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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Levi's Know Curves

Last year I had a casting at one of the best names in denim - Levi's! I've lusted after this brand for years but I never tried their products out of that dreaded jean fear. You know that feeling when you try on a pair of jeans that are listed as your size but you can't get them over your hips? It's been a big fear of mine for years but Levi's have now come to the rescue with a Plus Size Range made for curves!!

While I wear a standard size 16 I find jeans are a hard item to wiggle my way into due to my hourglass shape. You either have way too much room in the waist and not enough in the hips or vice versa.  But from the moment I walked out of my casting I was so super thrilled with the fit and so very excited to see just how amazing, modern and perfectly tailored the styles were. My stand out favourite had to be the skinny leggings so I paired them with my favourite items and wanted to give you guys a full and detailed review.

Viva Las Vegas Tank Top 

At my casting I tried on two pairs of skinny jeans and a denim jacket. From the moment I slid into the 310 I knew I was 100% invested in these brilliant skinnies. Made from stretch denim, these slip on like a second skin! The fabric is a mix of  81% Cotton, 17% Polyester and 2% Elastane. 

Using a stretch midweight denim they are light without being to thin and have the added extra bonus tummy-slimming technology as they are a mid rise style. I always say that a mid to high rise jean makes the tummy flat and toosh look amazing. 

These have a little room to give on me and this is due to the stretchy fabric. When you first buy a pair of jeans they should be tight enough that they will give a little and mold to your shape. If they are a little loose when you first slip into them then they will fall off you by the end of the first wear. These fit tight but have a little space around the waist. While I'd usually like jeans 'skin tight' these are so much more comfortable than any other blue jean I have in my collection so that extra inch or two in the waist makes these a dream to wear.

As a reference my usually jean choice for the last few years I've been wearing the American Apparel Easy jean in a size XL and I love the super high rise and feel but they don't live longer than a year in my hands. The 310 however feel like they will stay in my collection for many years to come and feel much more sturdy. These are a 'real' stretchy jean while the AA Easy Jean is more of a stretch cotton pant. 

What I love most about these and what sold me from the moment I tried on each skinny style has to be the fit at the ankle and calf. The super tight fit on both these is what is lacking in most plus size or curvy based jeans. They give you too much space in the lower leg and I can't stand that! I want my skinnies to be that tight they are almost painted on and with the 310 I get that effect. Now can we have a black version please? I'm addicted to black jeans and will snap up every pair! 

I also have the 314 Plus Shaping Straight Jeans in my collection in the shade Worn Blue but as I'm such a lover of darker colours I've get to find the perfect top to pair with them. Once I do I'll shoot and review this style as well.

Now the one thing I can't find on the Australian Levi's website is a size chart for the plus size range. I know these are a great fit and while I usually need an 18 in jeans or 16 or 14 in Aussie plus size styles I'm a little confused whether or not these are an Australia plus 16 or a US 16. Given that my waist is around 34 inches and my hips can be up to 44 inches I'd say they are close to the US listed 16 plus on the size chart. The measurement for the 16 on the US website is close to the size 34 it seems on the standard size chart.

Now I've recently reviewed a plus size 14 in jeans and now a 16 in another pair and I think the end result is this : it's all about fit when it comes to jeans and not about the tag. You have to try each style until you find the size you that fits you just right. If my US readers need a reference I wear a size 12 or 0 from Torrid so along with my measurements I hope that helps you guys in some way. 

Many thanks for Michael Alesich for shooting these with me and making me into legs eleven!


  1. YES! I have so much finding jeans that I LIKE that actually fit properly. I think i'm going to have to try some of the Levi ones. I really love the look of the jeggings!

  2. NICE, girl! You look great in these!!

    I just got a pair of Levis myself! After struggling to find jeans that fit me right (they were always too tight in the thighs when they fit the waist or they'd fit my thighs but me too bug in the waist, etc), I decided to "go old school" and try Levis. It felt old school because Levis seems like THE mom brand, you know? haha anyway! I tried a pair and HOLY MOLEY! They fit awesome. Like AWESOME! I was so pleased that they have styles with high waists too! I love it!

  3. I have such a hard time finding jeans for my pear-shaped body but after seeing this, I'm definitely going to give Levi's another look. These jeans look phenomenal on you!

  4. How have these worn for you? I find that my jeans always fall apart so quickly!

  5. How have these worn for you? I find my jeans always fall apart so quickly particularly the inner seam!