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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Devil's in the Detail

I have many addictions when it comes to fashion, but I think my strongest addiction has to be jewellery. I have a cabinet that is overflowing with necklaces, brooches and amazing earrings and I'm constantly adding to it. 

Heat Earrings - TBA

Bold chain work, a strong silver crowned heart nestled in a deep blood red pendant, this design is the third crowned heart in my collection, and each style is completely different. Being a huge fan of Classic Hardware's box and picture frame pendants, I wanted to try a style that was in the same range but a new shape. This style is simple yet bold, and I paired this necklace with a Mechanical Heart pair of earrings that I can't seem to find on the website anymore. 

I'm currently obsessed with all kinds of creepy crawly accessories and this stunning rockwear fly is absolutely amazing. So classic and beautifully designed, placed on a perfect silver frame. This giant bug really stands out on my pale skin and I'm wearing this like crazy! You can choose between brass, jade and jet black beads on the silver chain. I chose black as it matches most of my outfits but I'd also love to see this style in jade. 

I've been in love with these Edwardian Silhouette necklaces for a while now and have one in my collection already but when I saw the Punk version I had to have it! How awesome is this? Such a rocking vintage punk mash up and I love this to death. 

The new romantic collection is a more recent series and I just adore these stunning emerald green earrings. So simple yet sleek and sophisticated. They are light weight a must for anyone who loves to wear ear accessories and they are so comfortable. If these are available in any other colour I must get my hands on them!

If you are a lover of retro accessories, you must - MUST - have Retrolite in your collection. It's such a strong, durable resin that creates amazing shapes and the perfect high gloss sheen. I always choose the bigger and bolder shapes when purchasing Retrolite, and the floral trio is a stunning new addition to my small collection. This necklace is a real showstopper and looks amazing with a little black dress as it draws lots of attention with it's unique shape and style. I really hope more floral resin designs like this are in Classic Hardware's future. 

Now to a local and brilliant alternative designer - Debstar Designs :

I've loved Debstar's designs for year as everything is a little kooky, spooky, rockabilly, psychobilly and much, much more! From skulls to hearses, she makes the most fantastic accessories and this skull and heart style is one of my favourites. I love the mixture of both a heart and skull charm and the half and half coloured chain. I've never had a necklace with such unique design. 

I paired this with the AMAZING starburst retro studs! I've loved the starburst design in both accessories and homewares for years yet this is the first item of jewellery I've owned. The bold silver lines with a black middle pop perfectly on my pale skin and I just discovered that a skull version of this has hit the store so I'll be needing to snap those up asap. Every girl needs a pair of these in her collection. 

Pistol Necklace - $15.00

Last but not least is the sleek pistol necklace from Debstar Designs. I've had strong love for the shape and design of pistols ever since I can remember and I've been collecting gun and bullet accessories for years. This pistol/holster combination is amazing and I love how gracefully it rests just bellow my collar bone. I feel super silly for not choosing an image with the piston itself in focus - oh vanity you are annoying! So below is a full high res version of the piece itself. 

I love wearing this piece with plaid and cowboy boots or even with a little black low cut dress. 

Many thanks to the amazing Julz Photography for snapping these awesome images in her studio and for working with me over the last few years. I just adore shooting with you! Fingers crossed we get to plan something again soon! 

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