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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rockstars and Royalty

Australian based luxury label Rockstars and Royalty create the highest quality handmade and perfectly crafted range of customisable special occasion dresses and accessories. Perfect for special occasions, weddings - be it the bride or wedding party, R and R have you covered!

One of the best parts of shopping with Rockstars and Royalty has to be how customer focused the website is and how much personal detail goes into every item. After years of hearing how many standard labels just don't fit properly they have made the main focus fitting your actual body and not a general number on a tag. You are able to full customize fit, length, fabrics, and if you purchase a dress you never have to focus on fitting 'just your chest' or just your waist ever again.

Rockstars and Royalty focus on the right fit for your body shape which insures an amazing product that  you will wear for many years! The perfect fit and attention to detail make their garments stand out from most brands and with no real 'sectioning' of wedding or formal you don't have to be tied down to what you 'think you should wear' and can choose whatever your heart desires!

Luna Lace and  Satin Skirt - Prices vary between $507-$695AUD
Dita Cardigan in Emerald from Wheels and Dollbaby - $190.00 Sold out a few seasons back

As a red head naturally my heart desires emerald green and one of my favourite all time fabric/colour combinations has to be green under black lace. This was the combo of my wedding dress and ever since that moment I've wanted a glorious skirt in the same style to add to my collection. Rockstars and Royalty answered my prayers with the Luna swing skirt and I'm absolutely smitten.

I went for the full customization process to get the best end result for me. The process is so easy and straight forward. Providing visual references and easy to understand guides for what you will need and want. As you can see the finished product is pure magic so here's what I ordered :

Each feature I wanted was clearly shown and all colours were true to reality. I needed all the goodies on offer such as a bold black waistband and velvet bow and a petticoat - interestingly enough I did not shoot this wearing the petticoat but I will be wearing it in the future as it makes the emerald satin pop through perfectly. Why did I shoot this without? I wanted to show you my readers the natural fall and flow of the fabric. It drapes and hangs so effortlessly that it was too beautiful not to capture.

The lace featured on this skirt is absolutely divine with a very intricate and delicately designed pattern it really pops when placed over a bright shade like this Emerald satin. Because these items are completely customisable you can pick and shade and even some brilliant bright and sparkly sequin fabrics. Black lace not your style? Well they also offer ivory and offer images of each lace over all fabrics so you can see exactly what it will look like.

So if you are looking to create the perfect and completely designed by yourself wedding, formal dress, bow ties or skirt this store is the one and only location you will ever need. This would have been the store for my wedding dress if I had discovered this label only a touch earlier and having the ability to design both your dress and your wedding parties looks is such a stress relief.

I paired this look with my all time favourite Dita Cardigan from Wheels and Dollbaby, platform pumps and the most amazing Art Deco earrings from Reverefolie. This skirt is so stunning that you really don't need to over do it styling wise and I also love wearing it with solid black blouses.

Now as my husband does not like bow ties so I could not order him something magical in the same print but as I'm a cat crazy lady I ordered my little man Nacho his own kittie bow tie in the matching fabric combo and it is purrfect!
They are always happy to try and accommodate special requests around all the designs on the website. So be sure to shoot through a message if you are looking for both human and fur baby accessories.
Rockstars and Royalty have been absolutely amazing to you my readers and have offered an exclusive discount code for all of my Curves To Kill followers!!! The code is Teer10 for 10% discount of all orders. Valid until 11.59pm on 31st May so don't miss out of getting a great price cut on these amazing products.
Many thanks to the AMAZING Brooke Orchard Photography for working with me on these images. It's such an absolute joy to have one of the best vintage/pinup photographers back in Victoria!

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  1. That skirt is stunning! It matches the Dita cardi perfectly. I love how customisable it is too. Nacho looks SO cute in his bow tie! <3