Bad Girl Denim range and fell hard and fast for these amazing true structured denim beauties and getting a pair in black was a must! I went for the same size as 36/37 as the blue were so perfect and wiggled my way into these babies as soon as they arrived.

Now the black denim fabric is a lot more firm and takes a little big of good old fashion jean stretching before you can wear them straight out. Because who wants a floppy pair of oversized jeans anyway? The secret of the best fit is to get the jeans firm and have your body mold them into the right shape. So with a few wears around the house, in bed (hehehehe yep) and the old bottle down the back of the waistband trick I finally got my perfect fit. 

This denim is amazing so with a little effort you will get the fit you need and want! The shape they create is magical and I just love how my rump looks as they are a true high waist. The fit close to the leg but are a vintage style not a 'skinny jean' so they have a little room around the angle. With one or two folds I have the perfect length but I think I'll still be taking these to the tailor to get hemmed as I'm actually not a fan of a cuffed jean.

Sorry not sorry for the extra rump photo and believe it or now this is not the end of my toosh for this post!

Now lets take a little time out to gush over the new Bad Girl Top 3/4 sleeve in Orange and Black Stripes. I fell hard for the Bad Girl Crop Tops in all colours so I knew to get my hands on all other styles like this! The 3/4 Bad Girl is a full length top with a 3/4 sleeve and the new addition of the Halloween friendly Orange is AMAZING! I've never worn orange but now I'm 100% in love and need shoes to match plus dresses and anything else I can get my hands on. The fit is perfect in a 2XL and I love how comfortable and soft the fabric is.

Usually it's a no no for a busty girl to wear such a high neckline but Micheline is the queen of designing to compliment boobies and this top accentuates and flatters a large chest in the best kind of way.

For this look I kept it simple a western belt and 2 of the new Ben Cooper pins. The Werewolf and Phantom won me over and I just love how brightly they pop against the orange and black. The pins feature original art by Micheline Pitt based on original mask designs created by Ben Cooper. The pin card features a reproduction of the original box design from the 1950s/1960s.

I've never felt so strong and sexy until I started wearing Vixen and each item is amazing for both your body and your mindset.

Lets not forget that this item was MADE to pair with moto jackets and lots and lots of pins - basically my everyday uniform. This look also look amazing when paired with the Vixen swing skirt or wiggle.

To mix it up a little I also wanted to show you guys how the trouble maker top fits and pairs with the jeans. I knew this top would rock my socks off after I wore the Troublemaker wiggles for the first time. In my first big Vixen post I modeled the wiggle dresses in this style in a size XL and the fit was spot on.
I'm wearing the top version in strips in a size up and I actually think that the fit is super comfortable but the arms an waist are a little roomy. I  could easily size down but it's such a joy to wear so I'll be keeping it in the 2XL. The bustline complements my chest without showing heaps of skin and I'm having so much fun styling this with skirts and shorts!!

It rocks from the back and still flatters your shape! I know stripes can be scary for bigger girls but we can rock these without fear.

Misty Leather Jacket - $288.00 AUD

So I've had so many issues with capris and cigarette pants over the years as they never seem to fit me in the right way and just warp my shape. But Vixen has finally fixed all of my issues with the release of these babies.

These were snapped up from the amazing who stock one of the largest selections of Vixen goodies in Australia. I was dying to shoot and try these as I myself wondered how I'd pull off such a look and I'd had a few requests to show off all of the pants I could get my hands on.

I'm wearing these in a 2XL and the fit is freaking fantastic!!! It's perfect for my waist to hip ratio and the stretch comfortable without loosing it's shape. When purchasing these hot as hell pants be sure to go with your waist measurement as the waist band itself does not have all that much stretch to it. They are not meant to be painted on but more relaxed and tailored to perfection.

These sold like hotcakes but you can still find the black version on the Natasha Marie webstore. After falling in love with the fit and look of these I'll definitely need to purchase the back and wear them constantly. All I need is the plain black Bad Girl 3/4 top and a beret I have the perfect outfit.

After seeing everyone upload their photos on the Vixen Lounge it's clear to me that no matter what your shape or size you can and will rock these cigarette pants so get them in your world.

Again like the Bad Girl Denim jeans they do amazing things for your rump! Husband and photographer approved :D

I'm usually not one to do back shots of my outfits but when it comes to pants you had to join the booty club.

I have been dying to get into the troublemaker dress after having so much success with the fit of the wiggle and it's clear now that this is the best dress on earth. Why? Long sleeves, a stunning zebra print, the perfect neckline and a firm but stretchy fabric. 

I wear the Troublemaker in an XL and the fit is so good! Such a magical fit and design that I need to get my hands on the Red, Black, Purple and Leopard Print and wear them until the day I die. The fabric feel exactly like the leopard version of the swing and wiggle while the solid colours are a little firmer but I still wear an XL in both.

This hits me just under the knee and without a petticoat flows beautifully. Perfect for winter when paired with boots, leather and stockings and can still be worn in Autumn or Spring. 


I can't get enough of this dress!!! I can't wait to see what other colours will be released in future seasons and I'll need a restock of the leopard as it's sold out in my size!

A Vixen review could not be complete without including the Dollface Dress which I also snapped up from Natasha Marie. Such a popular style due to the stunning bust, chevron print and full and super flattering skirt. 

I'm wearing this style in a 2XL and the fit is firm but perfect. I'm actually braless here and this dress holds up the twins with ease as it has adjustable straps. It's amazing just how many of my Vixen top can be worn without bras, they all have amazing support.

I was worried about my hips looking bigger in the print but due to way the skirt falls they simply glide over without any issues. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear this non stop!!

For this shoot I went for more of a street style and wanted to show each item like I would style them in my day to day life. I'm a huge fan of moto jackets so I love how bold this dress looks when paired with my favourite one. This style is also available in pink and white so if you are looking for that perfect Barbie frock look no further.

You might have noticed I'm looking a little different in these images yes? Well I was inspired by my recent purchase the Rockstar Wigs Classic Wavy Lolita™ Collection - Gypsy Kiss (Black) 00608  and wanted to play with going back to being raven haired if only for one day. Priced at $65.00 this wig is both stunning and really good quality. I wore this for the whole of my shoot then out shopping afterwards with many people stopping to compliment me, not even realizing it was not my real hair! I think I've started a life long addiction with Rockstar Wigs and my lust list has already started.

Many Thanks for Liz Fleming for capturing all of these looks perfectly and I can't wait to show you the darker images we took on this day!

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