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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Pout Perfection

For years I've hunting for the perfect long wearing, smudge proof and kiss friendly red lipstick of my dreams but I've failed and lost a lot of money in the process. Well that was until recently when I finally got my hands on one of the most magic sets on earth.

So many companies claim to have 6 to 12 hour stay but no have ever delivered this promise so until now I've just been wearing long stay lipsticks that fade 'nicely' so I can get through an evening without looking messy. But Lipsense from Pout Perfection Makeup actually works, it stays, you can rub your hand over your lips and it's still there, smack your lips together - and what it's still there!! You can wear two different shades on both top and bottom and it will not mix! This lipstick, gloss and remover set is MAGIC!

How to use : (how I used the product) 

Be sure to take care of your lips! This helps any product go on with ease. Exfoliate your lips - I use my own scrubs and then I use the Oops Remover to clean my lips fully. Coat it on then wipe it off with a wet cotton pad. Insure that your lips are dry and the inside where colour never sticks is super super dry so the product sticks. 

Then it's colour time! The first thing you will notice when you apply the colour is that it will sting a little but nothing painful or uncomfortable. There is alcohol in the product and with super clean lips you will notice a tingly but after many wears it's just normal. Apply one layer per lip and unlike most lipsticks be sure to apply in the one direction as the colour will be more equally distributed that way. 

Apply one layer, let it dry then repeat another 2 times. After the 3rd layer has been applied you will notice just how vibrant the colour is and how soft and lightweight it feels on your lips. 

Last step is to apply the gloss which is great both with or without the lipstick. The gloss helps your lips stay hydrated and makes your pout pop even more so. I also use my gloss whenever I'm not wearing makeup as it has been making my lips feel so much more healthy. 

The 3rd item in the set which I used in the first step is the Oops Remover. This product has been designed to clean up any mistakes or issues you might make when using the colour product. This product removes the colour perfectly and without any fuss. 

So what's the real low down of this product, does it actually work? The simple answer is YES! Once you have the hang of using the product - I rushed the first time and did not get the result I wanted - I was in the car and could not wait another moment, then you will get the long lasting wear of this truly unique and brilliant product. 


I've had anywhere between 12 to 18 hours perfect wear from this lipstick and it even stayed on perfectly while in the shower! The staying power is absolutely amazing and if you are a red lip addict like myself you'll never wear another brand again. Long stay makeup is essential for me both in daily life and on photo shoots as there is nothing more annoying that asking for your makeup to be touched up digitally.

Now price point wise it's $74.00 for the set which is one colour, the gloss and oops remover. While this initial outlay is a little more expensive than other chemist over the counter lipsticks the price is definitely worth it. You can also pick up other colours in the collection for $34.00 and you won't need to purchase another set unless you run out of all of the items at once.

Once you purchase this product I know you'll be fully addicted as I am now and you'll be picking up more colours to add to your collection.

I started with Blue Red as it is my perfect shade of red lipstick. The colour is a true representation of this style or red and I love how it pairs with my skin tone. I mainly used 3 colours on a weekly basis - red, a deeper darker red and brownish pinks for work. So on my lust list next will be a more Gothic red and a pink shade for every day wear. After looking at the colours listed I think these will need to be purchased asap :

I have a feeling that I'll be addicted to the whole colour range asap. Now if you want to get your hands on this amazing lipstick set there are a few super easy options.
Firstly you can shop directly from the webstore which can be found here. To talk to the amazing  Rae about the product or any questions you that might pop up about purchasing you can also email her directly at There is a facebook group and page so be sure to add  yourself to these asap and I also follow the Instagram page so I can be updated with all product information.

If you do purchase this set please tag me on social media so I can see just how well you guys rock this perfect lipstick!

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