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Monday, April 10, 2017


Get ready for one of the most detailed and possibly longest blog reviews I've ever had the pleasure of writing and this one is jam packed for of fit advice and images for a selection of Vixen goodies from my girl Micheline Pitt's range.

Last year I featured the first t-shirts to be released and then went on to model and shoot with Micheline when I was in LA. From the first moment I wiggled into her skirts, swing and pencil skirts and all of her amazing tops I knew I was up for a life long Vixen addiction. She has created the garments we have always wanted and needed with amazing fit, flattering shapes and all of those little details that make her range truly unique.

Better yet Vixen is not the only label Micheline has created! With Bad Girl Denim soon to be released, La Femmeen Noir for all our gothic needs and even a makeup collection. So 2017 will hold no shortage of amazing items to purchase from each and every range.

The honest truth about the Vixen label is that it's perfect and it has inspired me to try new styles, new colours and step out of my comfort zone. From pink fabrics to crop tops - I'm wearing styles I never thought I could with pride and I feel amazing. Now this shoot is only half of my collection and I can't wait to shoot more shortly and some newer stock!

I feel like every season with Vixen I'll be commenting and writing that one item above all others is my dream dress. It' true and with each release I discover that there are even more of my dream dresses, skirts and tops in this range.

The Vixen swing is however one of the most magical swing dresses I've ever owned. It flatters curves, created amazing shape, lifts and my bust and makes me feel sexy as hell. Size wise both Micheline and I were a little unsure about fit as I can be between sizes so with the help and advice of Lindsay one of her XL/L models we opted for the XL and a firm fit as the fabric has a little give.
The XL is perfection in the black swing and I'm wearing this style without a bra!

Yes you read that I'm bra free and it really holds you in, up and look deelish. The bow can be undone and tightened or loosened to suit you bust and there is no pancaking or squishing of the boobies.  

If you were not a fan of leopard print you will be now with this stunning fabric! I literally yelped when I saw this design and fabric and had to have it in my collection. Once you wear one of the Vixen swings you will want every fabric option as they are amazing.

Now the leopard is a lot firmer and less stretchy than the black but it still fits and looks great. Due to the firmer fabric I'm not as comfortable in this style as I am the black but I've now worn the black a dozen times so with a little more give I think the leopard would fit nicer. If you are in-between sizes and really want the Leopard style I suggest sizing up if you are on the higher end of the bust and waist measurements as it won't give as much as the other colours. 

I'm wearing PINK!! I never knew that pink could work with my colouring until Micheline popped my in a soft pink peasant top and now I'm addicted. It also helps that this swing is covered in vintage hair tools and makeup, everything I could possibly want in a print.

This dress was a gift form an amazing friend and I got a 2XL as I was genially interested to see the size difference. So here is the low down.

I can wear my bra with this size and it zips up perfectly, with the XL I can't wear a bra at all but it does not matter either way. There is more room in the waist and it's not as firm but with the help of the matching belt it cinches me in perfectly. It's also roomier at the sleeves so if you are worried about both your waist and arms and your in-between sizes I'd suggest the 2XL for this dress. My stats are always listed at the top right hand section of my blog so be sure to check them out.

What I love most about these items other than the amazing tailoring and shape has to be the super deep pockets that completely hidden and the flattering sleeves. I hate showing my upper arms but with all of the Vixen tops I wear them cardigan free and proud.

Earrings :

El Diablo Toro - $30.00

One of the other things I wanted to feature in this post is the amazing new selections of earrings I have from Reverefolie. From glitter lips to 60's hoops, adorable styles and the collaboration pair we designed together!

I wanted to get some of Vixen's gold and silver barbie style hoops for this shoot but then all of these babies arrived and I love how well they paired together.

Passion in Red - $30.00

I can't even explain the love I have for this brand and how amazing, like a little pieces of art, each pair is. I wear most of these pairs once a week and love how bold, lightweight and amazing each and every pair is. 

Troublemaker dresses are straight up pure HOTNESS! My husbands reaction to seeing me try the leopard version of this wiggle cemented this opinion as he was blown away with how my bod looked in it - so who am I to argue?

Super stretchy yet form fitting, long sleeved so perfect for the cooler months and the perfect length to shoe off a little leg while still creating those banging curves. The fit is amazing and due to the fabric I opted for an XL and it fits like a second skin.

The leopard fabric even has a little more magic added to it as it can hide any lumps and bumps you may have issues with as the fabric print really flatters and hides any issues.

The first time I wore this dress out I was bloated, felt really bad about myself and I was generally feeling shit but once I wiggled my but into the Troublemaker I felt amazing. It really has that power and there is a huge need for garments that hold such power. If only to cheer us up enough on a bloated day to then go out and rock it!

The black version of this amazing wiggle is a must have as everyone needs a little black dress like this in their collection. The fabric is a little firmer in this colour but the fit is still perfection. What I love most about these dresses has to be the ability to wear the neckline high or low. Wear the black higher to work then pop on some killer red heels and lower it for after work drinks.

With the great body hugging fit of this dress I'm no in need of all the Troublemaker Tops. I love the sleeve and neckline and I would wear the top versions daily. I would also pick up the top version of this in an XL due to the stretch.

LIMITED EDITION - Vixen Lipstick Print Full Skirt - AU$128.87

Now I've shown you guys the Powder Puff top (I wear the black one to absolute death) and the crop tops in two separate posts but I wanted to shoot and review the Vixen Top first in this post and shoot more of the other amazing tops in future shoots. 

The Vixen spiked my interest from the moment I saw the illustrated design as it looked like a great structured and curve friendly top. I've owned many pinup/retro style blouses all of which are non stretch, cotton almost shirt fabrics and after trying the Powder Puff top I was super keen to try this style. 

Well it's definitely a winner! The stretch fabric hugs me in all of the right places and the neckline is pure bliss. A very boobie friendly and comfortable fit with a higher neckline so it can be worn to work with ease and there is no need for a cam to hide cleavage. I'm wearing this in a XL and I really love the fit. The sleeves also hit at the perfect spot for my personal preference and I honestly can't get enough of this in all colours. 
I paired the Vixen top with the Lipstick Print full skirt and I love how they work together. The best thing about all of this range is that all tops and bottoms work perfectly together. The Vixen swing skirts are my new favourites as they are full and naturally shapely without adding too much bulk. Other swings I've owned in the past make me look super bottom heavy and I could not look at my side view but these are very flattering. 

With the same super deep hidden pockets, a great structured waistline and perfectly placed pleats this skirt will have you clearing out all of your other swings and snapping one of every print up in this design. I'm wearing a 2XL and it fits me perfectly as I like a secure yet movable waist fit for this kind of garment. 

I have this skirt in both the Lipstick print and plain black and I can't wait to add more prints to my collection. 

While I did not shoot all of my collection I wanted to show you a few DIY shots of the other garments I wear on a regular basis. 

I wear both of these styles in a 2XL. The powder puff top is amazing for my measurements and the sleeve is a perfect fit in this larger size. As I hate showing my upper arms feeling comfortable in such short sleeves is usually hard for my but with this I'm completely comfortable and feel amazing.

With the crop top I got the 2XL to for my bust and the waist as you can see is an inch or two larger for me but this is easily fixed with a belt. I never thought I'd feel so comfortable and love my reflection in a short sleeved crop top but I do and I rock it!! It has the perfect amount of coverage and really flatters my waistline so I'll definitely be getting the long sleeve version of this when it's released!!

Many thanks to the powerhouse that is Liz at L12 Photography or working with me on these shots! I can't wait to work and plan with you again.

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