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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dollbaby - The Getaway

Ruffles, lace and velvet - oh my! Florals and knits, leather and charms - this past Wheels and Dollbaby season has left my jaw on the floor as I've been lusting after each and every stunning piece. From core piece redesigned to amazing winter fabrics and print you are seriously spoilt for choice.

So with my bags packed full of Dollbaby goodies I headed to the hills to capture these amazing winter warming styles in the perfect setting with the amazing Jaimie Nicole.

For this review I'm wearing a selection of both size 14 and 16 and I'll be detailing the fit of all garments.


I have been lusting after the Decoratifs top for so very long as it's sexy, sleek and lets face it who doesn't like to be wrapped up in velvet? But my giant chest can cause issueswith most tops these days and then I had a light bulb moment! I have the most stunning and sexy collection of Ewa Michalak bras in my collection so I pair this amazing top with a stunning little lace number and I'm loving the result. It's almost like these two pieces were destined to be together.

I'm wearing both the top and skirt in a size 16 and the fit is perfect! The stretch velvet molds to my curves and is think enough to hold you in tightly slimming down your waistline and in my case pushing that cleavage up even more so. Those delicate riffled and attention to detail on the bust is what makes this top pure magic.

I'm also wearing the Baby Girl skirt in a size 16 and the fit is super firm as the waistband has limited stretch. This is a structured waistline so if you own the super stretchy wiggle skirts be sure to keep that fit advice in mind.


While I accessorised with my bra in this look to add that little touch of lace I also wanted to add a few more pieces to really make this look pop. So I've paired this with a red beret and my favourite red and white dot gloves and the results speak for themselves.


On of my all time favourite sweaters is back with a little embroidered twist. This Dollbaby cropped sweater is one of those timeless and effortless pieces that every girl needs in her collection.While I've modeled the classic and leopard versions of this I have to say that the next Charm Emblem version is my current favourite.

With the high neckline, 3/4 sleeves and that bold white logo this piece will never date and always gives you that polished and classic pinup look. 


I'm wearing this sweater in a size 16 and just adore it in this size. I don't even tuck into skirts with this little jumper as I love how the waist band sits and accentuates my waistline. I need this in every colour and print for the rest of my life as it's so easy to wear and style.

Black floral prints - oh how you have my heart! I loved the Chinoiserie print when it was released but all the dress styles did not scream "Teer Style" so I decided to try the printed cardigan instead. This super soft and stretchy cardigan is pure bliss to wear and the knit is so silky on your skin.
The black based floral print makes a goth at heart like myself swoon and I really love each and every bird and flower featured on this classic print. Again I wanted to show a little black lace and I love how so many of the Wheels and Dollbaby pieces work with a hint of lingerie.

I'm wearing the size 16 and the fit is great but be careful if you stretch the fabric a little too much or the white base can pop through. I found this occurred once around the largest part of my bust but I rarely wear cardigans buttoned up these days so that issue would not be a problem in the future.

Just like all of the Dollbaby classic knitwear this item is stretchy but it also holds it shape after each wear which is something that I really need in all of my cardigans.

There are two styles always in stock at Wheels and Dollbaby that I both trust and love the fit of - Leather Jackets and all things Cake Ruffle. I've worn lots of different items from each and every release over the years but the fit of these two items is always 100% on point.

The Cake Ruffle tank top in bright ruby red is a colour way I have been dreaming about for years and now that the tank top and tank dress are here I can add them to my collection. I'm wearing this style in a size 14 as I've found the 16's in tops can be a little too big on my waist. The stretchy soft cotton molds to my bust and really pops perfectly on my pale skin. What I love most about this tank has to be the charm and black velvet bow.

Now I'm going to cross all of my fingers and toes and hope that this specific colour way is released in the dress that I inspired - the swing version of the standard cupcake dress or even a dark print!!!

For the leather jacket I went for a size 16 and it fits like a second skin. This buttery amazingly soft leather is the bees knees and the fit is honestly amazing. It's firm, thick and so very soft and molds to you which a faux leather moto never does. Fully linned and features all the hardware you'll ever need on a moto jacket. There is also a huge logo embossed across the back of the jacket but silly me I forgot to shoot it!! It's those little touches that make this jacket so special and worth the investment as this will never date and it will last you a lifetime. Now I just need to save up for this style and for the red leather as that is my unicorn of biker jackets.

And now for something a little more laid back and oh so comfy. This is my 5th Oversized sweater from Wheels, and the reason I keep coming back to this style with every print and reissue has to be the choice of fabrics and the casual chic look and fit.
But this season the knit and fabric is different so this version fits even better. It's a lighter knit but don't let that fool you it's still as cozy and warm as ever. I'm wearing the 14 and it's not too bulky or over sized. I tend to always size down in these sweaters as I like the fit to be tighter. I could have rocked the 12 as well but I'm happy with the perfect fit of the 14. 

In my collection I have the pony club, skull and logo sweaters but this by far is my favourite due to the fabric choice and the mixture of black and red text.  

Many thanks to the brilliant Jaimie Nicole for capturing all of these looks perfectly. My first ever review for Wheels and Dollbaby was shot by her and it's amazing to team up again. 


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