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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cactus Dreams

Oh Oblong Box Shop, how you win me over each and every season with your prints and swing skirts. There is always a little bit of magic in the Oblong Box's designs and this review I'm featuring two of my all time favourite prints from 2017.

If I find any print or accessory featuring a cactus I have to have it, so obviously the same applied to the Cactus Dreams collection when it was released. The teal base screamed - Teer has to wear this! The colour combinations look so beautiful together. This swing skirt and cardigan combination simply HAD to be mine. Earlier this year I reviewed 4 stunning pieces from the St Patricks and Valentines Day collections and that's the exact moment I fell hard for these amazingly constructed swing skirts. I went into detail in the post linked above regarding the adjustable button closure so be sure to read both this post and the first as it's jam packed full of helpful information.

Now back to this skirt! Oh how I wish I could have this print painted on my wall! The structure of this swing means there is no compromise when it comes to print and the visuals are bright and stunning from each and every angle. I wear a 2XL in this style and it fits my waist perfectly and flatters my shape. The graduation of colours also helps slim you at the waist as it draws your eyes in to the smallest part and then skims those hips.

What do you pair such a stunning skirt with? Well lucky for us The Oblong Shop have created the Cactus Dreams cardigan to match and I've been living in it! Made from a super soft and stretchy cotton this cardigan is lightweight - perfect for summer and the perfect length.

The strong and perfect Teal shade (just so happens to be my colour) works wonderfully with the skirt and it really makes the print the main feature. The cactus embroidery also offers that little bit extra and completes the whole look. I'm wearing the XL and I love the fit!

While you could match absolutely any of the colours featured in skirt for your blouse or top I really love the darker shade of teal as it makes the skirt stand out more. A deep red or black would also work perfectly with this whole look and lots of western accessories.


Un-Happy Camper Button Down Dress - $120.00 USD
Un-Happy Camper Shorts -$55.00 USD

After falling hard for the skirts on offer I finally got my hands on a frock! The Unhappy Camper Dress is a classic button up style that I've never worn before but now that I own it I'll buy it in ever colour. I loved this range of cute camping prints when they were released but I was not sure how this style would work on my waist to bust ratio. Turns out that due to the size chart I had to go for a 3XL apposed to a 2XL and nip the waist in an inch or two with the belt provided. My bust fits in perfectly in this size and the more a-line skirt is super flattering. 

It's rare to see me shoot with my arms uncovered but this dress needs to be shown in all of it's glory and I could not find the perfect cardigan to match prior to the shoot. The olive and peach shades used though means I can easily pick the right cover up in the future. I never knew these colours would work so well together but they are perfect. 

 How adorable is this print? A little Wes Anderson and a whole lotta retro all mixed into one! I'd kill for a skirt in this print!

Now I was actually wearing the matching shorts beneath this dress but I was silly enough not to shoot them and lets face it my legs need a little more work before I can show them off. I didn't notice until I got home so I felt very silly on this day.

As you can see on the stock photo they pair perfectly and add that little extra oomph to the look. 

Many thanks to the brilliant Brooke Orchard for shooting these two looks for me and for being the queen of the PERFECT locations. I now want to own that stunning pink and blue house and use it for every shoot.

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  1. I think I need that cactus skirt! It's a beautiful look on you. Are you wearing shapewear or a corset?