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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Spooky 'n' Kooky

October has to be my favourite time of the year! The time when you let your already fairly spooky and kooky side out that little bit more - because in my world EVERY DAY IS HALLOWEEN!

This year the brilliant team at Erstwilder has knocked my socks off with their Halloween Collection and I wanted to share my absolute favourites with you. 

This season the we have some iconic recolours but more statement pieces and my recent must have item Erstwilder Earrings. I fell hard for the fallen acorns released in the Into The Wood collection and I've been wearing them multiple times per week so it's awesome to have a new pair of spooky fellas to throw into the mix.

The Be Our Ghost earrings are lightweight and real statement pieces! The adorable ghostly flying figures really pop on my dark red hair and I'm so smitten with them.

I will be wearing these constantly this month as they match so many of my current and previous seasons goodies. I'll also be singing the Be Our Guest tune every time, nice work Erstwilder!

There is something so bold about a round style brooch and the All Hallow's Eve brooch takes my absolute favourite spooky creature - the bat, and creates a iconic and amazing visual. I love watching that's fly over my apartment in the evening and this brooch captures them perfectly. 

I'll be adding this little number to my horror moto jacket asap as I love how it pairs with black but holy hell does it shin on my red sparkled blouse from Hell Bunny. This brooch pairs perfectly with the Trick or Treat Necklace also available online and that is next on my lust list.

It's the little details that make me swoon and for this piece, it's the use of line work opposed to a flat black plastic. It offers more depth and really makes this piece shine.

Oh Gary you might just be my all time favourite spooky brooch!! Ghostly Gary takes that iconic spooky shape of the Be Our Ghost earrings and with a little extra outfit and a blood moon creates pure magic.

I've never really been a fan of the white sheet covered ghost before but this season I'm absolutely loving it and this has to be because of the awesome designer at Erwsilder HQ. There is something so cute and sweet about these designs and this ghostly guy is my fav.

How brilliant is that red moon? The mixture of black and a rich ruby red makes the white Ghostly Gary pop even more than usual and the combo rocks.

Lastly we have a Girl Named Elsa! This season Erswilder have created the most adorable Monster and Bride of the Monster and Elsa is a must have. Just like her original creation she is a mixture of resins and patters to create one stunning pinup ghoul - just look at those lashes.

While I only picked up Elsa I think she needs her Monster asap and Boris has been added to my lust list.

Isn't she just pefect? I can't wait to get my hands on more of these pieces and I'm loving the almost turquoise shade used for the kreepers in this collection.

Many Thanks to my awesome husband for capturing these perfectly and really bringing out my evil looking side. It seems we have perfectly the Norman Bates style headshot now!

Be sure to check back throughout October for more ghoulish goodies and outfits!!

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