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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Bad Girl Denim

This week I entered into the bad girl booty club and I could not be any happier! As a curvy girl with a rather large hip to waist ration I've struggled for years find the perfect fit in jeans. They always fit one area and then lack in another.

Bad Girl Denim High Waisted Indigo Jeans - $94.99 (currently 50% off!!!)
To get the best fit on my waist I have to sacrifice my hips or visa versa and usually unless you purchase jeggings (eeeek) you can't get them to fit properly. Well Bad Girl Denim has hit the Australian shores and you can pick up the first of this stunning denim line created by Micheline Pitt at Cherri Lane!
My butt, hips and waist salute you Micheline! Finally we have a pair of real denim jeans with the perfect high waisted fit that suits all shapes and sizes. From an hourglass gal like myself to a more athletic build these jeans rock on EVERYONE!
Now lets chat about fit :

I have a 36" waist (differs from week to week lol) and I opted for the 36/37 as I wanted my hips to fit into these without any issues. When stepping in these glided past my hips with absolute ease and were super firm at the waist. But after wearing them for a short period of time the waist band actually loosened and the fit is now 100% perfect as is the process with all jeans. These are the regular fit.

A firm fit to start with is essential as you don't want a loose fit that will eventually be too big for you. If firm at first do what I do with a new pair of jeans. Wear them around the house, squat and lunge in order to give them a little bit of movement and this helps them form perfectly to your own body shape.

This denim is absolutely outstanding and I personally cannot put it any better than the designer herself :
Made of a fabulous new type of denim that has the weight and sturdiness of raw denim but with a lovely amount of give and soft hand. They don't feel like spandex jeans or look or feel like leggings. These are authentic denim that look and feel like the real deal. Inspired from vintage 1960's bad girl cut with a true high waist, these jeans will nip in your waist and allow for your curves to be properly showcased with a relaxed form fit. Features a small yet fabulous "Bad Girl Denim" logo on the back pocket, with cute hidden branding inside the jeans.

I'll be wearing this logo with pride and I can't wait to sneak these into a fully styled shoot asap!
Styling wise the possibilities are endless. Pair these amazing tapered jeans with any of the Vixen tops, any cropped or full length blouses and my favourite a tee and moto jacket combination. The high rise of the jeans allows you to tuck standard length tops and tees with ease and the fact that they are a true high wait means I might even be brave enough to wear these with a crop top in the warmer months!!! The amount of confidence that Micheline Pitt's clothing labels give you is amazing and we can't wait to see what's in store for the future.

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