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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My Favourite Murderers

For as long as I can remember I've had an obsession with serial killers - filling my home with true crime books and watching and reading as much as I can on this interesting theme. Some might think I'm a little nutty for having such interests but I find it so intriguing to learn how and why people are capable of such horrible things.

So to celebrate my obsession I've created a Killer Moto Jacket filled with both real and fictional killers. Covered with amazing pins from my favorite companies around the globe. Plus as an extra little treat for my readers I have a very special pin to giveaway so keep reading and be sure to enter on Instagram or via the comment section below.

With an amazing Asos Faux Leather jacket as my base I searched the net for specific names and styles plus added a little extra from my already huge collection of enamel pins. I've yet to add a back patch to this jacket but I purchased an amazing Patrick Bateman tee and I can't wait to add it to this and complete the look.

I Am Demon Pin - $10.00
Charlie Pin - $7.99
Snake Oil Pin - $10.00

I wear what I love and what's creepy obviously! From Danzig Jeffrey Dahlmer cross over from Aftermath Pins to my Charlie Manson Meth Syndicate pin I picked up last year when visiting the Museum of Death in LA.

Butch Vision are the makers of the Gore Whore bright and rather brilliant pin (gotta love that devilish price tag) and my round pins are from Camera Viscera  an amazing selection of pins. I was nutty for R.L Stine and Stephen King when I was young and still adore them. I also added my beloved snake oil pin from Outrider as I love how it looks when mixed with these styles.

The Stuff Pin - $1.00
Creepy Co Vincet Price Pin - $13.00 (This colourway is not longer available but the classic is)
Knife - Dangerfield

More gore! More GORE!!

A few more Camera Viscera pin for the mix and one of the coolest pins I've ever purchased the amazingly vibrant Vincent Prince created by Creepy Co. using the artwork of Mitch O'Connell. This piece is amazing and I'm so happy I snapped up this colour way when it was on limited release. You can pick up the classic via their webstore now.

Then my girl Milly Pins has killed it with this Bates Motel sign! If you love a little horror and lots of Bates Motel awesomeness then check out her Etsy store asap.

Then finally we have the brilliant and iconic H.H. Holmes pin from the amazing fellas at The Sauced Boys. If you don't know who Holmes is I suggest you got straight to Google and look this man of pure evil up. A cruel, crazy mastermind and serial killer whose story will shock you to the core.

The brilliant Sauced Boys have been generous enough to supply me with one extra H.H Holmes and Autograph card! So if you are a collector of all thing creepy and kooky then this is the contest for you.

How do you enter? Well it's just a few simple steps either on IG or my comments section and you will be in it to win it!

1. Be sure to like the both The Sauced Boys social media and the Teer Wayde account on Instagram.

2. Next comment below or on my H.H.Holmes giveaway post on IG with your answer to : What serial or fictional killer is your favourite?

3. You're done! This giveaway will be open from the 31st of July to 20th of August so you'll have heaps of time to enter.

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