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Thursday, July 13, 2017


I'm starting a new trend for myself this winter - Lumberjack Chic! It's all about mixing check and plaid patterns and pairing these with big chunky leather belts and all the quintessential winter warmers. Clashing plaids in the same colour is something that usually scares the hell out of me but this winter I'm loving it. You can also check, where you could find some variance in colours for your check and plaid pattern clothes at a discounted price.

This outfit was almost to be looked over until my brilliant husband and photographer highly recommend the print clash. Inspired by designers such as Vivienne Westwood I agreed and the results are pure mountain fashion magic.
Wearing two of my all time favourite styles from the Heart of Haute range, the Elsa blouse and the circle skirt. Once you try these brilliant pieces you will have to get as many different colours and prints as possible. They flatter and really accentuate all of the curves of my body.

Now these days I'm I'm wearing a 1XL in all of the ranges with the exception of the stretch tops and cardigans (I wear XL in each of those). The skirt is a 1XL and the fit is PERFECTION. With just the right amount of give at the waist you can wear this all day long without any fit issues or waist band problems. The cotton is lightweight and flows in such a stunning way plus these babies twirl like crazy.

For the Elsa I'm usually more comfortable in the 1XL but as there were none in stock I took a risk and got the next size up. The fit is loose at the waist and super roomy but when tucked into a high waisted skirt this is easily fixed. Sometimes you just need to get a bigger size and either get it tailored to fit or trust waist belts to cinch you in perfectly so you don't miss out on an amazing print.

The Elsa blouse also works perfectly with long sleeve cardigans and when mixed with leather jackets really does pop. The neckline is super flattering and shows just the right amount of cleavage so it's great for work. Heart of Haute have the best selection of button up blouses that work perfectly with large bust lines so be sure to cross check the size chart with your bust measurements for the perfect fit.

My next fashion challenge is to get more colours and prints to mix and match. I'm hunting for shades like blue, yellow and even green. Lets mix those primary plaid prints and maybe even sneak in a little grey or black.

As for my prop/weapon of choice it's actually a vintage scythe I picked up from the Daylesford Mill a few weeks back. I've had my eye on such farm tools for a while now but I've never been able to afford the kind I wanted - think the French play house in Interview with the Vampire when Louis kills all the vamps. But my husband found this nifty little number for a price I could not refuse and now my collection of vintage tools has started.

Many thanks to the brilliant and beautiful Jaimie Nicole for shooting these and some more super amazing images with me. It's been a few years since our last shoot but once we get together it's just like old times.

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