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Monday, May 8, 2017

Boss, Hugo Boss

I can't believe summer passed so fast and I've only written one, yes ONE sunglasses review! Well this obviously needs to be fixed right away so today I'm bringing you an amazing retro pair of Jackie O inspired Hugo Boss Sunglasses from Optically their range is absolutely amazing and a one stop shop when you need to get your glasses online.

With an amazing selection of brands, styles and both sunglasses plus prescription sunglasses they've got your peepers covered!

Hugo Boss 0289S 08602 Glasses - $207.00

I ordered these last month and in a flash they arrived at my door within a week - speedy service is always a huge love off mine! Now if you've been a reader or follower of mine for a while you'll be fully aware of my sunglasses addiction and my ever growing collection.

This season I wanted to get something a little more classic yet large framed and the Hugo Boss 0289S 08602 were the perfect fit. A large round frame, a rich brown tortoiseshell colour and what just might be my most comfortable pair of glasses to wear ever! 

They work perfectly with my fringe, are large enough for those no makeup days and instantly give you that Jackie O vibe but for this shoot I opted to go a little more witchy. While I usually wear black or bold coloured sunglasses I really love this more natural rich shade and in reality it pair perfect with my dark red locks. I'm that found of the print and colour I'll be adding more to my collection no double and maybe a leopard print version of these if I can hunt them down.

Price wise these are very reasonable and both the design, construction and packaging is worth it. They arrived fully protected with bubble wrap around their own protective case with two cleaning rags and were fully wrapped in plastic so they were in 100% pristine condition.

Now this specific style has sold like hotcakes but there are so many more amazing brands and retro oversized glasses online right now so don't fret.

Currently on my lust list you'll find :

I never knew striped sunglasses in bright orange existed until now and I need them asap! This style is pure magic and I want to pair these with bright cardigans, nylon hair scarves and huge 60s earrings. 

What drew me to these Marc Jacobs sunglasses was the shape at first but when I zoomed in I feel hard for the silver/lilac glitter frames! These will be an amazing addition to my collection. These are just a taste of what they have in stock in terms of womens glasses.

I know I don't need any more sunglasses in my collection but can you blame me? I may only have one head but there are 365 days in the year so why not wear a different pair each day?

Many thanks to my amazing husband for shooting these (you can see him if you look hard enough haha) on our family farm. It's always so much fun shooting with your main man.

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