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Thursday, April 7, 2016


Each and every season, I fall in love again and again with the new season stock at Erstwilder! The last few releases had me literally doing the grabby hands motion at my laptop screen while I perused the catalogues. From cute pinup themes to the best thing on earth - dinosaurs - it's been an amazing year for designs!

Erstwilder have teamed up with one of my all time favourite people in the universe and together they are creating accessory magic! They have joined forces with the brilliant Donna who I first discovered through her label - Heidi and Gretel - and the results are perfection. Donna's collection of Dinotastic creations are a must have. With all your favourite prehistoric creatures in brooch, necklace and earring form you will find it hard to purchase this whole collection. 

My stand out favourite has to be 'Peek-a-saurus Rex' as I've always had a soft spot for this arm length challenged fella. Peeking through the leaves this bold little guy has bright white chompers but still looks adorable! I've been pairing Rex with anything from gingham to floral frocks as he looks adorable with everything! 

Now the new additions to the Beauty School range are here and they are AMAZING!! In super sweet pink and red shades, they have all the essentials for any hair and makeup loving pinup. I was blown away with the first round of this range but I have to say this is by far my favourite. While I'm usually not a huge fan of pink, I love the mixtures of colours in this range. 

Being rather addicted to my own hair dryer I was drawn to the Blown Away brooch with the dryer/rollers combo. Based on a proper vintage hair dryer shape this brooch is cute, kitschy and works perfectly with my pinup frocks and blouses.  

While I loved every single piece in this set I new that the Doll Me Up beauty parlour necklace was a must have for my growing collection. With polka dots and the best use of lashes I've ever seen - as window treatments, this necklace is perfect when paired with the dryer brooch. If that's a little too much for you accessory wise how about using this bold necklace as a statement piece with a high neck blouse or jumper? 

These adorable felines should come with a warning label stating 'you'll never get The Cure out of your head when wearing this brooch', and there is nothing wrong with that. It is so wonderfully, wonderfully pretty!! A pair of smitten kittens in retro floral - what else more could you want? 

I was never a crazy cat lady until last year when Ash and Eddie entered our life and now I'm proud to wear anything kitty related! Although my own cats may not be floral, I think of them when I wear this brooch as they are totally in love with each other. 

Now lastly a retrotastic musical treat from the Pinup Picnic range! This range is so jam packed (it even has a jam brooch) with amazing styles that it's really hard to not go into debt buying them all. With everything from bugs, perfect pinups, fruit, pies, animals and fair bread you are spoilt for choice! But my love for retro interior design made me go directly to the radio brooch shown above. 

Such a a classic shape and with a little pattern and the right use of colour it really pops! I can't wait to see what the future holds for more retro inspired ranges. I hear that Donna is currently creating a retro space themed range and I can't wait to get my hands on each and every piece.

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  1. Oh yeah, those brooches are totally tempting! I'm having thin months right now so I just longingly check my whishlist every few days :P